Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dr. Fuh Calistus Vows to Rescue Ndu, Nkambe from Opposition

The 27th anniversary of the CPDM was celebrated in Misaje with over 3000 people in attendance.  At about 3 pm, the Misaje Market Square where the celebration took place was jammed to capacity. There was jubilation and fanfare when Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development showed up at the ceremonial ground.
Welcoming militants and sympathizers, Donga Mantung IV Section President, Sammy Mbgatta announced that the party was growing stronger and stronger in Misaje. Contrary to rumours, he told militants that the party is waxing strong and reiterated that “there is no trouble in Misaje CPDM”. He also used the opportunity to frown at propagators of clannish politics which helps to tear people apart and not unite them. “My strongest fight is to win in both the council and legislative, I do not care who is the MP or the mayor”. He called on the population to be vigilant not to fall prey to political pretenders who are hungry looking and need something for their stomachs.   
Enters Dr. Fuh Calistus
Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development has urged the people of Misaje to show substantiation of loyalty to the CPDM and President Biya by registering massively when registration kick-starts. He said that far from what prophets of doom have been saying, the CPDM he told the population is reaffirming its vocation as a rally party which is open to modernity. He emphasized that the CPDM is bent on consolidating democracy in the country, with the main ambition of ensuring their individual and collective well-being. This, he said could be seen through numerous development projects Ako/ Misaje has benefited. “Power” he said “should be used in signing projects that will change lives and not by raising the hand in the air”.  To confirm this, Dr. Fuh Calistus unveiled that Prime Minister Philemon Yang has signed for the opening of the road linking Noni to Misaje through Kamala hill which will be extended to the Nigerian border passing through Sabongida. He also made mentioned of the road Kidoun- Akweto, Kanchi-Bem and Dumbu-Mayokila which will be constructed.
On the political anarchy in Donga Mantung Division, he told the people of Misaje that he will not allow Nkambe and Ndu to sink because even the Bible teaches us that “the devils comes only to deceive” and when he announced that he would not allow Donga Mantung to any opposition, some politicians got fever. “Some went as far as insulting me and calling me names, but I have vowed and I stand to rescue Nkambe and Ndu”.  He challenged those of the opposition who pass time criticizing to show proof of their capability because before he became MP, he had financed more than three water schemes “I sponsored the Chunghe, Kamane and Dumbu water schemes, let anyone who wants to be the mayor or MP here show you what he/she can do. I know that MPs of the opposition usually kneel in front of Ministers in Yaounde to beg for projects. For example Nkambe and Ndu have the lowest Public Investment Budget-BIP this year” he added. He asked the population whether they would like be where the power to sign projects is or where they will have to kneel in front of Ministers to beg for projects. The upcoming elections according to Dr. Fuh Calistus is a referendum for the people to decide whether to stay where there is real power or join the bandwagon of beggars.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hon. SN Tamfu is Dead, Donga Mantung in Tears

Hon SN Tamfu the true born soldier/ hero
Hon. Samuel Ngeh Tamfu one of the most cherished Anglophone career politician is no more. Former CPDM MP for Nkambe and Politburo member passed died at the Yaounde Reference Hospital last, March 28, 2012. News of his passing away has set many wondering whether his vision of the Far North West Region will not disappear as well. Those who looked to him as a role model say he was  " great leader whose dream to foster development efforts and advocate for a one and indivisible Cameroon will continue to inspire many youths”. A school of thought holds that Hon. Tamfu's greatness as a  politician could be seen through the lense of the ruling CPDM when 1996, he used the standing orders of the National Assembly to rescue the Biya Regime from collapsing. To a majority of the people of Donga Mantung Division and Northwest Region at large, Hon. Tamfu savoir faire in politics commands a lot of respect. To this historians hold that History cannot be largely explained without his name being mentioned. Hon. SN Tamfu was highly an influential individual who, due to his personal charisma, intelligence and wisdom, he utilized his position in a way that created a decisive historical impact every now and then he took to the rostrum to talk on burning issues. When Carlyle commented that "The history of the world is but the biography of great men", he was talking of the likes of Hon. SN Tamfu. Many CPDM militants are of the opinion that his demise will leave a vacuum in the Northwest Region. Sources say all his set for Hon. TAMFU to be given a befitting burial as committees have been set up in Yaounde to plan for his burial on April 28, 2012 at Taku. while speculations are rife at that he may be honoured with a state burial, another school holds that Hon. Tamfu will be given an official and not a state burial. It should be noted that as Donga Mantung political encyclopedia, he advocated for the creation of the Far Northwest Region until the last moment of life. To Hon. Tamfu, creating the Far North West Region will bring meaningful development and disenclave Donga Mantung and Bui divisions respectively. As a member of the political bureau of the CPDM, Hon. Tamfu is accredited for making Rt. Hon. Prime Minister. As a politician, he had always stood against those who transform the state treasury into a private entity. (Up next: His life, achievements and political career)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fon Susan Hands Tons of Books to Improve NW Basic Education Sector

Tons of volumes of books were recently handed to some Inspectors of Basic Education in the North West Region. Before handing the books to beneficiaries, North West Regional Delegate for Basic Education warned that any mismanagement will not be tolerated. She expressed thanks and appreciations to the Minister of Basic Education for the timely support. The books she said will reinforce school libraries in the region.
It should be recalled that the distribution exercise took place at the regional delegation in Bamenda where stakeholders were also empowered on data collection. During the seminar on data collection, Fon Susan told participants that workshop is part of a national strategy to procure data that match field realities. Since at the back of almost every anecdote is the indispensable weight of not only a person of integrity, but also the good fortune of finding an excellent educationist who love to redress situations for a better future. At this point in time that the world population has crossed 7 billion, competition for the best educational provisions and resources will increase, especially for basic education reasons why North West Regional Delegate for Basic Education Madame Fon Susan says this exercise will go a long way to provide realistic data in the region. In a way that enrollment of each school is known so much so that in case of need assessment and action, the impact will be felt by both the pupils and teachers. According to Fon Susan, poor data especially in rural areas gives room poor diagnostic and as a result, there is a risk of education improving in cities and the education gap between rural and urban areas widening further. Accordingly, Fon Susan said the seminar will go a long way to eradicate fake statistics particularly in mission schools.
However, breaking barriers and improving access to basic education is certainly why education is worthwhile.

You have 5-6 Months to Leave the Council-Hon. Awudu Tells Mangoh

Mangoh Jones Tanko with sach round the waist
No incident has ever confirmed the popular saying by Thomas Sowel in which he stated that “There is nothing so bad that politics cannot make it worse”. The political skirmishes within the SDF in Nkambe between Hon. Awudu Mbaya, MP and Mangoh Jones Tanko, the mayor, both self-proclaimed political kings have resurfaced again. Like in 2007, sources say negotiations and maneuvers are underway to outsmart Mangoh Jones from the position of mayor. Like volcano, whether it is ignorance, lack of intelligence or incapability, Hon. Awudu Mbaya exploded during a Press briefing in Nkambe telling Mangoh Jones Tanko that he has only 5-6 months at the helm of the council. The cracks and internal wrangling in the SDF party is again paving way for observers to notice that the two self-proclaimed political giants never had any genuine reconciliation.  It was during that Press Conference that Hon. Awudu Mbaya who reminiscent of a political king and political teacher told Mangoh JONES Tanko in his face that he has only 5 to six months to quit the council. In short, Hon. Awudu was clear that Mangoh should forget about the 2007 smartness and start arranging his items to quit the council. Those who took the pains to be part of that controversial Press briefing went home more confused than when they were going. Hon. Awudu said that the population and especially administrators hate Mangoh because he doesn’t give in.
Hear him, “Mangoh should be warned if you continue to give money, Epervier is outside. You should be warned that the prison yard will be your place. You should be warned that CONAC is outside. If other Mayors carry money to give them, Mangoh you have four, five, six months to go don’t use the people’s money to give to administrators.  Tomorrow they will go and your people will remain in poverty. I have said it” Hon Awudu Concluded. In fact political analysts are of the opinion that what was never said in speeches and in songs was said in public to the admiration of the mayor of Nkambe who had declared that he will seek re-election as mayor. No doubt, there is tension in the air as the unexpected has resurfaced between two political friends. What is however pathetic is that even though Hon. Awudu told Mangoh that he will quit the council, he (Hon. Awudu) for the first time in the history of his political career declared his candidature for the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

Moghamo Express Emerges Best of Best at CPI Annual Award

The CEO of Moghamo Express, a travel Agency based in Bamenda has received an award as the Best Travel Agency for providing the most appropriate services in the sector. While receiving the award from Cameroon Post International, the CEO of Moghamo Express  Doh Wilfred aka Chief said he was delighted people have been watching at contribution towards nation building. He said the award he received at the Catholic Hall is dedicated to the costumers of Moghamo Express and staff because without them he would have not achieved anything. Doh Wilfred also expressed gratitude to the Publisher/Editor of Cameroon Post International for doing great things that stimulate growth in society. To, the CEO of Moghamo Express the award is an added impetus that will motivate him to even do more because people are watching at him. Moghamo Express it should be noted is one of the rare travel agencies in Cameroon that has demystified the huddles of people moving to rural areas. For the past years, the company has specialized in interurban and rural transport linking cities and villages. In record time, Moghamo Express has defied bad roads to move into areas like Ngie, Oshie, Widikum, Njikwa. In these areas, the company is known as the all time life saver because it keeps in touch with the grassroots. Conquering challenges in rural areas is not a giving, yet Moghamo Express has created an unbeaten record in the transport sector as the king of the road. Coming at a point in time that the company has just acquired some new high class luxury buses (70 seaters), public opinion holds that the choice of Moghamo Express was not a blot of luck but well deserved recognition

Tubah Council, Under Sofa Stanislaus Meji Acclaimed at CPI Award

Sofa Stanislaus looking to sky as the limit
The mayor of Tubah Council is not a man to pigeon-hole with when it comes to development. While the population is counting blessings of several developmental projects realized by the council under Mayor Meji Stanislaus Sofa, Council staff and workers hailed him for the constant salary pay out promising to be assiduous in their work. All these praises were corroborated by Cameroon Post International in its Annual Award for Excellence. Mayor Sofa as an exemplary icon in the 86 year history of Tubah Council received another acolyte for transforming lives in Tubah. Mayor Sofa has done a lot in Tubah that caught the admiration of Cameroon Post International especially when it comes to the fight against poverty.
Since behind every great man is a great woman, Mayor Sofa’s family is part of the many successes recorded at the level of the council. The Tubah council created since 1926 has been and shall continue to be on the move despite some black legs. But with Mayor Sofa at the helm, the Tubah Council distinguished itself as driving force in fostering development through numerous projects such as the construction of water points, community halls, and supply of materials to health centers as well as support to the needy. Mayor in 2010 and 2011 received two awards of excellence respectively as precursors of credit for a job well-done.
Under Sofa, revenue collection increased not because he was harsh in the tax drive but simply because the taxpayers were happy to happy witnesses of the changes in the municipality ranging from the construction of more farms to market roads, the construction of water schemes and classrooms. With financial and material support from partners like FEICOM, VSO, PNDP and GP DERUDEP, Mayor Sofa was able to achieve in four years what some mayors could not in 10 years. Having transformed the Tubah Council into a beehive of activities in 2011 to catch the admiration of Cameroon Post International, Mayor Sofa has always been apt to caution workers to stay off politicians and their polemic saying they should play a neutral role and do only what is required of them. The staff should work with every one despite their views on certain aspects this the mayor said is to create a harmony at all times without jeopardizing the future should in case a particular person is not at the Council. Of the lot that were honoured by the Publisher/Editor of Cameroon Post International, Sama Steve it should be noted that Mayor Sofa award was highly acclaimed. Speaking to this reporter after the occasion that took place on March 10, 2012 at the Mankon Cathedral Hall, the mayor of Tubah said he was delighted that they were some people somewhere watching at what he was doing. He emphasized that the award will encourage him to work harder. To Sofa, the award is the fruit of a collective effort. He used the opportunity to thanks members of his executive, councilors and council staff for being collaborative because without them, he won’t have been seen and encouraged as is the case

Bamenda City Council, the Most Corrupt? (2)

Vincent Nji Ndumu: Gov't Delegate to the Bda City Council in the middle
The extraordinary session of the Bamenda City Council of March 14, 2012 has finally confirmed that the city council is being managed as if it is a private entity. The long-simmering and divisive communication breakdown between members of the City Council board and the Government Delegate boiled again after a second attempt to redefine the roles and responsibilities of both the deliberative and executive organs in order to put an end to the overdosed absolute powers of Vincent Nji Ndumu as Government Delegate.  
Njouonwet Joseph Bertrand Manshe, the SDO for Mezam was very clear that if his role as supervisory authority had been taken into consideration, the numerous management lapses would not have been recorded. The discretion of Government Delegate to the Bamenda City, Vincent Nji Ndumu to approve multimillion development projects without any green card from the city board is ‘’very dangerous’’ as decisions are frequently taken without the approval of the deliberative organ. Whether it is incompetence on the part of his experts or an obnoxious plan for fear of political interferences, and or perhaps a means to hoodwink resources into private pockets as many already think, the fact that some of the decisions are not documented properly raises a lot of doubts. When it came to the notice of senior councilors that Vincent Nji Ndumu had again taken upon himself absolute powers to distribute the 208 sheds without an okay from the City Board, impressionists concluded that the city council was already a sinkhole. Expressions that may affirm the worries by also expressed by Mezam SDO when he wondered whether the city council has been transformed into a private estate and a money making venture, “The council is not a private institution and should not be run as a private entity” Njouonwet Joseph Bertrand hammered.
Whereas the most common council functions of the executive is to implement the decisions of the city board, oversee assessment of businesses, issuing fines and receiving cash payments etc. Another yet to be understood decision was the construction of 30 additional sheds around the Bamenda Municipal stadium which the city board raised a motion for its suspension yet in defiance to that motion that sanctioned its suspension for proper procedures to be applied Vincent Nji Ndumu ignored. Notwithstanding, he (Ndumu) went ahead to enter into a private partnership with a private company to build the sheds. There was an atmosphere of cantankerous flames when the news was revealed to the astonishment of all. To the greatest surprise of onlookers and councilors, there was no documented cost estimate for the 30 additional sheds. On the contrary, Vincent Nji Ndumu said he was more concern with how much money the council was to make from the deal.
It should be noted that during the budgetary session, the SDO for Mezam rejected a draft deliberation on the distribution of the 208 sheds to serve as a shot across the bow to the unresponsive administration, which was some sort of a warning signal that what was being done was in violation of the council law. Yet city board members spent hours combating, biting to finally dive into a dramatic discussion outside the council. After spending over 20 minutes out of the vicinity, Mayor Balick Awah voiced the final decision. The senior councilors submitted a motion rejecting the funds collected as advance rents by the city council and that the money collected from traders should be refunded. However, the same councilors turned round to give a blank checque to the government delegate to enter into an agreement with a private company to continue with the construction of additional 30 sheds. In addition, the government delegate was tasked to submit for review the total cost of the project. “Now more than ever it is important for the government delegate and city board members to band together to foster development,” the SDO said, and urged on the government delegate to seek regular approvals from members of the city board in accordance with council systems to avoid mishaps. Even though a deliberation was finally adopted empowering the government delegate to continue with the private partnership for the construction of the 30 additional sheds, a motion was raised for the advanced payment collected from tenants at 750.000 FCFA per shed to be refunded within two weeks. Just like during the budgetary session, senior councilors insisted that the amount was too much. They argued that the huge sum of money already deposited into a certain account should be refunded back to the traders. Vincent Nji Ndumu was asked to summon the traders to come and collect the money because the 750.000 FCFA advanced rent and 250.000 FCFA insurance fees were too much. Tenants will henceforth pay their rents quarterly or on monthly bases giving that council revenue is never collected in advance.
Notwithstanding, the SDO for Mezam pointed out that these very councilors had adopted a draft deliberation which placed the amount at 2 million FCFA before he rejected it. It is becoming apparently clear that the Bamenda City council from the executive to the deliberative organ in its entirety is made up of a group of self-centered individuals who perhaps see nothing good in anything except in the form of bread, a phenomenon that makes it difficult for the council to be corruption free.  That the city council should respect the law by collecting rents on monthly bases or quarterly as required by law is not just a fact but an instrument to check on corrupt practices.
In a desperate attempt to convince the grand councilors, Vincent Nji Ndumu pleaded for clemency arguing that the council needed funds to carryout projects such as the construction of the retaining wall at the Bamenda Food Market and the flooring of the Nkwen Market where some traders stage a march to express their grievances to North West Governor. But the appeal was rejected, Vincent Nji Ndumu voiced out that he is aware that some councilors who had the privilege to acquire a shed, are said to have given them out at 2-4 million FCFA each to traders.

Shey Jones, Oyono Emmanuel Take over D'la Port

Former Statesman, Shey Jones Yembe has been appointed as the Board chairman of the Douala Port Authority. Also catapulted was Oyono Emmanuel, the General Manager of Mateur who hence forth is the General Manager of the Douala Port Authority. Shey Jones and Emmanuel Oyono were appointed by a Presidential Decree on Monday 26, 2012. The two personalities will be installed into their new functions today March 28 in Douala. It should be noted that the Douala Port Authority has been the gateway to prison to many statesmen of late. Former Board chair Eduord Ekoto and Siyam Siwe all made their doom when at the Douala Port Authority. However, it is hoped that She Jones and Emmanuel Oyono will serve Cameroonians just as good as Fai Yengo and co without leaving behind any regrets.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala Storms Binshua Palace, Creates Ecstasy

Ta Nformi savouring mabuh display
There was glee and trumpet blast at the Binshua Fon’s palace on Monday March 26 and March 27, 2012 when Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala stormed the Binshua palace to pay homage to late Fon Tangiri Clement. Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala was triumphantly accompanied to the Binshua palace palencia by the masquerades as well as an excited population of over 5000 people. The animation was in totality a sign of the maturity and jam-packed of fanfare as the masquerades majestically demonstrated the rich cultural heritage of the (Wi) Mbum people. It was another unique occasion for the people of Binshua to see the yung dynamic man who has been leaving no stone unturned in fostering development efforts on Mbum land. Those who have never seen him before but have always heard, could be heard and seen expressing the merriment at the top of their voices. The Binshua trip was part of an eventual event schedule that took the Nkambe Central Parliamentary aspirant into the inner court of the Binshua Palace where he paid a courtesy call to the newly enthroned Fon Kimbi. Just like in the (wimbum) tradition, “he acknowledged with happiness that the fon is back”. Clouded with joy and overwhelming feeling, Gerard Ngala announced that he would come officially to the pay homage to the departed hero on 28, 2012. There was ecstasy and trumpet-blast when he announced that he will storm the Binshua palace in his capacity as “Ta Nformi”, a son of Mbum land and someone who holds the conviction of that the (Wi) Mbum are one.
At about 3pm on today Monday 27, Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala was received at the entrance to Binshua village by his supporters, friends as well as masquerades. The convoy took over 2 hours to cover a distant of 5km. Upon arrival at the Binshua Palace palencia, the population went wild. His arrival was dignified by a 20 gunshot in homour of the departed hero and the newly enthroned fon of Bishua who sat majestically on the throne to welcome a young man who has showed that he is development oriented. In a note of joy, Fon Ibrahim Jabfu of Nkambe thanked Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala for his attachment to the Mbum culture. The fon of Binshua who according to the Mbum tradition could not make any public declaration until he is officially presented to the public could only speak through the fon of Nkambe. It should be noted that Gerard Ngala was accompanied by two dance groups. He brought along with him a cow and approximately 2000 liters of white mimbu. Dancing and gun shooting took the central stage to add more colour to the celebration.
Addressing the population, Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala said he has come to pay homage to someone who has done much to foster development. He called on the population to ignore the clannish system because he came as a son of Mbum land and not from a particular clan. Emphasizing on the importance of communal endeavours for the betterment of all, he calls on all and sundry the celebrate the departure of the late fon and the enthronement of the new fon as Mbum people from Tikari and not clans. The message was applauded and from the amount of applauds, it was evident that everyone cherishes the new concept of pushing the Mbum people as a united front and not in disperse in the name of clans.
Born in 1940, Late Fon Tangiri Clement was enthroned in 1969. As the ruler of the Binshua people, he fought hard to foster development in his village. He would be remembered to have lobbied for the creation of GSS Binshua, the establishment of the Binshua water scheme, the creation of primary schools, the unity of Mbum people and the electrification of the village. He would be committed to memory as the only fon in Mbum land that had always sat on the royal throne. Until last January 13, 2012 that he disappeared (since in the Mbum tradition a fon never dies) he was a fon to reckon with. The new fon who was enthroned on March 25, 2012 is also expected to continue from where the late fon ended.  

Ta Nformi Gerard paying tribute to mabuh

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Governance should be the Cornerstone in Politics- Njilah Isaiah Tata aka (Shufai Njilangotong)

Njila Isaiah Tata (Shufai Njilangotong) the new impetus and clean politician 
Njila Isaiah Tata aka Shufai Njilangotong a multifaceted elite of Donga Mantung Division has said that good governance should be the cornerstone in politics. The traditionalist, a village head, writer-musician and  astute administrator made the statement in relation to the political tension and intrigues taking the minds of some politicians ahead of the 2012 parliamentary and legislative elections as well as the reorganization of the basic organs of the CPDM. It should be boted that he is also good politician who has quite often decried the politics of acrimony, blackmail and hatred that characterizes politics in Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region because some people have transformed the game of politics into a sinkhole for character assassination. Njila Isaiah Tata who by the Mbum tradition was enthroned village head for Fuh in Ndu as per costume and tradition had to be called Shufai Njilangotong. Besides, he is Donga Mantung Divisional Delegate for Secondary Education where he is admired for doing uncommon things in a very common way, an educationist who has served as principal for over 16 years before being catapulted to the position of delegate. Being of the new breed of politician with character and conscience, his devotion in propagating President  Biya’s ideologies continue to attract and change the geo-political landscape of Ndu. In 2008, Njila Isaiah Tata was distinguished by Donga Mantung Association of Journalists-DOMAJ as the All Best Principal. Yet, he has again nominated as All Round Best Divisional Delegate for The Eye 2011 Achievement Award. When makes him different from others is that ever since he joined politics, his style is very singular from the usual politics of hatred, acrimony, bitterness and blackmail that has characterized Donga Mantung politicians.
He has been described as a man of additional qualities. Unlike others he always busy round the clock. As a seasoned administrator, he believes like Immanuel Kant that “the more we are busy, the more we feel we are alive and contributing for the welfare of others”. His enlightening background coupled with his dedication to be perfect has made her to transform the principle of edification for work into the principle of teaching through work. As a Christian Baptist Christian, Njila Isaiah believes like Martin Luther King that “working is praying”. In a chat with The Eye recently in Bamenda, he makes a critical judgment analysis on some burning issues ahead of the 2012 Twin Elections. He also talked elaborately on the numerous intrigues such as the recent rumour that he was dismissed as Divisional Delegate.  Excerpts

You are an administrator, politician, traditionalist, village head, grazer etc, etc. Tell me, how do you deal with all these functions?
Njila Isaiah Tata: You see in management, if you are at the helm, you consider yourself a leader. And a leader shows example and people follow. A leader delegates, builds people who trust him and trust the service. To sum it all, it is just the question of programming. So, I am just doing the modest in all the functions that God has given me. I think it is God who has decided that I should handle these functions and He gives me the way. More so, I know that I am dealing with human beings and I have to respect them. Also I delegate powers with trust. However, there are times that I become embarrassed. Do you know how much time I spend with my family? The highest time I spend with my family in a day is about two hours. When I come back from work, I take a bath, rest and when I get up, I watch television and discuss with my children for about two hours. And while they are going to bed, I am working. Then I get up very early in the morning to plan for the day. To me, that is responsibility. I am God’s child and I have to sacrifice. It is not a question of all knowing. It is a question of challenges. When you have challenges, you look for ways of going out of them. That is why I must see to it that these functions are performed. You just have to dedicate a lot of time.

Frankly speaking, your style in politicking is different from what we have observed over the years in Mbum land. Why don’t want to join the bandwagon of the heated politics that has characterized Donga Mantung and especially Mbum land?
Njila Isaiah Tata: You know my own kind of politics is not the politics of hatred, confrontation, character assassination and blackmail. I will never be part of politics of discrimination and insults. Politics to me is a game that goes with ideologies and the best approach should be people oriented.
I will never call my brothers and sisters names because he or she belongs to the other political party. I think we should be talking of what we are capable of doing, what we intend to do for the betterment of our people. In fact, to me, a real politician should have a development agenda and not waste time to reflect on the insults to lavish on others. This politics of hatred, acrimony, blackmail etc will not take us anyway. It rather helps to destroy us. Politics should not destroy our homes, relationships or tear us apart. I really regret that. I am a CPDM militant and a supporter of President Biya. As CPDM militant I should not see those of the other political parties as enemies. To me, good governance should be the cornerstone in politics because politics is about development.

There is a “peoples’ call” for you to take over the Donga Mantung II Section. Are you ready to take that challenge?
Njila Isaiah Tata: In fact, you heard it rightly and that is the pressure on me. And as a politician that may be the opportunity and I should not fail my supporters.

There is this notion that Donga Mantung elite especially in Mbum land like to arm twist selves. For example, majority of the politicians adore promote politics of acrimony, blackmail, character assassination, intrigues and worse of all insults, yet you seem different. Why?
Njila Isaiah Tata:  A Donga Mantung man should go out and fight, protect and project his or her sister rather than waiting when your own brother is on a tree, instead of you even asking for the fruits but you start shaking the tree so that he falls. When the person doesn’t fall, the next thing is that you cut down the tree with your brother or sister on it. That is what we have been doing. It is unfortunate. Look at our neighbors; they are each others’ keepers. But with us, if we do not destroy our brother or sister, we are never happy. When we do such harm, onlookers are laughing at us. I hope this mentality off the minds of politicians and elite.

Don’t you think that it is this notion of clan systems that is promoting that bad spirit?
Njila Isaiah Tata: People are just hiding behind that to destroy. We are here three of us, have I cared to know from which clan you come from? But it is regrettable that some people will feel like that. Some even go as far avoiding discussing with people from other clans, discriminating to eat and even share. Does that person not speak the same language with you or is that person not from Donga Mantung Division. I think people think and act collectively. No village, town or group of people can develop in diverse ranks. So people are just hiding behind clannish politics which to me, it does not exist. If it is existing how would I have been a school Principle in Nkambe for four years and I am a delegate there. People have to respect me because a (Wi) Mbum man is in that position and see how it can succeed rather than thinking that I am from Ndu. You see, those are things that we should not talk about. We the intellectuals should not even mention it. We should look for ways of protecting our own people where they are. I am not talking because I am in a position of leadership but I am talking because I have suffered from it a lot. Many others have suffered too. You know when we suffer like that we end up reminiscing like orphans. In the end, we lament that the delegate has not appointed anyone of Donga Mantung into position of responsibility like school principals. The question is when they are appointed, do you like them? Do were actually work so that they succeed? I know what I am saying because our people work for people from other areas and not to be their own brother or sister’s keepers. It not bad to give respect to strangers but I am just saying that in doing that they must not kill their own brothers and sisters. I have observed that the numbers of petitions that come from schools that are managed by Donga Mantung elements are more than the schools under strangers.

What picture do you have of Donga Mantung today?
Njila Isaiah Tata: Donga Mantung is not the same because there are a lot of hopes. I can see many hopeful rising leaders who I am sure will think completely out of the box and more maturely. Unfortunately, we are seeing people who are trying to look at the entire Division from a different angle. Let identify them and encourage rather than identify them and destroy them.  (To be continued)

Credit Union President Vows to Stand Against Manipulation of by-laws for Selfish interests

Anye Bih Judith, President of AziCCUL
 The Board chair lady of the Azire Cooperative Credit Union has declared that the continuous violation of the credit union laws has become a currency within the movement. Anye Bih Judith Tabifor made the statement today March 17 while addressing the 43rd General Assembly of the Azire Cooperative Credit Union in Bamenda. She frowned at what she described as continous violation of the foundamental laws of the credit union which has made some of them holding illegal positions. She also accused the press of dissiminating false information on the CamCCUL/Credit Union crisis. According to Anye Bih Judith, being at the helm of the credit union is not a professional job, it is volontary and it becomes very suspicious when people manipulate by-laws to sit-tight. "The bylaws were manipulated in 2008 and that change make some of us illegal Presidents at the head of credit unions". She also emphasized that the mandate of five years is not recognized by law, a statement which was later confrmed by the Registrar of cooperatives and common initiative groups. She lamented it was when she was voted into the board of CamCCUL that she understood the intrigues involved. But revamped hope in members when she exploded that " I said i was a President of Change" and that she would make sure the bylaws are respected. On the change of mandate from five years renewable once to three years renewable twice, Anye Bih Judith remarked that OHADA allows each movement to decide on the term of the president. To Anye Bih Judith, it is unfair for some people to think that they are the only people that would be at the helm. "i stood my grounds because we are largest in the country and we need to protect our members. That is the change i stand for". She added that Union Bank of Cameroon was created due to the failure of commercial banks to protect the finances of the poor.She told members that Azire had to contribute much money for the creation of UBC, it was because they have suffered. "We are still negotiating to get 390.3 million FCFA we saved in the defunct Credit Agricole" she added. But also lamented that even though Azire Credit Union is the second highest shareholder in UBC, it is not a member of the board and more so, the shares of 484 million fcfa with the bank are still to yeild dividends. She also revealed that in 2011, 2,433 new members were registered as against 2,448 in 2010. Active membership she said stands at 29,758 as against 27,860 in 2010.  She however concluded that the mission for 2012 is to review loan policy, bylaws and other policies to comply with OHADA uniform act on cooperatives to make Azire credit union to remain the best of the best. To increase membership to 35.000 and mobilize savings of 17 billion FCFA remains one of her challenge to ensure growth of loan portfolio to 13.5 billion FCFA in order to generate an income of 2.4 billion fcfa to improve on interest on sharesaings.
On his part the Manager of Azire Credit Union said members shares increased from 1,181.9 million fcfa from 2010 to 1,695.5 million in 2011 while savings moved from 12.817.4 million fcfa in 2010 to 13.351.6 million fcfa in 2011. On loan consumption, outstanding loans with members increased from 1,999.3 million fcfa from 2010 to 2,064.3 milion fcfa in 2011.

Anye Bih

GM of Azire Credit UNION

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fru Ndi Blames Paul Nji Atanga, Fuh Calistus & Musa Shey Nfor for Politicizing Credit Union Crisis

Ni John Fru NDI attending Azire Credit Union AGM as a member

Ni John Fru Ndi, SDF National chairman has castigated the politicizing of the CamCCUL/Credit Union crisis by some Northwest elite. Ni John Fru Ndi pointed accusing fingers at Mr Paul Nji Atanga, Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development as well as Musa Shey Nfor, the actual President of the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League-CamCCUL for politicizing the stalemate within the credit union movement which sprang up from the manipulation of the constitution. Ni John Fru Ndi, it should be noted made the statement today March 17, 2012 at the Bamenda Congress Hall where over 3.000 members of the Azire Cooperative Credit Union gathered to take stock of 2011 and project for 2012. Being a member of the Azire Credit Cooperative Union, Fru Ndi said he was surprise to read from newspapers that he was involved in the skirmishes rocking the credit union movement. He said that he (Fru Ndi) solicited a loan of 8 million FCFA from the Union Bank of Cameroon, and he was surprised that his loan application was taken to Yaounde as a lobbying tool that he was looking for money to fund his political program. Accordingly, Ni John Fru added that he was well informed that the documents which are suppose to be a secret between him and Union Bank were taken to Yaounde by Musa She Nfor who happens to be the Vice Chairman of Union Bank. And that while in Yaounde, the powers that be were made to understand that he wanted the loan from CamCCUL. “I want to know whether it is the credit unions that give loans or CamCCUL” he questioned. He also wondered whether the Azire Credit Union which is the largest in Cameroon cannot go solo. Ni John Fru Ndi also suggested that since it was difficult for members to draw a conclusion on the manipulation of the constitution and change of mandate at the level of CamCCUL, an ad hoc committee should be set up to study the situation and report to the General Assembly. He also mentioned the case of outgoing Northwest Governor Abakar Ahamat who was also blackmailed for suspending the salaries of Musa Shey Nfor and Nkwenti Simon. He snubbed at civil servants and especially teachers that have been receiving salaries for doing no work. It was thus adopted. Some members even suggested that Azire Credit Union should suspend the payment of dues to the league while another group was of the opinion that those whose mandate had expired and are in the Board should also step down.
Enter President of Azire Cooperative Credit Union
On her part, the President of the Azire Credit Union, Anye Judith lamented that ever since Union Bank was created, they are still to receive dividends on their investments. She also added that Azire Credit Union is the second highest shareholder but unfortunately they are not represented in the Board. She said she is a respecter of the rule of law and would fight for the law to prevail. Accordingly, she cited that in 2008, the laws were violated and mandate of executive extended to 5 years renewable once and now the same maneuvers are underway to change the by-laws to extend mandates.
On the other hand, the Registrar of Coop/GICs said all credit unions are governed by the law of 1992 and that the only Credit Union out of the huge number in the Region to have submitted a report to his office is Azire Credit Uniion but unfortunately, it was rejected because due to the fact that the league had impose a five years mandate and not three as stated by the law.   

Hon PC Fonso Goofed, Biya has Never Won Genuine Election

Cameroon under President Paul Biya is bedeviled by regular draft-in of army to suppress election-result proclamation dissent like in many other instances. The 2011 polls despite a “Biya crushing win of circa 80 percent”, army presence and intimidation on the streets soared. This clearly infers that though proclaimed in Biya’s favour, this result is not his.   Thus it ought to warrant only a blind, dump and deaf to think that good governance particularly elections conduct is improving here. Yet opposition member of parliament PC Fonso embarrassed Cameroonians and the international community in part of his March 6, 2012 address to parliament: “There were some organizational lapses which although did not impact so much on the outcome of the polls, raised concerns on the ability of ELECAM to play its full role”
 Fellow Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon, indeed it is history now that courtesy ELECAM/Supreme Court, Biya scored 77.98% and the rest of presidential aspirants (22 of them) scoring/awarded circa 20% with Fru Ndi pecked to 10.12%. Cameroon elections monitor, ELECAM is made up of predominantly core CPDM adherents (Biya’s party militants). Hence the Biya/CPDM status of referee and player puzzles all democrats! Every thing on elections (registration of potential voters, elections, counting of votes, proclamation of results, etc) is done (without consideration of fairness to adversaries) by Biya’s men. Consequently he, Biya Paul has ruled Cameroon as president for circa 30 uninterrupted years. Cameroon today is corrupt, poor and heavily indebted unlike the relatively good old days of first president, Ahmadou Ahidjio. 
    The Yaounde declaration - October 17 where major opposition candidates met in Fru Ndi’s Yaounde residence and reviewed the gross irregularities that characterized the October 9 poll. The opposition presidential aspirants were to call for a nation wide demonstrations should the Supreme Court fail to annul the October 9 poll because of profound fraud (the famous Yaounde declaration). This declaration was signed by Fru Ndi(SDF), Adamou Ndam Njoya(CDU), Benard Muna(APF), Kah Walla(CPP), Ayah Paul(PAP), Albert Dzongang(La Dynamique) and Jean de Dieu Momo .  I would want to belief that party insider, Fonso’s pronouncement were but a slip of his tongue. However, the SDF rational philosophy for positive change for Cameroon is one that can not be easily derailed by groups of people not to talk of an individual. 
Many an opposition party including SDF claimed SDF’s flag bearer, Fru Ndi won the poll, based on their representatives’ poll-stations signed records.

          The Supreme Court which is of course at the beck and call of the president endorsed the scam once more and proclaimed Biya president.

“Mr. Biya has murdered democracy, crucified justice and implanted tribalism on very fertile ground in Cameroon. They render us poor so that youth can sell and mortgage their future for FCFA 500”, is a minute extract of one of Fru Ndi’s speeches after the October 9 election.
         All this cry by many about the conduct of the 2011 presidential election amounts just to “Some organizational lapses which did not impact so much on the out come of the polls”  to Fonso ! – Strange!
  SDF from creation in 1990 is a compendium of what good governance, particularly election conduct should be. The party’s recommendations have generally been accepted nationally and internationally. Some of these good governance prescriptions include the party’s 11 points minimal requirements for fair, transparent and acceptable elections which include inclusion of biometric data such as finger prints as well as pictures on voter registers and voter cards, utilization of single ballot paper, institution of a two round presidential election, exclusion of ministry of territorial administration from all ELECAM functions. Fonso SDF MP for the third consecutive term running should not show such ignorance vis-à-vis practical realities and party goals as he did in his address speech to parliament.  
The party February 29, 2012 submitted more contributions via the Prime Minister for the drafting of a bill by the current session of parliament on the electoral code in Cameroon. This document includes touches on the constitution to facilitate good governance. Party as well, in a bid to enfranchise more Cameroonians, suggests cost free acquisition of National Identity Cards. It is worth noting that these identity cards are usually used for voter registration and other important citizen chores. They already contain important biometric data like the finger print and pictures of their respective owners. The cost of establishing one is circa FCFA 8000. With high unemployment in the country, many cannot afford this important document.  
 Age wise, Hon PC Fonso is the eldest of the current Cameroon MPs and is serving his third term as parliamentarian on the SDF ticket. His address of the opening session of the house follows a rule that allows the eldest MP to address the opening sessions of each legislative year.
          In 1992, it is worth mentioning, national and international observer missions claimed that Fru Ndi - candidate for the opposition won the presidential polls. But Biya used might of incumbency and perpetuated himself in power. Since then till date he has never won any genuine elections. Parliamentary seats and councils are instead allocated instead of the outcome of the ballot box.
          The controversial October 9, 2011 Presidential poll results were known courtesy the World Wide Web and local media even before elections day. After the polls, circa same results were shamelessly dosed out to Cameroonians. Where then is the progress registered by ELECAM?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kaduna Mafia Triumphs in B’da at North West Fons Elective Assembly

HRH Fon Teche, NOWEFU President Elect
Fon Teche Nyei of Ngyen-muwa has been elected to lead the 50 man powerful executive of the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU in the North West Region of Cameroon. While on the other hand, Fon Zofoa Ibrahim of Babungo, commonly known as “Obama Obabungo” was elected Secretary General. Also elected was the fon of Mbatu who will take care of the treasury. The new executive is expected to set the pace for a better collaboration between the administration and the union, elite and the union as well as reconcile all the fons.  Observers say the elections were in favour of a group of traditional rulers’ common known as the Kaduna mafia. However, the out-gone President of NOWEFU whose mandate has been described as adamant in his speech said the creation of the University of Bamenda, the Higher Teachers Training College and upgrading/ tarring of some patches of the ring road were the major achievements. Yet, those who were present at the doubted Fon Anneng Francis while critical minds are of the opinion that the one-time biggest lobbying force of the region is wallowing in the gutter. However, the new exco has been tasked to complete the construction of the multi-complex secretariat which has been described by some Northwesterners as a Roman Arch. Also raised was the controversy surrounding the Ntumfor title and the suspension of Ntumfor Nico Halle. Members wanted to know what transpired some five years ago yet, the out-gone and the present exco played over it. It was rather unfortunate that it was instead the Right Hon. Achidi Achu took the rostrum to say that the Ntumfor title was an appointment and anyone appointed could be fired. There is still heat as far as the suspension of Ntumfor Nico Halle is concern, even from the attendance, out of the over 400 fons, only 205 showed up which is   indicative that many are still unhappy about the issue. However, the newly elected President of NOWEFU in his policy speech announced that the official installation of the his executive will take place in two months time. According to Fon Teche, that ceremony shall be presided by the minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Mr. Rene Sadi. Conspicously absent were the Fon Angwafo III of Mankon, Fon Sehl Mbinglo of Nso, Fon Gahyongha of Bali and Fon Yuh of Kom. Moreso, there was no repreentative of the administration.
Fon Zofoa of Babungo, newly elected SG
Fon CHAFAH, SG of Cameroon Traditional Forum/Project Chairman

Men in Women’s Shoes March on International Day of the Woman to Protest Against Rape, Sexual Assault and Gender Violence in Society.

Men wearing women high heel shoes
There euphoria was total and  thrilling as men on women high heel shoes stole show at women day celebration in Bamenda. This action according to what we gathered was in a bid to show solidarity for women in Cameroon and to mobilize men to ending violence against women, A Common Future organization mobilized men in the North West Region of Cameroon last March 08, 2012, which was the International Day for the women to walk a km on women's high-heeled shoes at Commercial Avenue, Bamenda.             
A Common Future's immediate action was in urging men to take time off last March 08, 2012 to walk a mile in women's shoes to feel the pinch of gender-based violence. And those who marched felt it: ‘Now I really see what women pass through’, says Derick Chuo, President of the Bamenda Roller Skaters Association and participant at the event. ‘I can now respect my mother, I never know how difficult and challenging it is for women to move on high heeled shoes’, says Divine, a participant at the march. This walk was A Common Future's own response to the UN Secretary General's call to men to be committed to ending violence especially domestic violence against women. The objective of the march was to raise awareness and funds in an effort to curb the rate of domestic violence on women and child theft in Cameroon hospitals as well as sympathize with Vanessa Tchachuoa, the young girl whose child was stolen recently in a Yaoundé hospital.
The men in women's shoes walkathon builds on the initial effort of ‘Walk A Mile in Her Shoes’ and the old saying that 'You can't really understand another person's experience until you've put on her shoes to know where it pinches'. That is why men were asked to show commitment to ending violence against women by putting on a pair of high heeled shoes last March 08, 2012 and join  A Common Future to walk a mile with the more than 50 women groups that turned out for the event at the
Bamenda Commercial Avenue
. ‘I am deeply surprised and excited with your level of commitment’, says Judith Abong, Northwest Regional Delegate for Women Empowerment and the Family, after the march. By doing this we are all going to help end violence against women in this region noted for its aggressive culture toward women. We seek partnership and collaboration with the Roller Skaters Association and Vegas Family Foundation for the event. Vegas Family Foundation proudly provided the shoes and transportation to and fro the event site.  We would want to reach out to other foundations and individuals for the upcoming Brides March and Men’s walkathon in November for the 16 Days of Activism.
In addition to empowering women and girls to protect themselves, A Common Future's activities in the coming years will address sources and perpetrators of violence whether actual or potential. This requires hands-on engagement with men and boys to help shift attitudes about the use of violence and empower men as responsible agents of social change. Through this kind of outreach, harmful societal norms can be challenged and a healthier construction of masculinities- which does not subjugate women-can be created.

A Common Future recognizes that while men remain the primary perpetrators of violence against women, they also need to be central to the solution to ending it, as Ban Ki Moon, UNSG declared at the launch of a Network of Men Leaders in 2009. After the walkathon, a men's programme with the objective of carrying out intensive gender-sensitive training for men shall be launched. Role model and mentorship programmes for boys in schools and colleges as well as engaging men in community development issues that include sexual and reproductive health and climate change programmes shall be intensified.

Created in 2007, A Common Future works with men and women in ending violence against women, girls and children, by proposing alternative models of masculinities that are not necessarily in opposition to models of femininity and that allow men and women as well as boys and girls to share love, decision making and reproductive health responsibilities.

For further information and for a complete plan of activities and others view our website at

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ako Municipality is already a Construction Site-Emimi Emmanuel

Ako Council Chamber under Construction
Emimi Emmanuel Ekwe is on his second mandate as CPDM mayor for Ako Council in Donga Mantung Division. Assessing his contribution towards alleviating poverty in his Municipality, Emimi Emmanuel Ekwe said while others are still waiting for giant projects to kick-start in their areas Ako has been transformed into a construction site. He cited the construction of the Ako Council Chamber, the lone storey building in the municipality and the construction of the Ako Border Market which mark the departure of the municipality already been a construction site. The construction of the council chamber estimated at over 120 million FCFA and market sheds at the border market which FEICOM has already set aside 180 million FCFA for the first phase is expected to change lives in the municipality. The CPDM mayor of Ako is gradually confirming his position as a political heavy weight. Emimi Emmanuel substantiated his leading role when he lobbied and obtained funding from FEICOM for the construction of the Ako Council Complex and the construction of over 100 sheds at the border market. To Emimi these projects have set the pace of his stewardship to the population. The euphoria expressed by the population when the construction of the council chamber kick-started portrayed a mark of satisfaction and a clear indication that Emimi’s legacy would remain indelible as he is at the end of his second mandate.
When asked to outline some of his realizations at the helm of the council, he said that politics is development and that anyone worth the salt should think of development as primacy of priority to make politics worthwhile. In enumerating his achievements, he added that when he was elected as mayor, he had five main development axes program. In order to achieve in combating poverty as well as achieving the localized MDGs, the Ako Council worked in collaboration with partners like GP DERUDEP, FEICOM, PNDP and some NGOs.
 These axes are:
·           Roads
·           Infrastructure development
·           Support to schools, communities and others
·           Access to health and education
·           Social amenities
 The prophets of doom looked at his development agenda as a political lie but yet slowly and surely he will reach his target before 2012 elapses with over 200 projects realized. 
The Ako Council under Emimi Emmanuel stands as the guarantor of development. On his people to people approach to alleviate poverty, he cited the donation of scholarship to underprivileged. Every year, the council supports at least 55 pupils and students. Through the council, benches were also donated to schools and classrooms were constructed in areas like Kuta, Akwese, Jevy and other areas.
In the area of developing farms to market roads, Emimi Emmanuel Ekwe said Ako lacks roads and the problem maybe over as the council has carried out studies on all the roads. The Ako-Buku-Abafum road which was a nightmare has been graded with the support of the Ministry of Public Works. Besides, the road Njibie-Akwaja, Asah-Akwese-Abunshie up and Ndaka- Abang road was upgraded. These roads according to Emimi Emmanuel are intended to ease the evacuation of farm produce and the movement of the population in the municipality. Studies, he said have been carried out on over six roads to disenclave the municipality.
On improving access to health facilities, he cited the construction and equipping of the Buku Health center and others. The construction of modern toilets in the municipality will go a long way to improve the welfare of the population says Emimi Emmanuel. He added that the opening of 47 streets in Ako town was one of the major realizations of the council

Southern Cameroons Delegation in US to Seek Support, Washington Times Says

Courtesy of The Washington Times
The leader of a secessionist-minded movement from the western African nation of Cameroon is in Washington to drum up support for yet another state on the crowded continent.  “I am here to seek the help of African ambassadors and others in a just cause,” Fongum Gorji-Dinka said in a recent interview. He and Cameroonians who live in the United States have made the case for a new state of Ambazonia on moral and legal grounds.
They argue that the inhabitants of the breakaway region, a German colony until Kaiser Wilhelm II’s empire was defeated in World War I, became a British colony while the larger portion of the German territories went to France and became the current state of Cameroon. “We were passed around like a football by the international community until we decided that enough is enough,” said Edwin Ngang, who has long acted in the United States as a self-appointed spokesman for independence by the territory known, if at all, outside the region as Southern Cameroon.
Mr. Ngang was referring to a train of events in which the region became a League of Nations mandate, a United Nations trust territory, an integral part of neighboring Nigeria, and then a component of a Federal Republic of Cameroon. President Paul Biya, acting after an uprising, did away with the federation and proclaimed a unitary state in 1984, including the territory.
The secessionists argue that because the federation was done away with, Cameroon has no legal claim to rule the former British colony.  “Since a federal republic no longer exists in Cameroon, that land should be a part of Ambazonia,” Mr. Ngang said.
A similar argument formed the basis of a ruling by the International Court of Justice in a dispute between Nigeria and Cameroon over the Bakassi Peninsula, a promontory of eastern Nigeria’s Calabar region. The court handed the peninsula to Cameroon. And Nigeria did not challenge the ruling.
 Bakassi is one of the richest fishing grounds in the world, and the Gulf of Guinea generally is rich in oil reserves, where Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea are all scrambling to produce more oil.
The arguments for a separate state in Southern Cameroon are similar to the one that led to the creation of Africa’s newest state, Eritrea.  Eritrea was an Italian colony from 1890, but neighboring Ethiopia, an independent monarchy, was conquered only in 1935 by the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini. After Italy was defeated in World War II, the
unified territory came under British administration. A U.N. vote placed Eritrea under an Ethiopian federation with a separate parliament in 1950. In 1961, however, Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I dissolved the federation and absorbed Eritrea into Ethiopia, leading to a 30-year insurgency that resulted in independence in 1993.
Unlike Eritrea, however, Southern Cameroon has no army, no insurgent force and no known overseas source of funding to create a viable state. Thus, it remains a movement without international recognition of its separatist aspirations.

NOWEFU Elections, Fon Teche may Succeed Fon Anneng

Over 300 traditional rulers are expected to attend the elective general assembly of the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU tomorrow March 16 at the Bamenda Congress Hall. Newspaper analysts have pinpoint HRH Fon Teche of Ngyen-Muwa will be elected NOWEFY President. Fon Teche Nyei it should be noted has served as Vice Pesident under Fon Chafah and Fon Anneng Francis respectively. One of the key points to be discussed will be the re-intstating of Ntumfor Barrister NICO Halle as the Northwest Fons Messenger and the completion of the union secretariat. Public opinion however holds that Fon Chafah should be voted as project chairman, while the fon of Babungo should be voted Secretary General.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Biya Appoints New Governors, Abakar Moved to Adamawa, Enow Ibrahim dropped, Fai Yengo too

President Biya has signed a decree appointing Governors to lord over the regions. The following were appointed.
Adamawa- Abakar Ahamat
Centre- Eyene Nlom (maintained)
East- Samuel Ivaha Dieudonne
Extreme Nord- Awah Fonka Augustine
Littoral- Joseph Beti Assomo
North- Ottu Wilson Joseph
North West- Adolf Lele
West- Mijawah Bakary
South- Jules Marceline (maintained)
South West- Bernard Okalia Bilai, from the appointments, four SDOs have been promoted. That  decree by President Biya has raised three SDOs to Governors.They are
Extreme Nord- Awah Fonka Augustine, North- Ottu Wilson Joseph, West- Mijawah Bakary
South West- Bernard Okalia Bila. Also, it is alleged that SGs of ministries will be appointed today.

Hon. PC Fonso's Speech that Created Commotion at the National Assembly


-Mr Prime Minister, Head of Government
-The procurer General of the Supreme Court
-Honourable Members of Parliament,
-Your Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
-Ladies and Gentlemen
Before I proceed, I will like to bid you a warm welcome to the National Assembly of Cameroon.
I am pleased to mount this rostrum today, in my capacity as the eldest member of this august house to open the first ordinary session for the 2012 legislative year, in compliance with the statutory legal provisions.
I thank the Almighty God who continues to keep us alive while we lament the passing of some of our fellow countrymen. In this wise, since we parted company last December, the National Assembly of Cameroon has lost one of its prominent members in the person of Hon. NGALE ADOLF NAMME, Member of Parliament from FAKO in Buea Centre constituency. Born on 15 June 1961 in Buea, he got to parliament as Alternate Member during the 2002/2007 legislative year when he replaced the substantive member, Hon. MEOTO PAUL NJEI, appointed Director of cabinet in the prime Minister’s Office. Hon. NGALE ADOLF NAMME was elected for the current mandate, which he will unfortunately not finish. This session is therefore opening against a mournful backdrop with the demise of our colleague whose funeral is still being prepared. May he be happily welcomed in the land of our ancestors
Your Excellencies,
Honourable Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I now pray you to rise for a minute of silence in honour of our departed colleague
(Minute of silence)
Mr Prime Minister,
You are no stranger in this chamber but today you are entering this hall for the first time after your re-appointment at the helm of the Government of the Republic following the presidential decrees reorganizing and appointing the government on 9 December 2011.
N my capacity as the eldest Member of Parliament here present and on my behalf, I am pleased to extend to you our sincere and heartfelt congratulations on the confidence the Head of state has renewed in you.
We are also pleased to have in our midst Mr AMADOU ALI, former Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and keeper of the seals, now Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Relations with Parliament.
To the other compatriots who have joined the Government, to those who have been maintained I their portfolios or have changed portfolios, I extend to them the same congratulations and the total encouragement of the august house. Nevertherless, I would like to tell especially the new comers who will be rubbing shoulders with the elected People’s Representatives for the first time that there shall be no favour. As representatives of the sovereign people, we would as usual dispassionately continue to ensure the interest of Cameroonians with the same foresight, without resentment but always in a bid to oversee the full development of all and sundry.

Of the major overarching projects and the implementation of the new agricultural policy. The materialization of these projects shall undoubtedly be the main focus of the seven year term of the President of the Republic. Has he not taken a commitment to lead Cameroon to  growth and prosperity and to put the country back on track so that it will be an emerging country by 2035? The success of such an endeavour shall largely depend on Government’s resolve and willingness.
Practically, the successful execution of all these projects arouses hope in the population which is foreseeing a fertile ground for individual and collective development.
Already, the Nation’s Representatives through the eldest member that I am hereby commend the new government of the republic for initial actions undertaken since it assumed office notably, the institution of a roadmap for each Ministry. These are reassuring actions because they herald that the era of evoidance of duty and inertia is over. Congratulations especially for the urgent work that is ongoing at the nine road construction sites amounting to 100 billion CFA Francs. The award of these contracts through mutual agreement clearly shows that it is really time for action.
The Nation’s Representatives wish that the same diligence should be shown to the other projects geared towards improving the supply of energy, water, health services and the training of youths.
With regards to the training of youths, members of parliament hail the rapid development of the university of Bamenda and the preservation of the achievements of the University of Maroua- these recently created state universities in Cameroon.
We also acclaim the presidential decree which was made public last Friday fixing amounts and mode of paying documentation and research allowances to staff of primary and secondary Education. This proves beyond doubts that the authorities are attentive to the needs and complaints of teachers. Obviously, these new allowances shall upgrade the livelihood of our compatriots of he primary and secondary Education.
Honourable Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Even the highest state authority has acknowledged that the functioning of ELECAM during the last presidential election in Cameroun was flawed in the discharge of its duties.
In fact, ELECAM was entrusted with the organization of the electoral process so as to ensure transparency and sincerity of votes cast. However, there were some organizational lapses which although did not impact so much on the outcome of the polls, raised concerns on the ability of ELECAM to play its full role. I am therefore pleased to observe that following the instructions of the Head of State, the public authorities and ELECAM are called upon to take the bull by the horns in a bid to correct these flaws through the recompilation of voters’ lists. Moreover, they have been requested to embark on biomentric registration which is a state of the art technique of identification so as to check the phenomenon of multiple voting.
We highly commend this bold and wise decision by the authorities. At last, we are convinced that henceforth the repeated commitments to enhance the electoral process were not a hoax.
The eldest member and all the members of parliament praise the historic move. I am therefore appealing to all the stakeholders concerned to be fully committed because it s believed that all misunderstandings and fears have  been dispelled through the consultations between the Government and ELECAM. We now hope that future elections shall be free, fair and transparent during the registration, conduct and proclamation of the results.
Ladies and Gentlemen
I would not conclude my speech without mentioning the forthcoming celebration in Buea of the fiftieth anniversary of the reunification of Cameroon. Twelve months ago from this same rostrum, I expressed the wish to see this event actually take place. My wish was that this event should be guided by historical considerations and not politics nor politicking so that our offsprings and the international community can really be imbued today. From the bottom of my heart as eldest Member of Parliament would say: “thank you president Paul Biya”. While waiting to be part of this event, by God’s grace, I would like to tell Cameroonians that the announced celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the reunification of Cameroon, just as was the case with the fiftieth anniversary of independence, should not be construed as a favour to Anglophones. The event concerns all compatriots from North to South, East to West, Moslems, Christians, Animists, Anglophones and Francophones. Inspite of our differences and political leanings, posterity shall hold that 1st October 1961 was the beginning of reconciliation and national unity which today are the most obvious values in the building of our country. If I were to use a slogan, I would say: Together let’s go in for the fiftieth anniversary of reunification!!! Buea is the place to be come that day.
As regards the continuation of our proceedings during this session, we will in the days ahead elect the Bureau of our House for the new legislative year. These elections are in line with our vibrant democracy and also showcases the vitality of our house.
I know many of us may not be enthusiastic as the legislative period is already coming to an end. But as patriots, we need to overcome such feelings for, with or without us, the republic will continue to forge ahead. Like young Athenans, it is incumbent on us to bequeath this fatherland better than we met it
May I also over emphasize the need for you to uphold the dignity of our work and status. Be it the impending elections of the Bureau, or all the other issues that will be tabled before you for scrutiny, you would have to show maturity, objectivity and seriousness. In other words, the common weal must prevail in all that you will have to do.
With these pieces of advice from the eldest member, I once more welcome you to the National Assembly and wish us total success in our deliberations. I now declare open the proceedings of the first ordinary session of the National Assembly for the 2012 legislative year.
Long live the National assembly!
Long live Cameroon!
Thank you.