Saturday, August 12, 2017

2017 GCE Results: Drastic Drop in Advanced Level, Technical GCE

Statistics from the Cameroon GCE Board show that there has been a drastic drop in the GCE General and  the Technical GCE. Impressionists have described this year's drop as the worst result ever since the creation of the GCE Board. It is clear that a total number of  38000 candidates registered for the GCE Advanced Level, 33037 candidates sat for the exams and 11670 passed with two more subjects representing 35.52% as against 66.52% in 2016.  Comparatively, it should be recalled that in 2016, a total of 46000 candidates registered and 43000 sat for the the exams while 29000 passed giving a percentage passed of 66.52%. Reports say that results of some centres have been withheld due to some irregularities.  Besides that the results of some candidates who sat for the examination without prior registration have also been withheld until authenticated.  
The most pathetic and worrisome is in the Technical GCE whereby 3472 candidates registered, 2567 sat for the exams and only 574 passed representing  22.36% as against 54.33% in 2016.
However, a release by the Minister of Secondary education says the results of both GCE Ordinary Level, Advanced, and Technical GCE have been published and could be consulted at This is however intriguing given that the GCE Board has only released the results of Advanced level, and Technical GCE  (partial) while the Ministry has announced the results of all the GCE exams.

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Ayafor Fopele said...

Please how can I get the GCE A Level Technical Results

Ayafor Fopele said...

Please I wish to know my GCE results A Level Technical 2017