Friday, September 21, 2018

#Presidential Fishermannia 2018: Poltical Carpet Crisscrossing on Mode as Christian Ekoka Joins Kamto, Ekindi Backs Biya

As the nine candidates continue to strategize ahead of September 22, 2018 official campaign launch, carpet crossing and crisscrossing has increased tremendously. Declaring support for X or Y candidate is making headlines in the news. The most recent of such moves were recorded yesterday September 20 as President Biya’s Adviser; Christian Penda Ekoka dumps his former boss to throw his weight behind Professor Maurice Kamto of CRM. Ekoka who recently created a movement known as “AGIR” says Kamto is his choice. The celebrated economist defied speculations that he was in support of Akere Muna to declare his loyalty to Maurice Kamto. He now joins President Biya former loyalists who have dumped him for Maurice Kamto in the likes of Albert Nzongang (Former CPDM MP), Paul Eric Kingue (Former CPDM Mayor) and professor Maurice Kamto (Former Minister in Biya’s government).
On the other hand, former opposition party head, Progressive Movement (MP) Hon. Jean Jacques Ekindi who dumped the CPDM some 16 years ago has staged a spectacular comeback. Jean Jacques Ekindi during a Press Briefing in Douala declared that his party will back President Biya in the upcoming Presidential election. Ekindi who is chairman of the MP party said that he had opted for a unique candidate of the opposition but only Akere Muna showed interest and others were lukewarm about it. Even the five point agenda he set for the opposition did not yield fruits reasons why he also dumped the idea of a unique candidate for the opposition. The former lion hunter has finally dropped his arrows to go back to support his former boss, Paul Biya. It should be recalled that Ekindi joined the opposition in 1992 when he created the political outfit (Progressive Movement). He contested in the 1992 and 2011 Presidential election to emerge with a meager 0,45% in 2011 against  0,8 % in1 992.

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