Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Uhuru Kenyatta Wins Disputed Kenya Presidential Elections

 President Uhuru Kenyatta has won Kenya's deeply divisive presidential election re-run after winning 98.2 percent of the votes cast, the official results showed on Monday.

President Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to be declared the winner of the Oct. 26 repeat elections by a landslide, granting him a second five-year term in office.
The election commission results show that Kenyatta had garnered over 98% of the vote, a total of 7.4 million votes.
But rather than the result bringing a close to nearly a year of campaigning and electioneering, Kenya finds itself at the beginning of a new phase of political uncertainty which threatens to tip over into violence in certain regions of the country.
The overwhelming vote in favor of Kenyatta was expected after opposition leader Raila Odinga withdrew from the race in early October. Odinga and his supporters boycotted the election after accusing the commission of stonewalling meaningful reforms that would have ensured they didn’t repeat some of the “irregularities and illegalities” committed in the Aug. 8 polls.
Those indiscretions led the supreme court to nullify the results of the presidential election on Sept. 1, a first in Africa.
The turnout was low across the country, given that more than 80% of the registered 19.6 million voters participated in the August election. Elections were also indefinitely canceled in four counties aligned with Odinga, where officials couldn’t open polling stations.
Despite refusing to participate, more than 73,000 people voted for Odinga in the election run-off.
The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) was again put on the spot for the way it tallied and verified the results. On Sunday (Oct. 29), IEBC announced that 7.5 million had so far voted, and provided a voter turnout of 42.8%—instead of 38.4%.
At one point, commissioner Abdi Guliye also said that results had come in from some of the constituencies where elections didn’t even take place.
If no petition is filed against the results of the election, a swearing-in ceremony for Kenyatta is expected to take place 14 days after the declaration as per the constitution.

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TB Joshua Took Advantage of Me - Jim Iyke

 Controversial Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has opened up on what took him to Prophet TB Joshua's church which resulted in him rolling on the floor.

Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke
Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke has finally opened up on what really happened when he rolled on the floor in Prophet TB Joshua's Synagogue Church of all Nations church. The video of the incident later went viral with many people alleging that the actor was possessed and had to be cleansed.
In an interview with Channels, Jim said he was taken advantage of, although he wasn't paid for the act. He revealed further that he was forced to come to the church.
Jim also spoke about about the fight he had with Olisa Adibua and how he reached out to him and he refused to allow things die off.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


By Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD. 19th October, 2017

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam
This morning I had a call from one of my brothers and friend who is a University Professor. Last night, he read my article on, “The Way Forward for Cameroon”. He said he read it then for the first time and went over it again this morning. In his opinion, it makes a lot of sense and he hoped that we will all look at the message therein and use it as a template on which to build by adding and subtracting where need be and bringing clarity in some of those areas and concepts that are not well understood. He feared that some people might stop looking at the material and concentrate on throwing it away because it came from X and not Y. A wise old man once said something very catchy. He said he was pointing at the moon while some fools were looking but at his crooked fingers.
The professor expressed a worry. He wanted to know what I meant by causing decentralization within the federal structure. We both agreed that I should write this explanatory note to help us think more fruitfully as we wait for the national dialogue that will thrash the issues. He wondered whether the current mission of the Prime Minister and others on the field was the supposed dialogue or something else.
I was of the opinion that the current Mission by some elites from Yaounde along some CPDM barons on the field is but a soothing balm on the wounds and emotions of the people of the North West and South West Regions following the tragic events of the 22nd of September, 2017 and 1st of October, 2017.
The expected national dialogue which has different actors and stake holders is supposed to deal with the systemic problems as well as the definition of the Anglophone in the whole.
It is supposed to come up with strategies to fight corruption in high places; improve on governance, the economy and development; it will also create a lot of jobs and opportunities for youths by changing the type of education in the country to copy from Finland and South Korea.
Anglophones have problems and they are part of a greater Cameroon which is sick, very sick indeed. She has a surgical problem that we have been treating with tablets, syrups, surface balms, rice and drinks. She needs a painful surgical operation to deal with the cancer.
What do these two terms mean?
If we harvest a bunch of bananas and take them home, we can learn a lot from the ripening process. By day 4, some will be streaking with the yellow color. Midway down the process there will be a beautiful mix of light green and bright yellow. By the end of the process may be on day 8 or 10, the bananas will be beautifully yellow, soft and sweat and some might start taking on dark patches.
This process depicts decentralization and federation. These two are concepts belong to both ends of the same spectrum where decentralization is the early process of ripening say on day 5 or 6. Federation represents the process on day 9 or 10. It is perfect.
Some people of bad faith say decentralization is like federation and yet when you say federation is better, they start calling you names and report you to the secret police for mentioning or even using the ‘f’ word which is taboo.
Decentralization is like putting two cubes of sugar in your cup of tea. Yet when you put three it makes it better even though the tea cup does not split into two. The tea cup is still one and indivisible but the content tastes better. Federation has more clauses that give more power to the federated states and allows them to function even better.
Federation into ten states or decentralization into ten states is one at the same thing. In this dispensation, the central government still exerts too much pressure on the small ten units. Corruption will still be galloping. Have you ever asked yourself why we have CONAC and many other structures yet corruption still rides high in Cameroon? All the 24 million Cameroonians can be recruited into CONAC or even recruited into the police and gendarmerie yet corruption will continue to gallop on. It is a system problem.
Let us take 11 ‘bobolows= baton de manioc’ or 11equal sticks. Color 8 sticks yellow (A= East Cameroon). Color 2 sticks red ( B= West Cameroon) . Color one stick black ( C=Yaounde Federal Capital City)..
Take one blue string and tie the two red sticks and lay them on the table. Take the 8 yellow sticks and tie them with a green string and lay them on the table as well. Bring along the black stick (C) and bunch A, B and C together. Take a metal chain and tie the three lots so that they form one parcel that is one and indivisible. This is Cameroon.
The red pile represents the Anglophones and the string that ties them are those clauses put in the constitution to protect them. The yellow pile represents the 8 Francophone regions and the green string is the constitutional clauses that protect them and define who they are as a people in the union and what they have and do not have.
Some people have been asking whether or not an Anglophone can ever be the President in this nation. This is where questions like these are answered. If it is a taboo for and Anglophone to ever the president, it should also be stated clearly and written down in the constitution so that our children will never think of it. In a decentralized system, they will say that an Anglophone will be president based on majority vote and the Francophones will use their demographic weight against the Anglophone till they kingdom come.
The Federal system protects the Anglophones from the demographic weight of the Francophones. It also will fight corruption and inertia generated from the centralized system of governance.
This is a weaker version of federation. If we cause decentralization in East Cameroon, all the 8 regions will function independently of the Capital city on the banks of the River Sanaga in Bafia. This capital city will have a coordinating effect and then report to Yaounde. Regions will have no direct access to Yaounde.
In like manner, the South West will function independently from the North West Region. However, they are bound together by a federal string which gives them some bargaining rights as they face the Francophones as a cultural identity with a history and a language of their own.
Anglophone in the Cameroonian context does not mean any one who can speak English. If it were so, our grandparents in the villages would not be Anglophones. Anglophones refers to people whose genetic material originates from the North and South West Regions. This is same thing for Francophones. We have an 11th Region/ Province for people with a mixed origin from mixed marriages or long standing migrations.
A SUMMARY OF MY WRITE UPS; Starting 25th of Septeber, 2017.
2)    Open Letter Against Violence; to Elder Tassang Wilfred et al.
Thanks for taking your time to read through all these information. I just hope that it will help us to move forward as we seek to create a more just society in which truth and love would be our guiding principles where we show respect for each other as we build a strong and indivisible Cameroon.
Remember that Peace is a concept. It cannot be forced nor decreed on a people. Peace is a by-product of a process in which truth, love and respect for others are a way of life.
Christ says, ‘All ye that are heavily laden, come unto me and I will give you rest. Peace can only be obtained in the presence or on the condition that we dwell in the presence of God where truth resides. This is the same God worshipped by Muslims; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There is no other one that made heaven and earth besides Him.
The god of power, money and fame; sects and whatever are illusions. They come to kill, deceive and destroy. You might be powerful now, with a lot of money and influence. Just make sure that you are on the side of the Lord like Prophet Joshua and his family and you will be safe. If not you are doomed, you and your family for four generations. It is written in black and white in the Bible and it will come to pass. Material things, power, money, women and booze cannot help you.

DR. Nick Ngwanyam, MD

( PS.. You might find a few typo errors here and there in what I write. No one proof reads for me as I want to be responsible for what I say. I have noticed that each time I ask for help, the style and ideas get battered out of recognition.)

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Opinion: The Way Forward for Cameroon


Dr. Nick Ngwanyam
Good morning dear Brothers and Sisters,
‘Brothers and sisters’ refers to all Cameroonians irrespective of region, color, language and creed. The nation has been going through a lot of pain and we all have to rise up and solve the problems generated under the banner of the Anglophone Problem. We have been faced with a lot of challenges that will not be going away any time soon.
We have the capacity to solve the problems if we choose to. We can fight and kill ourselves if that is what we want to do. But wisdom calls us to address ourselves intelligently and lovingly to our problems and solve them now once and for all. We have to lay a solid foundation otherwise we set the stage for more turmoil tomorrow when our grandchildren will come of age.
    The Anglophone problem is top on the list.
    Our neglect of the youth; caused and enhanced by a poor educational system that has failed to build our capacities for solving personal and community problems. Our certificates are like fake currency with no intrinsic value. Our heads are full of theories and our hands lack skills.
    Corruption, non-respect for merit, inertia, lack of accountability; favoritism and tribalism have eaten the nation down to her soul (poor governance).
    Greed, individualism, lack of the sense of common good is settled in our DNA. This is second nature to us.
    Generalized poor infrastructural development all over the country and a failed private sector are not helping matters.
    A Failed Agriculture (we import most of what we eat, rice for instance).
    Failed Economy (we depend only on sales of natural resources, we produce nothing and import everything else that we need).
    Violence, Boko Haram, crime and many other evils are generated by lost hopes in the people.
    We suffer from a chronic disease called inferiority complex so we care more for ego than productivity. Ignorance and irresponsibility crush us daily. (Do you know who I am? Do you know whom you are talking to? Do you know my connections in Yaounde?)
Well and above all, we do not FEAR GOD in this nation.  Even some churches have turned into money making rackets and some men of God steal. We have forsaken God’s ways. We look for quick miracles and quick fixes and we blame our failures and lack of self-discipline, diligent work after proper training on witchcraft and the Devil.  Thus we cast and bind everything with the blood of Jesus. We lead our lives with human wisdom and lean on the devil, money, power and materialism for support. Oh men of little faith! How we as individuals and the nation perish for lack of knowledge about the Kingdom of light.
We are spiritual prostitutes. We are not aware of our souls and the Spirit of God that yearns to dwell in us; to lead and guide us daily in our travail and existence.
We certainly need a magic wand that will do the trick for us.
Primo, we need a God consciousness in the nation.
It is not about a God of Miracles, Free Meals and Healings. It has nothing to do with double portions of blessings because of our tithes.
This money for miracles is armed robbery; deceit and a misrepresentation of God and how his Kingdom operates.
He is not bought and sold. His blessings are free. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these other things shall be added unto you. It is simple. You need no other doctrine. It is free. All you need is your personal commitment to the Kingdom and the King.
Just TRUST HIM, LOVE HIM, COMMUNE WITH HIM.  Love your brother as yourself; if you did, you will not kill others. We kill for bread. What a shame.  God does not need your money to bless you. He needs your FAITH, TRUST and TOTAL SURRENDER TO HIM. We need TRUTH for Truth is GOD.
We should not lean on our understanding nor on our lands, gold, silver, armor, guns and chariots.
Secondo, we need a new form of the state to help us manage and develop better.
The United Nations recently wrote to say that the territorial integrity of the state should be maintained and that there should be true and frank dialogue in the nation. We cannot do anything and succeed if we do not follow the instructions of the United Nations. Some people call it a toothless bulldog. That is a huge mistake. You dig your own grave when you neglect her.
One of the key areas that have to be looked at would be the form of the state which will help us fight corruption, create jobs, grow our economy and bring development more rapidly. We have two options here. We are faced with either decentralization or federalism.
I will try to describe a form of government that you have probably not heard of before. Necessity is the mother of invention and I was looking for an acceptable formula that will address all or worries and appeal to the 250 tribes in Cameroon.
Our new state should have Federalism and decentralization principles combined as explained here below.
    There should be two federal states (East and West Cameroon).
    There should be a federal capital city (Yaounde)
    The capital of West Cameron should be Buea.
    The Capital of East Cameroon should be new and built on the banks of the River Sanaga on the way to Bafia.
If you leave East Cameroon as it, the 8 Regions will still suffer the weight of the centralized government in Bafia.
It is therefore, necessary to cause decentralization within the federal states. That way, the people of the South West Region will not be threatened or feel marginalized by the North West brothers.
The federal structure protects the Anglophones from the crushing Francophone majority and the cultures would not be clashing ever so often again.
Many ill-intentioned people have argued that to have two governments is expensive.  Our current government has three times the number of ministers and high level functionaries of the same status than we actually need to be effective and efficient. Check with France and Germany.
The excuse about expense is a ploy to derail. This is not true. It is to maintain the centralized government in which there are no checks and balances, no accountability where favoritism and corruption abound. Those that have the right connections to sip into the nectar love this arrangement and would fight toe and nail to protect it. It is difficult to abolish a productive farm.
Some say that Federalism is a step away from secession. This is another ill-intentioned reason to create fear and confusion in the people for no good reason. Germany, Britain, America, Canada, Belgium are all Federated and well developed. The UN is the guarantor.
FUNCTIONS OF YAOUNDE ( Federal Capital City).
It takes care of the army, Foreign Affairs, Ministers (state policy), Presidency and National Assembly (National Laws and Policies).
Yaounde is responsible for major infrastructure like damns, major road networks of the nation, telecommunication, airports, seaports; collecting and disbursing the national budget.
They carry out local development; they run schools, hospitals, and other ministerial departments at their levels. They pay civil servants and sort out retirement issues etc.
THE BUDGET ( hypothetical case).
Let us say that a total of 4000 billion is raised by Yaounde for a fiscal year.
1000 billion of this or so is retained by Yaounde to run her own programs as above.
About 1000 billion is set aside and redistributed to the other Regions in the country that have generated the budget. This avoids the kinds of problems that the Nigerian government is facing with the Delta communities that produce oil, but do not seem to enjoy from the proceeds. Thus people of the East Region would benefit from their wood, gold and more. Those of the Centre would benefit from their cocoa, timber and people from the South west will get a cut from their oil and the CDC.
The rest of the 2000 billion is shared to the ten regions almost equally. However, a little mathematical bias is introduced to take care of the population size, development needs and more. This way, the extreme North will have a little more than the South Region.
This is a template I am putting out to help us think our way through the impasse. It might not be perfect. It could be misunderstood and would probably be rejected by people on both sides of the divide. Again, this is just to help us to be reflecting as we forge ahead.
We need to think our way through this difficulty and I hope that the Church and the United Nations plus some good will Cameroonians that are God fearing will join the government bench in the near future for this frank  and open dialogue that has been prescribed by everybody as the way forward. There should be no taboo subjects during the dialogue.
It is understood of course, that we need a new government in place; that people can trust before such a dialogue can take place.
In case I have inadvertently offended you, please, ‘kill’ the message and not the messenger.
Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD.

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Opinion: Dialogue?

By Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD.

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam
Which dialogue? With whom, where, when, why, what and how? These are the many questions that are being asked now. Everyone says genuine, frank and inclusive dialogue without taboo subjects. Beyond the pain and agony, people are asking these questions and have genuine reasons for doing so. Dialogue in Africa means different things to different persons with expected different outcomes. The worst part is when resolutions are shelved and never implemented.
As I meditated on these questions and listened to many persons I realized they all have reasons to wonder and complain. If we do not try to first understand the path we want to travel, then we shall certainly be heading for the rocks for lack of the road map. And the road is complicated and thorny. Like anything else that we do, we must understand the principles, the Physic, Mathematics and the Chemistry. The salt and the light must be Truth and Love in the respect of Common Good.
Everything worth its while in life must work on principles. When you avoid principles you build on a faulty foundation that must crack with time for that also is the law of nature. No solid constitution and nation can thrive on half measures.
I remember my mother cooking ‘corn chaff’ when I was a kid. It is a mixture of beans and corn in which there are no standard ratios. I have observed my wife cooking it as well and no batch tastes like the other. The recipes are slightly different but some principles are constant.
For starters, she kicks off with the corn. She can decide to peel off the coating on the grains to improve on the cooking time and change the taste. She can pound that off like the Muslims do, or boil the maize with wood ash and wash after a while to get rid of the coating. There are some techniques used in machines to do the trick. Sometimes, she just cooks through the thick coat for hours on a fire of pounded sawdust until the maize is done.
It does not matter the nature of the corn nor its species, she can just cooking it for as long as it takes and it will be done. You can swear on that because that is Physics and Chemistry working together. My grandmother in unaware of Physics and Chemistry but makes use of the principles daily. She knows the importance of time and seasons, when to prepare, sow and harvest; how to tend to the crops for a good yield.
We need to have more than one dialogue in different settings because the problems are complex. We are building a new car and different parts and systems have to be built in different locations then brought together to make a functional whole. One dialogue cannot do it. We need three micro dialogues and two macro dialogues.
1)    H.E. Prime Minister Yang and Peter Mafany are on the field for the first micro dialogue. They are testing the waters with one foot and taking the psychological temperature of Anglophones while letting out the steam from the pressure cooker. They might be gathering some talking points for solving the Anglophone problems and gauging where the anger lies. Everyone knows that Anglophones have been marginalized and are angry about it. They cannot understand why they have been treated as second class citizens in a union that they embraced with a lot of hope and optimism many years ago. Lost hope can be a difficult issue to reconstruct.
2)    Anglophones need an AAC 111. This will bring together Anglophones of all shades and opinions to talk to themselves and get to a common plat form before setting out to the Macro Dialogue A. AAC 111 will crystallize issues into concrete form so that these will be presented as one coherent file and thus speak with one voice for the good of this nation. Attending ACC 111 would be Dr. Munzu’s camp, SCACUF and the GC, banned consortium members and individuals including Barrister Balla, Akere Muna, Nico Halle and leaders of teachers’ and lawyers’ associations. We are thinking of different church leaders and stand-alone figures like H.E. Christian Cardinal Tumi. The Chiefs and Fons, women’s representatives, youth representatives, transporters and okada representatives, university dons, the intelligentia, political party representatives and other positive and forward looking elites. Representatives of the Diaspora have a lot to offer.  ACC 111 will come out with a list of persons that will attend the Macro Dialogue A and speak for the people.
3)    The Macro Dialogue A would be between H.E. President Paul Biya and the government team on the one hand and AAC 111 Anglophone representatives on the other hand. A third party to such talks to ease communication and understanding would be the United Nations, America, Canada, German, Britain and France. This meeting is held in the country after general amnesty to all participants to allow for free access and frank talk.
4)    There should be a micro dialogue amongst Francophone communities and Regions. They should seek to discuss what it takes to grow our economy, fight corruption, respect others especially Anglophones; and what needs to be done for effective human development and transfer of technology into this nation for industrialization. They should learn the concepts of self-governance and what it takes to be proactive.
5)    A Macro Dialogue B will bring Anglophones and Francophones together to learn the concepts of ‘vivre ensemble’ in mutual respect and love.
For these dialogues to take place, we need to emphasize the point that the current government has lost her voice, credibility and authority over the people. This is so because of arrogance and the inability to address the basic needs of the communities. State authority cannot be decreed or dictated. It is a function of love and genuine respect for each other. Respect is not a one way traffic in which the common man must swallow as gospel truth what comes from above. It is earned by living and practicing the truth. Nothing damages relationships more than lies telling and the absence of the Fear of God.
It therefore, makes sense to say that the people expect a new and credible government to help this nation get unto new shores.  H. E. President Paul Biya in December 2013; said this current government suffers from inertia (inability to solve problems proactively), individualism and poor governance ( corruption). They should take the blame for the current crisis because they are not aware that a stitch in time saves nine. New wine cannot be put in old wine skins and you cannot repair a torn old dress by stitching to it a new piece of cloth which makes a bad situation worse.
To add insult to injury, some government ministers and high ranking officials along with self-seeking journalists refer to Anglophones as dogs, cats, rats and more that ought to be eradicated. This is not very nice for a people who seek to live and grow together. Anglophones need an apology for this kind of talk.
 I must say that violence has been witnessed on both sides. The lies telling and social media intoxication is just so amazing. I am so ashamed of Anglophones who called for children to be killed and yet when people eventually die one way or the other, we scream about genocide when we did contribute to it directly or indirectly by asking our children; some currently on mbanga and tramol; to face the military while indoctrinating them to believe these are toys.
We say we are showing up in Tiko to declare our independence and it never happens, and yet no one gives us an explanation for such an absence. We say the UN helicopter has landed in Tiko with pictures to buttress yet pictures of such a presence are those with General Tumenta who died over a year ago. Someone owes us an explanation.
If the military are toys, then we cannot be running away from them and seeking refuge in foreign lands. How could we arrest DOs, SDOs and governors and imprison in chief’s palaces? How many of such were arrested? What happened to them afterwards? How do you evaluate such a strategy? How many people died because they wanted to carry out the arrests while facing toy guns? Does it make sense now as we look back? I am not saying the killing was a right thing to do. People could have been arrested and held down while waiting for the tramol to wear out and right thoughts to settle in. Killing unarmed civilians is a subject of a different debate.
Two days ago, a military truck probably lost its brakes and ran into people causing injury and death in Buea. Some say it was deliberate with over 50 persons killed. Some say 1 or two were killed with many injured. What is happening here? Where is the truth? Where are the bodies of the 50 dead, and what are their identities?  How many people were shot from helicopters? This can easily be verified even after 60 years by studying the bones of the dead. It can never be hidden.
I read that someone from the UN is coming to Cameroon and the tone on social media goes up to reinforce ghost towns and encourage others to do what they must do to stop children from going to school. Then when schools are burnt and a girl’s arms are chopped, the leaders do not want to accept responsibility for the violence on the BBC. We say we are winning big in the face of violence and when questioned we deny it in the same breath. This confuses me to the core. If it is not right, do not do it. If you think it is right, do it and take responsibility for it. Which actions in your opinion qualify as terrorist acts?
What drove me made this morning was a message circulated to the effect that following the 1st October upheavals, 400 persons were arrested and locked up in the premises of Amour Mezam and later on ferried in Amour Mezam buses to Yaounde. These are all lies and incite violence and destruction of others for no good cause. Hatred and negative manipulation are certainly not the ways of God. We say we are Christians and we do horrible things that we cannot be proud of.
Another embarrassment was the news about the burning of Prof. Sessekou Ayuk’s house and destruction of his plantations in his native village. Barrister Agbor Balla visited in person and took a picture in front of this property in the company of the regent of that village. Everyone was silent and said nothing after this truth was made public that his houses are intact.  It is not fair to incite and sow hatred and anger just to make political gains.
As we ask for justice and God’s favor, we should make sure that we are in good standing with God. The government also has some hands cleansing to do. For every lie and manipulation you do, you kill someone and the generations after him. Only the truth and God’s love can set us free.

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)