Monday, August 7, 2017

AFCON 2019: Is Ahmad Ahmad CAF President up for Something?

Ahmad Ahmad

Speculations as to whether Ahmad Ahmad, CAF President is up for something now abound high. From all indications, the declaration he made ahead of of the first CAF inspection mission was pregnant with meaning. It has sparked nationwide criticism. Seemingly Ahmad Ahmad wants to please Morocco (candidate for Can 2019, after refusing to organize the competition in 2015 due to Ebola) so to say. He is quoted as saying that even with four poles; Cameroon is not ready to host AFCON 2019. "We have decided that it is no longer the CAF Executive Committee who will inspect the countries selected for the organization of the Afcon," Ahmad told the local press during a visit to Burkina Faso, as reported by CAF Online.
"It is now experts who will do it and the CAF will decide based on their report.
"Regarding Cameroon, we will send the experts and we will decide at the end of their inspection mission," added the Malagasy football chief. "Cameroon will have to work to convince the CAF on its ability to host the event." The statement is however controversial given that the experts are still to the inspection. It is however indicative that he had a preconceived plan to deprive Cameroon of the place to host AFCON 2019.
Cameroonians are aware that Ahmad Ahmad wants to settle scores with former CAF President Issa Hayatou for refusing his a similar opportunity. What is however annoying is that Ahmad has forgotten that it is thanks to the performances of Cameroon in the world 1990 and the confederations cups of 2003 that Africa has got 5 places in the biggest football competition in the world?
Tongues have been waging as to whether CAF President wants to deprive Cameroon of hosting to sell to Morocco. Majority of Cameroonians have been wondering whether the new president of CAF has so short a memory that he forgets that in 2016, Cameroon organized the last edition of the Africa Cup of women's football and even received the congratulations of the CAF for its good organization?

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