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WWE Great Balls of Fire: Brock Lesnar Survives Samoa Joe

(Left to right) WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar defended his title Sunday against Samoa Joe. Photo courtesy of WWE/Twitter
July 10 (UPI) -- WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar narrowly escaped defeat Sunday at Great Balls of Fire in his title match against Samoa Joe.
The main event of the night, Joe brought the fight to The Beast before the bell rang by ambushing Lesnar and then slamming him into a table.
Despite being dazed and less than 100-percent, Lesnar smiled as the bell finally rang to signal the start of the bout. Even after Lesnar sent Joe to Suplex City, The Destroyer again gained an advantage over the champion after he delivered a low blow while covering the referee's line of vision.
Joe would spend the rest of the match locking in his fabled Coquina Clutch submission maneuver onto Lesnar who was able to fend off the chokehold multiple times.
Appearing weakened and fading with Joe's third Coquina Clutch attempt, Lesnar escaped certain defeat by picking up Joe for a thundering F5 for the three count. As Lesnar exited the ring looking exhausted, Joe stared him down with a look of anger.
Great Balls of Fire also featured Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman taking their rivalry to the next level with a brutal and hard-hitting Ambulance Match.
The bout, which ends after a competitor is locked inside an ambulance parked by the entrance ramp, featured Strowman dominating Reigns for most of the match. The Monster Among Men seemed unstoppable against The Big Dog who at one point was finally able to damage his opponent by sending him through an LED screen located on the entrance way.
The fight then reached around the ambulance where Reigns was ready to put Strowman away with a timely Spear. As Reigns charged towards his opponent, he landed inside the vehicle as Strowman moved out of the way giving Strowman the victory.
Upset over his loss, Reigns then leaped out with a Spear as Strowman celebrated and placed his towering foe inside the ambulance as he took over the driver's seat. Reigns acted out of character when he drove the ambulance backstage and straight into a truck with Strowman still inside.
Raw general manager Kurt Angle and WWE officials quickly rushed to the grizzly scene as they tried to help Strowman out of the destroyed ambulance to check on his condition. Minutes later, paramedics were able to help Strowman escape from the wreckage. Bloodied and battered, Strowman refused medical help as he eventually stood up and walked away on his own.
Other moments from Great Balls of Fire included Cruiserweight Champion Neville defeating Akira Tozawa; Bray Wyatt defeating Seth Rollins; Big Cass defeating Enzo Amore; Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus retaining their titles against The Hardy Boyz in a 30-minute Iron Man Match; Sasha Banks defeating Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss via count out keeping the title on Bliss; The Miz defeating Dean Ambrose to keep his Intercontinental Championship and Heath Slater defeating Curt Hawkins.

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