Saturday, July 29, 2017

Salary Cuts Announced at CRTV

CRTV General Manager broke the news to workers last Friday July 26, 2017 in a Press Release which indicate that the State owned media shall witness drastic salary reduction in the coming months.

The release signed by Charles Ndongo has had diversified interpretations and is making headlines around the country as well as on social media. This release comes at the point in that that a controversial has been circulating on the social media indicating the huge salaries some General Managers of state corporations including CRTV earn per month. Critics say the decision by Charles Ndongo is just to camouflage the outburst that has gained very wide criticism from the general public.
The announced revised monthly salary for CRTV employees’ factors critical issues like cost of living and the state of the economy, popular opinion holds.
However, public opinion also holds that the salaries  and huge allowances for senior officials (Ministers, Directors and Sub Directors), lawmakers (MPs and Seniors) should also be slashed down.

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