Monday, July 3, 2017

North West: Six Die, One Hopitalized after Consuming Local Liquor, "Mbuh" (Palm Wine)

An atmosphere of uncertainty now looms in Tiben village, Batibo (Momo Division) of the North West Region where six men have died and one reportedly in critically condition after consuming local liquor, “Mbuh”.  What is however intriguing is that the liquor is widely consumed in Batibo and tons are transported to other parts of the country on daily basis. The former mayor of Batibo Tenoh Lawrence is quoted to have confirmed the info adding that the seven men had consumed palm wine from raffia palm on Saturday July 1, 2017 and as it is always the tradition, “they also ate Kola nuts,” he added.  Cameroon News Agency reports that the six people were found dead Sunday morning July 2, 2017 and one of them by name Tenoh Emmanuel is critically sick. Tenoh Emmanuel we gathered is currently at the Saint John of God hospital on intensive medical care. The Divisional Officer for Batibo, State Counsel and some Gendarmes descended on the site of incident to evaluate the damages and causes. Tongues are still waging in Batibo as to what happened to the liquor as the exact cause of the deaths is still to be established

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