Monday, December 31, 2018

What You Need to Know about Mafor Yaah Judith epouse Achidi, New CAMTEL General Manager

Mafor Yaah Judith Sunday ’épouse Achidi was on December 17, 2018 installed as General Manager of CAMTEL. She was installed into her new function by the Minister of Post and Telecommunication. Mafor Yaah Judith Sunday epouse Achidi has accumulated over 25 years experience in governance and entrepreneurship development. Mafor Yaah Judith it should be noted has served CAMTEL in various capacities ranging from regional director for Littoral, South West, North West and Center regions respectively. Before her recent appointment, she was Commercial Director. She holds a degree in business administration and Master Degree in Banking and Finance.
Mafor Yaah Achidi Achu Judith Yaah Sunde as she is commonly called is a woman of additional qualities. This is a woman who unlike others is busy round the clock. As a seasoned administrator, she believes like Immanuel Kant that “the more we are busy, the more we feel we are alive and contributing for the welfare of others”. Her educational background coupled with her devotion to be perfect has made her to transform the principle of education for work into the principle of education through work. Reasons why she puts  she had always put the local communities especially youthsand women ahead in all her actions as she believes that by empowering the rural women and youths she would be an avenue par excellence to change lives through work.
As a Christian, she believes like Martin Luther King that “working is praying”. One prelate once said that every human natured person is made up of the human and the divine and that when the divine overrides, the human one becomes closer to God. Yet, Mafor Achidi Achu Judith goes beyond that by making work the divine with the human as a pairs.
Some years ago she defeated all speculations when she donated a football trophy worth a million FCFA for youths in Donga Mantung Division to celebrate the 50 Anniversary of Cameroon’s independence. The event ended in grand style with over 20.000 man crowds at the finals. Her contribution to the welfare of rural women and youths caught the admiration of Donga Mantung Fons and she was coroneted Senior Ma-Yaah of Donga Mantung division. The second edition of the tournament took place at Ndu last year with over 24 football teams taking part. In a bit to promote the football nursery of Donga Mantung Division, Mafor Yaah Achidi Achu has proven that what a man can do, a woman can do it better. Her largesse to rural women of Nkambe Central has been out numbered ranging from farm inputs to maize seeds and others.
Her devotion for work and down to earth nature ignited fons of the North West who coroneted her with the title of “Mafor”
Accompanying rural women through support has been her line of action in fostering women empowerment. What makes her dissimilar from others is that she does uncommon things in a very common manner. 
While working for Camtel, she had proven that she is duty conscious. In the Littoral and South West regions where she served as Regional Director of CAMTEL, she left an indelible mark of greatness that speaks positively and confirms the aptitude of women in leadership positions. In the Southwest Region she succeeded in putting in place the optic fiber. In the North West, she is also noted to have transformed the entire service into a bee hive of activities. Putting CAMTEL to the forefront by putting in place new installations at Jakiri, Wum, Nkambe and Oku as well as the terminal optical fibre at the University of Bamenda before her workaholic nature moved her to the head office in Yaounde where she is Director of Urban Development at CAMTEL. Notwithstanding, Mafor Achidi Achu Judith Yaah Sunde is also a great supporter of the CPDM. In the political arena her presence in Donga Mantung Division is often described as a booster to youths and the woman folk. If you have never met a cheese full of prominence, get closer to Senior Ma Yaah Mafor Achidi Achu Judith to rediscover her role as a woman emancipator.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Press Release: Ntumbaw Cultural and Development Association Throws Light on Ntumbaw-Njirong Land Dispute

 The Ntumbaw Cultural and Development Association-NTUCUDA has issued a Press Release aimed at throwing light on the Ntumbaw-Njirong Land Dispute. The Press Release signed by NTUCUDA National President Banlanjo Lawrence frowns at other Press releases issued by WICUDA, WACUDA, The Three Clan Heads of (Wi)Mbum and some Fons of Ndu Sub Division under the umbrella of North West Fons Union. In the three page Press Release, NTUCUDA urges that " That we are embarrassed by the various biased and contemptuous outings, and hereby notify the groups that crafted them that if they do not reconsider their approaches to the Ntumbaw-Njirong dispute, we shall explore the only option of asking Ntumbaw indigenes and elites the world over to henceforth withdraw from Wimbum groups of all kinds in protest"...
Here above is the Release in it's entity.



Having followed with interest the outings by WACUDA, WICUDA, the three Clan Heads of the   Wimbum Tribe    (on social media) and some Fons of Ndu Subdivision under the canopy of NOWEFU members, an enlarged    executive meeting of the Ntumbaw Cultural and Development Association(NTUCUDA) held online on Thursday, 4th October 2018. Top on   the agenda were the aforementioned outings.

The main conclusion was that the authors of all these declarations expressly or tacitly upheld Njirong ownership claims over Mbawrong, and accused Ntumbaw village of hostilities against Njirong. These being false, fallacious and misleading assertions, this Enlarged Executive Meeting resolved to enlighten the groupings named above   and the public at large on the long-standing Ntumbaw-Njirong land dispute by stating as follows:

1) That the declarations made by the aforementioned groups undermined the legal provisions on the settlement of land disputes in Cameroon, which give room for an aggrieved party to petition or appeal against a Land Commission decision. From a legal point of view, a decision is not enforceable when an appeal is introduced against it. Even in the absence of an appeal in land matters, the decision has to be republished twice at five-year intervals before being considered final. These conditions were not given their weight in documents written by the aforementioned groupings. The Appeal Ntumbaw submitted to the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization on the 07/03/2005 against the minutes of the Land Commission of 2004 rendered the latter’s resolutions non-binding, and occupancy rights in Mbaw remained subject to an eventual decision of the authorities. Consequently, the dispute was not conclusively settled as claimed or implied by the write-ups of WICUDA, WACUDA, the three Clan Heads and some Fons of Ndu Subdivision. Letters from MINADT (Ref. No 00001369/L/MINADT/SG/DOT of 6th May 2015 and No 00001881/L/MINADT/SG/DOT/CC/CEA1 of 11th April 2017) and that from MINAT (on January 2018 requesting for circumstantial situation on the matter) all point to the fact that the matter was still pending, and that the administrative procedure to determine the issue was in progress. Thus, clear or implied attribution of ownership rights to Njirong is a farfetched shortcut that disregards due procedure.

2) That by the time the Land Commission met in 2004, neither Ntumbaw nor Njirong had any documents to adduce in evidence. Ntumbaw appealed against the decision so as to seek out documents to prove its case, following which it painstakingly obtained them from the archives in Buea and Calabar (Nigeria). These documents date back to colonial times. We forwarded these documents to the Ministry in charge of Territorial Administration. Njirong was requested to submit its own documents to back its claims, but she did not honour the request because her only pretext was the 2004 Land Commission minutes. The logical result was the administrative decision to reinstate Ntumbaw on the land it had occupied for generations.

3) That on the basis of (1) and (2) above, the Administration, represented by the Divisional Officer of Ndu, on 18th May 2018, issued Order No 53 of 18th May 2018 Restoring the Rule of Law and Order in Ntumbaw and Njirong villages, whereby Ntumbaw farmers sent out of their farms in 2013 were to be reinstated into their farms on 31st July 2018. This Order was followed by an enlarged meeting convened by the SDO of Donga-Mantung Division on the 20th of June 2018. The Fon of Njirong, Nganjo Kennedy, was present and signed its minutes and resolutions, which specified the date of 31st July 2018 for the reinstatement of Ntumbaw farmers on their farms in Mbaw. The reinstatement date was later extended to 27th August 2018 to allow Njirong people harvest crops they had planted. Everyone, including the Administration, could not have imagined the Njirong Fon was a Hollywood actor pretending to collaborate but having a hidden agenda involving an instigation of his subjects and connivance with some Wimbum elites and Fons to flout the authority of the Administration.

4) That the associations and traditional rulers who wrote the aforementioned declarations failed to take cognizance of documents submitted by Ntumbaw to the Administration. Records earlier than 1964 show that Njirong was a quarter of Ntumbaw. For instance, a 1934 Intelligence Report drawn by F. W. Carpenter (Assistant District Officer) listed Njirong as a quarter under Ntumbaw. Fon Nganjo Kennedy’s father, simply referred to as NGANJO in the document, was the quarter head then, and was an envoy of the Ntumbaw Fon during the identification of the Ntumbaw-Sop-Ntem boundary by M. D. W. Jeffrey on 17th January 1942, when he stated, in confirmation of what was being said by the village heads of Sop and Ntem:  “That is correct. The Ntumbaw-Ntem boundary is the River NNO between its junction with the NKO (today Nkuuh River) and the MAIRIN”. An earlier report (02/05/1924) by E. G. Hawkesworth clearly stated “NSOB (today Sop) and NTUMBAW possess a certain amount of the plain adjoining BAMUM”. These documents dispel all doubts as to who owns the part of Mbaw plain occupied by Ntumbaw at the opening of the 1900s. It should be noted “MBAWRONG” is not mentioned in any of the documents, neither did the elder NGANJO (the present Njirong Fon’s father, predecessor and pioneer Fon of Njirong) claim boundaries with Sop and Ntem, nor owning land anywhere, although he was in direct contact with the colonial officer drawing the boundaries. Thus he was a subject of Ntumbaw, and represented the Fon of Ntumbaw in at least one instance of boundaries identification.

5) That we, Ntumbaw people, are law-abiding, and did not burn or loot any property of Njirong people as claimed by the declarations of the Clan Heads and some Fons of Ndu Subdivision. We believe they (the people of Njirong) deliberately burnt their palace and hid their artifacts (if all this happened) to counteract a case pending in court, in which they are charged with destroying the Ntumbaw Fon’s palace in Mbaw in January 2018 and carting away roofing sheets, Nwarong apparel and usual palace items (throne, for instance). Investigations revealed the roofing sheets in one Fai Ndzegamsi’s home, and these sheets and other items are in the keeping of the justice system as evidence. We believe that justice shall be dispensed in no distant future.

6) That we, Ntumbaw people, are peace-loving, and did not perpetrate hostilities on Njirong people. We are rather victims of several hostile acts of the Njirong people. Instances of the barbarism of Njirong people abound, but here, we mention only two of them two that occurred this year, the victim of one being a non-native of Donga-Mantung:
a. During investigations in prelude to the court case cited in (5) above, the Divisional Delegate of Housing and Urban Development led a commission to Mbaw on the 10/05/2018, at the request of the court, to evaluate the damage done to our palace there. The commission was taken hostage and, for two hours, molested by about   two hundred (200) Njirong youths armed with sticks, spears, cutlasses and guns. The Delegate’s report dated 14/05/2018 gives a horrendous account of how he was made to sit down, beaten and almost murdered. His driver, a Wimbum man, later intimated to him that he had overhead their assailants (Njirong people) saying their Fon, who is in the USA, had ordered that all commission members be killed. This incident does not speak well of Wimbum as a people.
b. On 27th August 2018, the Administration, represented by the Divisional Officer of Ndu and other commission members  went to reinstate Ntumbaw in Mbaw in implementation of Order No 53 of 18th May 2018 mentioned in point (3) above. The Njirong population came out and violently perturbed the exercise, threatening the DO and his entourage. They equally stoned the Ntumbaw people and the Administrative officials, wounding a law officer and several Ntumbaw people, as well as destroying about eight vehicles.
These hostilities, destruction of property and undermining of State authority so far exhibited by the Njirong people seem, in the eyes of the WICUDA, WACUDA, Clan Heads and some Fons of Ndu Subdivision, to be so normal and negligible that a blind eye should be given to them, thus giving Njirong village an “above-the-law” status. Ironically enough, the groupings cited above took it upon themselves to accuse Ntumbaw of hostilities.  

7) That we continue to believe that the Administration is the only credible judge to solve the matter and reinstate the over two thousand five hundred (2,500) Ntumbaw farmers deprived of their farms in 2013. After all, it was the previous administrators of Ndu Sub Division who gave Njirong the minutes of the 2004 Land Commission which it is now brandishing as a decision. As such, authors of any declarations contravene the Ndu DO’s Order No 53 of 18th May 2018 Restoring the Rule of Law and Order in Ntumbaw and Njirong villages should know that they setting up a parallel administration at their own risk.

8) That we are baffled by the use of declarations and communiqués by our Fons (who are the custodians of our tradition) as a means of resolving land dispute as opposed to libations. The newest traditional and cultural practice has left many a citizen of Ntumbaw and beyond wondering whether traditional rulers have suddenly become political parties, trade unionists or civil societies and pressure groups.

9) That we are embarrassed by the various biased and contemptuous outings, and hereby notify the groups that crafted them that if they do not reconsider their approaches to the Ntumbaw-Njirong dispute, we shall explore the only option of asking Ntumbaw indigenes and elites the world over to henceforth withdraw from Wimbum groups of all kinds in protest.

10) That the documents herein quoted, alongside other documents which could have been attached to this release, can be viewed and/or download at our website

                                       Done in Ntumbaw this 4th day of October 2018.

Mr. Banlanjo Laurence
                                                       (NTUCUDA NATIONAL PRESIDENT)

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

#Presidential2018: CDPM Launches Campaign in Bda

Militants of the ruling Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement-CPDM stormed Bamenda yesterday September 22, 2018 to officially launch campaigns for the upcoming October 7, 2018 Presidential election in the North West Region. Speaking at the official launching Prime Minister Yang Philemon, Permanent Secretary and head of the CPDM campaign team in the North West Region said the CPDM is for peace, unity and stability.


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Friday, September 21, 2018

AFCON 2019: Ahmed Tackles Cameroon Again

CAF President Ahmed Ahmed has again sent an unguided missile to Cameroon over the country’s capability to host the 2019 AFCON. CAF President who was speaking from another African country said it is Cameroon that will declare she is unfit to host the football jamboree and not the African Football Confederation. Ahmed’s declaration has again sparked widespread criticism from the general public and sports analysts as he allegedly threatened that by September ending will tell whether Cameroon will declare ready or not. Sports analysts are of the opinion that CAF President is playing a game of the mastiff aimed at depriving Cameroon of her right to host AFCON 2019. Notwithstanding, government says the construction of sports infrastructure is on a geometric progress as the number of teams move from 16 to 24.  

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#Presidential Fishermannia 2018: Poltical Carpet Crisscrossing on Mode as Christian Ekoka Joins Kamto, Ekindi Backs Biya

As the nine candidates continue to strategize ahead of September 22, 2018 official campaign launch, carpet crossing and crisscrossing has increased tremendously. Declaring support for X or Y candidate is making headlines in the news. The most recent of such moves were recorded yesterday September 20 as President Biya’s Adviser; Christian Penda Ekoka dumps his former boss to throw his weight behind Professor Maurice Kamto of CRM. Ekoka who recently created a movement known as “AGIR” says Kamto is his choice. The celebrated economist defied speculations that he was in support of Akere Muna to declare his loyalty to Maurice Kamto. He now joins President Biya former loyalists who have dumped him for Maurice Kamto in the likes of Albert Nzongang (Former CPDM MP), Paul Eric Kingue (Former CPDM Mayor) and professor Maurice Kamto (Former Minister in Biya’s government).
On the other hand, former opposition party head, Progressive Movement (MP) Hon. Jean Jacques Ekindi who dumped the CPDM some 16 years ago has staged a spectacular comeback. Jean Jacques Ekindi during a Press Briefing in Douala declared that his party will back President Biya in the upcoming Presidential election. Ekindi who is chairman of the MP party said that he had opted for a unique candidate of the opposition but only Akere Muna showed interest and others were lukewarm about it. Even the five point agenda he set for the opposition did not yield fruits reasons why he also dumped the idea of a unique candidate for the opposition. The former lion hunter has finally dropped his arrows to go back to support his former boss, Paul Biya. It should be recalled that Ekindi joined the opposition in 1992 when he created the political outfit (Progressive Movement). He contested in the 1992 and 2011 Presidential election to emerge with a meager 0,45% in 2011 against  0,8 % in1 992.

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