Thursday, April 19, 2012

After SDF, Biya Forms Own Shadow Cabinet in Kondengui Prison

The recent arrest and detention of Chief Ephraim Inoni, former Prime Minister and Marafa Hamidou Yaya, former Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic (formerly Minister of State for Territorial Administration and Decentralization) has completed the formation of a CPDM Shadow Cabinet in Kondengui and New Bell Prisons. Already five former Secretary Generals and Deputy Secretaries at the Presidency of the Republic have been arrested since 1997. What is now evident is that Operation Sparrow Hawk and Albatross has transformed President Biya’s closest collaborators to prisoners. It is hard to imagine that Titus Edzoa, Siyam Siewe, Atangana Mebara, Ephraim Inoni and Marafa Hamidou Yaya have formerly Secretary Generals and or Deputy Secretary Generals at the Presidency of the Republic have been arrested and locked up in Prison. This act, critics say is discrediting the CPDM as well the Biya regime publicly. That trustworthiness has become an endangered specie in some member of government is a fact when we judge from the personalities already arrested for alleged embezzlement. The number of Ministers, Director Generals, Board chairpersons, head of services etc is alarming.
Another school of thought holds that President Biya has arrested almost all those who had enjoyed his full confidence while opposition leaders say these personalities are those who supported the regime wholeheartedly to rig elections in Cameroon.
The case of former Prime Minister Inoni Ephraim and Marafa Hamidou Yaya arrested last April 16, 2012 under the eye of television cameras indicate that the regime is hooked.  Whether it a mafia that has penetrated the system or it is the determination of President Biya to set examples, the message as interpreted shows that corruption has taken firm root in the heart of the Biya regime. It is however pathetic that these high personalities are accused of having embezzled public funds, thwarted projects funds, initiated fake project or transformed the state treasury private entities. Those already arrested can make up a complete government with only two portfolio lacking, that is the position of the Speaker of the National Assembly and Head of State. Majority of Cameroonians still believe these arrests can only make sense if money embezzled is paid back into the state treasury. Yet it is difficult to think that for many years, all those "venerable" hijackers acted without taking inspiration from their chief many have argued. 
 Yet these senior civil servants like the others already in detention in the notorious Kondengui Central Prison in Yaounde and New Bell in Douala like Titus Ezoa, Polycarp Abah Abah, Mouchipou Seidou, Urbain Olanguena Owono, Catherine Abena, Atangana Mebara, Zacheus Forjindam, Seiyam Siwe, Eduoard Ekotto, Odong Ndong, Yves Michel Fotso, Jerome Mendouga, Mebara etc are alleged to have been the foremost promoters of corruption and white collar thievery. How can a president who has refused to apply article 66 of the constitution which requires all top civil servants and elected officials to declare their personal fortunes before entering office so as to limit or abate corruption be the one now to want to appear to be the fight against corruption, leaders of the opposition continue to argue? But Fru Ndi has a contrary view. To Fru Ndi it is not today that President Biya is aware that Inoni Ephraim was involved in the Albatross scandal or that Marafa had embezzled. “Biya wants to divert public opinion on the Electoral Code” Fru Ndi said. “In order to stir public attention away from the controversy surrounding the Electoral Code and in an attempt to divert the people towards something else these high-profile personalities have hence been taken into custody to give a semblance of an impression that Mr. Biya is serious about stemming out corruption and take Cameroon to a better managed society of so-called Realization” some activists say.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It is not today that Cameroonians know Marafa had embezzled or that Inoni was Involved in Albatross-Fru Ndi

 The National Chairman of the SDF Ni John Fru Ndi has declared that he is hoping that former Minister of State, Marafa Hamidou Yaya will come out from prison to answer his court case. Fru Ndi who was talking to journalists today in Bamenda, said that after the February 2008 Uprising in Cameroon, Marafa Hamidou Yaya went on air to declare that he (Fru Ndi) was seen carryout bandits (harden criminal) in his car." Who is locked up now, the person carrying harden criminals?"
 Fru Ndi used the occasion to mock at Marafa. Fru Ndi wondered which apprentice sorcerer provided Biya with prove of embezzlement because when the SDF asked the Biya regime to arrest all these white collar gangsters he (Biya) asked for proves. He however lamented the fate of Ephraim Inoni and Mafara because they were caught in Biya trap which always make show that you are dumped at the end. " He has just done what is of his own style" and added that "Marafa paid Biya in compound interest". Fru Ndi also called on Cameroonians not to be distracted by President Biya's style. He said Biya has lived with the thieves and it doesn't make sense when he makes a mockery of Cameroonians because it is not today that Cameroonians are aware that Marafa has embezzled or that Ephraim Inoni was involved in the Albatross Scandal.  Fru Ndi said the last time he met Marafa (he) said he has control over Garoua and i told him " I have been in Garoua and i know, however, i know that while at MINATD, Marafa use to have results of elections before votes are casted.

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Why Former PM Inoni Ephraim & Ex-MINATD Boss, Marafa Hamidou Yaya were Arrested

Former Prime Minister Chief Ephraim Inoni have passed their fight nights in Prison. The spectacular arrest that took place a day ago public opinion holds Cameroonians simply do not care. Even though tension and tempers flared in Bakingili and Garoua, the homes of the two personalities arrested, there is relative calm as at this morning a source should be noted that local media this morning relate their arrest to the acquisition of the Presidential Plan that never was. For newspapers and other media houses on the reported on the scandal over the controversy trying to justify who did what and where for the buying of the President's airplane .
It happened that the day the plane Albatross made it first trial, it aircraft developed mechanical problems. The worst and the ugly side is that President Biya, wife and children were inside.  It was later revealed that the plane was an old abandoned aircraft in the bush somewhere in America that was just flashed with paint to pocket billions of FCFA taxpayers money. At the time, Marafa Hamidou Yaya was secretary-general at the presidency and Ephraim Inoni was his deputy. Inoni later went on to be prime minister from 2004 to 2009. The main actors in the transaction Jean Atangana Mebara Former Minister, Yves Michel Fotso GM of Camair by then and former Cameroon Ambassador Jerome Medougah to the United States of America were already arrested and are still in Prison.
Chief Ephraim Inoni and Marafa were arrested yesterday after they were called up to appear in Court to prove their non involvement. Arrested yesterday at about 12 noon, the two statesmen were accompanied by forces of law and order to meet their alleged partners in the scandal at the Kondengui Prison. A school of thought holds that the arrests were made to divert the public from the ongoing crucial national debate on the new electoral code which many say is a mockery. 

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Albatross Saga, Marafa Hamidou Yaya, Chief Ephraim Inoni Arrested

Chief Thomas Ephraim Inoni, former Prime Minister and Marafa Hamidou Yaya, Ex-Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization are reported to have been picked by police today April 16, 2012 at about 12 pm. Reliable sources hinted that the two personalities were picked up in connection with the famous Albatross Scandal. It has been confirmed that the two personalities are already at the Kondegui Prison. According to what we gathered, Chief Thomas Ephriam Inoni and Marafa Hamidou Yaya were taken from Court directly to prison. It should be noted that some months ago, Chief Inoni's passport was siezed while Marafa Hamidou Yaya has been under police survielliance for over two months now. Marafa it is alleged was forced to move from Garoua to Yaounde which to analysts was already an indication that he was in the dragnet of the Albatross. There is excitment in Yaounde our source hinted.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

US Ambassador Visits Col. Weriwoh Godfred, the Unsung Development Luminary

Retired Colonel Weriwoh with stick in hand flanked by development partner
Good leadership experts say requires a clear vision. A good leader starts from his community and many have made their way to fame starts by fostering development initiatives. Development therefore, is not and has never been the result of accident, but constant planning. Retired Col. Weriwoh Tembeng Godfred hails from Ewoh village in Batibo Sub Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. In fact, there is no way you can talk about people who have done marvelous things in their communities without mentioning the name of Col. Weriwoh. The peak of retired military officer is that he has done great things to humanity but since society is so compressed and stratified in a way that some movers and shakers in our society are not always known and appreciated, he finds himself among the unsung heroes of our contemporary society. However, what this retired military officer has done in Batibo Sub Division has not only caught the admiration of his people but that of the US Ambassador to Cameroon. Some few weeks ago, US Ambassador to Cameroon, Robert Jackson and wife paid a courtesy visit to retired Col. Weriwoh in Yaounde as a mark of recognition for his development prowess.  The man who impressionists say is purely a product of the American Peace Corps, without hesitation is the flag bearer of development in the North West Region. It is thanks to his development prowess that he caught the admiration of the US diplomats past and present because of the sacrifices he makes for the development of many villages. And with them he is always part of every good idea that effects a positive change in a village setup. As a matter of fact, some people would have been asking how and why the US Ambassador responded to an invitation from an individual, the truth is that as far back as 2009, Col. Weriwoh had invited the US Diplomats to his village where he showed prove of his attached to change lives positively for his people. What the American diplomat discovered were the achievements of the great unsung hero who in his little corner believes humanity lives in the wilderness. What makes retired Col. Weriwoh different from others is that when two or more are gathered to talk about development, he is always there.

But what are his achievements?

To start with, not everyone is aware that the solar lighting system at the entrance to the Chantal Biya Foundation in Yaounde is of his efforts.
Back in his Batibo Sub Division, he is celebrated for doing extraordinary things in a very common manner. To his development efforts could be identified in the domain of health, education, road, electricity, provision of potable water and others. We can cite the rehabilitation and construction of some public offices such as the Batibo Treasury, the Divisional officer’s Residence, the construction of the Agric post at Ewoh, construction of health centers and purchase of a motorbike for the chief of health post.
Under education, at least 85% of the primary and secondary schools in the sub division have benefited from his largess. We can cite here schools such as GTHS Batibo, GSS Anong, GSS Guzang, GSS Agim, GSS Kwonyi, GBHS Enyoh and others. These secondary schools have benefited from the construction of classrooms while some were even created thanks to his lobbying skills. In the primary education sector, he has constructed classrooms at GS Angyie, GS Newtown-Ashong, GS Ewoh and Gov’t Nursery and Primary school Bejang.  
In the area of developing access roads, he is accredited for the Nneng-Ewoh-Kolabe-Kuruku and had built the bridge linking Ewoh-Angyie, the bridge Awom-Wu Musi as well as water and electricity in Ewoh and Gujong. If Angyie could dream of having electricity, it is thanks to his efforts. Besides, he is on record in Ewoh for the creation and construction of the village health post, construction of the residence for the chief of health post, construction of the Tele-center and above all, for bringing CTY Phone closer the people of Batibo. Knowing fully well that a healthy population is more productive, he also brought the Israeli Ambassador who was accompanied by medics to his community who carried out consultations. If we consider development as continuing where God stopped at creation, it is therefore very clear that this statement could never be more appropriate than in its present context. Col. Weriwoh is a developer in a class of his own. No Cameroonian has better applied the Augustan concept that an urban center is a place captured from the state of wild nature than Col. Weriwoh who is making life in villages to have meaning.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gerard Ngala Voted 2011 Man of the Year (The Eye 2011 National Award for Excellence)

Gerard Ngala: The Great politician, Development Luminary and Philanthropist
Gerard Ngala, Parliamentary Aspirant for Nkambe, a business young man based in Douala has been voted Man of the Year. The jury headed by Gwain Colbert Fulai proclaimed the results today, April 12, 2012 in Bamenda after a thorough verification online votes and votes through mobile phones. Gerard Ngala received the highest number of votes from the public to win the prestigious Man of the Year Award. Jury members included Donat Suffo (Le Messenger), Nji Ignatius (Eden), Ngah Benjamin (The Standard), Chifu George (The Sun), Fai CASSIAN (The Eye), Abanda MARCEL (DMCR), Nji Justin (Civil Society), Emelda Ngingyu (Civil Society), Ndi Eugene Ndi (The Eye) and Aminateh Nkemngu (Eden). According to the chairman of the jury, Gwain COLBERT, the award ceremony will take place in Nkambe on April 30, 2012.
Below is the list of laureates/winners
National Category      
Man of the Year: Gerard Ngala
Politician of the Year: John BEGHENI Ndeh
The Most Incisive Political Scientist: Elvis Ngolle Ngolle
Most Charismatic Politician: Ngafeeson Emmanuel BANTAR
Best MP: Hon. PC Fonso & Wirngo Buba Kiboh
Best Political Strategist: Adamu Musa
Best Civil Society Activist: Benard Njonga
Best Road Construction Company: Societe Mag
Most acclaimed Social critic: Ndi MANJONG
Best Manager of State Corporation: Emmanuel Etoundi oyono
Most Pragmatic Result Oriented Director:   Mokom Daniel
Best Mayor: Fungoh Cletus & Wanlo JOHN
Most Acclaimed Development Oriented Luminary: Retired Col. Weriwoh Tembeng Godfred 
Best Non Governmental Organization: SHUMAS & SNV
Best Tourism Promoter: Ndawara Tea Estate & Dreamland
All Round Best Hotel: Mawa Hotel Bamenda
Most Popular Traditional Ruler: Fon Chafah Isaac IX
Most Modern Traditional Ruler: HRH Prof Jikong Stephen & Anyangwe Ericsyrol
Best Poverty Alleviation Pastoral Complex: Tadu Dairy Project
All Round Best Rural Development Project: GP DERUDEP
Best Settler Community Leader: Dr. Sa Majeste Atsatsopo Menkep Napsewengap Kemajo Ngongang JACOB Brisco & Chief Awa (Awa &Sons)

Donga Manung Achievement Award
Donga Mantung True Leader: Dr. FUH Calistus Gentry
All Round Best MP: Hon. Esther Ngala
Best MP in Micro Project Management: Genesis Mbucksek & Hon Ntoi Joseph Kay
Best Divisional Officer: Ngange Victor Marcel-DO Nk’be
All Round Best Security Officer: Olivier NJABEA & Nsowri Michael
Best Divisional Delegate: Bangsi JOHN
Best Mayor: Ngomfe-Loma David & Nkenda Simon Sunde
Most improved Council: DK Nfor (Ndu) & Emimi Emmanuel (Ako)
Most Dynamic Rising Politician: Ndasi Elvis
The Most Acclaimed Young Politician: Alhadji Abdou Borno Kamfon
The Most Charismatic Politician: Fon Martin Yembe
Best Political Strategist: Langhi David & Ngi Christopher
Woman of the Year: Mme Achidi Achu Judith & Mme Nkenda Magreta
All Round Best Principal: Ken Martin
Best Principal of Technical Education: Cletus Njobe
Best Female Principal: Monica Nchuwa
Best Youth Result-oriented Organization: Bongjo Foundation & YODO-Cameroon
Most Innovative Development Program: CDC Oil Palm Expansion & BOCOM Mining Exploration Program
Best Secondary School Principal: Tarlishi Oliver & Afoumbo VINCENT
All Round Best Mission School: St. Ritas
All Round Best Social Critic: Bang Bullet
Best Promoter of Nursery & Primary Education: Savannah Billingual Nursery and Primary School
Best Rising Entrepreneur: Ets Hamza & Ets Chuye Nelson
Best Musician: Awilo alias IPP
Best Cultural DANCE Group: Toumalo of Mbot and Kup of Binju
Best Traditional Folklore: Dogo Dogo Elvis & SHEY Godlove
Best Farmer: Njanko Juliana & Ngeh Jato
Sports Person of the Year: Ivone Ngwaya
Citadel of Tradition: Nkambe Fons Palace
Best Indigenous Forest Monitor: Fon of Mbaah
Most Acclaimed Youth Leader: Franklin Ndzi
Climate Change Campaigner: Farmer Tantoh
Best Vocational Training Center: God First Tailoring Workshop
Best Community based Journalist: Ndi Richard Tamnjong
Most Organized Achaba UNION: Nwa Achaba Union

The Eye’s 2011 Goodwill Ambassadors
Best Columnist: HRH Fon Benchep Adamu
Best Newspaper Vendor: Jean Paul Wafo & NGWA Emmanuel
Best Reader: Fai Ndinjohnfor of Binju

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Protest At National Assembly, Two Political Leaders Arrested, Five others too

A group of political activists and two opposition leaders are said to have been arrested yesterday April 11, 2012 in an attempt to demonstrate and express their grievances against the bill on electoral law tabled by government to the Cameroon National Assembly for adoption. It is alleged Hilaire Kamga and Kah Walla were arrested alongside their supporters in Yaounde. Eye witness accounts that as early as Kah Walla flanked by a group of activists estimated to be more than twenty as well as CPP militants had placed themselves on roadsides prepared to storm the National Assembly. Dressed in yellow T-shirts with their mouths and nostrils bandaged, a sign which indicates that the new electoral law stings.
Unfortunately just at the entrance to CETIC Ngoa-Ekelle, less than a kilometer away from the Promised Land (National Assembly) where the masquerade is taking place, they encountered police interruption. And for good reason best known to the Yaoude regime, the protest march has not been authorized by the Divisional Officer, they say. Determined, Kah Walla explains that this is little public protest but simply "walk of a few citizens." His sense of humor is not shared by the cops who have been reinforced. In the mad rush, some activists were arrested. 
At about 11 am yesterday, we gathered that Hilaire Kamga was also picked up by police alongside two others. It is alleged that  Hilaire Kamga wanted to meet the House Speaker Cavaye Yegue Djibril but was whist off by police officials. Sources there is tension in Yaounde as political activists continue to invade the capital city.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fon Chafah Wins 2011 Watchdog Tribune Man of the Year Award

HRH Fon Chafah lighting the Anniversary candle
His Royal Highness Fon Chafah Isaac of Bangolang has won the prestigious Watchdog Tribune newspaper Man of the Year Award. He received his award last April 7, 2012 at the Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda. According to the Publisher/Editor of the Watchdog Tribune Dotta Ezikiel, HRH Fon Chafah Isaac was in his utmost form in 2011 giving that he rescued the region from social unrest when NKWENTI Simon, CATTU SG was detained. He the crisis, he mediated for the release of Nkwenti Simon and also addressed the population to calm down flaring tempers. Fon Chafah Isaac also caught the admiration of Cameroonians in 2011, when he launched a multi-million project to rennovate his palace. He mobilized his subjects nationwide, moved from one town to another to join his people raised funds for the palace project which is one of the best in the region. More so, Fon Chafah in 2011 also played a very vital role in mobilizing the elite during the fund raising project to support President Biya's candidature. Besides, it should be noted he is also one of the initiators of the Cameroon Traditional Rulers Forum where he is Secretary General. Further more, he is accredited for the creation of the North West Fons Union and when he was General President, he initiated the construction of the multi-functional secretariat as well as fought relentlessly to combat HIV/AIDS in the region with the support of the Ministry of Health. A project which has contributed to reduce the prevelent rate in the North West Region.

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Hon. Tamfu to be Buried on April 28 not 21

Hon. Samuel Ngeh Tamfu, former CPDM MP for Nkambe cum Donga Mantung political encyclopedia who died in Yaounde recently will be buried in his Taku village on April 28, 2012 and not April 21st as earlier announced in a tentative funeral program. Hon. SN Tamfu who was the lone member of the CPDM polibureau from the North West Region until last September 28, 2011 is expected to be given a state burial sources hinted. According to information gathered, Prime Minister Philemon Yang is also expected in Taku, where he will represent the head of state at his burial.
According to a hint, the burial has been carried forward due to a meeting earlier planned to take place on April 21, 2012 in relation to the 50th Anniversary of the celebration of reunification. A meeting which confidential sources hinted will be chaired by Prime Minister Philemon Yang and other key Anglophone personalities who would also like to pay their last homage to the departed hero are also suppose to be part of the meeting reasons why the burial ceremony has been carried forward. Hon. Tamfu it should be recalled until his death initiated a dream for the people of Donga Mantung with the creation of the Far North West Region of Cameroon yet public opinion holds that one of the gifts the people of Donga Mantung are expecting from President Biya to commemorate the passing away of this great statesman is the creation of that region. Another school of thought holds that Hon. Tamfu who through that dream was able to unite all and sundry would only smile in his grave if the powers that be give his dream a special consideration.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Bill on Electoral Law is a Mockery-Ni John Fru Ndi

The National chairman of the Social Democratic Front-SDF has said that the bill on the electoral law is a mockery of the people of Cameroon by the Biya regime. Ni John Fru made the declaration a fortnight ago in Bamenda after a strategic meeting of the party. According to Ni John Fru Ndi, that bill should be dismissed.
He also observed that Cameroonians have simplified things for a long time and Mr. Biya thinks he can still dribble them and do the things he wants to do. He observed that “we started with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization and the NEO 1 and 2, we have borrowed from Senegal, created Elecam” and to make a u-turn to assassinate democracy. Harping on the advanced democracy of the Biya regime, Ni Johh Fru said that he is happy that “Cameroonians are witnesses to what happened. I wonder if Mr. Biya has hypnotized Cameroonians. But he must know that sometimes the effect of hypnotizing expires”.
Our members have made their proposal taking into account the eleven points of the SDF. These are things which the SDF talked of since 1990. This is a legalistic point of view as we speak, we want laws that will govern the elections”

Fru Ndi said that when the SDF boycotted the 1992 elections, everyone blamed the SDF but today the only clarion call is for “Cameroonians of good will who have at heart the interest of this country and who are in parliament to reject this bill.
Cameroonians should go out as one man and fight for their rights. Look at the countries in North Africa, Mali, in some places the population has begun to fight
Accordingly, he called on Cameroonians, whatever their areas to fight for their rights. “The country belongs to us all; it is not only Fru Ndi, Dzongang, Ndam Njoya or leaders of any party. I think the day has dawned. Cameroonians have seen what has happened elsewhere”.
On the biometric registration recently announced by ELECAM, Ni John Fru Ndi said that he knew there was an ax behind that reasons why he told journalists came to him for comments that it was too early to make any declaration. “I told you that I reserve the time and that will tell us. The bishops and others that has made Elecam, what did they do? But when I criticized the journalists said Fru Ndi expects the angels from heaven to take care of the problem in Cameroon. I deal with people I know, they will do nothing good. They are strong and perfect in corruption, so that there is a rumor that the President of Elecam boasted that they have applied the scientific fraud. If this is what they have done what can still go beyond them?”

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Who Wants to Distabilize the CPDM in Nwa

Politics, it is admitted is a means to an end; but it is not necessarily that the end must be a groveling one. Indeed, the value of a politician must be determined, for the most part, by the greatness of its aim and the largeness of the result accomplished. Whenever politics goes with tangible results, it will not fail of being useful if handled by people with character and conscience because it extensiveness and non-interventionist will impact people positively.
The 27th anniversary of the CPDM was celebrated in the Donga Mantung V Section-Nwa amidst hullabaloo and incongruity. Even though onlookers could not notice angry faces or twist but from within local party officials everyone looked suspicious at everyone at every given moment. In his speech Section President Hon. Genesis Mbucksek called on all and sundry to join the bandwagon to foster development efforts in the oldest sub division. Hon. Genesis Mbucksek used the occasion to praise government efforts on improving the road network in the constituency. Hon. Genesis Mbukseck also exhaled that in the few days, traveling to Nwa will no more be a problem giving that the SOP-Rom-Mben road is under construction as well as the Sabongari-Nwa road. On his part, the CPDM mayor for Nwa, Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David used the occasion to present his road map for the municipality. Even though, from the speeches all seems well, it is alleged that the present political scene in Nwa is intensely progressive but practically, it has some self-centered individuals who want to set confusion, we gathered. According to confidential sources, some CPDM militants upon entering into the political scene in Nwa are said to have a hop skip-and-jump-start ambitions that is gradually tearing the CPDM in particles. The Eye gathered that some of these militants rush from one to another with a suddenness that would have taken away the breath of an ancestor. Without any conviction that it was through moderation that the party emerged victorious, everyone seems blinded that this virtue seem unknown. It is also aired that the party has been transformed into a sinkhole for character assassination with gigantic schemes that may kill the party. Yet we gathered that instead of working in a group with unsparing energy to accomplish large results, some militants pass off the stage of action like the vanishing of a meteor, to make room for breathless obnoxious plans pressing close upon the heels of their party comrades.
The most pathetic thing is that in the mess, a man succeeds or fails in a moment and in the next is forgotten, in the hurry and bustle of new excitement. The first is forgotten even though the results are unbeaten. And political pundits have been wondering whether the rushing  mad haste politics in Nwa is not at fever-heat, with no relaxation, no rest, no enjoyments because tribalism and clannish tendencies have taken politicians hostage. Whatever else it is, public opinion in Nwa holds that in these days any changes should not be to settle political scores but must be conducive to a beneficial result. It must have a distinctly practical bearing upon the duties of one's vocation because ever since Hon. Genesis Mbucksek was elected Section President the results have being a mark of improvement reasons why “we are proud to show that our President produced the best practical results since 2002” says one militant. The crying from grassroot militants’ demand men who can accomplish results easily and quickly. However, field testimonies from militants are bound that Hon. Mbucksek has been up to the task giving that he has been instrumental both in building the party at the grassroots and made the people of Nwa to have a taste of Parliamentary goodies. To confirm this, The Eye had earlier covered Parliamentary goodies distribution in the Nwa and the Mbaw plain where bundles of zincs were handed to beneficiaries.
However, The Eye gathered that an unprecedented group split has taken over behind the scene with unpopular political kingpins scheming to put in place a loathsome plan to destabilize the party. From all indications, many political schemers are waxing behind the scene for the unexpected to take the center stage. At the 27th Anniversary of the CPDM, The Eye accosted the two elected officials of Nwa and this is what they said.
Hon Genesis Mbucksek (MP/ Section President)
The Brain behind CPDM Success in Nwa from 2002
The enthusiasm and the massive turn out you see today indicates that Nwa is loyal to the Head of State, state institution, the CPDM and President Paul Biya. In the past, the people of Nwa were disenchanted but from what are happening you can bear testimony that the people of Nwa have embraced the NEW DEAL wholeheartedly. The results have improved lips and bounds and it shows how we are loyal and supportive of the CPDM. You can easily judge this from the results in favour of the CPDM candidate. I am optimistic that we are going to win but we have a lot of work ahead of us. With the modernization of our electoral system, I think we have food on the table and we have to go out there and sensitize the population to register massively. The task ahead of us is to make sure that people register. We have the number in Donga Mantung Division that is why Nwa is a force to reckon with. You know the main problem we have here is that of identification centers and we did our best last year thanks to the generosity of the Head of State because it increased the number of voters. As you heard from the message of the central committee, we are here also to sensitize the population on biometric registration.
When we talk of democracy and aspiration, it is a legitimate right but yet people don’t understand that they are born leaders who ignite popular support from the masses. Of course, it goes along with detractors, I mean those who would always feel that it should have been them. And at times, we may talk of personality conflict which is intended to mar the good work we have been doing. It is common to hear that this or that person should be changed. I see this as an intention to bring on board people who will come and destroy the good work we have worked for years to obtain. I think the results are there to testify who did what. But as humans, there are bound to be some weaknesses. However, I feel that the successes are more. Our results from 2002 talk by itself and I think those who have stories to tell should do it with honesty because the house is not on fire.
I want to use the 27th Anniversary to make it known that we have been supporting sports, supported schools, community projects and this time I just wish to announce that we have a huge package for the youth of Nwa. Youths are our priority of priorities. In the past, politics was about bringing jugs of wines but now things have changed. We have to lobby for development projects. You can see that Nwa is not the same, many things have changed, we have good roads, we have good infrastructure for schools, health centers. And without the personality conflict, the CPDM is bound to move mountains in Nwa and change lives positively. I am glad that the population is conscious; they have also understood that the development agenda of Cameroon for the next seven years is known and we have to work towards achieving our localized MDGs. I am doing it as the Member of Parliament, the council is doing it part and from the enthusiasm, the population is happy. Let me tell you that doubting Thomases have been joining us everyday and I think that if anyone wants to give me flowers, let the flowers be given to me and not else.

Ngomfe-Loma David (Mayor Nwa)
 We are actually sensitizing the population on biometric registration and the message is for them to register massively to prepare for the upcoming elections. If everything is positive in Nwa, it is thanks to me that the CPDM has done a lot. When I took over the council, we had more than FCFA 70 million accrued debts but gradually we have paid all the debts. I think we are the only council in the Division that pays salaries regularly and the Nwa Council has been able to construct classrooms from revenue collected locally. We have worked to improve on the road network. The Nwa-Gom road, Nwa-Rom-Mbem road and the Nwa-Sabongari road are a good example of the disenclavement strategy we have engaged for the betterment of the people. In the past, traveling to Nwa was a nightmare but nowadays, things have changed. Hopefully, I think I should be re-elected into the council to concretize all what we have started.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

NW Fons Address Motion of Support to President Biya

The newly elected executive of the North West Fons Union met today at the Bambalang Fon's palace to set up its modus operandi for the year. During the meeting executive members also issued a motion of support to the President of the Republic, Paul Biya. In their statement the fons said they have decided to "address a motion of support and unfliching confidence to the head of state". It should be noted that one of the major decisions by the new exco was to organize a fundraising. The fundraising has been slated for the completion of the NOWEFU secretariat for April 28, 2013. The fundraising according to information gathered shall take place in Bamenda under the distinguished patronage of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya (fon of fons). Yet sources say on that same say, the new executive shall also be installed into their new functions. The Press release also urges on all the fons to mobilize elite to massively contribute for the completion of the secretariat. 

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mayhem in Bafut over Destruction of 600 Years old Shrine by Self-Proclaimed Prophet

Traditionalists in Bafut fondom, one of the citadels of culture and tradition in the Northwest Region of Cameroon have been taken aback by the destruction of a 600 years old shrine. The incident that continues to provoke public debate transpired last weekend when a certain Prophet Afanwi Frank stormed Bafut to carry out a crusade. Sources say Prophet Frank left Douala with his followers with ten (70 seater) buses for an outdoor crusade to his village of origin Bafut. While in Bafut, we gathered that he got an authorization from the Divisional officer. It is aired that on the last day, he said that the LORD had revealed to him that he should destroy the 600 years old shrine (tree). Eyewitnesses say he suddenly took his followers to fall down the tree. There was serious confrontation between the traditionalists and his followers. The fon of Bafut, the custodian of the Bafut tradition said the self-proclaimed prophet followers used tear-gas on helpless population. It is alleged that during the confrontation, more than 20 villagers were wounded and are hospitalized. The fon of Bafut, HRH Majesty Fon Abuhnbi described the incident as unfortunate and added that he would not accept a terrorist religious group that wants to impose it own region on others. Sources the prophet claims that the 600 years old tree was a bondage on the Bafut people and should be destroyed. On the other hand, traditionalists are of the opinion that the act was well-masterminded ahead of time, if not where did the prophet and followers got axes, matchets and others to fall down the tree. Another school of thought holds that the woman who founded the present Bafut Palace site and is said to have been buried where the tree was planted was a member of his family and he had the opportunity to revenge to the royal family for burying the aunty alive. A woman whose life is signified by the 600 years old tree planted on her tomb. Other versions, talk of a rainbow and a shining key appearing round the tree when it was fell. Expressionists are of the opinion that the fact that the tree was fallen indicates that something must have gone wrong somewhere. Impressionists on the other side say, Prophet Frank is the only one who has succeeded where other men of God ventured and failed.
The prophet according to what we gathered was picked up by police and was yesterday granted bail in Court. The matter according to sources will reappear in Mezam Court of FIRST Instance on the April 26, 2012. Youths stormed the court premises in support  the prophet due to the fact they have become vulnerable to some traditional practices.  
Of tradition and Human Rights Abuses of Youths
Of late a pathetic case in point is that of Edwin Che who rejected his right of succession. According to what we gathered, Edwin Che’s father, and member of a secret society (Ngumba/Kwifon) earmarked Che as the successor. He (Edwin Che) was to be enthroned as one of the kingpins in the secret society, but being a Christian, and a young man who saw the future in going to school, he declined taking over the seat of his father even though he was initiated while still very young. His refusal resulted to witch-hunting and threats from the members of the Mankon Kwifon. Following his refusal to assume the position of his father, a close aid to the Mankon Fon’s palace hinted that it is considered a sacrilege for someone to challenge the authority of the Ngumba.
According to the hint such an individual is either banished from the land or handed to the kwifon which is the supreme authority of the land for his dismissal to be committed giving that the young is also suspected of being a homosexual. In the African tradition being a homosexual is a taboo that tradition and the law forbid. Being a homosexual is not only considered as a sacrilege by tradition, it is also punishable by law. Cases are bound that many young boys and girls have been harassed, tortured and some are even alleged to have disappeared under mysterious circumstance. Che’s case has become complicated giving that in Cameroon, Section 347 of the Penal Code states: "whoever has sexual relationships with a person of the same sex shall be punished with imprisonment from six months to five years and a fine from 20.000 FCFA to 200.000 FCFA". More so, it is a common phenomenon to hear that somebody has been harassed and more to that suspended from moving with anybody or banished from the village because he is gay person. 
In November 2011, two young men were sentenced to five years simply for being gay in Cameroon. Human Rights activist Me Alice Nkom, is quoted to have said that "violence against gay people in Cameroon has skyrocketed to unprecedented level". The situation she added is quickly becoming a crisis. Many young Cameroonians have been killed for been homosexual. Suspicion however reigns supreme we gathered over Edwin Che’s fate for being accused of being a homosexual and at the same time refusing to take up the seat in a secret society.  It is alleged he is wanted by the police for initiating youths into homosexuality. Members of the kwifon see this as an opportunity to settle scores with him for challenging their supreme authority. A church pastor names withheld hinted that some members of the cult even threatened to destroy the church. “They threatened me that I intoxicated this young man”, he lamented. More so, Che’s family is under serious threat to produce him as it is alleged he absconded from the village to an unknown destination. Allegations are rife at that the young man’s mother is under strict surveillance and some sources also hinted that she has been interrogated by palace aides five times to reveal the where about of the son.
 Investigations have been underway, The Eye has been told under the alleged involvement of his family in helping Edwin Che to escape from the village. 
It is for this reason that civil society activists and Human Rights defenders in the North West Region have been trying to empower traditional rulers to whip off the bad sides of some practices because they hinder development and also deprive people of their rights. Yet traditionalists continue to stir hatred in villages over these practices. Many young men and women have suffered in silence, and many more continue to undergo moral torture like is the case with Edwin Che. In Cameroon, the situation is becoming alarming and youths are bent on curbing it. Even lawyers who have tried to defend some youths have not had it easy, with some receiving death threats. This has been so because traditional rulers do promote them. The issue at a glance appears obvious. However, it has ramifications that are beyond the comprehension of many, including those who call themselves traditionalists. If this issue of clashes between the youths, church and tradition is coming up frequently, it is due to the ugly happenings that have occurred recently putting the obnoxious sides of tradition against youths, church and traditional practices.
After the Ndu incident where Christianity clashed with the kwifon and another secret society, Bafut has taken over. The question is whether it is not time for the administration to step in order to salvage this calamity that is almost getting out of hand.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Donga Mantung to Quit North West Fons Union

Newly elected President, Fon Teche. Will he make or mar?
 The 190 fons of Donga Mantung Division who make up the bulk of the North West Fons Union are threatening to quit the fons union if the constitution is amended. Speaking to this reporter, one of the fons declared that if the constitution is changed and the rotary system of President Generals whip-off, Donga Mantung will not be part of NOWEFU again. The Eye was also hinted that the Bambalang executive meeting has as one of the hidden agendas to scrap off that clause. Yet, Donga Mantung which according to the hint was to Division to produce the next President of NOWEFU will have to lost it chance. Sources say it is the handiwork of the so-called members of the Kaduna mafia to hoodwink the one time biggest lobbying force in order to transform it into an extraordinary affair. Another fon hinted this reporter on phone that if Fon Teche Nyei dares, it will mean the end of NOWEFU because Donga Mantung fons will not accept to be part of a masquerade. He said that the suspension of Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle is yet to settle and the kaduna mafia has foxed out another ploy which according to the fon will not work. " we are 190 fons and 160 are gazetted, so we should not be treated as fools. Enough is enough" he hammered. He also added that the fons union a one-time big association is wallowing in hypocrisy and self-skirmishes because of egoistic tendencies.
UP NEXT : Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle Opens Can of Worms on NOWEFU, prostitution of Ntumfor title and the enemies of Northwest.

Ayah Paul Urges Youths to say No to Bill to Extend Mandate of MPs & Mayor

 The National chairman of the People's Action Party, Hon. Ayah Paul has issued a preliminary declaration on the bill tabled to MPs on the electoral code. Hon. Ayah has also called on youths to say no to the obnoxious democratic act that is strangling democratic process in the country.

Following an urgent meeting of the highest organ of the People’s Action Party, the National Chairman of the party hereby calls on the people of Cameroon, and particularly the youth, who have been barred from the political arena in their country as per the said Bill by the party in power that seeks to eternalize itself at the expense of the immense majority of Cameroonians, to say NO to the said Bill; and to await directives flowing from future consultations.

The love of country – patriotism – exacts from all of us the resolve to serve the fatherland by making sacrifices, including the supreme sacrifice, such as were made by our national heroes without which we would not have had independence, or even “reunification”!

May God bless our fatherland!



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Water Problems in Donga Mantung Reach Crisis Level

The Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon has raised an alarm on the water crisis in Nkambe. Donga Matung SDO, Nseke Theophile says the water problems in Nkambe has reached crisis level. Nseke Theophile who held an emergency crisis meeting with his collaborated decried that if drastic measures are not taken, the risk of cholera outbreak is high. He observed that the situation is very critical as families move over 10-20 km everyday to get water. He blamed the population for setting watersheds on fire as well as the abusive planting of eucalyptus trees in and around water catchments. It should be noted that more than 85% of all the water catchments in Donga Mantung and Bui are invaded by eucalyptus trees. Experts say a mature eucalyptus tree consumes a minimum of 400 liters of water per day. Besides, if there are still little drops of water in the town the SDO observed, it is thanks to Mangoh Jones, the mayor of Nkambe who took the challenge to  launched a fierceless war by replacing all eucalyptus in water catchments/sheds. Yet, approxiamtely half 15000 nitrogen concerntrated plants were all consumed by bushfire this year. To cut the story short, the administration of Donga Mantung warned against bushfire and that all eucalyptus in and around wtaresheds should be destroyed. Ndu town is also reported in a more critical situation. Some quarters have gone for three months without water. In Donga Mantung and Bui, indicators are rife that more than 75% of the watersheds get dry off during dry season. Some of the streams even dry off completely. It is common that children have been seen digging at the watersheds to find water.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

State Burial or Official for Hon. SN Tamfu (Tentative Funeral Program Out)

Hon. SN Tamfu
Former CPDM Member of Parliament cum Honorary Member of the Polibureau of the CPDM, Hon. SN Tamfu will be hnoured by the state of Cameroon for his contribution towards nation building, national integration and peace. Hon. Tamfu who died last week will be given a state burial in his native Taku village in Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. He was as a matter of fact, a visionary, a career politician and above all a national hero. Here below is the State Funeral program.

Hon. SN TAMFU – State Funeral Program
A – April 18, 2012:  All Night Waking in Yaoundé (Venue – tbd)
B – April 19, 2012
·       Removal of Corpse from Yaoundé Reference Hospital
·       Procession to the National Assembly
·       State Honors
·       Testimonies by Gov’t Officials – Presidency, National Assembly, Prime Ministry, CPDM Secretariat, etc.
·       Procession to EtugEbe Baptist Church
·       Sermon and Testimonies
·       Corpse leaves Yaoundé for Taku.
B – April 20, 2012
·       All Night Waking (with Body) in Taku
C – April 21, 2012
·       State Burial in Taku
·       Reception / Cultural Rites
D – April 22, 2012 to …..
·       Life celebration – Reception / Dances

By Mr. Henry Mimba Yembe,Former General Manager of Del Monte Plantation, Tiko &
Dr. Wilson Tamfu, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Buea, Cameroon.

    While there is a lot to write about S.N Tamfu, we will, for the purpose of a need for an urgent autobiography, we will state his life in these few pages. We will look at him as a selfless politician, a man of wisdom, a humble man and a family builder.
     Hon Samuel Ngeh Tamfu was born in August 1935 in Tamba, Taku village in Ndu Subdivision, Donga Mantung Division, North West Region, Cameroon, of peasant parents, namely late Tamfuh Kwi-antuh and Mama Nkosa Nkunku. They are five of them from his parents, two males and three females who are all still living. He is the third child in the family, the first being male, the second, fourth and fifth being females. Hon Tamfu attended primary education in the Cameroon Baptist Mission (CBM) schools at Taku and Ndu from 1944-1941. He passed the entrance examination to secondary school from standard five and not from standard six as was the case at that time. He did his secondary education in the Basel Mission College (BMC) Bali from 1952-1956. He graduated with a West African School Certificate. After his secondary education, he joined the United African Company (UAC) in 1957 in Bamenda and was later sent to Port Harcourt in Nigeria for a year’s training. At the completion of the training he was posted to the branch at Nkambe as Manager in 1958. He served there for one year and decided to quit and join politics in 1959. He joined the Kameroun National Congress (KNC) party in 1959 when he contested elections to the West Cameroon House of Assembly and succeeded. He served as Parliamentarian from 1959 to 1965 as a representative from Nkambe constituency. By 1965, S.N Tamfu was appointed Secretary of State for Economy and Planning in Prime Minister Jua’s government at the age of 29 years.  In 1968 he was again made Secretary of State in the Prime Minister’s office for Public Works, in Premier Muna’s Government.  He was dropped from the government in 1970. He then left Buea the capital of West Cameroon back to Nkambe town where he settled. In 1968 he went to the National Assembly at Yaounde as Parliamentarian under the CPDM Party. He was appointed a member of the Central Committee of the CPDM and also a member of the Political Bureau. He has been an outspoken politician with exceptional qualities. He occupied the post of section president of the CPDM section for many years and only handed over five years ago. He is member of the board of directors of SNH in Yaounde. He had five wives, 11 children 35 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. He retired from active politics recently and moved from Nkambe to Taku village and kept himself as a busy farmer. He however continued to attend important political meetings and rallies. During his rich political career, he helped unaccountable people not only of wimbum tribe or Donga Mantung but anybody in Cameroon who came his way and needed assistance either in kind, cash or valuable advice. He traveled widely out of Cameroon on political missions on behalf of Cameroon. The State has honored him with many decorations in recognition of his valuable and tireless contribution to the development of Cameroon. The most recent prestigious decoration being the Knight of the Cameroon Order of Valor.
   As minister in the West Cameroon Government, at his tender age, he initated the tarring of the Sabga Hill, which was the most risky road and this facilitated travel and saved many lives. Some writers of Cameroon political history omit him, but one would have a totally incomplete picture omitting him. He is known for his conviction for the creation of a Far North West Region because it will decentralize administration, and prevent our borders becoming like the Bakassi region due  to the settlers from Nigeria on them. Of course he constructed the Ako Bridge as a business contractor and this facilitated economic development in the region. He was very loyal to party leadership and government. In Donga Mantung he worked well with all the SDO’s, DOs, divisional delegates, mayors etc. His political convictions were unwavering. During the plebiscite, he voted on the side to join Nigeria. After the plebiscite, he stayed with CNU and CPDM till he departed. He is credited with the saying “What I can see sitting down, you may not see it standing on Mount Cameroon.” If you are strong, stay with the option you voted for, to join the La République du Cameroun.  He said he had no agenda apart from this. You cannot now turn around to say you took a wrong strep. Did I not warn you? Before dying he warned “Thrive with the union you have chosen.”  He bought lands and built most his houses before 1988 when he entered parliament. Most of his investments were done when he worked as business man and building contractor.
In 1988, the Party house changed the green and karki lists of the CPDM, so that two names were removed from a green list and put on the karki list and vice-versa. His list won. It was prophetic that he should return into politics at that time. He kept political secrets. He could talk intelligibly for quite long, but would never divulge sensitive political issues. He could meet the Head of State or Head of Government or ministers, but his agenda was never prematurely disclosed or disclosed for pride. He was very successful with most top government officials.
He was one of the Presidents of the Parliamentary Group, and worked in collaboration with Hon. Ndongo Essomba and Hon Ibrahim Njikoto in Parliament. In the early 1990s his timely interventions strengthened the leadership of CPDM in parliament.
He influence was so powerful that his phone calls could suddenly change a person’s destiny by giving someone an appointment. So while ill people began to feel that there will be a deep vacuum if he departs. He is no more, but he is alive through the many people he trained and helped, if they will remain as selfless and industrious as he was. We need leaders of his type.
2.      A WISE MIND
     In his later years he was more philosophical. If you heard him, you will know he acknowledges the emptiness in material pursuit. Hon Tamfu once said; “When people complain that they don't get what they deserve, they don't know how fortunate they are.” He said people actually get ruined because of certain attainments. He said, when you see a man with a very expensive car, costing about 40 times his monthly pay, do not envy him, or desire what he has, because you do not know how he got it. So do not emulate them. He was a churchman, especially in his middle age. But when this wave of democracy started, he said that the moment he enters the church some pastors start abusing politicians, so he goes home wounded rather than blessed. He found it wrong and said the church should for the right leaders, instead of condemning leaders.
    He stayed home most of the time supporting churches, missionaries, orphanages etc. At one time he made a big financial gift to a catholic hospital in Bafoussam that rescued him on a sickness on his way back from Yaounde. He prayed alone most of the time, spoke about God when he wanted. He lived as a Baptist Christian, but believed in practical doing goodl and living right. Helping the poor, making gifts, training youths in schools and other handiwork, was his strength. He did not frequent public drinking places. He had a clear goal for each day, and set out on it early enough, to be back home by 4 or 5 pm most of the time.
Hon Tamfu had a God-centered philosophy of life. He believed that if he helped many other people, his children will also receive God’s help and help from others. He constantly said he was practicing the Bible, not merely preaching it. It was a difficult philosophy, but he thrived on it. He thus sent many scholars to professional schools, contribute to the appointment of others as ministers, secretaries of state, secretary generals, directors, etc. He was a selfless politician. At a time when people were concerned to help only their sons and relatives, he constantly confessed he was a politician for everybody. He was not egoistic. It is not the length of life lived, but what we achieve with our days, that matter. He lived a fruitful life. He achieved double his years.
Most ‘big’ people stay and associate only with ‘big’ people. But S.N Tamfu loved and lived with poor, destitute and simple people in society. Many would ask him “Why don’t you get a home in Yaounde and may be a government house?”. He said that he could not stay away from his people, farms, and community. He lived in Nkambe all his life (after West Cameroon politics) and later when his health was disturbing he came down to Taku in a secluded place where one would expect a man of such caliber to find it difficult to live. That was his simplicity. He cared for old men, old women, children, and the sick and weak in society. If he heard news of death, he rushed quickly to solve problems, such as buying coffin or drinks. He did this to very many. He would often take three or more days off to Ako or Abongshie where his farms are or in secluded places and worked. He pioneered the road to the Nigerian borders through Ako and it has today become a major commercial road for big businesses. At such border lands and villages you will find him charting with young people and suffering people. He knew that nobody was totally useless so he sought every opportunity to see talents in people and develop them. If he saw an intelligent youth in a wrong location he may help to bring him or her to the city where the child can succeed. Many have this testimony.  
     As board member of SNH, the top oil company in Cameroon, he cooperated there for many years to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, the business on fuel expanding in Cameroon and the transformation of the petroleum sector, and increase in petroleum wealth in Cameroon.  He believed that education was the most essential requirement for most families, and in this direction he helped many. He believed more in human investment and the training of persons with essential skills to earn a living and help society. But he made sure no one feels mean because he or she did not get degrees or riches like others. He will tell you that whatever God ordained for you to have, nobody can stop it, and that too much materialism by individuals in a nation where many are poor is not justified.
As a polygamist, he said he did not like it, but it was an incidence of marriage difficulties that took him that far. But he insisted all his children should love one another and have no conflicts or discrimination. So the children grew up that way and you will not know who is who until you are told. Love was our principal motivation and he insisted on hard work. On long holidays before we arrive he has secretly programmed us. We will have about three weeks harvesting, tying and hanging corn. We will have about three weeks planting tress, and the rest of the time probably breaking wood. By the time we realize, summer holidays is over and well- spent and we are ready to go back to school. He said he had enough money and motivation to give each person at least a Bachelor’s Degree. The rest, the person should feign for himself. On his death bed there are still university scholars who were depending on him. It was a miracle for him to use his stipend to sponsor so many people. Many degree holders are in the family, including cousins, nephews, and family friends. He did all of this without discrimination.
Hon. Tamfuh was industrious, but a man of rest. Some mornings, until 9 am, you will see him wrapped in his blanket, awake, looking up the ceiling. He will seem to either be praying silently or meditating. He could start delegating authority from as early as 6 am. He will call the driver and send to Ako, call the bricklayer and send to the building site, call the daughter for his breakfast, call a son to iron his clothes and so forth. By 10 am, people who were looking for will start entering. At other times, by 4am, the car is steaming for a journey to Bamenda or Yaounde, mostly for business or political reasons. Before people get up from bed, he has gone. As a politician, he spoke just a lot, not because he must speak, but because he had what to say that helps people and change lives. People will come with family problems, academic problems, spiritual problems, professional problems. He will buy drinks, entertain them, and solve all the problems. He was a West Cameroon, British-trained rugged politician. Bribes did not penetrate him, but straightforward, ruthless and hard philosophy, that will cause a lazy person to run away from his environment. He was clear on the point that the anti-corruption drive should start with the leaders of the nation, and that they could come to verify his assets too. He could speak very calmly, but you will be sorry for the person on whom he landed for rebukes and correction. He will tell you point blank in clear language where you went wrong and where you got to get things right. If you had anger, you would not stay long in his environment of corrections. And it did not matter who or where. It may take another generation to get a political figure made of such steel ingredient.
He wanted everybody to be around in anything he was doing. He was a team leader, whether in family or business or politics. He mobilized people for a course with such efficiency that they could follow happily and without questioning. He did not fear how many people were in need around him.
He has been to many countries, but recently he was to the US to live with some his children who were in the US, especially Patience, Edward and Emmanuel with their families. His love for children and family was profound. While there, he confessed his sins deeply, and said he had separated himself and the family from every idol. He thus gave his life to Christ clearly during his final days, acknowledging God as creator, and Christ as the source of his forgiveness. Thus while there for about a third time, his illness aggravated and he was brought back to the reference hospital where he slept on 28 March 2012.
In the future, we will publish a greater work on his life, and launch it publicly.
May his soul rest in peace.
(Written with permission and on behalf of the Tamfu family).
Mr. Henry Mimba Yembe,
Former General Manager of Del Monte Plantation, Tiko, and Dr. Wilson Tamfu, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Buea, Cameroon.

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