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Shaa Festival Kickstarts in Misaje with Zonal Finals, Sub Divisional Final Slated for Monday

Courtesy (Bees &Nectar)
The 2015 zonal finals of the Shaa Festival is making newodef Belo Buba Maigari, take time to monstrate how shaa women can safe cons in Misaje Sub Division in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region.  This shaa festival which is in its 3rd edition is aimed at promoting hygiene and sanitation in the brewing and sales of this local liqour made from fermented corn is pulling crowd. Before handing over the prizes in Cash and material, the promoter and organiser, Ndansi Elvis who doubles as National Youth President of the National Union For Democracy and Progress NUDP took time to sensitize everyone on the risk attached. He said by applying good hygienic conditions the brewing and selling of shaa could eradicate contagious disease such as cough, tuberclosis or typhoid by washing used cups using running water from stand bucket taps. Taking himself as an example he said his grand mother sold shaa to pay his school fees so women selling shaa today should do same for their children in order to give these children the opportunity other children have got which to acquire knowledge. He equally decried the rampant early child delivery common among young girl who should be going to school and not making babies in the house out of wedlock.
So far the team has been to Sabongida, Dumbu, Bakinchine, Kamine and Kidung. a grand finals is scheduled for Monday 3& in Misaje to round up with 2015 edition that is after Nfume and Nkanchi.

 320 Liters of Shaa brought in for the competition in Kamine

 First Prize winner handed her trophy and prizes

 Ndansi Health Talks to Kamine people

 A young girl who participated and won in Kamine encouraged by Ndansi
 Winners of 2015 Misaje Shaa festival at Kamine pose with Promoter Ndansi Elvis
 First Prize winner talks to the Press at kamine

 Ndansi Elvis pays courtesy visit to the Fon of Bessa at his Kidung Palace
Prizes displayed for winners at Kidung
 Ben Colins busy enlisting participants at the Shaa Festival at Kidung
Ndansi  Health talks to Kidung people

 Demonstration on how clean cups
 Ndansi Elvis demonstrating how to clean used cups with running water from a tap bucket
 Winner of First Prize smile with fat envelop and a bucket including a trophy
 Jubilating Husband of First Prize Winner in Kidung

Ndansi Elvis and his team leaving Kidung Leaving behind a big smile

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Misaje Gets Own Football Academy

The Misaje Football Academy has been launched. The launching ceremony took place at the Misaje Municipal stadium in the presence of its promoter, Ndansi Elvis Nukam.  Present in Misaje to ignite hopes, was the lone Division III side, Bang Bullet FC of Nkambe. Vuvuzelas echoed into the valleys of Nkanchi, Chunghe and to the hills of Banso when the two teams entered the field. There was euphoria and fanfare as football lovers could be seen from all the angles of the town rushing not to miss an inch of the football encounter. (Details soon)

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Ndansi Elvis Donates to Muslim Communities

The National Youth President of NUDP, Ndansi Elvis Nukam has donated kettles to the Muslim community in Misaje.  He extended the hand of fellowship to on August 28, 2015 when he visited the Misaje and Dumbu mosques. 
This was during his tour in Misaje Subdivision for the Shaa festival. While handing the donation to the leaders of the beneficiary communities, Ndansi Elvis prescribed peace and love to the Muslim faithfuls and pleaded that they should be prayerful against societal ill that is trying to enter into their community. The Muslim faithfuls on their part also promised to continue praying for God's guidance and protection as well as for peace to reign in Cameroon, Africa and the world at large.

 With inputs from Budi Nji in Misaje

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Friday, August 28, 2015

2035 Cameroon Emergence Benchmark is lazy Dr. Chris Fomunyoh Says

 Courtesy Foundation Radio (Njouny Nelson)
The President of The Fomunyoh Foundation-TFF made this observation while receiving students of the second batch program of the Executive MBA of the University of Bamenda. He justified his assertion with two points; that those who set such a target were sure that they would not be there in 2035 to render account and be judged; or simply that they were incompetent to deliver on time.He pushed his argument forward by citing countries that were less endowed in natural and human resources than Cameroon that had set early emergence benchmarks;Ivory Coast-2020 and Gabon 2035.
Dr Fomunyoh encouraged the students to have the attitude of things can be changed and rise above their diversities so that with a new leadership things may turn around for the good of Cameroon.According to the TFF President "People adjust to the leadership that they have."
Quizzed on the Anglophone problem in Cameroon he reminded that "Democracy is not only the rule of the majority but the protection of the minority."
Dr Christopher Fomunyoh remained evasive as to persistent rumours that he was aiming at Cameroon's top job-"From what I have gone through in life coming from a poor but humble background and being supported by others throughout to being what I am today;it would not be fair to God if I had the opportunity to pay back and I don't."he responded.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Third Edition of ‘Shaa’ Festival Opens

 Press Release

MISAJE, August 25, 2015—The third edition of the ‘shaa’ festival has opened in Misaje in the Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest region of Cameroon. The festival opened on Tuesday August 25 and will span six days.
Some five villages of the local municipality of Misaje; Kamani, Sabonguida, Mfume, Misaje are taking part in the third edition with over 100 ‘shaa’ producers.
The initiator of the festival, Ndansi Elvis Nukam said besides the increase in the number of participating villages and ‘shaa’ producers, the third edition will witness a number of innovations.
“Some 40 under privileged pupils from denominational schools will receive scholarship. Staff of Unite for Health Foundation will carry out sensitization campaigns, donate drugs and rapid HIV test drips to the participating communities,” Mr Ndansi Elvis said.
Day four of the festival would be reserved for the muslim community of Misaje and Dumbu. The festival initiator will donate praying mats and kettles to the Misaje and Dumbu mosques.
The hallmark of the third edition of the ‘Shaa’ festival will be the launching of the Misaje Sports Academy. The baby soccer academy will play an inaugural match with Bang Bullet FC; a third-division football team from Nkambe.
About the ‘shaa’ Festival
‘Shaa’ is locally brewed liquor which is highly consumed in the rural municipality of Misaje. While most households depend on the sale of the liquor for a livelihood, most youths spend their days drinking—making them lazy and less productive. Hygienic conditions surrounding its production and sale too have been doubtful over the years.
“The festival does not aim at encouraging the consumption of alcohol. It is an avenue to educate producer and consumers on how they could better manage the business and render the consumption more responsible,” Mr Ndansi Elvis said.
‘Shaa’ manufacturers from the different contesting zones each bring a 20litres of the liquor which a specialized committee tastes and grade. Results are tallied and first three finalists are awarded prizes ranging from cell phones, tap adapted buckets, drinking cups, amongst others. Each participant’s 20litres of ‘shaa’ is paid for by the organizing committee and shared to consumers. All participants receive a token participation bonus (and transport where necessary).
“‘Shaa’ is made out of corn and is served locally using cups. These cups are re-used after each person drinks from them. And so during this period of washing the cups they have their traditional washing bucket system wherein they use one bucket in washing. Based on the principle of basic hygiene if you continue to use this method and we have the outbreak of a disease like cholera, it would be disastrous,” the festival initiator explained.
During the first edition, ‘Shaa’ sellers adopted a resolution dubbed ‘operation 12 O’clock’. Rather than open their ‘shaa’ houses from 6-10pm, they agreed that the drinking spots will hence open from midday and close at 8pm.
The Communication Unit

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Coalition of Civil Society Organizations Put MTN, ORANGE, NEXTTEL, CAMTEL On Scan in Bamenda

For complete report:

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Monday, August 24, 2015


Muthuri Kinyamu  and Aaron Fu   

Nest Nairobi has announced a formal partnership with two of the leading technology and innovation communities on the African continent, Cape Town Garage and Nairobi Garage, to offer local startups access to the VC’s growing international network as well as Asian funding. This initiative instantly equips existing members of the co-working hubs with a soft landing when visiting Hong Kong. Traveling entrepreneurs will be given a central space to work from as well as gain access to Nest’s unique support structure and mentor network.
The relationship is reciprocal as members of Nest’s global ecosystem also have the ability to reach into the East African and South African markets through the Cape Town and Nairobi Garage locations. When working in Africa, startups in the Nest portfolio benefit from well-equipped desks, meeting rooms and business support services that the Garages are already well known for.
 Hannah Clifford General Manager of Nairobi Garage, “Our partnership with Nest will reduce the barriers to entry for African innovators to global markets, and more so towards Asia. It will also help startups from Hong Kong scale into and across Africa by opening Nest and Nairobi Garage networks to each other’s communities, and therefore building a bridge between tech ecosystems in both continents.
“On one hand, we see startups from Africa with both the ambition and ability to scale globally and on the other, we see the potential for solutions developed by startups in Asia to deploy into Africa, this partnership allows us to leverage the resources of both organisations to create another piece towards an ecosystem which will facilitate the potential of both those trends. ” Aaron Fu, Managing Partner, Africa, Nest
About Nest
Founded in 2010, Nest is Hong Kong’s only private, full service startup ecosystem. Through the pillars of marketing, strategy, funding and network, Nest supports startups on their path to success, enabling them to scale rapidly. In addition to providing capital, Nest prepares startups for growth, further fundraising, as well as new market expansion. With an eye for the truly disruptive, Nest is actively involved in all of its companies and drives them to reach their full potential, consequently fostering the startup ecosystem locally and developing Hong Kong as a global entrepreneurial hub.
More recently Nest has been at the forefront of developing accelerator programs with leading corporates in Asia. The 12-week, cohort-based programmes are designed to advance startups in the HealthTech, FinTech and Smart Cities sectors and include mentorship and educational components before culminating in a public demo day.
Nest is aggressively expanding its global reach and now has presence in London, Nairobi, Paris and San Francisco. For all the companies Nest has invested in, go to

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Buhari Scraps Office of First Lady

In an official statement, the presidency has abolished the office of the First Lady in replacement with the portfolio of 'Office of the Wife of the President'
The presidency has revealed that the official portfolio was yet to be assigned to Aisha, the wife of president Buhari, overruling what hitherto was known as “First Lady’s office”. Apparently renaming it “Office of the Wife of the President”, the presidency however stated that Mrs. Buhari would, for now, be saddled with women and youth related issues in the country.
 The Presidency was reacting to allegations in some Nigerian media that the wife of President Buhari has moved into the First Lady’s office in the Aso Villa. Describing the allegation as totally false and fictitious, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu said that even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with Mrs. Buhari making use of the office space reserved for the First Lady, she had not done so in her capacity.
Shehu stated that under president Buhari, the office shall be completely different from what obtained in the past, saying that the era of the First Ladies issuing oil wells and licenses was gone.
“President Buhari promised that there would be a clear difference between the role played by his wife during his tenure and that played by many previous First Ladies.
“All that ostentation, ubiquitousness and arrogance we have come to expect from the office are over and done with. Change has come.
“The ideal platform from which she will be useful to Nigeria’s women and children is still being thought out. Once this has been concluded on, Mrs. Buhari’s role will become clearer to all Nigerians. There will be nothing shady or hidden about it. There will be no access to public funds. It will be purely private and voluntary”, he said.
The presidential spokesman recalled that the time Mrs. Buhari had to make use of the office was at the beginning of the present administration.
He added that the meeting during which she hosted the wives of governors was held in a section of the Villa’s banquet hall, not in the First Lady’s office.
“Her only visit to that office was at the point of the take-over of the Villa by the incoming administration.
“Out of respect to Mrs. Buhari, the Sierra-Leonian First Lady, Mrs. SiaKoroma recently surrendered her position of head of Africa’s First Ladies to Mrs. Buhari, inviting her to take up the same seat which Mrs. Jonathan hurriedly handed over a few weeks to the handover of her husband’s government to President Buhari. Again, all these things are currently under consideration and no decision has been arrived at presently,” Shehu said.

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Ndu Council: Youngest Councilor Elected Deputy Mayor

Chifu Tando George

Chifu Tando George has been elected as the 2nd Deputy Mayor of Ndu Council in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region. He elected on August 22, during the extraordinary session which was presided by the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard. He crushed two others contenders to grasp the position of 2nd deputy mayor. Chifu Tando George, who is in his early 30s, is entering into records as the youngest in the North West to occupy the position of deputy mayor. He replaces Ma Margaret Ngwa Yaje who died last may 23, 2015 after she struggled with illness for over a year.
Emotions were high during the extraordinary session when some councilors decided to challenge the decision of the SDF Investiture. According to what we gathered, Ngahba Eric, District chairman was endorsed by the Investiture yet he dropped out of the race after being nominated. Talking to journalists after the exercise, SDF District chairman was categorical that he declined from contesting the elections to respect the decision of the SDF party hierarchy. On his part the mayor of Ndu council Bunyui Emmanuel discarded rumours that there was rigmarole before elections. He said one of the contenders stepped down without any duress. He said that he would have preferred that the gender component is respected but the councilors he noted preferred to respect geopolitical landscape of the municipality. “In Cameroon politics, it is not given, you work for it”, he emphasized. He added that the former deputy mayor was from the centre of Ndu town, reasons why young Chifu Tando George was elected. It should be recalled that he (George) has been the Manager of Mutual Health for over five years and expectations are high at that he makes a significant contribution to the development of Ndu.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Rural Electrification: Hon. Awudu, PREVETD Surveyors Sensitize Beneficiary Communities

The euphoria that saluted the Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung Centre and the team of surveyor at Bongom, Mantu, Nfiengong, Wejing, Yakwa, Mbabi, Kindfu, Beeh, Mandfu, Konya, Mbanka, Nterbang, Moh and Njema was full of excitement. PREVETD team which was headed by Ambassa Gerald had one principal mission, to carryout perking before the evaluation team. Hon. Awudu Mbaya took time to explain to the population the reasons why it is very necessary for the surveyors to carryout the exercise before the evaluation Commission steps in. Hon. Awudu also took time to explain to the beneficiaries that the project is funded by the African Development Bank and the African Fund as well as the Cameroon Government. And that he is the one who lobbied for the projects. He called on population to make sure that those whose property would be touched by the electricity lines are informed so that they could be compensated. He reiterated that the commission to evaluate the damages shall be headed by the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division. “If your property is within the areas of the line and you do not have your identity card, make sure that you do it now”.
The team is also expected in the days ahead to visit Sah, Bih and Binjeng for a similar exercise. (more details soon)

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

President Buhari Orders Investigation Into How and Why ISIS Leader Got Nigerian Visa

President Buhari ordered a full investigation into how a wanted terrorist was granted a Nigerian Visa in Lebanon.
 President Buhari has instructed that a full investigation be conducted into how a wanted terrorist was granted a Nigerian Visa in Lebanon.
 Reports say that an official of the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in Abuja on Tuesday evening, that President Buhari has directed the Ministry to investigate the circumstances surrounding the issuance of visa to the wanted terrorist‎ who attempted to fly to Nigeria.
According to reports, he was arrested while attempting to travel with a fake Palestinian passport with a valid Nigerian Visa‎ at the Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport on Saturday, August 15, 2015 in Lebanon.
The ministry of foreign affairs has been directed to explain how the wanted terrorist was able to get Nigerian Visa.
The source said, “The reported‎ arrest of the wanted terrorist is a huge embarrassment to Nigeria and the President has directed that the matter should be investigated. The embassy in Lebanon has been directed to furnish the ministry with details of how the man got the visa. The National Intelligence Agency Officer has been directed to provide details of what happened”.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SCAPO President Writes to President Biya

 Here below is the Open Letter by Dr. Kevin Ngwang Gumni

His Excellency, President Paul Biya,
Presidency of the Republic, Yaoundé
Republic of Cameroun


Open Letter from the Southern Cameroons People’s Organisation demanding:
(1)          A National Apology from Cameroun Republic to the People and State of Southern Cameroons and
(2)          The Restoration of Southern Cameroons Statehood.
The Southern Cameroons People’s Organization (SCAPO) Political Party addresses their compliments to you, Mr. President, and has the honour to attach hereto copy of their letter to Prime Minister Philemon Yang on how SCAPO political party came into lawful existence in Cameroon.
The copy is for Your Excellency’s information.
 Part A
We draw your attention to the following:
(1) That by the time the United Nations conducted a plebiscite in the State of Southern Cameroons in February 1961, The Southern Cameroons was a self- overning State with well demarcated international boundaries, a Ministerial government headed by a Prime Minister and a bicameral legislature and an independent Judiciary Department.

(2) That preparatory to the UN plebiscite the agreement which the State of Southern Cameroons reached with Republic of Cameroon  was  to  form a Federation of two States both equal in status, This Agreement was published in The Two Alternatives and widely circulated to the general public

(3) That on the 21st of April 1961, the General Assembly of the United Nations by Resolution 1608 XV endorsed the decision of the people of Southern Cameroons in the UN Plebiscite to achieve independence. 64 friendly Countries voted to support Southern Cameroons’ independence while 23 others voted against.

(4) That having voted in the UN plebiscite in good faith to join the Republic of Cameroon the people of Southern Cameroons expected Republic of Cameroon to reciprocate by supporting their independence but to their utter surprise Republic of Cameroon voted to oppose their independence and to also oppose the proposal by the United Nations for Southern Cameroons to join her.   This is why the first public action of SCAPO as a legal political party is to CALL ON YOU AS PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC TO TENDER A NATIONAL APOLOGY ON BEHALF OF THE REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON TO THE STATE AND PEOPLE OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS. FOR this act of bad faith during the UN General Assembly vote on independence for Southern Cameroons on 21st April 1961.

We also draw your attention to the following:

(5)  That on 1st January 1960  Republic of Cameroon achieved independence when the British Southern Cameroons was still a UN Trust Territory and therefore did not constitute part of the territory which the Republic of Cameroon inherited from the UN Trust Territory of French Cameroon, 
(6) That That  if later Southern Cameroons  had joined the  Republic of Cameroon in accordance with United Nations  principles and in accordance with international law, a Treaty of Union should have been signed between the two  States, ratified by the respective Parliaments of both States and registered at the Secretariat of the United Nations in conformity with Article 102 of the UN Charter in order to give the Union international validity but because Republic of Cameroon   voted “NO” on UN proposals  and preferred instead to annex the Southern Cameroons the United Nations has nothing registered at its Secretariat to show that Southern Cameroons and Republic of Cameroon   ever came into union. The presence of the Republic of Cameroon   in Southern Cameroons is consequently an unlawful extension of territorial boundary. This is unacceptable to the people of Southern Cameroons.
(7) That the unilateral redrawing of international boundaries by a member State of the African Union, violates Article 4 (b) of the African Union Constitutive Act concerning boundaries inherited at independence and Republic of Cameroon’s occupation of the Southern Cameroons since 1961 is in violation of this important African Union principle. .More than that:  this unlawful occupation of the Southern Cameroons since 1961 has been attended by a sustained and intolerable human rights violations unleashed on the people of the Southern Cameroons especially under your rule  and this  is why  SCAPO political party is  CALLING  ON YOUR  GOVERNMENT TO  STATE  PUBLICLY WHETHER IT ACCEPTS OR REJECTS THE PROPOSAL BY THE AFRICAN COMMISSION IN BANJUL FOR DIALOGUE BETWEEN  THE STATE OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS AND REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON.
  Part B
Mr. President, in this first SCAPO Party letter to you we want to place on record the fact that  when you came to power in 1982 you  started absolutely well, and gave the people of Southern Cameroons a lot of hope that you could correct what we saw wrong in the Republic of Cameroon up to that point in time. Your ideas on rigour and moralization raised our hopes to see light at the end of a dark tunnel. But you let us down and did so very badly. First, your government failed to rise to the occasion to build a lasting federal union with the State of Southern Cameroons. You transformed the voluntary decision of the people of the Southern Cameroons for unification into annexation and a Minister in your government announced in front of CRTV cameras that . Southern Cameroons was a territory that was ceded to Republic of Cameroon.  Since you came to power in 1982 you, more than anyone else, have destroyed all hopes of a lasting federal union between the Southern Cameroons and the Republic of Cameroon.  You will go down in history as the main architect of the dismemberment of The United Republic of Cameroon.
The most damaging contribution which you made to the destruction of the federal union was Law No 84-1 of 4 February 1984 which you signed changing the name of the country from the United Republic of Cameroon to Republic of Cameroon, the same name by which the former UN Trust Territory of Cameroon under French Administration was known when it obtained independence on January 1, 1960 and was admitted as a member of the United Nations.  Mr. President, you committed an act of secession from the informal union which existed between the Southern Cameroons and Republic of Cameroon.  Your lawyers gave you wrong advice.
Your act of secession was a grave mistake. Take Tanzania for example.  Tanganyika and Zanzibar came together to form a union called United Republic of Tanzania.  Is it possible for President Jakaya Kikwete to wake up one day and unilaterally decide that United Republic of Tanzania will change its name to Tanganyika?  That would be an act of secession by Tanganyika from the union called Tanzania and Zanzibar would be forced to assume its previous historical identity.  Similarly, England and Scotland came together to form the union, known as the United Kingdom when King James IV of Scotland became King James I of England.  Can Queen Elizabeth II of the UK wake up one morning and unilaterally decide that the United Kingdom will once again be called “England”? That would be an act of secession by England from the United Kingdom and Scotland would be forced to assume its previous legal/historical identity as a separate Kingdom.  That is why we have said that the change of name from the United Republic of Cameroon to Republic of Cameroon, and the two star flag to one star was an act of secession, which forced the Southern Cameroons to assume her previous historical identity as a different state.
Mr. President, SCAPO PARTY DEMANDS THE RESTORATION OF THE STATEHOOD OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS AS A MATTER OF PRIORITY THE ELECTION RE-INSTATING THE SOUTHERN CAMEROONS HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY WILL NOT BE CONDUCTED BY YOUR GOVERNMENT. IT WILL BE ORGANISED BY A JOINT COMMITTEE OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND THE AFRICAN UNION. SHOULD YOUR GOVERNMENT TRY TO ORGANISE ELECTIONS IN SOUTHERN CAMEROONS AGAIN WE WILL START IMPLENTING RELEVANT UNITED NATIONS’ RESOLUTIONS. To this end, SCAPO will be calling on the people of Southern Cameroons not to participate in any elections in Southern Cameroons unless it is one organized by the United Nations and/or the African Union in view of restoring Southern Cameroons’ Statehood and handing the territory of Southern Cameroons to its elected leaders.
Mr. President, permit us to conclude this letter with our party’s view on peace and unity since SCAPO fully subscribes to these concepts.  SCAPO believes in peace and that is why since its creation in 2001SCAPO has pursued Southern Cameroons’ right of self-determination peacefully through litigations. SCAPO plans to carry out its political programmes peacefully but we want to be clear that peace, genuine peace, must be the substitution of right for might, law for war, and reason for force. SCAPO also believes in Unity but we have had to reflect soberly on the question, unity at whose expense? The present African Union Started as The Organisation of African UnityUnity is still important today in Africa as it always has been since the OAU was created but we want to be clear: Unity in Africa must be based on African Union (AU) principles and instruments. Let no UN or AU member State violate United Nations Resolutions, ignore AU instruments, defy international law only to turn round after all these and sing to us the meaningless song of national unity. It is unacceptable.
For and on behalf of the SCAPO political party,

National Chairman
  Dr.  Kevin NGWANG GUMNE                                      

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