Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New Market Set to Improve Living Standards in Ndu Council Area

Mayor & 1st Deputy Mayor at Project site

"The construction of Ndu West Market offers a unique opportunity to foster the growth of local farmers and entrepreneurs, and create 100% affordable sheds and warehouse," said the Mayor of Ndu Council Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugap "We are thrilled that the villages of Ntundip, Ngarum and Taku will allow us to move forward with our plan to rejuvenate a market that will continue to be a critical community and economic anchor for this neighborhood." According to information gathered the Ndu West market which is expected to serve the villages of Luh, Taku, Talla, Ndu, Ngarum, Ntundip and others will be constructed along the boundary of the three villages. The structure upon completion is expected to have 32 sheds and a warehouse. Prospects are high at that the Fon of Ntundip and notables will plant the symbolic tree which traditionally implants a market this week. At weekend, the Mayor of Ndu and his 1st Deputy, Martin Fon Yembe visited the site to identify the central point where the fon and his notables will perform the rituals.
It is expected that the market could be second to Ndu and or third to Sabongari market in terms of food items. Some of the food items include irish potatoes, beans, yams, cocoyam, corn etc as well as livestock such as goats, sheep, local fowls etc. Public opinion holds that this initiative by the council is a necessary tool for development.

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