Thursday, July 27, 2017

What You Need to Know About this Woman Who Has Lived All Alone For The Past 40 Years In One of the World's Most Remote Islands

A woman has been found out to have lived in one of the world's mot remote islands all alone by herself for the past 40 years.

Zoe Lucas has lived all alone by herself
Zoe Lucas is a 67-year-old woman who has lived alone on a remote island for 40 years.
However, she insists she never gets lonely – as long as she’s got her binoculars to hand to admire its stunning wildlife.
According to The Sun UK, Zoe Lucas lives in a wooden-clad house on Sable Island off the coast of Canada, which is covered in fog for around 127 days of the year.
But despite that, Zoe feels perfectly at home in the peace and quiet – with 400 horses, 300,000 grey seals and 350 species of bird to keep her company on the 26-mile island.
The woman lives in this wooden building on the island
She first fell in love with Sable Island when visiting as a 21-year-old student in 1971 and soon made it her home.
Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Zoe said: “I squawked and squawked, I wanted to come so bad. I originally came out here for the horses.”
Now a citizen scientist, the 67-year-old rarely returns to her hometown of Halifax in Nova Scotia – and instead depends on supplies being flown in on a weekly basis.
There is no way to reach the island, other than by boat or charter plane.
It earned the nickname “graveyard of the Atlantic” after more than 300 shipwrecks.
During her four decades living on the island, a refrigerator, crateful of fresh peppers from a shipping container, popped balloon carcasses and even a fake LEG has washed up on the beach.
Zoe spends her days studying ecology and collecting horses’ skulls so that scientists can discover how the animals have been able to adapt to the island’s stark landscape.
In 2013 Sable Island was made a National Park Reserve on June 20, 2013.

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