Tuesday, May 29, 2012

El Hadj Baba Danpoulo, 700 others to Attend SODELCO AGM in Nkambe

El Hadj Ardo Yougouda Bouba Adamou
The National President of the Socio-Cultural Association of Breeders and Farmers commonly known has SODELCO cum Secretary General of Ardo's Union, Elhadj Ardo Yougouda Bouba Adamou has declared that some 700 delegates are expected in Nkambe for the upcoming General Assembly of the Association. According to Alhadj Yougouda Bouba, El Hadj Baba Danpoulo aka Ndawara is also expected to be part of the AGM which is aimed at restructuring the organization. Harping on the necessity of the meeting, Ardo Yougouda revealed for the first time, a delegation from Maroua will also attend the General Assembly. He also added that the new organs will be put in place for youths to get themselves involve in their activities. On the achievements of SODELCO, the National President said that the association from creation has been improving on the lives of grazers and farmers as well as those of the Mbororo and Fulanis. He cited the SODELCO Micro-credit Scheme as one of the best instrument that has changed the lives of young men and women tremendously. Accordingly, Ardo Yougouda added that through the scheme, SODELCO has been able to grant loans and credits to youths who are today drivers and tailors in big towns in the country. He also made mentioned of the fact that ever since the association was created, it has been able to encourage the development of improved pastures among grazers as well as mutual co-existence between crops and livestock farmers. As a result, SODELCO has contributed significantly in combating farmer/grazer conflict in the North West Region of Cameroon and "We are ready to share our success stories to others" reasons why a delegation of grazers and farmers is also expected to come from the Northern Region of Cameroon to learn from their model. 
Beside, it should be noted that SODELCO activities are inter-woven with those of the Ardo's Union which all seek to bring the people together. One of the greatest achievements of SODELCO that continues to attract public attention is the successful fight against cattle theft. Even though not completely eradicated, SODELCO alongside Ardo's Union has been able to empower young falanis/Mbororo as well as their parents in sustainable management of their activities for the common good of the communities where they live. In reaction to the notion of segregation and minute organizations, Alhadj Yougouda added that they are some people who have created association that do not take everyone's need and welfare on board they move out to talk on behave of others. " We do not need people to give us money on the contrary we contribute money to help promote our activities". He cited the scholarship scheme that they set up to support students. This scheme he said is leaving no stone un-turn to reach out to needy Fulani/Mbororo youths who are ready to go to school but lack finances. The Ardo's Union and SODELCO he said has fought and continues to fight against early marriages and other obnoxious practices. Gender equity he said is one of the actions they are working on to make life meaning to everyone.

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Cabinet Shake-up in Kondengui

Last Friday at about 5pm, President Biya carried out another cabinet reshuffle. Former Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization Marafa Hamidou Yaya, Former Minister of Finance Policarp Abah Abah and former General Manager of Camair, Yves Michel Fotso have been moved from the Kondengui Ministerial block to SED, at Camp Yayap. Confidential sources hinted that the move by government to transfer the three personalities out of the Kondengui Prison to SED is part of a strategy to control the numerous letters of Marafa as well as the recent tennis tournament that brings them together. More so, allegations that Abah Abah recently attempted to escape from Kondengui has also ignited government to reinforce security measures a source hinted. Yet another source hinted that in the days ahead five more Kondengui cabinet ministers will be transferred to SED where they will be kept in isolated areas. Besides, it is alleged that the decision by SDF National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi to provide his lawyers to defend Marafa in court has also contributed to the cabinet shake-up. Sources hinted that there is panic in government as Fru Ndi is determined to use Marafa Hamidou Yaya to know many things that transpired in the early 90s. However, well-placed sources linked to the SDF secretariat also hinted that Ni John Fru Ndi met with the Think Tank of the SDF to strategize on the issue. Notwithstanding, we also gathered that Marafa envoys were in Bamenda a week ago to meet Ni John Fru Ndi.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Marafa, Abah Abah, Yves Michel Moved to Ilegal Prison-SED

Sources linked to SED Yaounde have hinted that the three luxury prisoners caught in the dragnet of the sparrow hawk have been confined in a solitary confinement since last Friday in cells furnished the Secretary of State for Défense. Polycarpe Abah Abah, Marafa Hamidou Yaya and Yves Michel were finally transferred to new individual cells in the newly designed basement of the Secretariat of State for Defence, located at the lake side, opposite the Gendarmerie Legion Centre in Yaounde. This transfer was announced since May 18, 2012 yet it finally became effective last Friday May, 25 2012.  It was about 19h30mn on Friday evening that some thirty elements heavily armed and masked Special Forces (bir), an elite unit that specializes of the police that fights organized crime transported the three prisoners from Kondengui to their present cells. The leader of the troop, an officer of the Central Research judicial, plunges immediately into the office of the Superintendent with a dozen elements while others were positioned outside the penitentiary.
After a brief exchange with Medard Bomotoliga, prison guards were ordered to bring the three detainees.  Marafa and Yves Michel Fotso who were playing tennis table were approached by a prison guard who quietly told the former Adg Camair to go to the office of the Superintendent. He immediately abandoned his racket to Zogo Andela who pursued the game of ping-pong. Some time later, Marafa is in turn invited.
It is alleged that Policarp Abah Abah resisted and even requested for the mandate of their transfer. Eye witness accounts that Abah Abah even unmasked one of the police officers which almost resulted into a confrontation. There is tension in Kondengui Prison as prison guards are asking their role if prisoners are now accompanied by police.
 Reacting to the transfer of Abah Abah to SED, Me  Nouga  said "we have not had access to meet my client since Friday”. Asked whether his client could at least enjoy a visit to a close, the lawyer assumes, without being certain, we were able to bring him food by one of his captors interposed. This raises, once again, he said, the problem of security of Abah Abah to which those responsible for transmitting his food to eat do not inspire confidence. But the Lawyers of Abah Abah, Michel Fotso and Marafa say the transfer of prisoners to Sed violates several provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure. In particular article 551 which stipulate that "any person detained under a court order is held in a prison." Or a prison. According to a lawyer who preferred anonymity, "it is a place that depends on the Prison Service. For that reason alone, there is no legality in the actions of the government and especially since they were under the detention of the regime. “In this case, the Sed is not a recognized place of detention in the text and the laws in force Cameroon. Our source also states that "nothing justifies an administrative authority, may deliberately decide to transfer without specifying the location and duration.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

At 22nd Anniversary, More CPDM Militants Decamp to SDF

Hon Esther Ngala & District Chairman for Ndu leading peaceful march

DK Nfor presenting The Eye Achievement Award to SDF militants in Ndu
Decamped CPDM militanst poised with local SDF officials

Celebrations marking the 22nd anniversary of the Social Democratic Front-SDF took place nationwide today but in Ndu Sub Division of Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region of Cameroon, May 26th was incomparable with over CPDM militants crossing the carpet. While decorating the new recruits, Hon. Esther Ngala said she was happy that finally these new militants have made the right choice. Hon. Esther Ngala used the opportunity to send a warning signal to her opponents that the SDF has moved from strength to strength and is still conquering new grounds in Ndu to consolidate its achievements. “We are sure to win elections at any given moment”. More so, she told SDF militants and sympathizers that it is unwarranted that the CPDM regime wants to kill in cold blood democracy in Cameroon with poor electoral code. “You all saw how we walked out of Parliament in protest and I am happy that you all boycotted the 20th May celebrations”. On the operation sparrow hawk, Hon Esther Ngala described the CPDM as a corrupt government and added that in Cameroon today, there are two governments; one which is in prison and another one that is being stage managed by President Biya. She however added that the Kondengui government lacks only President Biya for the cabinet to be complete. “Go and tell your families that the CPDM is a very bad party and that only the SDF can effect change in Cameroon because we have good policies”.  According to Hon. Esther Ngala, the SDF is the guarantor of the peace that Cameroonians enjoy today.
On his part, former SDF Provincial Chairman Fon Martin Yembe called on Cameroonians to watch carefully the tussle between President Biya and his former ministers now arrested and detained for embezzlement. He said even though the Biya regime is claiming that they have launched a war against corruption and embezzlement, the greatest embezzlers are still roaming around the unity palace. He said if President Biya could make a u-turn to arrest someone like Marafa Hamidou Yaya who had worked for him for 19 years then there is something wrong. He said when Marafa was working for President Biya, he was able to produce election results before votes were casted and today the very Marafa now a prison has started seeing what others have gone through. He lamented that it is pathetic that Chief Inoni, former Prime Minister could be ridiculed that way. “Where are all the friends that Inoni had?”, he questioned. He said the SDF is ready to rescue CPDM militants in Ndu from being treated like Inoni, Abah Abah, Marafa etc etc…
Enter DK Nfor
According to the Mayor of Ndu, 26th May is a memorable day to be remembered because before that day, there was only one party in Cameroon. He expressed gratitude to Ni John Fru and other founding fathers of the SDF who saw the need and created the SDF. He said the party was created out of the conviction to promote socialism and welfare among citizens, a notion which was lacking before it formation in 1990. He added that even though the SDF has been advocating for a free, fair and transparent elections, the CPDM regime has continuously violated democratic principles due to the fact that during elections, some CPDM militants register and vote in more than one polling station while names of dead people still feature in the electoral registers. He also lamented that in some areas, foreigners who are not Cameroonians were allowed to register and vote. He also sounded worried when he disclosed that even some militants of the SDF has castigated the Ndu Council that they have achieved nothing during his tenure of office as the Mayor. “ I think that these sorts of comments come from hidden vicious  motives intended to tarnish my reputation. Some say that the Ndu Council Complex in which we are presently operating does not befit the status of the Ndu Council, yet it is an achievement, and nothing can prevent us from putting a storey building we prefer in the future”. DK Nfor used the opportunity to highlight his major achievements at the helm of the council. To the greatest surprise of many, he received the highest applauds for achieving much in a very short time at the helm of the council. He revealed that when North West Councils were graded, the Ndu Council came third out of the six classifications and again he received a Certificate of Excellence as the Most Improved Mayor of Donga Mantung Division from a jury of journalists through The Eye Newspaper and lastly he also received another certificate of Participation in the National Best Initiative competition. 

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2012 GCE Questions On Sale in Yaounde?

Humphrey Monono despite all odds at the GCE Board may be heading for a crash this academic year. Information reaching us from Yaounde indicates that some teachers were spotted selling GCE papers. Yet it is not clear whether it was a scam or the GCE had leaked. Newspaper reports have already started raising the alarm and the credibility of this year’s GCE examination. Notwithstanding, the state media on the other hand says all is set to ensure a hitch-free GCE examination.
However, over 142,000 candidates are expected to sit in for the 2012 Cameroon General Certificate of Education Ordinary and Advanced levels.  
With a new electronic system used in registering candidates, the registrar of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board, Humphrey Monono, accredits self that innovative electronic method of registering candidates has helped in reducing errors linked to the registration of candidates although some surprising loopholes were noticed. But he failed woefully to indicate how leakage will be checked and the fact that he has been mute on  the Yaounde scandal continue to create sensation around the country.
Good innovation but the doubts are many; what will candidates in Akwaya, Furawa, parts of Lebialem, Nguti, Tombel etc who have never been exposed to a basic hardware computer do? There are many other questions which I can not ask now…..especially internet availability in Cameroon not to talk of the band width strength.
Through the electronic registration system (E-registration), various examination centres forwarded to the Board Compact Discs (CDs) or Flash pens from which the latter downloaded the list of registered candidates. Humphrey Monono however noted that at the level of examination centres, they issued receipts of registration fees paid and the timetables for the individual candidates.
In spite of the E-registration system which was aimed to facilitate GCE registration, few hitches were still witnessed. According to the Registrar of the GCE Board some of the CDs could not be read, due to incompatibility with some machines. Another problem has to deal with the spellings of names and dates of birth. Humphrey Monono lamented “I do not know why at this point where the responsibility of candidates registration is given to the centres, these errors still occur.
When we were filling forms and scanning them, there were very many complaints. Now the complaints are still there”.
Furthermore, the fact that some schools mistakenly did not register some of their candidates also created problems in the registration procedure. These shortcomings notwithstanding, Humphrey Monono noted that they are not enough to stop the examination from taking place for the board is dabbling with such problems before examination kicks-off.
Besides E-registration the Board has the ambition to move on to online registration and online communication between candidates and the Board. Meanwhile within the Board itself many other organisational innovations are taking place.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Gerard Ngala Steals Show at Fon’s Celebration

Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala  in action "faroutage"
There was elation and seventh heavens at the Nkambe Palace Pelencia where hundreds gathered on May 19, 2012 to join HRH Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor to celebrate his lifetime achievements. The celebration which was greased by cultural displays and merrymaking also added more colours and impetus to the celebration of the National day event in Nkambe. It was an exceptional occasion for the Mbum people of Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region in Cameroon to propagate their culture and tradition. HRH Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor’s success story paints a vivid picturesque of an astute auxiliary of the administration who for 51 years has served as the auxiliary of the administration and the ruler of the Nkambe village (present Divisional Headquarters of Donga Mantung Division) yet HRH Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor has been able to keep the cultural heritage of his people intact. As an auxiliary of the administration for 51 years, the government of Cameroon all along also recognized his efforts by decorating him with five medals, a mark of recognition that calls for celebration and jubilation. Besides, HRH Fon Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor’s efforts also caught the admiration of The Eye Newspaper which earned him the prestigious award as “Citadel of Culture” in Donga Mantung Division. It was in relation to the above mentioned that hundreds gathered at the Nkambe Palace Palencia to commemorate his achievements as a ruler and an astute auxiliary of the administration.
The Nkambe Palace Palencia was on that day an arena of merrymaking giving that elite from far and near were all present. The ceremony also registered the presence of high profile personalities. Taking place under the patronage of the SDO for Donga Mantung Division (represented by 1st Assistant) the administrative showed their support for traditional rulers who have been doing marvelously well in helping government in ruling the masses. On the VIP bench was Hon. Awudu Mbaya (Member of Parliament for Nkamabe), Mangoh Jones Tanko (Mayor of Nkambe), Gerard Ngala (Business Magnet based in Douala & CPDM Parliamentary Aspirant), Barrister Yembe, Captain Chuye(NKACUDA President) and many others who were buried in the crowd.  
Elation and fanfare
Ngala Gerard is a household name in the Donga Mantung Division. The young business magnet from Tabenken who is aspiring to be Member of Parliament on the ruling CPDM party was one of those elite who stole the show at the fon’s event.
In his usual philanthropic and unique style, ‘Ta-Nformi’ Ngala Gerard ‘spoiled’ traditional dances and musicians with money as they danced at the event. As Ngala Gerard stood up for the first time to encourage Queen I, young female artist based in Yaounde. Every time he moved down greet the dance groups, the population shouted glorious chorus to the young politician who has changed the idea that politics is a game of hatred to make people understand politics is a game for development.
As if that was not enough, Ngala Gerard who was flanked by Barrister Yembe continued his gesture to every dance group that danced at the event giving each not less than FCFA 20.000. When he moved himself to join the Mfuh dance group “Ta-Nformi” Ngala Gerard danced to the rhythm. His move caught the admiration of Hon Awudu Mbaya that also moved forward to doll out cash at Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala.  Gerard Ngala also spread out cash to members of the traditional dance that is reserved for men.
Ngala Gerard’s philanthropic gestures are known by all those have heard about him, he is the lone politician in Donga Mantung who a school block has been named after him.
When GSS Binka was affected by wind, the school administration wrote several letters of appeal to elite of the division and only Ngala Gerard came to their aid with corrugated iron sheets that were used to repair to roof of some two classrooms and letter named “the Ngala Gerard Block”. Ngala Gerard after visiting his native Nkambe Central sub division realized that his people are suffering from severe water problems and solely started a bole hold project that is aimed at supplying portable water to his people. The several millions worth project which is already ongoing has been highly appreciated by his people.
Ngala Gerard is the lone politician in Nkambe Central that has visited all the primary schools of the sub division to evaluate the teaching and learning conditions of the pupils while encouraging both teachers and pupils with didactic material and cash.

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At May 20, Celebration in Donga Mantung, CPDM in Flying Colours

SDO Nzeki flanked by collaborators
law enforcement officials
Cross-section of the Fons of Nkambe central
Celebrations marking National day started in Nkambe on May 19 2012 with the return of Campfire. News reaching our desk also indicates that both elite from far and near traveled to Donga Mantung Division to be part of the celebration. Those who took the pains to travel to either Nwa, Nkambe, Ako, Misaje or Ndu to be part of the celebration went back more delighted than when they were going. Though the yearly activity has been decentralized from the Divisional Headquarters to the Subdivisions Nkambe Town still maintains the steam. The youth erected the traditional camp fire in front of the CamCCUL branch office in Nkambe and it arouse the excitement that cuts across the age difference in the community.
 Nkambe central was privilege with the Senior Divisional Officer Mr. Nzeki Theophile presiding while Ndu, Ako, Misaje, Nwa were presided over by the Divisional Officers. In Nkambe, the SDO was flanked by big elite and elected officials and Traditional Rulers. The Cameroon People’s democratic Movement (CPDM) with the new impetus put in place took centre stage in heavily mobilizing her militants and sympathizers. With no regrets what so ever that the main opposition party SDF was  visibly absent following their call for militants to boycott the march past, the CPDM party came out in flying colours given that a new breed of leadership under Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry and Shey Jones Yembe steams a lot of confidence especially in the youth.
The uncommon call by late Hon.SN Tamfu CPDM political Baobab in the Division saying militants should always exercise courage and confidence in their party activities is practically yielding fruits. The Old but wise man did embark on a political rearmament in Donga Mantung since early 90s when multiparty politics was reintroduced in Cameroon. Yet, Donga Mantung steams with a lot of hopes with leading young politicians with character and conscience. Shey Jones Yembe and Dr. Fuh Calsitus Gentry have started showing poof of their ability to lead Donga Mantung people with a lot of diligence.  Many more young and aspiring politicians are beginning to join the likes of Gerard Ngala and Alhadji Bornu Kanfon to enjoy the comfort of militating actively in the CPDM than any other party. Today the story has dramatically changed for many people in Donga Mantung do distinguish individual characteristics from the CPDM party. The coming in to play on the CPDM political scene by actors like Shey Jones, Fuh Calistus Gentry, Gerard Ngala and Alhadji Bornu Kanfon and host of others has greatly rekindled and restored the long lost confidence in the CPDM party in Donga Mantung. This was demonstrated in the last Presidential election where Donga Mantung voted massively for President Paul Biya. Talking to this reporter after the celebration, Donga Mantung SDO, Nzeki Theophile said he was happy that the celebrations took place with any hitches in the division. It should be noted that at the Nkambe Grandstand, over 25 persons were decorated. The most innovative was the Honorary Award which was handed to Comfort Musa in recognition for her international awards. SDO Nzeki Theophile said Comfort Musa is a role model and she should be encouraged. To Gerard Ngala, the absence of the SDF at march past was a non-event.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Donna Summer Laid to Rest

American female ace singer, Donna Summer Sudano who died May 17 at the age of 63 of lung cancer at her home in Florida has been laid to rest. She leaves behind a lovely husband, Bruce Sudano, three daughters and four grandchildren to mourn her. A memorial service for Donna Summer was held Wednesday at the Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tenn., where the disco icon had resided since 1995.
The service was attended by her family and close friends, including Tony Orlando, Jamal Anderson and Giorgio Moroder, her collaborator on her wildly influential and career-defining early hits "Love to Love You Baby," "I Feel Love" and "Last Dance."
David Foster performed "The Prayer" with Natalie Grant in tribute to the late singer, and her sisters, Linda Gaines Lotman, Mary Ellen Bernard, Dara Bernard and Jenette Yancey sang "We've Come This Far By Faith.

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SDF at 22:Dividends, Expectations of the SDF revolution

Felix Teche Nyamusa looking into the past for the future

  Forcefully launched 26th May 1990 despite the butchering of six militants by the Biya anti-democracy regime, the Social Democratic Front, SDF today stands at crossroads with the none-provision of a sound electoral code. She has however caused irreversible changes in Cameroon .
          Paul Biya, president of Cameroon (for over 30 years) cum the ruling CPDM party and fans argued vehemently prior the 1990s that Cameroon was not ripe for multiparty democracy. They marched on the country’s major streets denouncing plural party politics as called for by the opposition. Their absurd doctrine despite records and witnesses to the practice of multiparty by Cameroonians before and at independence in the 1960s!  However Cameroon opposition’s crusade for alteration and the strength of global pro-democracy wind of change disfavoring dictatorship triumphed and arm twisted the powers that be to accept multiparty. The dividends of plural party practice here are enormous:
          After the thorny insistent start of the SDF party by John Fru Ndi and Cameroonians thirsty for positive change, the regime yielded to multiparty practice but, in a bid to down play the importance of opposition parties, opened wide the gates for political parties’ registration. Consequently hundreds of political parties have been legalized in the country today. The registration conditions are no more as stringent as there were for the SDF.
          Following the launch of SDF and the accompany euphoria for change, the hitherto timid media landscape widened – many print and electronic media houses created – though many with substandard work tools and conditions. Civil society organizations have blossomed and continue to grow in strength and number.
          Competitive vibrant local government units or councils now exist unlike the laissez-faire that existed in the one party system .Today municipal and rural councils irrespective of political party affiliation compete in what they offer their respective constituents
          The SDF revolution pricked Cameroonians to question the depth of their freedom. Cameroonians on exile returned home and some even got involved in active politics.   
          Today we have many conventional universities unlike the prevalence of pale diploma awarding narrow content higher institutions whose qualification are not meant to be recognized beyond Cameroon .   These and more including the psyche of Cameroonians has changed significantly. This feat however was not achieved paying less than the maximum price -maiming, killing, starving etc. Informed by the seemingly unending opposition literature, the expectations of Cameroonians for good life rises by the day!
           Many were those who thought apartheid in South Africa was not to end: Mandela 27years incarceration. ANC revolution span above 100years. The Obama change came after years of civil rights struggle (especially the marginalized minorities) in the USA . Resistance in Cameroon against injustice and foreign domination predates the Balis in the North west region,the Doualas of littoral, and that of North Cameroon to mention just these few. The UPC struggle for independence prior the 1960s and of course the ongoing SDF revolution and that of other opposition parties as well as civil society organizations points to a potential freedom resolve in Cameroonians. The electoral code and constitutional change is what the SDF and goodwill Cameroonians are presently on now. Any other wrangling(s) will likely be diversion and deceit. After 22 years of struggle SDF remains resolute, with a wide gap above her adversaries, to bring real change to Cameroon . Her programs are sluggishly piecemeal adopted by the CPDM regime.
Judging from the prevailing political ambiance in the country and the globe, Cameroonians likely will not accept this snail-pace development posture of the regime in place. 

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213 Million Allegedly Embezzled at B’da City Council

The Bamenda City Council where Vincent Ndumu Nji is Government Delegate is stinking corruption. Yesterday May 16, 2012, the administrative account of the Bamenda City Council also revealed another obnoxious practice. The alleged embezzlement is a carried forward from 2010 account. Even though the Government Delegate claims that the money was poorly managed by the former treasurer. With a surplus of over 400 million FCFA carried forward to this year, observers are of the opinion that the Bamenda City Council could be entirely transformed into a prison yard. It should be noted that even the council police recruited under the present management are also too corrupt. Besides, it is even alleged that some council staff also went as far as printing market tolls. During the session, grand councilors and mayors of Bamenda I, II and III were seen with gloomy faces yet they could not express their anger. The untold that is tearing the city council apart is that recently, the government delegate and the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam traveled to Germany accompanied their wives. Councilors have been questioning why none of the mayors was part of the trip and whether the SDO could represent the people of Bamenda abroad and not the state as it is supposed to be.
 The City Council of Bamenda haven suffered many attacked from the public on the state of worsen roads and streets have procured new heavy roads equipments. Roads in the city and local councils’ municipality shall be prioritized. The revelation of the acquired equipments was made public during the 2011 management and administrative account session that held on Wednesday May 16 2012 by the Government Delegate Ndumu Vincent Nji in the presence of SDO for Mezam Mashe Njonwet Joseph Bertrand.
These equipments which according to the government Delegate would be jointly managed by both the City and the local councils to improve on the state of roads and streets in the city and environs. Roads to the Fons’ palaces haven been neglected for too long shall have a face lift. Mr. Ndumu Nji thinks that is it cheaper haven acquired new equipment that can guarantee about three years daily twelve hours work. Revenue shall be generated by letting the machines out to other users.
Mr. Ndumu Nji told senior councilors that the courts have pass a ruling in favour of the City Council on the case with Puwo Distribution Company of Guinness products. The City Council solicitor is waiting to procure a copy of that ruling to affect an auction sale on the impounded Guinness product. The councilors were wondering whether the drinks are still consumable. The Government Delegate remarked that only the bottles and crates would be sold out. As for City Council shares at Ayaba Hotel given that privatization is looming large on that parastatal, Councilors were told that it is at the level of the ministry of tourism. The minister of territorial administration had written to the minister of tourism for appropriate measures to be taken to enable Bamenda City Council recover her own shares of the hotel. The Government Delegate was authorized to acquire land for a new dump site and Ndzah village was earmarked to provide the land. Mayor Balick Awa raised a worry that most landed property owned by the city council is being encroached and some people even brandish land titles. The government Delegate was urged to use appropriate measures to secure these lands. On the whole audit report shows that some 213 million is found wanting from the coffers of the city council. This vacuum was created in the reign of the former exchequer and how to redistribute the deficit in the present budgetary head was very difficult. The SDO remarked that this type of lapses in the accounting nomenclature is a sure entry to prison if not clarified and regularized.
The SDO for Mezam did observe a serene session where the deliberation went on so maturely and smooth with many issue handled. He urged Councilors to keep up that spirit and improve on the deliberation next year if and only if they are returned as councilors. The government Delegate remarked that he shall very much make use of department of urban affairs so much so in five years Bamenda City would be very green. He further warned those claiming land that is not theirs to desist and that it is unacceptable for people to build on swampy areas. Mr. Ndumu Nji wonders aloud how come some people are depriving others from using water which is God’s free gift to mankind. Calling on the spirit of oneness the government delegate said all water catchment or sources should be protected.

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Pro Marafa Tracts Invade Yaounde while Fru Ndi Offers Lawyers

  It is alleged former Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, Marafa Hamidou Yaya, detained at the Kondegui Prison is seeking support from SDF national chairman. According to information gathered Marafa is alleged to have sent envoys to SDF Chairman, Ni Fru Ndi to help him get 'credible' Anglophone lawyers to plead his case. Ever since Marafa was taken arrested, he has been writing letters from the prison cell. Yet, in his third open letter declares his intention to run for Presidency from his prison cell. However, it is runoured that both Marafa and Inoni will e removed from the Kondengui prison and relocated them in the better controlled and even more secured military confinement area in the Camp Yeyap in Yaounde, precisely under the care of the  Gerdermerie section of the town known as SED; controlled by the Secretariat of State for Defence.
Yaoude inhabitants got up today morning to e greeted by pro-Marafa tracts requesting for his release. He case seems to becoming even a far greater national security threat issue since claiming his innocence and calling for his immediate release were seen posted in strategic corners of the economic city of Douala the day before yesterday, and then again in the capital city Yaounde same day yesterday that the move was made to transfer him and Inoni over and closer to the military surveillance zone. And despite deliberate government efforts at cover up, Garoua, the hometown of the former Secretary General and Minister of Territorial Administration (Interior) has been in one for of social agitation for his release or the other, since the day of his pre-trial detention. En route with a security agent during my return trip from a recent visit to Yaounde, this security insider confided in me that in Garoua and some many other localities in the grand north, apart from visible tracts in circulation asking threateningly for Marafa release, taxis and other mass transportation vehicles have opted on a partial boycott of government service areas in show of support for Marafa.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tension Mounts in Nkambe over Electricity Cuts

For two months, Nkambe quarter in Ngwayu has gone without electricity. According to the Nkambe collecting center Chief of AES SONEL, over 2010meters of cables fired (burnt) worth about 10million. He explained to The Eye that they in Nkambe only have power to read, distribute bills and collect money. The Ngwayu problem like any other problem, their job is to inform their hierarchy who then sent a team for examination estimate and subsequently repair. For the last problem of Ngwayu, it was alleged it only AES SONEL Baffoussam can rescue but they later shifted the responsibility to Douala that is not within their power. The worst is that the AES SONEL, did not communicate the victim of power failure as they were busy dishing out bills and collecting money where no electricity is used. Initially, the rest of the electricity users stage a peaceful match to the SDO Donga – Mantung to express their grievance. The SDO calmed them, promising to do his best for electricity to return to the quarter. After making series of unfruitful calls to electric bosses in Bamenda to come and explain to the public the problem and measures put in place the Divisional Office for Nkambe Ngangue Victor Marcel had no option than to seal their (AES SONEL) Office in Nkambe. Before the Divisional Officer Seal the office electricity users had planned to stage an indefinite strike. Prior to the Monday they planned to launch the strike, The Divisional Officer for Nkambe, members of CNYC Donga Mantung among VSG help and calmed them down. The VSG called on them to be patient as the administration taken some measures by sealing the office. Last Wednesday, the population of Nkambe gathered at the Nkambe the Fon’s palace where the AES SONEL team from Bamenda promised to come and talk to the population but unfortunately, they failed their promise. The Divisional Officer at the end of that meeting promised the population that AES SONEL office will remain sealed till the problem is solved. Electricity users of Ngwayu-Nkambe where most of the main shop, photo lab, bakeries, and Radio and TV stations are found agreed with the electricity users in the whole of the Division not to pay any bills coupled with the fact that the office was sealed. On his part, the Mayor of Nkambe council Mangoh Jones Tanko promised to hire a lawyer for the population of his Municipality to take AES SONEL to pay damages to electricity users in Nkambe. One of the electricity users in that quarter who owned a Recording Studio Franklin , expressed frustration of going back to the village. Within the period, the users were equally disgruntled with the taxation department as they were very conspicuous every day in the quarter hunting for taxes. The electricity users of that quarter decided that, they will not pay any tax not electricity bill until their damages are paid.

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Uncertainty at Nkambe Hospital as Staff Table 21 points against the Director

The administration of Nkambe last week transferred their offices to the Nkambe district hospital where workers of the hospital launched their strike action after forwarded 21 points against the Director of the hospital Dr, Joseph Wirga Kun. Their problems among others were the poor management, no incentive to staff, and brutality of the Director. They questioned the lack of payment of salary, arias for over 2 years whereas income from mortuary, CD 4count drugs donated by a politician, Ngala Gerald worth Millions. The Staff said they sign money and receive a smaller amount over laboured and very few in number. No employment and few workers receive irregular salary below labour code. In meetings, the doctor speaks alone and allows no body to talk as some assistant doctors are shut up when they want to speak in the meeting. The Econome of the district hospital with the doctor were the accused person. It is alleged that some equipments of the hospital are at large and other exchange with broken ones. Patients like care takers are cleaners of the hospital, take away drips from the body. On Tuesday, the 2nd assistant SDO of Donga Mantung Nicholas Manshang Nkongko from 9am to about 11 pm set up a committee to prop into the issue. The committee visited all the income generating sectors of the hospital, the mortuary, drugs donated by Mr Ngala Gerald for HIV/AIDS treatment centre and CD 4count machine. To the pass two years, the staff of the hospital have been on series of strike action but Dr Wirba Joseph argued that it was the 1st time. Reacting to the stalemate, the Director of the district hospital Dr. Joseph said that the main problem is the problem shortage of staff which led to double work. He however he admitted that the staff strikes action was legitimate. “I took over this hospital with close to 40 staff, but today there are less than 20”. Dr. Wirba stated. Here many argued that it was the poor management that leads to the poor staffing situation due to resignation and other actions. He equally argued that he run the hospital on Government policy called cost recovery despite all, all the services are available, Machines regularly  repaired and functional. The Dr. continued that the revenue colle3ction of the hospital raise from about 9.1 million in 2008 to about 13 million in 2011. Some at the hospital recount that 13 million is very insignificant compared to the services rendered at the hospital today to that of 2008. Clearly saying that most of the machines are privately owned by the Director and all the money into his pocket but he told the press that most of the equipment is borrowed, where, when, how, and under which conditions are the equipments borrowed and used in the government hospital, the Dr. did not tell the press. Besides the lack of Water, electricity, technicians, There are many positive changes, the potentials of this hospital is still far under estimated, and used whiled CD 4 counts here is 3000 FRS in other places is 8000 FRS Dr Wirba stated. Yet, it is alleged that at the Nkambe hospital, medical certificate that cost 900 FCFA is now issued at 7500 FCFA. That staff on the spot according to allegations collects 500 FCFA while 7000 FCFA is handed to the Director, yet staff has been going for months without salary. Sources say the Nkambe hospital has been transformed into an extraordinary affair whereby resources are pocketed.
21 points Against Director
Note should be taken that with effects from Monday 23rd of April 2012, we the staff will stop working unless a detail, written and satisfactory response is given to the following points below.
1.      On how to share quote part, revenue set aside, and drugs bonuses as well defined criteria for each staff should be spelt out by the director in line with the text.
2.      Why is quote part taking too long to be distributed?
3.      Why is it sometimes changed by the director when calculated?
4.      Quote part revenue set aside and drug bonuses should not enter the black box of performance base financing (PBF) with or without a signed contract with PBF
5.      Why are some workers employed and not paid for long?
6.      Why are they collecting less than what they sign for?
7.      Is it really impossible for the management of the hospital to recruit? Because the work load is too much for the few that are there.
8.      If it is possible then the recruited staff must be paid regularly according to the labor code.
9.      Daily working materials are grossly being absent, and a deaf ear is given to requisition. What is happening to the running credits of the state?
10.  work load is more on staff especially when the second doctor is not on seat because the director takes more time in his office for technical services (Electrocardiogram, Ultra Sound and Administration) and many emergency cases are either abandoned at our services or go elsewhere. Sadly enough, the second doctor is hushed down in general staff meetings when he raises functional problem. Why?
11.  The staff expects more empowerment and financial motivation to Unit Heads.
12.  Communication credits and means of transportation for hospital transactions should be allocated.
13.  Staff meetings are not held monthly, they are too long, the director speaks almost alone and most often no entertainment even though they are budgeted for.
14.        Consultation books, Hygiene fees, Mortuary fees, CD 4count fees, TB fees, Bed fees, Files, money collected from HIV tests and Government credits: Ultra sound and ECG. How is money generated from these sources managed when the hospital is still poorly equipped, lack of staff with poor motivation, poor Hygiene and sanitation and part of the money is not accounted for by the Econome?
15.  Cost recovery and k-value is also a source of income in the hospital. Why are some k-values transferred to cost recovery whereas most incentives come from k-values?
16.  Why is there an increase in some cost recoveries?
17.  Knowing the ECG and the ultra sound machines are owned privately, what are their percentages allocated to the hospital?
18.  How the treatment centre account is managed (the credit union Account)?

19.  Knowing that not all the drugs donated by Mr Gerard Ngala were expired, can we have inventory of the unexpired drugs and how they are managed?
20.  can a commission be set up to take an inventory of the unexpired drugs so the the public can benefit from them?
21.  We welcome PBF whole heartedly couple to the fact that our problems will be solved.
To conclude, we wish that the above mentioned problems be redressed with satisfactory answers, in order to better the working conditions of the staff and quality services rendered to the population;

Yours sincerely

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Thieves Attack GBHS Nkambe

The three Criminals posed on pic with Stolen computers donated by GBHS Ex Students in the USA
Three gangsters recently bugled  the Computer Lab of GBHS Nkambe where they almost vamoosed with twenty computers. According to information gathered, the three gangsters were arrested, detained and latter granted bail. Armand Thierry, age 26years considered as the gang leader was accompanied by two students of the French section of GBHS Nkambe. The most pathetic thing is that Armand Thierry is a worker with the Divisional Delegation of Forestry and he was the person who was earmarked to transport the computers to Yaounde where the will be sold. Police sources also hinted that the thieves revealed that they already had a potential buyer in Yaounde.  It is worth mentioning that the two students involved in the robbery has as parents, the Chief of Costume Post Nkambe and the Divisional Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife for Donga Mantung Division.
 At Press time, we gathered that the 20 Computer were returned back to the GBHS Computer Lab. The Principal however regretted that the Computer Network system was destroyed. The computers according to information gathered were donated by GBHS Ex students in the United States of America. It is not yet clear whether the night security men of GBHS were at work when the thieves attacked the school. More so, recently  thieves entered into the disciplinary office and carried away phones seized from students.Yet, these thieves were arrested, detained and later released without any proper sanctions melted on them. Besides, GBHS Nkambe is desperately in need of more teachers. Criminality according to what we gathered is on the rise in Nkambe. 

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Over 500 Nigerians Celebrates National Day in Ako

Administrative Bench in Ako
Primary school pupils marching
CPDM militants in support of the Biya Regime
Nobo David, DO for Ako
Ako Sub Division during the 20th May celebration witness an influx Nigerians for the celebration according to the security forces in Ako, Nigerians started floating the Sub Division from the 17 May. According to the records, a hand full of Nigerians have always joined their Cameroonian brothers in Ako for the celebration of the National day, but said the number this year was quite high. After the arrival of the Divisional Officer of Ako Sub Division Mr. Nobo David, activities at the grand stand commenced with the lone decoration of the Mayor for Ako council with the Cameroon National Order of Merit. The BIR lead the match past. Pupils, students of Primary Schools, and Secondary Schools both private and public matched in beautiful colours chanting patriotic songs of unity, peace, togetherness among them, ANDP, CPDM UDP Political parties also match. Equally youth groups’, associations took part in the match past like the Achaba union Ako the CPDM match past was massive. This was qualified by the Ako/Misaje MP, Hon Ntoi who later joined from Misaje. Hon Ntoi Section President said the massive participation of his party the CPDM was as a result of serious mobilization and militancy in all the villages of the Section. He however thanked all the militants who brave the bad roads to take Part in the celebration. Talking to The Eye after receiving his medal, Mayor Emimi Emmanuel thanked the Head of states for recognizing his service to the Nation. Mayor Emimi called on other Cameroonians to selflessly serve the country with all love. On his part, the Divisional Officer Mr. Nobo David of Ako clearly that massive participation of Nigerians shows how peaceful the both border country leave. He continued that the 18 villages Ako and 15 villages in Nigeria at the border speak the same language almost the same culture. He expressed satisfaction all a sundry that turn during the celebration. At the cocktail party at his residence the DO express gratitude to who work hard toward the success of the day. He reminded all in Ako Sub Division to continue to leave in peace.

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LKF Kids Camp to Hold in Cameroon

Youths enjoying Camp-fire in Nkambe on May 19,2012
Youths enjoying Camp-fire in Nkambe on May 19,2012
The coordinator of Kid’s Summer Camp who doubles as the national representative of the Lynn Kids Foundation in Cameroon, Ndi Eugene Ndi has said the Foundation will be organizing a summer camp for kids as from the 25th of June 2012 dubbed “Mr Rights Kids Camp”.
Addressing youths during the camp-fire that took place at the Nkambe old market Square on May 19, 2012 the representative of Lynn Kids Foundation in Cameroon revealed that by bringing back camp fire in the lives of youths of Donga Mantung he is setting the pace for the 2012 Kids Camp in Cameroon. It should be noted that the camp-fire and torch lighting in Nkambe which was aimed at promoting patriotism in youths was organized by the Donga Mantung Administration in collaboration the Lynn Kids Foundation Cameroon.
Even though the camp fire was opened to the general public, the most interesting thing was that 50 youth delegates representing their zones also had the opportunity to know more about the Lynn Kids Foundation and its efforts in promoting children’s rights.
Briefing journalists on the organization of the upcoming event in Nkambe that will bring together youths of the division, the coordinator said it will run from June 25-29, 2012. During the five days, Eugene told journalists that some 100 kids will be schooled on their rights and the rights and at the same time empowered on responsible citizenship. On the third and fourth day, kids will do an outreach where they will be distributing flyers carrying messages on the rights of the children to inhabitants of Nkambe town. On the last day, the kids will take part in a summer party that will end the camp.
Justifying why the camp has been code named “Mr Rights Kids Camp”, the coordinator said “it is simply because it an avenue where kids will be taught their rights as kids”. He added they want to inculcate the respect of human rights in the kids so that as they grow they will have a good knowledge of their rights and those of others. By so doing, he added society is bound to prosper.
The Lynn Kids Foundation (LKF) the national representative said is a 501 C3 (not for profit making organization) with main objective of saving and serving young people (Kids) with its headquarters in New York, United States of America as well as representation worldwide.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

 Cameroon National Day

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
May 18, 2012

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am delighted to send best wishes to the people of Cameroon as you celebrate your 40th anniversary of the Republic this May 20.

Our two countries are partnering together to address issues of democracy, good governance, and economic development. U.S. companies are investing and expanding their activities in Cameroon. I am pleased that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is assigning two Americans to work on a range of development projects, including a new $16 million Food for Education program in Cameroon’s Far North Region.

We hope to continue to work with Cameroon to consolidate democratic gains and economic growth; particularly as you embark upon municipal and legislative elections planned for 2013. We support your efforts to strengthen electoral institutions, enhance transparency and allow for contestation of results. As you celebrate your National Day, know that the United States stands with you as a partner and friend. We are committed to this relationship for a brighter future for all Cameroonians.

Source: PRN: 2012/798

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Forjindam Could Be Freed on May 30, 2012

The Public Prosecutor did not submit the reports produced by the experts of the Supreme State Control, a report allegedly done in 2006 during a control mission and handed to the Presidency of the Republic. It should be noted that it was on the bases of that report that Zacheusse Forjindam was sentenced to 12 years in prison, then those facts on appeal that had ended in March last. During the hearing yesterday, Tuesday, May 15, 2012 the Court of Appeals for the Littoral was newly formed and in his opening remarks the President said that "the composition of the Court has changed. The speed of the other part of the trial will depend on you because the debates will be repeated again and will be opened" These introductory remarks, implies that Forjindam case will take a new twist and the hearing will be expedited. The new collegiality will continue by checking if the requirements that had been made to Public Prosecutor during the last hearing have been met.
The Attorney General will show that this enforcement action has been partially fulfilled.
In accordance with the requirements made during the last hearing, the prosecution presented the report made by the experts appointed by the members of collegiality. A report in which they analyze the evidence produced by the defense. This is a set of four large documents over 1000 pages and has been delivered to each of the parties. Conversely, the Public Prosecutor did not submit the reports produced by the experts of the Supreme State Control (Consupe). A report was done in 2006 during a control mission to the CNIC and which it is claimed was destined to the head of state. Yet, that report had been requested during the hearing on March 13. A hearing at which the Court should give its verdict on the case. The judges explained that this document was important for the manifestation of truth in this trial. However, it is alleged the three experts from state control had confirmed that there was not embezzlement at Chantier Naval Yet, according to the order of dismissal and partial dismissal, the former Dg of CNIC, Zacheusse Forjindam is accused of embezzlement in co-action a total sum of 978 million FCFA. He was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment by the High Court Wouri. A decision he has appealed.

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