Monday, July 10, 2017

NOWEFU-USA Frowns, Cautions Social Media Users Circulating Images of Fon of Mbengwi, Kai

 Press Release

As you must all know be aware by now, two of our fons (Mbengwi and Kai in Momo Division) made a quick and unannounced trip to the great beyond to visit with our ancestors. While we wait in consternation and yet in hope for the return, I will like on behalf of the US North West Fons Council to provide the following caution:
It is an act of traditional sacrilege to lay bare, on social media, or anywhere else for that matter, that which is the preserve of the traditional council (Ngumba) and what they alone can see. Please desist from circulating any parts of the accident especially pictures reflecting those involved in the accident.
Proceed immediately to deleting any such images from your phones, computers, servers and any other electronic devices. Our culture instructs us to the contrary.

Mbahterngwei Victor Tarkeh (Executive Director USNWFC)
Ngamfon Divine Anjeh (Njindom)
Ntungfo'o MartinTamukong

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