Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet the Cameroonian Women Who have been Making the Difference

H.E Ama Tutu Muna: The Woman Emancipator

If there is any area in Cameroon where the African woman can be assessed after 50 years, it is the Ministry of Culture headed by Mafor Ama Tutu Muna. This woman has shown that women in leadership could mean a lot to Cameroon. Ever since this daughter of the great statesman, late Solomon Tandeng Muna became the Minister of Culture, the ever first woman to lead that Ministry, she ignited the hope that women in leadership position could mean a lot to Cameroon. Hitherto considered a no go zone for women, Ama Tutu has not only dismantled the male barriers constructed round that Ministry but has more importantly handed some key positions to women. Another key innovation has been the transfer of authority from the tortuous and rugged CMC to SOCAM with a woman at the head. Since her appointment, Ama Tutu Muna had helped a great deal in transforming President Biya’s policy of greater ambitions to greater achievements. Even though a cabinet minister, Ama Tutu remains approachable. She talks and acts with untiring sociability.
Yet, it is this quality which immensely complements her multifarious roles. That she now occupies that seat of culture Minister is not fortuitous. Before her appointment as Minister of Culture, she had already learned to cope with the cultural demands of such positions. Hard work and efficiency have continued to be the qualities that define her. When you call at her office, you are taken to a waiting room where you need to be patient as she is on an important or some of those critical files that demands a lot of concentration. Take it as arrogance and you are right for this is positive arrogance that enables that job for which she was appointed to be done effectively. It is this positive arrogance that always determines the quality of ideas and projects that comes out of that ministry and which tells you that she is not a woman who takes task lightly.
Notwithstanding, she has the drive and dedication that defies any facile explanations. Born into a politician’s family, Mafor Ama Tutu Muna was brought up in close knit family where as the only girl she was never allowed to idle while others work. In later life she could not escape to be a workaholic or become a politician par excellence reasons why she formed the Abi Fall Sub Section of the CPDM and is continuing from where the father left with a lot of dexterity. Mafor Ama Tutu is also on record to have initiated the Mbengwi Women Cooperative to combat the plight of the rural woman and besides, she is also the brain behind the creation North West Women’s Forum.

Hon. Esther Ngala Ntala: Self Motivated Sparkling Politician

To be a female political giant in Cameroon is just like driving along the Bamenda Ring Road where you need to withstand all the odds against you. And trying to change the mentality of a society that was purely male dominated is also an up hill task that only dynamic women can overcome.
Yet, Hon. Esther Ngala Ntala, SDF Member of Parliament for Ndu in Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest region is one of those exemplary female politicians who has dismantled these barriers. Before becoming a career politician, her hard work, determination and involvement in community work and sound education shaped and influenced her life to where she is today.
This good nature, self-motivated and sparkling political icon has had a distinguished career as a teacher before a jump-start in politics where she is going into records in great names. Conscientiously speaking she has been rated as the agrarian political messiah who continues to stimulate the woman that “what a man can do in politics, a woman can likely do it twice”. This is great motivation because she is and continues to make a difference in the lives of the rural woman. From Taku to Ntundip through Ndu, Ntumbaw, right down to Luh, Ngarum, Talla, Mbipgo, she moves from women of little and no education to learned ones. Her success story as a politician is the beginning of a new page for women. Skilled with political strategies, Hon. Esther Ngala Ntala remains a force to reckon with in Mbumland. Despite her prestigious position as MP, Hon. Esther Ngala still believes in the African root concept because she remains a mother and a home maker. As an educationist, she has a soft spot for the education of the girl child. Before going to Parliament, she was the President of the (Wimbum) Mbum Women in Bamenda with a membership of over 7.000. She helped set up a micro credit for woen in Ndu where more than 500 women have changed their lives.  She recently embarked in a giant tree planting programme with women in Ndu.
Besides, she was also a member of the Steering Committee of the Grassfeild Participatory and Decentralized Rural Development Project-GP DERUDEP. All these positions were not handed to her on a platter of gold but were as a result of hard work and merit. At the National Assembly, she is the Chairperson of the Social Committee. Yet, Hon. Esther Ngala moves along with innovation, meet her on her political trips and you would have met a politician of great magnitude. Furthermore, she is also one of those MPs that have continued to caution farmers and grazers on the phenomenon of climate change.

Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje: The Role Model

Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje is a frontline researcher, like other result oriented researchers, she is transforming theory into practice. Moving research results from the laboratory into the field of production has been one of her major achievements. In the past, accusations have been more compounded by the fact that research results never go beyond the laboratory. Reasons being that majority of the research results never tie with local realities because most of the researchers prefer to think globally and act globally. Welcome Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje who is a mark departure from the madding crowd because she thinks globally and act locally. As a woman she has shown proof of being a systematically thought out of the box. As a researcher and a woman for that matter, she has always been worried why there are practical problems to be solved in society and researchers spend time in abstract things. She is one of those rare researchers who believe in the value of work. Far from being an academic exercise, she is of the school of thought of Beacon who saw research and the acquisition of knowledge as planned work. Knowing that everything in the world is purchased by labour, Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje put herself to education and learning that would make her useful in the field of work. And being a God fearing person, her inspiration has often come from Genesis 1:28 which states that: “replenish and subdue it”.  It is therefore a noble sentiment that she has not only replenished the earth but has been subduing it.
As General Manager of the Local Material Production Authority-MIPROMALO, she has been redefining the use of the earth especially it soil. Through her meritorious research work, she demonstrated that local materials are more resistant and she succeeded in putting local construction materials at the front stage in Cameron. That is how she is transforming President Biya’s greater ambition program.
While others in her position will certainly wear arrogance and snobbishness, she remains down to earth and accommodative. Back in her Constituency, Prof. Uphie Melo initiated and established the Creative Women Center, which is a model in empowering the rural woman. Yet Prof. Melo still goes beyond that to make work the divine with humanity as she believes God makes Himself in all the things. Her successes in politics, development work, research and empowerment has earned her countless awards and merits. She is therefore one of those celebrities that Cameroonians continue to admire during the Month of the woman and look up to as a role model. Meet her in the field discussing politics and you understand she is perfect.

Hon. Rose Abunaw: Symbol of Hard Work

Hon. Rose Abunaw is CPDM Member of Parliament for Manyu in the Southwest region. Her rise to fame in the field of politics can easily be justified by the statement that life is a journey. In fact, John Bungam’s pilgrim progress is a classical expression of this truth that clearly portrays her as a political genius. To start with, she is a multi talented woman and describing her as a genius is to use one of the weakest dictions to illustrate a genius. She is smart and has the thoroughness that is hard to come by.  Anyone who comes across her for the first time is attracted by her cultured manners which have made her a career politician.
She is always exceptional everywhere she goes. She started her political progress in the UNDP party where she got her first ticket to Parliament. Pregnant with political maturity and strategies, her desire to express her political ideas freely and pragmatically made her to move to the CPDM party from the UNDP. Prophets of doom who were quick to predict her down-fall but were shocked when she trashed canned her opponents’ majority of them men to emerge victorious in her new garment. It is that mastery in grassroot politics and doing little things that matter in a common way that has raised her to be cherished by all and sundry in Manyu. She later became the 3rd Vice President at the National Assembly and a pragmatic climate change campaigner. To understand that she has the God given magnet that attracts people and that she is a career politician, meet her in the field and you would agree with me that she is a celebrity.
While she has been transforming lives through micro projects, and doing the same like Mother Teresa, Hon. Mafor Rose Abunaw is also an advocate against female genital mutilation. She has always been apt to stand up against people in society that keep others in abject poverty for the sake of a few who have wealth and power. To her, the door of success only opens those who value hard work. Hon. Rose Abunaw is on record for having opened the road that links Batibo to Manyu, reasons why where she is succeeding some men have tried and failed woefully.

Madame Achidi Achu Judith Yaah Sunde: Pictogram of Fame

Madame Achidi Achu Judith Yaah Sunde is a woman of additional qualities. Voted Woman of The Year 2011 by readers of The Eye Newspaper, this is a woman who unlike others is busy round the clock. As a seasoned administrator, she believes like Immanuel Kant that “the more we are busy, the more we feel we are alive and contributing for the welfare of others”. Her educational background coupled with her devotion to be perfect has made her to transform the principle of education for work into the principle of education through work. Reasons why she puts youths ahead in all her actions and also believes that by empowering the rural women and youths she would be an avenue par excellence to change lives through work. As a Christian, she believes like Martin Luther King that “working is praying”. One prelate once said that every human natured person is made up of the human and the divine and that when the divine overrides, the human one becomes closer to God. Yet, Madame Achidi Achu Judith goes beyond that by making work the divine with the human as a pairs.
Last year, she donated a football trophy worth a million FCFA for youths in Donga Mantung Division to celebrate the 50 Anniversary of Cameroon’s independence in grand style with over 20.000 man crowds in attendance during the finals reasons why couple with all what had done for the welfare of rural women, Donga Mantung Fons honoured and coroneted her Senior Ma-Yaah of Donga Mantung division.
Accompanying rural women through support has been her line of action in fostering women empowerment. What makes her dissimilar from others is that she does uncommon things in a very common manner. 
In the Littoral and South West regions where she served as Regional Director of CAMTEL, she left an indelible mark of greatness that speaks positively and confirms the aptitude of women in leadership positions. In the Southwest Region she succeeded in putting in place the optic fiber. In the North West, she is also noted to have transformed the entire service into a bee hive of activities. Notwithstanding, Madame Achidi Achu Judith Yaah Sunde is also a great supporter of the CPDM. In the political arena her presence in Donga Mantung Division is often described as a booster to youths and the woman folk. If you have never met a cheese full of prominence, get closer to Sr Ma Yaah Achidi Achu Judith to rediscover her role as a woman emancipator.

Kah Walla: The Woman with Presidential Ambitions

The most comfortable act on earth they say is to fulfill ones dream. Mss Kah Walla, the Coordinator of Cameroon O’Bosso and founder of a not for profit making known as Strategy is not a woman to pigeon hole with. Even though some people are of the opinion that far away hills always look very green, female Presidential candidate for 2011, Kah Walla when looked closer she is as green as green pepper. To begin with, Kah Walla is a very brilliant woman. The chair lady of CCP is not someone to pigeon-hole with.
With Strategy, a not for profit organization she was able to move mountains reasons why the World Bank selected her among the most brilliant enterprising African women. In fact, Kah Walla has an International reputation that makes a great difference with her peers. The truth about Kah Walla is that she is first of all very courageous and result-oriented. While in the Social Democratic Front where she occupied the privileged position of head of the Strategic Committee she was as excellent and accurate as a mathematics teacher. Being a woman did not hinder her from performing the most demanding and strategic role for the SDF party. Yet, Kah Walla decided to quit the SDF to be record holder as the ever first Cameroonian woman to declare her ambitions to rule Cameroon. Waoo, a woman with Presidential ambitions is not just any Jack, Dick or Harry but someone who knows she has the potentials. However, Kah has become a force to reckon with in Cameroon and one of the few politicians that creates panic when she addresses burning issues.
Kah Walla is a good orator and a perfect public speaker from the agglomeration of her education. As a graduate from Howard, she is not just a product of fineness but also she is smart and proactive.  She has the God-given knack that she is clicked by the charm that easily convinces people. When she launched her Presidential race to the Unity Palace, the Kahwallamania syndrome took Cameroonians like the hike in the prices of coffee and cocoa took farmers unaware last February.
As a trainer, Kah Walla holds record for setting up a structure that is recognized worldwide. In Cameroon, she has empowered hundreds of youths. From Europe to America, she has left a mark of greatness as a leader. Get her from sleep and challenge her to a debate and you would realize that she is all Cameroon need to effect change. To any body who wants to enjoy Kah Walla do not go to challenge her, go to discuss with her and you will not regret for having met such a super intelligent woman. She is of the school of thought that holds the conviction that Africa is rich but the problem is with it leadership. The range of her level hardheadedness has attracted the world not just because she is a woman for that matter rather because she appears to come from a rare breed of woman
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Six Barons of the Biya Regime Slammed Life Sentences, Sparrowhawk for Life Jails?

In all, six barons of the Biya regime have been given life sentences in connection with proceedings concerning Operation Sparrowhawk. These are respectively Alphonse Siyam Siewe former Minister of Mines and Director of the Autonomous Port of Douala (Pad), Bartholomew and Kamdem Assan'a Mba Thompson sentenced to life in the context of the trial on the embezzlement of public funds to pad. The judgment was delivered by the Court of Appeals for the Coast June 11, 2009. Then there Kingué Eric Paul, former mayor of the town of Njombe Penja sentenced to life by the High Court (Tgi) of Mungo in 2011. He is accused of embezzling money meant for the installation of a water network in the town of Snec Penja. Then Zacchaeus finally come Mungwe Forjindam, former CEO of Shipyard and Industrial Cameroon (CNIC) and John Simon Ngwang worker at Chantier Navale. They are accused of having diverted funds at the CNIC. Their verdict was delivered by the  Wouri High Court last July 20, 2012.At the Douala Port Authority, 13 people have been arrested and sentenced on embezzlement charges. Among them, the former government delegate to the Douala City Council, Eduoard Etonde Ekoto. They were charged for siphoning for 40 billion FCFA.  This sum was latter reduced to12 billion at the end of the trial pending the verdict which was delivered on 13 December 2007. All sentences were then revised upwards. The jail terms were increased from 30 years to life sentences.As for Paul Eric Kingué, CPDM mayor for Njombe-Penja, came after a series of trials and convictions. First he was sentenced to six years imprisonment by the Moungo Court of First Instance for his involvement in the February 2008 rioting. On appeal, his sentence was reduced to half but few days later, another condemnation fell on him on the14th of January 2011. He was slammed a 10 years prison jail term for complicity in forgery and falsification of public and diversion of money. He was latter acquitted of the charges  yet few days before his acquittal, he was slammed a  life sentence for embezzlement of 10 million CFA francs. The money which it is alleged was intended to be used to install a water system at Council Hall.Paul Eric Kingué  like Forjindam who is also alleged to to have been sentenced to life imprisonment for embezzling 206 million CFA francs also appealed and wrote to Biya. The cases will open on appeal. But before this sentence, Forjindam has already been convicted in another case of embezzlement of 978 million CFA francs to 12 years, and an additional 15 years jail term by the Court of First Instance and the Littoral Court of Appeal. Seemingly, anyone caught in the dragnet of the sparrowhawk would serve a life sentence from every indication reasons why the man in the street is more concern with money being recovered than jail terms. The system to many is kangaroo and is intended to settle scores with members of the so-called G11. G11, it should be noted was tagged as a generation that will take over pover in the country after President Biya which was in 2011. Yet, it came to past that Biya in 2011 presented his candidature and won with a (crushing majority),

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Architect of Life President for Biya, Rewarded With Life Jail

The greatest casualty of the famous advocacy for a life Presidency for the sitting Head of state of Cameroon masterminded by former Chantier Naval (CNIC) Boss, Zacheus Forjindam was the Social Democratic Front SDF that lost eight of nineteen seats in Parliament to the CPDM in the North West Region. This technocrat from Santa Subdivision specialized in shipbuilding used the same tactic and knowhow to rekindle the lost power base of the CPDM in the North West Region. He personally bankrolled deposits for twenty parliamentary candidates to the tune of FCFA 10 million and an undisclosed amount for councilors. Nine parliamentary seats and eighteen councils were won over by CPDM in the 2007 twin elections. 
It was no news that Zacheus Forjindam was so attached to the presidential family. How true was even a claim by the public rumour mill that he was a godfather of one of President Biya’s son is yet to be verified. And that he even went as far as bankrolling birthday parties for the number one man’s child. Some say it was a sign of gratitude to the person who personally woo him to come back and serve the country in that capacity. Forjindam sacrificed his very huge pay package and the good life led out of the country while working as a shipbuilding Engineer only to end up in the jaws of the prison.  This whole show started with several orchestrated strike actions by workers of Chantier naval fueled by his second in command Antoine Bikoro to cry foul over nonpayment of salaries. The sudden twist of events just one year after working so hard to keep the regime in power comfortable took many wondering whether it is worth the trouble defending the undefendable. It started like a joke. Forjindam was invited for interrogations at the judicial police in an investigation of what had to do with embezzling huge amounts of FCFA at Chantier naval. Before long he was arrested in May 2008 and was awaiting trial at the new bell prison. At some point in time as the case was proceeding with evidence and counter evidence presented by lawyers on both sides, there were prospects that the case would be in favour of Zacheus Forjindam. Rather he was slammed a twelve year jail term for embezzling over FCFA 900 million. In an effort to prove beyond reasonable doubts that he was innocent in the court of appeal, it rather added three more years to the twelve summing up to fifteen. The paradox is that of the seven counts that earned him a twelve year jail term, five were not considered at the Littoral court of Appeal and Forjindam was acquitted and discharged of the five but sentenced on two, counts one having to doing with inappropriate supervision of his cashier one Antoine Njambe. On the same day, as if to add salt to injury the Wouri court was hearing a different matter filed by the authorities of the port charging Forjindam with embezzling FCFA 205 million and judgment was effected with a life jail sentence. All his property acquired before 2004 confisticated were refunded but those acquired after were retained by the state. His lawyers who claim Forjindam is innocent and is only a victim of circumstances have filed in another appeal at the Supreme Court.
Contrary to the make believe rhetoric by a few overzealous people who give false impressions, typical North Westerners and a cross section of Cameroonians are yet to forgive Zacheus Forjindam for advocating in 2006 that Paul Biya be made Life President of Cameroon. Thereafter, the constitution was revised giving the seating head of State a free way to vie for another mandate of which many were expecting the end of the second seven-year mandate to elapse with the present regime. True to Forjindam’s wish, there is no term limit in the Presidential mandate in Cameroon following the revised constitution. North Westerners received the news of Forjindam being slammed a life jail sentence as a no event and some are saying he deserves it. To some adherents of the opposition parties this lesson will serve as a deterrent to others who wrongly think that the CPDM should be taken as an umbrella to shed just anything in Cameroon. Kwa Donatus alias “Menchum” an SDF no nonsense militant from Fungum in Menchum Division holds that this rubbish by CPDM stooges must stop saying they should learn to differentiate the State from a political party. More often than not the CPDM stalwarts have taken Cameroonians for a ride but time has caught up with them and the State is taking its responsibility. They of the ruling party have pillaged and milked the state coffers dry and Cameroon is now on its knees.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

L’ Epervier Not Serving Genuine Cameroon

Fellow Cameroonians especially patriots and our friends, get set! No one is spared as long as this one-man-show reigns in Cameroon. L’Epervier (‘Sparrow Hawk’) and other setups said to be fighting corruption done not constitutionally but by one man – President Biya appointment is serving ulterior purposes not the people of this country.
Biya’s appointed ministers, directors etc especially those who eye his presidential throne are picked up, incarcerated by L’Epervier.
 Biya will likely make up charges and use this very structure for knocking any one who points out the ills of his regime. He will knock out the veritable opposition – with the slightest fault. However Paul Biya’s crimes are sky-high: The killings and maiming of Cameroonians at the launch of the SDF party in Bamenda over 22 years ago. The carnage and hardship – orchestrated death and poverty caused by lack of access roads, portable water, and good health facilities etc yet we are rich in natural and human resources, the enslaving education given Cameroonians who upon graduation become beggars unable to employ themselves. These are heavy criminal offences that warrant lifetime jail sentences for the state’s leadership – yet Biya over three decades, continues, with impunity, lording it over Cameroonians. History is yet to portray any civilization that emerged from poverty using intrigues as Biya does. The president and his cohorts go for health care in the Diaspora. It’s only the down trodden that have no choice than visit Cameroon health services. Yet the regime has come up once more with another hollow slogan of emancipation by 2035? – No way!
This country will never develop when laws for electing people’s representatives are CPDM-inclined tailored. The make-believe obtained in Cameroon does not solve hunger and related issues. The modus operandi of the incumbent regime fuels eventual rebellion and destruction in this otherwise incident free land.
 L’Epervier put in place by Biya, not parliament or laws of the country (constitution), is a weapon to maintain Biya/CPDM in power, as long as possible. 
However obvious criminals are mixed with these to make the exercise look right.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hon. Esther Ngala Empowers Women to Combat Water Crisis, Climate Change and Global Warming


The SDF Member of Parliament for Ndu, Hon. Esther Ngala has demonstrated that a woman in leadership position is worthwhile. After distributing tons of improved maize seeds to women last March 2012, Hon. Esther Ngala has again introduced another innovative action. In order to curb water crisis in Ndu Sub Division as well as mitigate the phenomenon of Climate change, the SDF lone female Parliamentarian has donated improved seedlings to women to integrate in their family exploitations. While handing over the grafted fruit trees to beneficiaries, she told the population that planting a tree nowadays is the best gift a woman can offer to the unborn children and humanity. She said “operation one woman, one tree” is a programme will help to redress the water crisis in Ndu, mitigate climate change, combat global warming as well as improve on their nutritional standard. The tree to be planted by each family she said is “a family tree” that could easily raise enough income for a household and she hopes that these grafted fruit trees will gradually serve as a replacement for eucalyptus trees that have invaded water catcments in the municipality thus rendering water a scarce commodity.
She also added that in the Cameroon Parliament, there are 32 women Parliamentarians and through the network they created, they (the women MPs) have decided to embark on promoting sustainable agricultural activities in order to effectively combat poverty and hunger. It should be noted that of late, she also distributed fertilizer to women groups, set up a microfinance scheme for women will in the nearest future donate to each household in the municipality improved cocking fireside to reduce the tedious work women usually undergo to prepare food for their families. Before handing over the seedlings to the beneficiary, she also called on the public to register massively in the electoral register giving that this time it shall be done through biometric. “The change we need can only come when you all turn out to register and vote massively so that you could vote more women into the council and other positions of leadership” she concluded.
On her part, the representative of the Divisional Officer for Ndu expressed gratitude to the Member of Parliament for always looking back at the women. She said Ndu is blessed to have a Member of Parliament who is a woman and also knows the problem of women in rural areas. She said Hon. Esther Ngala is the only MP that has kept to all her political promises because many who have past before her disappeared after being voted into office and would only resurface to lobby for votes. On the contrary, Hon. Esther Ngala has proven that she cares even for the unborn because the trees that are being distributed will serve both the present and next generations. She told the beneficiaries that a tree planted doesn’t only produces oxygen it also absorbs carbon thus leading to a clean and more comfortable environment for all. “Support Hon. Esther Ngala because she has the good spirit to work and improve on your standard of living” she concluded.
On the other hand, the Sub Divisional Delegate for Agriculture, Jato Johnson stressed out the importance of a tree and its short and long term benefits. Jato Johnson also observed that it is not long that these groups of women received tons of maize seeds from the Member of Parliament and from all indication Ndu will register an increase in production of more than 50%. According to the sub delegate of agriculture, 90% of the women in Ndu sub division live on agriculture and encouragingly enough, the MP has taken up the task of empowering the women to transform it into an agric business notwithstanding the fact that men pass time drinking local drinks. As such, he called on the women to support Hon. Esther Ngala who has proven that she is capable of bringing more innovative agricultural benefits “ because her innovations will make you sustainable” he concluded.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

SDF Mayor Arrested for Misappropriation

 SDF mayor for Batibo, Tenoh Lawrence is reported in police dragnet for alleged misappropriation of public funds. According to information gathered, Tenoh Lawrence's arrest is linked to management style at the helm of the Batibo Council. It should be recalled that a week ago, Tenoh was listed among mayors who have embezzled money for communal stamps in the North West Region. It is aired that Tenoh's financial crimes are not just stamps and that other charges would be unveiled in the days ahead. Sources say, more than 12 mayors of the North West Region will fall into police dragnet in the weeks to come. The case of the mayor of Mbengwi, Tah George is also pathetic as he is constantly at logger ahead with his Secretary General who has decided to open a can of worms exposing Tah George's obnoxious practices at the helm of the Mbengwi Council. Besides, it is alleged that even some secondary school principals of the Northwest have been placed under strict surveillance. More so, allegations are also rife at that a staff of the Regional delegation of transport for the North West was picked last week for corrupt practices. according to what we gathered, this man has carved a niche where he enriches himself on daily basis. As God would make it, he was trapped with coded banknotes and picked by CONAC. There is panic in North West Councils as the first victim has been trapped. 

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Korean Gifts to B’da III Council Creates Panic and Sensation

There was a free-for-all fight at the Nkwen Palace premise where the maor of Bamenda III Council was distributing some gifts from Suwon City in Korean. In fact those who took the pains to witness the distribution exercise went home more confused than when they were going. However, a school of thought holds that Bamenda III Council area has been transformed into a dumping pit by the Koreans while another school holds that the mayor of Bamenda III Council Fonguh Clestus is actually putting into the mouth of the population the flavour of Korean made article for an imminent invasion of Korean traders in the area.
The most pathetic thing is that news had circulated in njangi groups that the council was going to distribute some items yet, the item remained undisclosed until when they arrived the avenue to uncover that they were dresses, slippers, sport wears, women dresses etc… Some groups stormed out of the ceremonial ground in anger while those who stayed behind suddenly engaged themselves in a fight over the distribution of the items. Fonguh Cletus himself, was almost bundled by some okada riders who could not withstand to see the end without having one item. The invasion was so tense that even the lone police officer spotted at the Nkwen Palace as well as the Gendarme officer were helpless. Beside, these officers had received their gift and abandoned the mayor to the mercy of the crowd. Public opinion is questioning whether the Suwon City is not practicing dumping giving that it is more sustainable to teach someone to catch a fish rather than giving that person fish to eat whenever he/she is hungry. Mayor Fonguh’s detractors snobed the distribution exercise and tag it as a campaign strategy. Others even questioned whether the Korean government is aware that Suwon City is already sponsoring candidates in Cameroon for the upcoming elections.  

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marafa's 5th Letter Out

The celebrated prisoner and former Minister of Territorial Administration, and Decentralization, Marafa Hamidou Yaya has released his 5th letter. The letter titled fifth declaration outlines some pertinent issues ahead of his trial billed for July 24, 2012. In his 5th letter, Marafa Hamidou Yaya is demanding for a fair trial so that he could express himself. He also reveals what he told the court yesterday, July 16, 2012 during his first appearance in court. 
Here below is the letter in its entirety. 
My statement to the Judge

The reasons for my refusal to receive the judge and those of his absence in court July 2, 2012 and promises to deliver all purchase of BJJ. Mr. Chairman and members of collegiality let me first offer you my sincerest apologies for not being able to stand here last Monday, July 2. I thought I had to do in the presence of my lawyers that I was not able to reach on time,... given my conditions of detention.
Compared to my alleged refusal to defer to appear before the judge, I thought his recusal request for reasons that seemed valid. The Court of Appeal rejected my request. I naturally bent to this decision. However, the judge insisted on hearing me without the presence of my lawyers that I could not see nor be reached during the first weeks after my transfer to the Secretary of State for Defence.

On the other hand, my term of detention did not indicate the specific reason of my conviction and my incarceration, and the judge refused me access to the pleadings of the trial record. Parts that I still have not received incidentally. My lawyers have repeatedly referred to this effect, but in vain. June 26, or 70 days after my arrest, the judge made his order of dismissal. Mr. Chairman and members of collegiality, I did not expect to appear before you as held, for several years, I demand a transparent and fair trial to explain myself on all those cases where the amalgam is arguing with the manipulation of public opinion.

The removal order can finally define the facts in relation to what I was criticized at the time of my arrest and I hope the truth will be made on this count also. I reiterate my availability and my commitment to assist and cooperate fully in this task. I believe in the truth which alone can finally do me justice in the case of acquisition of a Boeing BBJ-II nine of which I have known that the start of execution and where I have been guided by the desire to provide our country with an instrument of sovereignty and a working tool enabling the president to make his travel safely, in a particularly difficult environment. Thank you.

Marafa H Yaya

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Marafa's 5th Letter Out,

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Marafa's Appearance in Court Pulls Crowd

Former Minister Marafa Hamidou Yaya appeared in court yesterday, July 16, 2012 in what appears to be one of the most spectacular court cases in Cameroon.  Former Minister and former Secretary General at the Presidency, Marafa Hamidou Yaya, imprisoned since April for alleged embezzlement became a celebrated prison when he engaged in fight with the regime he served through “open letters”. Marafa Hamidou Yaya is indeed preceded by his published letters from prison. In his letters, he maintains his innocence and has claimed he is a victim of court intrigues, but also accuses some of his former colleagues of corruption.
Thus, his revelations about the deadly crash of an airliner in 1995 grabbed headlines in the country. He revealed how the money that would have been used to compensate the families of the victims was hijacked by some personalities still in government.
He is accused of embezzlement in connection with the acquisition of a presidential aircraft in 2001. It was when he was all-powerful secretary general to the presidency. Today, from his prison cell, he says he is quite ready to be heard by the courts.
There was a strong mobilization of Cameroonians who stormed the Mfoundi Court to listen to the former MINATD and Fotso closely. The gendarmes were in battle with the crowd as everyone engaged in a push-push to catch a view of the celebrated prisoner On his arrival in the company of Yves Michel Fotso, the crowd cheered and people shouted "President", "President". Journalists also stormed the court despite the veto that no one was allowed in!
Yet, Marafa and Yves were not handed the charges against them. The defense lawyers have challenged the very short time to conduct a thorough study of the case, but were finally terminated at the temporal margin. So everything will resume Tuesday, July 24, next week at 11 pm and the hearings will be held daily. The judge said he wanted to quickly end the case because he said it was too often reproached for Justice she was too "slow". Some people responded by saying: "In any case, the verdict is already known and that Biya is the only true judge of Cameroon", "What if this trial is political and as long as Biya will stay in Etoudi,  Marafa , Fotso never find freedom "as was the case Mebara.
They are accused of planning the siphoning money intended for the purchase of the presidential plane. The hearing lasted about 1 h. When Marafa stormed out of the court, the crowd had increased and the forces of law and order had difficulties controlling. In fact, the exit of the accused created a tense atmosphere. It was hot as the crowd cheered Marafa, called him Excellency, our President; the latter greeted him back with a lot enthusiasms and healthy way! Very unanimous, we have set an appointment next Tuesday to listen to each other in this trial received a great deal of saliva right now! That's roughly what I could say without claiming to have carried the story so well

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rev. Kisob Bertin Canonized with Traditional Title

Rev. "Mbangfor" Kisob Bertin
The outspoken Rev. Kisob Bertin, chairman of Cameroon Party for Social Justice-CPJS has been recognized by the people of Bamali village in Ngoketunjia of the North West Region. In what has been described by many as an outstanding coronation event ever, Rev. Kisob Bertin was canonized with the title of “Mbang for” meaning the walking stick of the fon. Before the rite, the fon of Bamali village, HRH Fon Waika III described Rev. Kisob Bertin an exemplary citizen and a man of trustworthiness. He narrated how Rev. Kisob had rescued the people of Bamali in an embarrassing court case which would have landed the fon in prison. Yet being the only eyewitness, Rev. Kisob snooped all the odds and stood for the truth thus serving the fon as walking stick.
To the villagers, Rev. Kisob is the most pragmatic politician who could be relied upon for being truthful. Before leaving Bamali village for Bamenda, Rev. Kisob told this reporter that he is happy that the people had recognized him. He said when the matter started, some people wanted to buy him over but he stood for the truth. Young Kisob also added that the recognition is a booster to his political career “especially now that I am fight to be a Senator”.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rio+20 Declaration Recognizes National Implementation and Enforcement Key to Achieving Sustainable Development

The world’s judges, prosecutors and legal experts adopted a powerful call to action to build capacity for implementation and enforcement of national environmental laws at the conclusion of UNEP’s Rio+20 side event on justice, law, and governance. “The Rio+20 Declaration on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability” recognizes the critical importance of national compliance promotion as part of an effective governance strategy to meet green economy and sustainable development objectives.

The Declaration was the outcome of the first ever gathering of more than 200 Chief Justices, Attorneys General, Auditors General, Chief Prosecutors, and other high-ranking representatives of the judicial,
legal and auditing professions during the World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability held on 17-20 June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro.

Following four days of discussions on the role of these communities in achieving environmental sustainability, the participants reached agreement to adopt the Declaration, which stresses the primacy of
strong enforcement institutions and underscores the importance of networking among its main actors.

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SCAPO Writes to President Biya

 The Southern Cameroons People's Organization-SCAPO has written an open letter to President Paul Biya. The open letter signed by Dr. Gumni and Mr. Ndangam addresses some pertinent issues on the union between Southern Cameroons and La Republique. Here below is the letter in its entirety. 


His Excellency,
President Paul Biya,
Unity Palace,
Republic of Cameroon

Your Excellency Mr. President,


          The Southern Cameroons People’s Organization (SCAPO) is a political Party in Southern Cameroons working to end the annexation and foreign occupation of Southern Cameroons since 1961.

          Your plan to celebrate 1st October 2012 as Re-Unification Day and to do so in Buea capital of Southern Cameroons takes many people in Southern Cameroon by surprise.  Many do not know the reason behind the elaborate plans about this celebration which has not happened in the last fifty years. Your answers to the following questions will clear the air about this new plan for celebration in Buea:

-         Why do you want to celebrate an event that did not take place?

-         Why a celebration when your country voted at the United Nations in 1961 that they did not want Union with Southern Cameroons?

-         Why this celebration after your government (for 50 years) carried out yearly harassment and arrests of Southern Cameroonians on every 1st October for celebrating their independence day?

-         Why do you call the event Re-Unification?

-         Why a celebration after evading the dialogue proposal made by the African Commission to be held between your country and the State of Southern Cameroons?

Permit us to draw your attention to the following:
1)       That you are planning to celebrate an event that did not take place.  In 1961 the people of Southern Cameroon voted in a UN plebiscite to join with their brothers in the Republic of Cameroon.  After that plebiscite, instead of engaging in negotiation in good faith for that union to succeed in accordance with UN principles and Resolutions, YOUR Country chose the path of annexation and today Southern Cameroon is two provinces of your Country that was supposed to be a partner in a Federation of two States both equal in status.

2)       Mr. President, you will recall that on April 21, 1961 when the UN proposed that Southern Cameroon joins your country (UN Resolution 1608X V paragraph 4b) your country joined the rest of French Speaking Africa to vote “NO” to that UN proposal and Resolution.  Your country has since never apologised to the people of Southern Cameroon for that position on Union with Southern Cameroons.  Your Country’s U-turn after this stand AGAINST Union with Southern Cameroons can only be explained in the light of the subsequent annexation of Southern Cameroon by your country in utter disregard of mutually agreed terms for the union and in defiance of international law.

3)   That for 51 years now your government has harassed arrested and detained Southern Cameroonians each year on 1st October for celebrating a day which was named by the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations as Independence Day for Southern Cameroon.  Your present U-turn is therefore surprising (as surprising as the dramatic U-turn and ambivalence of the Republic of Cameroon about union with Southern Cameroon in 1961 at the UN).

4)       It will be recalled that your predecessor Amadou Ahidjo told the 13th session of the U.N.O on 25th of February 1959, I should not like the firmness and clarity of our stand to be interpreted as a desire for integration on my part which would sound the death knell to the hopes of our brothers in the zone under British Administration”.
“We do not wish to bring the weight of our population to bear on our British brothers.  We are not annexationists”.
“In other words, if our brothers of the British zone wish to unite with an independent Cameroun, we are ready to discuss the matter with them, but we will discuss it on a footing of equality”.
So what happened afterwards that your country went back on these declarations and used “the weight” of your population in 1972 to reverse the vote of the people of Southern Cameroons people for a Federal Union? What happened afterwards that your country became “annexationists”?

5)    Mr President, you and your predecessor have insisted that in the plebiscite in 1961 Southern Cameroons voted to join what you claim to be the mother-country which historically was German Kamerun. You therefore call the event RE-UNIFICATION. Unless this wrong information is calculated to achieve some hidden agenda, we are sure that your lawyers and historians would tell you that the United Nations plebiscite did not set out to reconstitute German Kamerun in 1961 and that Germany renounced all her overseas colonies at the end of world war I (Treaty of Versailles) . They would tell you that when the former UN Trust Territory of French Cameroun achieved independence on January 1st 1960 there was no statute at the UN or anywhere in the world appointing your new country as successor to German Kamerun. They would tell you that your country can rightly claim to be successor to the former UN Trust Territory of French Cameroun and not German Kamerun. Your theory of a mother-country and of Re-Unification are both wrong and unacceptable because they are a threat to the stability of the entire sub-region because there are portions of German Kamerun in what is today Chad, Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic, and Nigeria. It is therefore unacceptable that your country’s pro-consuls are erecting structures within Southern Cameroons called “RE-UNIFICATION MONUMENTS” while you are planning a big Re-Unification celebration on 1st October.

6)       Mr. President, in this letter we have referred to the people of the Republic of Cameroon as our brothers.  We use these words responsibly and we mean what we say.  The peoples of the Southern Cameroons and those of the Republic of Cameroon shared the same political and economic space for 50 years and the relationship between individual families have become intertwined. 

Unfortunately, the people of Southern Cameroons have lived through situations which convince them that, even two twins from the same womb have to live separate lives.  The people of Southern Cameroons are convinced that the union with la République du Cameroun failed a long time ago, indeed, it failed before it started.  We do not see our future as part of the political system which has governed your country during the last 50 years.

The people of Southern Cameroons did not vote in the Plebiscite to sell out themselves, their territory and their political status to become two Provinces of the Republic of Cameroon. That is the reason why they conducted a signature referendum in 1995.  The response to that referendum was that they overwhelmingly want a peaceful separation.  The plan of SCAPO as a Southern Cameroon Political Party is to ensure that there is a peaceful separation between the two Countries. This is the key reason why the people of Southern Cameroons have just filed a case at the United Nations Security Council.  This case gives the Republic of Cameroon the opportunity of showing the legal basis of their presence in Southern Cameroons, and of justifying their annexation of a State that was supposed to be a partner with them in a Federation of two States (both equal in Stations). But which, they chose to incorporate that state as two of their Provinces.

We can learn from events elsewhere:  When the people of Czechoslovakia realized that their union was not working, they voluntarily decided to separate their two peoples into two separate republics rather than to trigger another war in the middle of Europe.  After 75 years, the leaders of the country agreed to peacefully dissolve their union into a Czech and Slovak Republics on January 1, 1993.  The two countries are now doing very well as separate states. The proposal for dialogue between Southern Cameroon and the Republic of Cameroon has been made by the African Commission for Human and Peoples’ Rights, Banjul and before then by Mr. Kofi Annan the then Secretary General of the United Nations.  Mr. President, we are surprise that you should brush aside these proposals for dialogue with Southern Cameroon and are planning a celebration.

Your Excellency, in working to restore our statehood our purpose is to revive our own form of democracy in which change was possible. Before coming under annexation and the suppression of our Statehood the government of the Southern Cameroons conducted free-and-fair general elections in Southern Cameroons.  Dr E.M.L. Endeley the then Prime Minister of the Southern Cameroons conceded defeat when Mr J.N.Foncha (Leader of the Opposition) was elected by the people.  There was a peaceful change of government which is rare today in Africa where incumbents hang on and on to power claiming popularity but refusing to create credible Independent Electoral Commissions and where frequent electoral and post-electoral strife manifest across the continent. For fifty years under annexation we have become more than convinced that we need to restore our statehood and revive our cherished democratic values.

Finally Mr. President, we think that with our Statehood restored we will develop our country better. We recall that twice under annexation the government of the Republic of Cameroon has opened the Kumba – Mamfe road (once from the Mamfe end by your predecessor and at at another time by a high ranking Minister of Government from the Kumba end of the road) and that these events remain the exceptional cases in Cameroon when un-tarred roads were ceremonially opened and tapes cut. You yourself know how many times you have visited Bamenda and told the people that you will construct the Ring-Road and other times that you will personally supervise the construction of that road. Still, the construction of the Ring Road has never taken off and the last we heard concerning the Ring-Road was from a Minister of your government saying that the Ring-Road was not a priority for your government. So who is fooling who in all these or in the plan for a big celebration in Buea on 1st October 2012?




DR. KELVIN NGWANG GUMNE                                                                                     MR.AUGUSTINE NDANGAM  

Copy to:
·        The Secretary General of the United Nations.
·        The  President of the French Republic
·        The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
·        The President of the UN Security Council
·        The Chairman of the African Union
·        The Chairman of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union
·        The President of the Commission of the African Union
·        The Chairperson of the African Commission, Banjul
·        The Executive Secretary, ECOWAS
·        The Ambassador, United States Embassy, Yaoundé
·        The Canadian High Commission Yaounde
·        The Ambassador, French Embassy, Yaoundé
·        The British High Commission, Yaounde
·        The Ambassador, Russian Embassy, Yaounde
·        The Ambassador, Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China, Yaounde
·        The Nigerian High Commission, Yaounde
·        All Political Parties with Headquarters in Southern Cameroons
·        All Political Parties of the Republic of Cameroon
·        All Traditional Rulers of the Southern Cameroons
·        All Deputies of Southern Cameroons Origin in the National Assembly of La République du Cameroun
·        All Mayors of Southern Cameroons Local Government Areas.

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Bamenda Gathers Momentum Ahead of Human Rights Film & Arts Festival

The Bamenda Human Rights Film and Arts Festival has been announced to run from July 15-21, 2012. According to a Press Release issued by Gwain Colbert Fulai, of A Common Future, the event will take place in selected halls and cafes in the Bamenda Municipality. The festival which is in its second edition seeks to articulate local, national and international issues through films and arts. The festival is also a lineup of the most sorts after box office films in Cameroon and abroad that clearly addresses related issues like governance, trafficking, respect of human dignity, discrimination and above all, the respect of international conventions and protocols.
It is hoped that through arts, the festival shall gather over 100 students to participate in shinning the light on human rights and their drawings shall later be displayed at a gallery on the university campus throughout the festival period. Through this, the students shall be brought to promote, defend, and raise awareness on human rights issues in Cameroon.
According to the Release, some 18 selected films with each addressing human rights issues shall be screened. The communiqué further states that all the films selected were chosen within the context that each address the concern of humanity and violence against women.
According to Gwain Colbert Fulai, the festival is intended to encourage many more Cameroonian film makers and producers to inculcate human rights as a key theme in the development of their films as an efficient and effective communicative vehicle in human rights education and sensitization. Besides, it also seeks to promote the core values of the international community’s human rights principles of a world free of discrimination, conflict and human rights violations.
The 18 films selected for the festival are: Widows at War and Wildlife Palavar produced and directed by Chop Samuel; Vice & Virtue as well as Asoni directed by Keka Sylvester; Tears from an Angel by Ihehon; Perverted Angel and Une Vie, Une Histoire by Alfred Amandy; Elemo by Nchoutu Rami; The Evidence by Ngato Noutosii; Before the Sunrise by Agbor Gilbert; Your Mother, My Wife by Molimo Cletus; The Woman’s World by Itambi Delphine; Atonement Calabash by Akuro Titus; Pension by Nyincho James; The Storm by CHRAC; Thinking Out of the Man Box by Anthony Porter; Rape and Incest produced by Aunties Association and the German Technical Cooperation.
A Common Future it should be noted is a leading national organization that works to transform lives and build common frontiers by proposing alternative models of masculinity that are not in opposition to models of femininity and that allow men and women to share love, decision making and productive health issues. The Festival is organized in collaboration with the Netherlands based Movie That Matter, the International Network of Human Rights Films Festivals, the North West Regional Delegation of Arts and Culture, The Bamenda City Municipality as well as some local organizations.

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