Monday, February 27, 2012

Northwest Mourns Dr. Omer Yembe

News that Dr. Omer Weyi Yembe has been called up by the Almighty continue to create disbelieve and chock among the (Wi) Mbum people, the entire Donga Mantung and the Anglophone communities and Cameroonians both at home and the Diasporas. Dr. Omer Yembe died on February 22, 2012 in the United States of America after a protracted illness. Dr. Omer Yembe who was born on January 29, 1939 was a very intelligent man and an educationist who left a mark of greatness in Cameroon as an educationist.
As a young man, Omer Yembe started his rise to fame when he graduated with two degrees in flying colours from the university of Ibadan-Nigeria. Upon arrival in Cameroon in 1965, he was appointed Vice Principal of Sasse College where he started as a student in 1957. He went into record as the first Cameroonian to be appointed Vice Principal of Sasse College in those days. The intelligence and the dexterousness in which he administered student caught a lot admiration. In 1967, he entered into the Public Service and when he was appointed Deputy Director of Secondary Education. He position that catapulted him to other positions such as  Principal of CCAST Bambili, Director-Delegate of ENS ANNEX Bambili, Cultural delegate for Education in West Cameroon, Provincial delegate of National Education for the South West Region and Secretary General at the National Institute of Education from 1967-1975.  The quest for more knowledge and perfection later took Dr. Omer Yembe to the United States of America where he passed four years at Columbia University. He returned home with an M.A, M.Ed and Doctorate Degree in Education. Perfected and jam-packed with more abilities, he was catapulted to the position of Director of Private Education in the Ministry of Higher Education and later appointed as Cultural Counselor in the Cameroon Embassy in London. He returned back to Cameroon and served as Lecturer at ENS Yaounde, and then Chargé d’Etudes in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. As an educationist and an exemplary one of course, his professional career as an educationist of the highest order landed him as the Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board where he left an indelible mark of greatness. He is on record for the great reforms at the GCE OARD. The MCQs has stood the test of time and it should be noted MCQ was introduced by Dr. Yembe when he was Registrar. While at the GCE Board Dr. Omer Yembe is celebrated as the great reformist, the teacher and today many a student, some of them of age could be seen along the streets in the country in disbelieve. 
Back home, Dr. Yembe was known for his generosity because he was accessible to all. He would visit every household when he comes to the village on vacation. Many youths, bread winners in many homes went school thanks to him. If the Mbum land in Donga Mantung Division is proud to have produced good teachers and journalist than any other area, it is thanks to Dr. Omer Yembe who would spare no effort to support and encourage parents to send their children to school. To cut the story short, if some of us could today sit and write, read and to have reached where I am today, the credit goes to no other one than Dr. Omer Yembe. So, Be the Will of God. And let perpetual light shine on him.

Sunday February 26th 20121:00pm -2:30pm: Reception and Visitation
2:30pm - 3:30pm: Memorial Service
West Monroe Louisiana

Friday March 9th 2012: Wake keeping in Houston Texas

Saturday March 10th 2012: Memorial Service, Houston Texas
Departure for Cameroon

Tuesday March 13th 2012: Academic Honors in Bambili Cameroon

Wednesday March 14 2012: Burial in Mbot Cameroon
Thank you

Sunday, February 26, 2012

CamCCUL, Credit Unions Crisis: Mafia Infiltration Feared as Intrigues Intensify

Following a ban on public meetings and activities of the Cameroon Credit Cooperative Union League-CAMCCUL and its affiliated credit unions by North West Governor Abakar Ahamat, it is feared that a mafia network maybe scheming to take over the management of the union. Last February 13, 2012, North West Governor said that following a decision by the Minister of Finance, Alamine Mey, all elections have been suspended nationwide till further notice. However, it should be recalled that North West Governor issued the decision suspending all public meetings and activities of CAMCCUL and affiliates on February 3, 2012 a day to the date the Bamenda Police Cooperative Credit Union-BAPCCUL had announced its elective General Assembly, February 4, 2012 at the Bamenda Congress Hall. Yet, Governor Abakar Ahamat announced that he decided to slam the ban on CAMCCUL due to some violations of the law of 1992 by officials of CAMCCUL and following complaints and security threats. He also added that the decision was taken after consulting the hierarchy.  Notwithstanding, Governor Abakar Ahamat allowed himself to be diverted from the main issue which was the manipulation of the constitution to listen to trivial issues masterminded by a group of self-centered individuals based in Bamenda town. The most pathetic thing that transpired during that meeting which some members expressed fear was that a group of people who had been feeding the administration with distorted and fake information stormed the meeting and succeeded in diverting issues. Seemingly, a mafia seems waxing behind the controversy to take over the savings of the poor. It is alleged that majority of those who have been fanning the crisis are members with delinquent loans. More so, instead of debating on the issue of the change of constitution as recommended by COBAC and OHADA LAW, the intrigues and arguments were instead centered on tribal tendencies. It was strange  when North West Governor even voiced out that he was aware that buses transported BAPCCUL members from Nkambe to Bamenda as if to say the BAPCCUL branch in Nkambe does not have members or it members based in Nkambe are not suppose to attend BAPCCUL meetings. Besides, Governor Abakar Ahamat also gave room to some overzealous members to question why CAMCCUL building was being constructed in Nkambe whereas it is the only chapter in the North West Region that had no office of its own. It was strange indeed that some members of the Credit Union even went as far as asking CamCCUL President Musa Shey Nfor to resign as if they constituted the board. However, the most intriguing thing was that out of the 20 members that spoke during the meeting at MINEPAT hall, approximately 90% of them were from Azire Credit Union.
To cut the story short, following article 9 of the OHADA Treaty once a law is adopted it is not subjected to any ratification. In the case of the 1992 which Governor Abakar Ahamat argued that it has not been impeached, it is therefore clear that the OHADA LAW on cooperatives and Credit Union must change existing policies and by laws, organize elections and put in place new officials and structures as well to suit changes. It was astonishing that some members went as far as asking the Governor to set up an ad hoc committee as if to say the present President was appointed by government.
It is obvious that there are some problems plaguing the credit union and CamCCUL such as the real estate investments which many fear with Oceanic Bank taken over in some countries by ECObank, credit unions may face liquidity problems. Besides, members are still expecting that CamCCUL officials should explain how by changing the constitution, it will reinforce its functioning. It should be noted that one of the major problems in group dynamics has been the constant changes in leadership. Many associations and cooperatives have died because once someone is empowered to a certain level, he/she is voted out and a new leader comes in without or with little knowledge on issues.
Uncertainty now looms ahead of the decision by the Minister of Finance to suspend all elections within CamCULL network. Classified sources hinted that the mafia group has no other intention than to hock-wing peoples’ savings and to auction CamCCUL to government. Even though the poor people’s bank seems to have changed its role, anyone scheming to kill the credit union movement in Cameroon for personal or selfish interest would be considered as being in a state of sin. 
Killing the Anglophone Dream
At press time, classified sources linked to the ministry of finance in Yaounde hinted that a team from that Ministry has been dispatch to Bamenda to look into the crisis in CamCCUL and its affiliates. According to the hint, the team will meet some members of the credit union as well as board members of CamCCUL. Our source further revealed that plans are underway for some people to instigate that a vote of no confidence is passed on the present leadership of CamCCUL to frustrate the move by Musa Shey Nfor to modernize the credit union movement in Cameroon. And if it happens, it is alleged that perpetual debtors of the Credit Union will scheme to the top. Being delinquent and poor managers, indicators are rife that it will mean the collapse of the credit union because it will be transformed into an extraordinary affair where members will be reduced to naught. The crisis according to what we gathered ignited not from the change of constitution which is in conformity with the COBAC law as well as the OHADA laws; it is simply that a group of people want to take the credit union hostage. And that they want to take cover behind North WEST Governor to execute their plan. At this stage, the savings of the old mothers and fathers in villages might not be secured because if you cannot manage 100 FCFA it will not be millions that you can manage.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Groundbreaking Inauguration at Bafut: Mayor Langsi Applauded

There was seventh heaven at     Nibe,Swie and Nchum in Bafut last February 17, 2011 when Langsi Abel, personally inaugurated three projects. Mayor Langsi Abel who was flanked by Bafut Council executive, councilors and the alternate Member of Parliament for Bafut/Tubah stormed the Nibe quarter to handover to the community a bridge and road leading to GSS Agyati. In an appreciative note, the senior quarter head for Nibe expressed gratitude to the Bafut council for responding to their cry. He added that Nibe people will only give their votes to someone who wants to work with them. He expressed gratitude to Bafut council for the timely intervention. To Mbah Patrick Fon, the Principal of GSS Agyati, the project will be used for the purpose it deserve giving that the bridge and the road is their future. He however noted with satisfaction the contribution and the sacrifices the mayor of Bafut has been doing to promote access to education. Like Oliver Twist the Principal said they need more facilities especially potable water, electricity and classrooms. Before cutting the ribbon, Langsi Abel told teachers, parents and students that the creation of GSS Agyati is a dream come true reasons why the council will spare no effort to ensure that the site to host the school is developed. He announced to the applause of the population that GSS Agyati has been awarded two classrooms by the council and an additional two classrooms by government.
Trumpet Blast at Swie
At Swie, Mayor Langsi Abel inaugurated the bridge linking Swie to Agyati. He said that Bafut had proposed a large piece of land at Swie to host one of the faculties of the university reasons why the council thought it necessary to construct the bridge leading to the area. Emphasizing on participatory development, Mayor Langsi Abel told the population that even though the bridge was constructed by the council, it is the property of the community.
Showers of blessing at Nchum
At about 3 pm, Mayor Langsi and his encourage stormed Nchum quarter along the Wum road. Excitement and ecstasy took the stage as the population was waiting anxiously to receive the project. The Nchum Community Action Center according to the mayor of Bafut will empower youths in various trades such as dress designing, ICTs and other activities in order to eradicate unemployment. The Nchum Community Action Center is a multi-functional structure which according to Langsi Abel will serve for various activities and feasts. He thanked the population and GP DERUDEP for their support. He applauded the community participation spirit in enshrined during the execution of the project and reiteriated that the construction project was realized to the tune of 29 million FCFA. The Bafut council contributed 2 million FCFA, the Nchum Community 3 million FCF

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nominations for “The Eye Newspaper 2011 Achievement Award” Announced

Man of the Year:
                                                                             *Fonkam Azu’u
                                                                    Chairman of ELECAM
                                                                      * Bernard Njonga
                                                                          President of ACDIC 
                                                                       * Gerard Ngala
                                                                          Politician/Business man
Politician of the Year:
·          Hon. Ayah Paul
PAP Presidential Candidate
·          John Begheni  Ndeh
Coordinator of NW CPDM
Best General Manager of State Corporation:
·          Emmanuel Oyono
GM Mateur
·          Chief Henry Njalla Quan
·          Basile Atangana Akouna
       GM CamWater
Best NGO:
·          SAILD
·          SHUMAS
·          SNV
Most DYNAMIC Traditional ruler of the Year:
·          Fon CHAFAH Isaac
 SG Cameroon Traditional Ruler’s Forum
·          Dr. Sa Majeste Kemajou Ngogang Jacob Brisco-Kumba

Donga Mantung Achievement Award
Man of the Year:
                                                                         * Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry
                                                           Secretary of state for Mines, Industries
                                                                and Technological  Development
·          HRH Prof. Jikong Stephen Yeriwa
Member of the CPDM Central Committee
Youngest Rising Politician:
·          Gerard Ngala
Parliamentary Aspirant
·          Sammy Mbgwatta
Section President Misaje
·          Ndasi Elvis
Best Divisional Officer:
·          D O for Ndu
·          D O for Nkambe 
Most Aspiring Young Politician:
·          Ekwe Ernest-YCPDM Ako
·          Alhadj ABDOU Borno-Parliamentary Aspirant-Ndu
Best political strategist:
·          Langhi DAVID-SDF
·          Sajo AMADOU-SDF
·          ADAMU Musa –CPDM
·          NGI Christopher-CPDM

Best MP:           
·          Hon. Esther Ngala-Ndu
·          Hon. GENESIS Mbukseck-Nwa
·          Hon. Awudu Mbaya-Nkambe
The Most Charismatic Politician:
·          Maah Isaac-SDF
·          Fon Martin YEMBE-SDF
·          Kwalar Emmanuel -CPDM

Best MP in Micro Project Implementation:
·          Hon. Esther Ngala
·          Hon. GENESIS Mbukseck
Best Mayor:               
·          Nkenda SIMON Sunde-Misaje Council
·          MANGOH Jones Tanko-Nkambe Council
·          NGOMFE Loma-DAVID-Nwa Council
Best Managed COUNCIL:
·          Misaje Council
·          Nwa Council
·          Ndu Council
The Most Improved Mayor:
·          D K Nfor-Ndu Council
·          EMIMI Emmanuel Ekwe-Ako Council
Woman of the Year:
·          Madame ACHIDI Achu Judith Yah Sunde-(CAMTEL NW. Donor Football Trophy, farm tools)
·          Madame NKENDA Magreta(1st Prize oil Palm Ebolowa Nat. Show)
Best Divisional Delegate:
·          Shufai NJILANGOTONG ( Del. Secondary Education)
·          Manjong SIXTUS (Del. Basic Education)
·          Bangsi John (Del. MINEPAT)
Best Security Officer:
·          Njabe-Commissioner Special Branch
·          Nsowri MICHAEL -Company Commander
Most Acclaimed Poverty Alleviation Program:
·          CDC Oil PALM Program
·          BOCOM Exploration Program
·          GP DERUDEP
All Round Best Principal:
·          Ken MARTIN (GBHS Ndu)
·          Tinku Emmanuel(GHS Tabenken)
The Most Acclaimed Principal of Technical School:
·          Njobe Clestus –GTHS Nkambe
·          Principal GTHS Nwa
Best Female Principal:          
·          Monica Nchuwa (GHS Misaje)
·          Principal GTC Sop
Best Secondary School Principal:
·          Afumbou Vincent (GSS Berabe)
·          Tarlishi Oliver( GSS Dumbu)
All Round Best Mission School:
·          PHS- Nkambe
·          JMBC- Ndu
·          St. Rita-Nkambe
The Most Aclaimed SocialCritic:
·          Dr. NICK Ngwanyam
·          Bang Bullet
·          Ndi Manjong
Best Cultural Dance Group:
·          Tounmalu of Mbot II
·          Kup of Binju
Best Traditional Folklore:
·          Dogo Dogo Elvis-Wanmabuh
·          Shey Godlove-Nwarong

Best Musician:
·          Awilo alias IPP
·          L’Enfant Noir
Best Farmer:
·          Njimptoh Florence-Binka
·          Ngeh JATO-Ako
·          Nji Samuel-Ntem

Most Dynamic bursar:
·          GSS Mborong
·          GHS Ako

 Best Newspaper Vendor

1.         Jean Paul
2.         Emma Ngwa
           Goodwill Ambassador    AWARD:
                                                                         ·Best Reader

Chairman: GWAIN Colbert Fulai
*Chifu George Ndi
*JATO Richard
*Ignatius Nji
*NDI Eugene Ndi
*Aminteh Nkemgu

Monday, February 20, 2012

President Biya’s Great Accomplishment: Mere Campaign Slogan?

We are in February 2012 and there are visibly no construction sites in view as promised by President Biya.  Whereas already in 2011 and at the end of the previous seven-year mandate, President Paul Biya announced that by January 2012 Cameroon will be transformed into a vast construction site. By December 2011, many Cameroonians bought helmets to protect themselves from any eventuality from the numerous sites that Biya announced.
Increasingly, as day passes the nuance is becoming clearer and clearer that the greater accomplishments have unfortunately not been able to overcome the everyday problems of Cameroon. In some quarters in Yaounde, accusing fingers are already pointed towards the famous Generation 2011 for trying to frustrate Biya new philosophy.
During October 09, 2011, Presidential elections while in Maroua, the regional capital of the Far North, Paul Biya declared: "I did evoke here the main lines of this new dynamic which will affect all sectors of our country and you will see, as I have already said, from January 2012, Cameroon will be a vast construction site. I count on you so that together we translated the great achievements into great accomplishments." The fact is that beyond the rhetoric and the personal commitment of the man of political renewal, everything seems to be done for the greater accomplishments. What is really happening to President Biya’s greater accomplishment policy seems to be sabotage to limit his ideology to the stage of intentions and simple a campaign slogans. It should be recalled that during the era of the great ambitions, the government news bustled ads that were carting a lot of hope.  For examples some of these great projects included: The Yassa thermal plant (project Dibamba), the construction of a dam at Lom-Pangar and the proposed hydroelectric dam Memve’ele as well as the project to build a cement factory in Limbe by South Korean investors to curb the problem of scarcity and encourage constructions. The company planned to provide among others quality cement across the country at a most affordable price which would have to achieve at a lower cost. On the other hand, the development of social housing to improve the well-being of Cameroonians was also top on President Biya new political concept. Socially, in collaboration with the Chinese President Biya’s great accomplishment had proposed to build 1500 housing of a modest standing in Cameroon. These houses would be placed for sale primarily and secondarily for leasing and rent. Another proposal was for the creation of vocational training centers with South Korea, to increase employment opportunities within and outside the country for youths in order to curb unemployment rate.
But nothing seems to ooze out as if something is wrong somewhere with the government machinery.  Moreover, an inexplicable inertia remains. And why? Would it be a clear desire of some, lurking in the shadows of the system they belong, to pull the chestnuts in time of a fire why we patiently wait to see Great Accomplishment making its presence? According to the view of some political scientists like Dr. Eric Mathias OWONA Nguini, Lecturer at the University of Yaounde II-Soa, what is happening is that the mechanics of a system in which the central leader is the President of the Republic has worn off.
It therefore implies that the fact that President Biya has been in power for a very long time, anything he said should not be taken for a gospel truth. With a chilling machinery and pressure of internal wrangling of corrupt officials, decisions and commitments are not too easily managed. This means that all instructions that the President dishes out are not unfortunately implemented regardless of the expectations of many people.
Some recent sensational resignations attest. At least, having amassed wealth for themselves, the ambitious-chicks do not fear the claws of the sparrow hawk who would not hesitate to smell their ingratitude and disloyalty to the Biya regime.
In Ebolowa during the National Pastoral show, President Biya announced "the new agricultural policy of Cameroon within six months." But it is regrettable that one year later, these requirements of the highest authority of the state have not been applied and hundreds of tractors were abandoned in the rain and sun , site of the industrial complex of Ebolowa. In addition, all projects announced by the Head of State during the agropastoral, namely the agricultural bank, fertilizer unit, farm finance, land reform etc.. have not been possible and have all tend to be pious promises, simple campaign slogans.
Increasingly, it makes clear that the great ambitions have unfortunately not been able to overcome the everyday problems of Cameroon. And it would not be an exaggeration if one concludes that the great accomplishments will never solve the main problems that plague our society? God Bless Cameroon!!

Journalist, Choves Loh Takes Medics to the Elderly

The National Vice President of the Cameroon Association of English-Speaking Journalists-CAMASEJ has been applauded for initiating a life changing medical program for the elderly people of Boyo and Bui Divisions in the North West Region. Choves Loh who doubles as the Regional Chief of Cameroon Tribune in the North West Region has demonstrated that a journalist can contribute to the welfare of his people by doing extraordinary things in a very common way. Taking into consideration all health challenges faced by elderly persons in rural area, Choves Loh recently initiated a health program that seeks to establish a society that is completely free of diabetes and high blood pressure.
The team of medics consulted and treated anybody especially the elderly. The presence of a team of 16 medical Doctors at Akeh village in Boyo last weekend through Choves Loh’s effort continue to attract a lot of admiration from the local population who now look at him as a messiah. One of the beneficiaries told this reporter that “no government minister, Member of Parliament or Mayor has ever thought of us like this” yet they come to them for votes every time elections are announced. Supported in the project by the Mbingo Baptist Hospital, the campaign has reached to over a thousand people who were treated. Expectations are very high as the program will go a long way to improve on the living standards of the rural poor especially at this point in time that everyone is preparing for the planting season. Some of the patients came as far as Mbessa, Ajung, Achain, Konene, Ngai, Din and Oku. The population that trooped to Akeh to receive medical attention were mostly farmers who could not even afford to pay consultation booklets. Yet, Choves Loh went as far buying medical booklets for those who could not afford. Addressing the population during the occasion, Choves Loh said that as journalist one of his childhood dreams has been to foster development efforts in his community. He express gratitude to God for making the vision come true and added that as a journalist he can also do something meaningful to his community. Choves Loh who was flanked by the wife in this laudable initiative has gone into record for his contributions towards sustainable development in Boyo. Choves says while in some localities of the North West some people hard the luck that they came and met development, in his Akeh village, they are struggling to foster development initiatives. It should be noted that every year, he donates books and other didactic materials to the needy in Akeh. This scholarship program, it is aired has contributed enormously in alleviating the plight of many parents and has also made it impact in building the weak human resource base of the village.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bamenda City Council: The Most Corrupt?

Vincent Nji Ndumu: Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council
Thomas Hobbes, the 17th Century English philosopher in his classical work “Lorianthan” wrote that if personal interest goes above general interest, there is bound to be hatred and victimization. In such a situation Hobbes wrote that “where everyone is enemy to every person, there is no place for growth because the fruit thereof is uncertain and consequently no culture of the earth, no room for changes, nastiness and worst of all, fear, poverty, character assassination and terror”. Hobbes who at the time of the writing was against the notion of absolute power vested in one individual believed that self-centeredness makes man morally corrupt.
And that once society gets to that state of nature, it is the responsibility of the state to intervene to curb those salvage instincts in order to prevent self-centered individuals from chaotic behaviors and a war of all against all. I do not know whether the emergence of the “Mankon Nationhood Restoration Movement” in Bamenda and appointment of Vincent Nji Ndumu as Government Delegate has transformed Bamenda into a “State of nature” or a perfect Hobbesian state of nature. However, it is probably the closest description to it that exists in Cameroon.
When Vincent Nji Ndumu was appointed Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council those who saw tomorrow were very skeptical about the future of the city of versions. Upon his arrival, he discarded the newly constructed City Council Chamber at Mulang and described it as “out of standards”. Vincent Nji Ndumu further said the fact that Mulang quarter hasn’t telephone lines, water and a good road, will remain where it is until a befitting structure is put in place. Tazong Abel Ndeh’s detractors jumped and shouted halleluiahs. But for over two years or so, since that declaration was made, the Bamenda City Council has been unable to renovate the dilapidated Council Rest House which has been transformed into a timber sales depot and worst of all; the Government Delegate has been unable to construct a befitting Council Chamber to host his services.
The question is, if it is not the City Council to develop the present site at Mulang, who is going to do it? “Politics is just a show business for good-looking people,” as Jay Leno once said. Or was it Jean-Paul Sartre? Whoever it was, Bamenda’s supremely self-assured chattering classes are sure to know.
Leadership is an art and a science. It is an art because it continually evolves, changes form, and requires creativity. It is a science because there are certain essential principles and techniques required. A good leader knows when it is time to change shape because they are highly attentive to those around them. Coming from a position of strength, a great leader takes risk by freeing up the creative genius in his/her followers to build their capability and multiply the talents thereof for better results. This leads to community development and greatness. By powerfully communicating a vision that animates, motivates, and inspires growth, a great leader is able to transform his or her surrounding. And to cut the story short, a good leader needs to understand that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Presently, indicators are rife that if Government Delegates were elected, things might have been different for Bamenda. Upon arrival at the Bamenda City Council as Government Delegate, Vincent Nji Ndumu foxed out a program to dislodge all the containers in the city. The initiative received a lot of applauds as he suddenly embarked on the construction of market sheds around the Mankon Municipal Stadium.
However, those who took the pains to attend the 3rd extraordinary session of the Bamenda City Council last December 6, 2011 deciphered the obnoxious act that surrounded the distribution of sheds. Whether it is ignorance or incapability, the truth is that members of the city board were at each others throat. It was as if the council has been transformed into a business entity whereby the population will have to pay the price. The Government Delegate who had vested on himself absolute powers to decide on the modalities of distribution was mute and dumped when he was asked to give an explanation on the amount that was paid into a certain account as rents for sheds. And that council revenue is henceforth collected in advance makes Bamenda a perfect Hobbesian city. If not of the SDO for Mezam who rejected the proposed draft because it did not march with council systems, the Bamenda City Council would have been transformed into a business unit. Yet, it is aired that Grand Councilors who earlier voted this draft had been playing the game of the mastiff with the Government Delegate to the detriment of the population with behind the curtain tips.  
Vincent Nji Ndumu confirmed it himself when he asked the councilors whether the sitting allowances they sign is all they get from the council meaning a lot of “ chopping arrangements” happens behind the scene.
However, an atmosphere of uncertainty now reins in Bamenda, following a decision by the City Council Board to suspend the distribution of the said market sheds. Nevertheless, during it budgetary session, the SDO for Mezam described the decision by the Government Delegate to hire council sheds to the population at 750.000 FCFA (advanced payment) as not within the law and added that he rejected the draft because a city council should not be managed as if it were a store. He also accused the city board members for not protecting the interest of the population who voted them. To put things straight, City Board members raised a motion that the over 200.000.000 FCFA already paid into the council account and yet to be accounted for should be refunded. As the news spread in the town, those who were selected and had paid the money are said to have rejected the decision of the council. Some are threatening to go down to the street if they are deprived of their sheds while another group who had earlier paid 250.000 FCFA each into the council coffers in the year 2000, are also raising hell. They are questioning whether administration does not continue with the present Government Delegate or he has transformed the council into a private entity. One of the traders told this reporter that if by March 25th, the money they paid for sheds in the year 2000 is not also refunded; they will have to stage a sit-down strike at the council yard or march on foot to Yaounde.
Of “too corrupt Council Police” & workers
Allegations and reports from the city council also indicate that the Bamenda City Council could be transformed into a prison yard because it smells corruption. The council police are reported to be “too corrupt” as indicated in the last council session by Vincent Nji Ndumu. It is even alleged that some of the councilors and staff took the sheds and were giving them out to traders at 2 million FCFA. Besides, allegations that some council police and staff will be sacked because of their corrupt nature seem to hit the rock as seemingly no one is free. Besides, it is alleged some council staff had gone as far as printing market tolls.

Abdou Borno Kamfon Declares Candidature for 2012 Parliamentary

Alhadj Abdou Borno: Looking to the Sky as the limit
The President of the Youth Wing of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement for Donga Mantung I cum Islamic Education Secretary for Northwest Region, Alhaj Abdou Borno Kamfon has declared his candidature for the 2012 Parliamentary Elections.  In a letter to the CPDM Section in Ndu, he declared his intentions. Talking to this reporter in Bamenda he declared that "We have in our hands the power and obligation - never given to any other generation at any other time in human history - to aspire for elective positions inorder to make our contributions toward nation building”.
Accordingly, Ahadj Abdou Borno Kamfon said he is politically mature enough to take up leadership positions to makes his contribution towards nation building. Notwithstanding his youthfulness, he says he is of the school of Hon. Tamfu Simon Ngeh, Shey Jones, Ngafeeson Emmanuel which has jam-packed him with a lot of knowledge and experiences practice clean and development politics. As a youth “I am saying that our own tomorrow is now” he told this reporter. To Alhadj Abdou Borno Kamfom those who were elected to represent Ndu in the council and Parliament have shown a very bad example because they have never represented the interest of the people. Alhadj is quite optimistic that this generation has the ability and the qualities to change Donga Mantung Division and contribute towards nation building. “As a youth I am telling other youths that politics is not reserve for a particular group of people because in the past people use to think that politics is reserved for old people. But things have changed and now it is time for our generation to enter into productive politics. A brand that enlaces lobbying skills and development initiatives” he added.
On his candidature for the upcoming Parliamentary elections, he said that it is his legitimate right to aspire and compete for any position.  “I also think I am mature enough to make my contribution towards nation building and that it is my legitimate right to aspire”. Harping on why he has decided to declare his candidature, Ahadj Borno observed that “Our present MPs have shown their limits in lobbying for development projects and I am telling the people of Ndu that we have gone past the era that a sub division like Ndu would be developed with a bundle of zinc and few bags of cement. We need people who can lobby for development projects, open doors in Yaounde and act as catalysts of development”.
On his political ability and maturity, Alhadj Borno said he submitted a letter informing his party his political intentions. It should be noted that Alhadj Borno started his political career as President Biya Youth branch President in Tabenken village and his successes catapulted him to the position of Section Secretary for Donga Mantung I CPDM-Nkambe. After spending over 16 years in politics which makes him mature enough to handle any elective position, his success in politics could be stressed as far as the days he organized a football competitions in Tabenken. Bringing youths together has been one of the secrets behind his rise to stardom in the field of politics as he later moved his mobilizing spirit to Nkambe where he sponsored football competitions from his meager salary of a teacher and then Ndu where he recently donated a football trophy to the tune of 500.000 FCFA. He also sponsored the Youth Forum in Ndu which brought together over 3000 youths and during that occasion; he supported 80 orphans through his small foundation in order to eradicate idleness which he said could easily lead to delinquency. An action which those in position of leadership in Ndu  have refused to do because they want youths to remind idle so that they could easily manipulate them with few bank notes to vote them. Accordingly, he said all his life, he has been working for the interest of the youths reasons why he sees himself as mature enough to serve the population. However, he also observed that Member of Parliaments should be people who could lobby for development projects for the poor. “I have seen that our MPs are not up to the task of carrying out such a duty because they wait of micro project money which is very insignificant”.
 “I am just telling them to give way for the youths to build this nation for future generations because they have all off-lifted their usefulness in Donga Mantung Division because if you are old and cannot do any thing, you should retire” he hammered home to the old politicians who have clinked to power making it very difficult for youths to excel. What however makes Borno different from other politicians is that he is down to earth, available and a development luminary which contrast with the practices of the elitist politicians who always place their interest ahead of general interest. From all indications, Ahadj Borno would likely be good pair with Ngala Gerard who youths have declared their choice for Parliament. These two are likely to defeat the notion that even a dog dressed in the SDF outfit and presented to the public as Parliamentary aspirant would win any elections in the Nkambe /Ndu constituency. Things have changed and the population seemingly has come to understand that politics is about development and not political parties but the ability choose the right persons who can  do better things that could better-off the lives of the population. As Alhadj Borno puts it “Time has come for people to invest their votes where they can benefit from development projects” and not where after elections the elected official pass time fighting among themselves.
Alhadj Abdou Borno won the admiration of youths in Ndu to support President not just through speeches and promises but through the ABARAKAT Foundation where he is the Chief Executive Officer. “There is nothing remarkable about politics if it is not for the welfare of the people”. Even though at a certain point in time people do make mistakes and every period of history, what is unusual about today’s CPDM in Ndu and Nkambe is that youths have understood the meaning of politics from what is happening around them. In any other party and in any other area, an individual may occasionally rise to the top in spite of being an ignoramus. In today’s Ndu and Nkambe Alhadj Borno says ‘in spite of’ is not the phrase needed.
Man of Results
Until a politician is committed to development, there is uncertainty for the future of man, he observed. Concerning all acts of initiatives, there is one elementary truth that ignorance and poor lobbying skills kill countless ideas and infinite plans. Alhadj Borno has been preaching and sensitizing youths that definite commitments occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.
He started developing the preliminary symptoms as a political marshal in 2003 when he sponsored a football trophy in Tabenken worth 100.000 FCFA. In 2004, he donated another football trophy in Nkambe to the tune of 100.000 FCFA. In 2005, he also organized a draft competition and disbursed 50.000 FCFA to the finalists. And in 2010, he donated a football trophy in Ndu to the tune of 500.000 FCFA. He later organized a marathon in Ndu to prepare athletes of Donga Mantung Division for the Mount CameroonRace of Hope”. He was so impressed by the performance by the athletes to the point that he decided to carryout a fundraising that generated over 300.000 FCFA. The results were encouraging because Donga Mantung athletes triumph at the race.   
These results marked the beginning of a contract of engagement between the youths of Donga Mantung Division, President Biya, the CPDM and Alhadj Abdou Borno Kamfon. Besides, Abdou Borno also supported Nkambe FC with over 150.000 FCFA to participate in the Mini Interpol in Bamenda. When he donated a trophy in Ndu, during the tournament, he distributed sets of jerseys to football teams in almost all villages. The ABARAKAT Foundation had sponsored the Ndu Youth Forum. During the forum underprivileged youths received support to set up self-employment workshops.
Who is Alhadj Abdou Borno Kamfon
He is Islamic Education Secretary for the Northwest Region, a position he was elected to head since 2003.  He is being celebrated in the Northwest for producing very convincing results because he created and regularized 90 Islamic Primary Schools and 06 secondary schools. As a pragmatic administrator, Alhdj Borno also ensured that he moved the Islamic Education from mediocrity to standard. Furthermore he received and paid out regularly over 900 million FCFA of state subvention to school. He lobbied and got an additional 141 million FCFA subvention from government that enabled him to pay salary arrears to over 400 teachers.
On infrastructure development, he has succeeded in constructing 20 classrooms in the Northwest Region with funds from HIPC. He also lobbied and obtained the construction of 02 classrooms from the United Nations and 02 classrooms with funding from the European Union. He also sort out support from local NGOs, and this partnership resulted to the construction of 04 classrooms by Plan Cameroon and 18 classrooms by SHUMAS through it Schools for Africa Program. In his capacity as Islamic Secretary, he has been in constant touch with the Islamic community; this could be seen through the free distribution of Qurans to schools, mosques and groups in the region. As a dynamic leader, he introduced with the assistance of the Catholic Relief Service, a program known as FACT II which was geared towards the fight against corruption in schools. He is married and a father of six children.
Considering the achievements he has made there is no doubt that he is likely to be a very competent MP if voted into Parliament.

Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Gerard Ngala Catapulted

There was elation and euphoria at the Nkambe Community in Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest Region where Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development and Gerard Ngala, a business magnet based in Douala were coroneted with the prestigious “DOMAJ 2011 Achievement Awards” by Donga Mantung Association of Journalists-DOMAJ. The colourful historic event that took place under the auspices of the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division on Saturday January 27, 2012 also registered the presence of 106 fons of Donga Mantung Division. For doing extraordinary things in an ordinary manner, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry as well as Gerard Ngala, according to DOMAJ jury members were role models in the spheres of politics, sustainable development and philanthropy to the point that their savoir-faire ignited a change in mentality in Donga Mantung Division. Accordingly, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry was voted “Donga Mantung Man of the Year” while Gerard Ngala was also voted “Donga Mantung All Round Best Rising politician”. The Donga Mantung Achievement Award it should be noted was only given to two individuals who have proven beyond reasonable doubts their commitments to serve others, promote sustainable development and reorienting youths into politics. It should be noted that Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry won public admiration in the areas of politics, sustainable development and philanthropy. As a matter of fact, through his scholarship fund, African Model village program to renovate palaces and his level-headedness in politics placed him on the pedals of appreciation.
On the other hand, Gerard Ngala in 2011, became the Obama of Donga Mantung Division due to the dexterity he addresses burning issues. He introduced a new style of politics and was able to combine business, development, philanthropy and politics in one basket. He moved out of the madding crowd to not only preach politics of development but did it through practical demonstrations. Donated support to schools, support construction of community buildings, water schemes, roads and above all gave youths the aspiration to take part in decisions.
To Sammy Mbgatta CPDM Section President Donga Mantung IV, Dr. Fuh Calistus is a model. On the other hand HRH Fon Benchep Nfor of Binka describes him as “the most practical man of all men in action” while Dr. Ndam says “the choice was factual”. On his part Alhadj Borno Kamfon described Gerard Ngala as a “politician with conscience and character”. To Barrister Yembe, “Gerard Ngala and Dr. Fuh Calistus make up the breed of new politicians that Donga Mantung people should be proud of”. In his words, Shufai Njilangotong (Njila Isaiah Tata) cum Divisional Delegate for Secondary Education for Donga Mantung Division praised DOMAJ efforts in stimulating hard work. Njila Isaiah Tata it should be noted was voted the All Round Best High School Principal in 2009 when he was principal of GBHS Nkambe by DOMAJ. Gemandze John opined that “if Dr. Calistus continues this way, his actions will go a long way to solve the vexing political development issues in the Division”. He added that Dr. Calistus as well as Gerard Ngala all deserve a stimulant to do more for the people and that the award was timely because “they deserve that recognition. “ I am happy this recognition is coming from journalists” says Tangong Oliver.