Monday, May 29, 2017

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Gets Harvard Degree

Facebook founder and billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg has been honoured with an honorary doctor of Law Degree from Harvard after dropping out of school 12 years ago.
Zuckerberg, seated beside actor James Earl Jones, received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has returned to Harvard University under rainy skies to give a graduation speech and receive an honorary degree.
The world's fifth-richest person, worth $62.3bn (£48.1bn), famously dropped out of Harvard after launching the global social-networking website.
Mr Zuckerberg called for students to "not only create new jobs, but create a new sense of purpose". Political experts think he may be positioning himself to run for office. During his remarks on Thursday, Mr Zuckerberg told graduates that "we live in an unstable time".
"There's pressure to turn inwards," he said about those that feel left behind by increased globalisation.
"This is the struggle of our time. The forces of freedom, openness and global community against the forces of authoritarianism, isolationism and nationalism."
With his wife, Priscilla, in the audience, he pointed to the dormitory where he launched Facebook, and remarked that meeting her there was the best thing to happen to him at the university.
Before giving remarks, he received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree during Harvard's 366th graduation ceremony. On Wednesday, he did a Facebook Live broadcast from his old dorm room.
"This is literally where I sat," he says, pointing to a small wooden desk and chair inside Kirkland House, which is due to be renovated over the summer.
"I had my little laptop here. And this is where I programmed Facebook," he tells the camera.
During his commencement address, Mr Zuckerberg told students: "There is something wrong with our system when I can leave here and make billions of dollars in ten years when millions of students can't afford to pay off their loans, let alone start a business.
"When you don't have the freedom to take your idea and turn it into a historic enterprise we all lose," he continued.
He told stories of meeting "children in juvenile detention and opioid addicts, who told me their lives could have turned out differently if they just had something to do".
The 33-year-old appeared to get choked up at one point during a story about an high school student who feared he would not be able to enrol in university because he was an undocumented immigrant.
More than 1.9 billion people log onto Facebook every day. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has inspired many other social media competitors, including Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. In 2007 another Harvard dropout returned for an honorary degree.
Bill Gates addressed students shortly after stepping down from the world's largest software company, Microsoft, to launch to focus on his charity.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Congo's Ebola Outbreak Threatens CAR - WHO

There is the high possibility of the Ebola virus spreading into the neigbouring CAR from Congo due to the boundary being shared.
File Photo
The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Thursday warned that an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo could spread to the neighbouring Central African Republic (CAR).
 Militia violence has forced thousands of people to flee across the border to CAR.
 Two cases of the virus have been confirmed by the WHO in Congo’s remote northeastern Bas-Uele province since early May. Four people have died so far among the 43 suspected and confirmed cases. Experts said that the affected area’s isolation, it is about 1,400 km from the capital Kinshasa, has helped contain the spread of the highly contagious hemorrhagic fever.
 The WHO said, yet recent attacks by Christian militias in CAR’s border town of Bangassou have driven about 2,750 people into Bas-Uele, raising the risk that the Ebola outbreak could spread across the border. “There is a big concern about Ebola spreading to Central African Republic after this displacement,” said Michel Yao, the WHO’s representative in the CAR.
 “We are worried as the refugees are close to the epicenter of the outbreak,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, adding they could become infected and carry the virus back home. Yao said, while this latest Ebola outbreak is Congo’s eighth, the most of any country, CAR lacks experience in dealing with such an epidemic, and its health system is weak after four years of conflict.
According to aid agencies, more than two thirds of its health facilities have been damaged or destroyed by the violence since 2013, when mainly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power, triggering reprisals by Christian “anti-balaka” militias.
 WHO added that CAR set up an Ebola treatment center and rapid response team following the West Africa epidemic, which killed more than 11,300 people between 2014 and 2016, mostly in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
 Yao said: “there is very limited capacity outside of Bangui (the capital) and it is difficult to travel around the country due to the insecurity. “We are concerned about how easily Ebola may spread if it arrives in the CAR.”
 The UN agency said health authorities in Congo are monitoring about 365 people who came into contact with sufferers and have dispatched mobile laboratories to the area to speed up testing of people who display symptoms.
 Asked about the potential for using an experimental vaccine, the WHO on May 19 said the logistics were “complex” but that it was working with Congo’s government and regulatory authorities.

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Pigeon 'Arrested' After Being Caught Smuggling 200 Ecstasy Pills Into Kuwait

A pigeon was caught trying to smuggle drugs into Kuwait after local authorities tracked the bird's flight through neighbouring Iraq, then nabbed it on the border.

 Security operatives in Kuwait have caught a bird (Pigeon) dubbed 'rats of the sky', with a backpack full of ecstasy tablets strapped to its back, in what is believed to be the newest drug smuggling technique used by traffickers.
 According to a report by Dailymail, pictures of the pigeon after its 'arrest' show the the grey bird and the bag on its back, and once the backpack was opened up, close to 200 small, white pills were seen spilling out.
 The bird which was sent by traffickers, had reportedly began its smuggling route in Iraq and was tracked by authorities on its way to Kuwait.
The bird was caught by authorities after being spotted flying around an inner-city office block.
 The plight of the pigeon has captured the attention of the internet, with users calling it a 'flight risk' and urging authorities not to grant it bail.

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Messi Likely to Go to Prison after Convicted of Tax Fraud

The leadership of Spanish club, Barca has thrown its full weight of support behind superstar forward, Messi as he is convicted of tax fraud.

Lionel Messi
Barcelona have expressed their support for Argentine striker Lionel Messi and his father after the Spanish Supreme Court upheld their prison sentences over tax fraud charges.
 Five-time World Player of the Year winner Messi, who has been at Barcelona since the age of 13, was handed a 21-month prison sentence and fined 2 million euros ($2.25 million) for three counts of tax fraud between 2007 and 2009.
 “The club reiterates, once again, its full support for Leo Messi, his father Jorge Messi, and his family,” a statement on the club’s official website read.
“FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu contacted the player’s family to communicate this support.
 “The family was very grateful, not only for today’s gesture, but also for the support the player and his family have received from the club throughout this process. The club will continue to stand with Leo Messi, his father, and his family.”
 Argentine international Messi has scored 506 goals in 582 senior appearances for Barcelona, winning eight league titles and four Champions League trophies.

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Egypt Bans Al Jazeera Website, 20 Others...See Details

The website of the Qatari-owned Al-Jazeera television network and several others, were reportedly blocked on Wednesday in Egypt.
File photo
Egypt has banned 21 websites, including the main website of Qatar-based al Jazeera television, for “supporting terrorism”, state news agency MENA and security sources said on Wednesday.
Reuters tried to access five websites named by local Egyptian newspapers and broadcasters, including the Al Jazeera website, and found them all inaccessible.
There was no immediate official comment available. An official from the National Telecom Regulatory Authority could not confirm or deny the news, but said: “So what if it is true? It should not be a problem.”
MENA cited a senior security source as saying the websites, which also included some Egypt-focused websites hosted abroad such as Masr Al Arabiya that the government says are financed by Qatar, were blocked because they supported terrorism.
 “A senior security source said 21 websites have been blocked inside Egypt for having content that supports terrorism and extremism as well (as) publishing lies,” MENA said.
 The security source said legal action would be taken against the websites, MENA reported.
 Two security sources told Reuters the websites were blocked for being affiliated with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood or for being funded by Qatar.
 Cairo accuses Qatar of supporting the Brotherhood, which was ousted from power in Egypt in 2013 when the military removed elected Islamist President Mohamed Mursi following mass protests against his rule.
 However, Mada Masr, an Egyptian news website based inside the country which describes itself as progressive and has no Islamist or Qatari affiliations, was also inaccessible on Wednesday.
 The Huffington Post’s Arabic website also was inaccessible, although the international version was accessible.
 Mada and the Huffington Post were not named by security sources – who said there were 21 websites but named only five – as part of the list of blocked websites.
 The block follows similar actions taken earlier on Wednesday by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates who got into a war of words with Qatar and blocked Al Jazeera and other websites.
 Qatar said hackers had posted fake remarks by its emir against U.S. foreign policy but the Saudi and UAE state-run media reported the comments anyway.

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Gambian Government Confiscates 86 Bank Accounts, 131 Properties Owned By Yahaya Jammeh

The former Gambian dictator, Yahya Jammeh, has landed in more trouble as the nation confiscates his bank accounts and properties.
Yahya Jammeh
The Gambian government has confiscated assets 86 bank accounts and 131 properties owned by the country's former dictator, Mr. Yahya Jammeh, as investigations into his illegally acquired wealth intensifies, SaharaReporters reports.
 This was disclosed by the country's Justice Minister, Mr. Aboubaccar Tambedou, on Monday.
 The new Gambian government, headed by Mr. Adama Barrow, has accused Mr. Jammeh of large-scale fraud, including theft of public funds during his 22-year rule, which was terminated via an electoral defeat in December and subsequent exile in January.
 Since being forced into exile, Mr. Jammeh has fallen off the radar and has continually avoided answering journalists' queries about the accusations against him.
 "The government has obtained a court order to freeze and place temporary hold on all of Jammeh's known assets and companies directly linked to him," Mr. Tambedou said.                            
 A total of 14 companies registered in the former dictator's name were confiscated along with livestock and cars. The Solicitor-General of The Gambia, Mr. Cherno Marenah, disclosed that a commission of inquiry would be set up in June to decide what will become of the seized assets.                                           
Mr. Jammeh, disclosed the Solicitor-General, withdrew an estimated $50 million from the country's Central Bank between 2006 and 2016. This sum funded his lush lifestyle complete with a private jet, a mansion in the United States and a fleet of luxury cars.                                                           
An investigation by Reuters in 2012 and 2013 discovered $8 million in a bank account opened in the name of the Jammeh Foundation for Peace, an alleged charity he founded. It was also discovered that the money flowed into Mr. Jammeh's private accounts, not to any project undertaken by the foundation.
 The country's Justice Ministry has also opened investigations into the purported charity.

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Christ Embassy Pastor in Toruble over Pregnancy Scandal

A 16-years old girl is lying critically ill with heavy bleeding coming from her private part after she was induced with a fourth abortion by a minister at Christ Embassy Church in Lagos.

File photo
Rev. Sunday Olisa who is a pastor of the Believers Love World Ministry popularly known as Christ Embassy Church, is currently trouble after being accused of alleged s*xual molestation of his 16-year-old housemaid which resulted in four pregnancies and abortions.
 According to a report by P.M Express, the 16-years old orphan victim is lying critically ill with heavy bleeding coming from her private after she was induced with uncompleted abortion by his benefactor who is a minister at Christ Embassy Church Egbe branch in Lagos.
 It was gathered that the incident happened at No. 6 Dolamo Street in Agodo Egbe in Ikotun area of Lagos where the pastor reside with the victim and family.
 The operatives of the Nigerian Police at Area M Idimu Command, have already started manhunt for the cleric after he reportedly escaped mob action from the residents over the incident.
 While speaking with a correspondent, the teenage victim who is in a hospital bed, narrated her ordeal and how he started living with Olisa through her uncle, George Aguba.
 She said her mother was from Mali and married her father who was from Kwale in Delta State, adding that they were three sibling and their parents died when she was 10 and their uncle decided to take them back to Kwale before Olisa offered to assist and took her to his house.
 She said ”when i was 10, Olisa will call me inside his bedroom where nobody was around and drugged me and r*ped me severally”.
 She said it had continued and when she attempted to report to the leaders of the church, they shut her up and told her to endure and not complain because Olisa was sponsoring her education.
 The victim revealed further that Olisa had taken her to different hospitals whenever he impregnated her for abortions and it has been like for the past six years, adding that she was frustrated and her movement regimented and was not allowed to meet her relations including her uncle, George.
 On why she was in the hospital, the helpless victim, said Olisa impregnated her and wanted to cover it up and took her to a doctor where they carried out an abortion and brought her home.
She said after the abortion which was the 4th, she started having heavy bleed and she became afraid and came out from and street and raised alarm before she collapsed and taken to a hospital where the doctors have been battling to save her life.
 She said the doctor said the abortion was not completed which caused the heavy bleeding coming from her private, adding that she does not know her fate if she will survive and discharged from the hospital because he has no contact again with his uncle who did not know what she was passing through.
 When a reporter went to the resident where Olisa lives, the residents confirmed the incident and rained curses on Olisa.
 As at the time of filing this report, there is no officials response from the Church, but some of the members expressed shock over the matter and was helping the police in their investigations.

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Detained Consortium Leaders Maybe Granted Judicial Supervision

The Consortium leaders and about 25 appeared in court in Yaounde last. Prospects were high that they could be granted bail but from CRTV reports the Ben Muna led counsel’s request for bail yet agreed the court should set Barrister Felix Agbor ‘Balla’ Kongho, President of the Consortium and his Secretary General Dr Fontem Neba free on “judicial supervision”.
Legal experts say though the case was adjourned to June 7, 2017, the non-objection by the state prosecutors would, as in most cases, swerve the judge towards the prosecutors’ stance. This, they say, would mean Barrister Agbor and Dr Fontem would be freed from jail but their movements will be limited to specific areas and they will be expected to appear in court whenever summoned by the judge.
Liberated on “judicial supervision”, we learned, also means, the suspects may have to provide a certain sum of money to be decided by the judge or provide a certain number of sureties which number is left at the discretion of the judge.
The other suspects including radio animator, Mancho Bibixy were denied both bail and freedom on judicial supervision. We gathered the President and Secretary General of the Consortium were considered for the temporal liberation because of their professional and social backgrounds.
Col Abega Eko Eko Mbazoa will rule on today’s request on June 7. It should be noted that both protests leaders have been in pre-trial detention since January 17.

 Courtesy:  Journal du Cameroon

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

James Bond Actor Roger Moore Dead at 89-UPI

Roger Moore signs copies of the book "Bond on Bond" in New York on November 9, 2012. The actor died Tuesday after a short battle with cancer. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI| License Photo
May 23 (UPI) -- James Bond actor Roger Moore died Tuesday at age 89.
The British star, who played 007 in seven films, died in Switzerland after a short battle with cancer, Moore's children said on his social media accounts.
"It is with a heavy heart that we must announce our loving father, Sir Roger Moore, has passed away today in Switzerland after a short but brave battle with cancer," Deborah, Geoffrey and Christian Moore wrote.
"The love with which he was surrounded in his final days was so great it cannot be quantified in words alone," the trio added. "Thank you Pops for being you, and for being so very special to so many people."
Moore shared Deborah, Geoffrey and Christian with his third wife, Italian actress Luisa Mattoli. He is also survived by wife Kristina Tholstrup, whom he married in 2002.
"Our thoughts must now turn to supporting Kristina at this difficult time, and in accordance with our father's wishes there will be a private funeral in Monaco," the actor's children said. Moore first played James Bond in Live and Let Die (1973), and last portrayed the character in A View to Kill (1985). He later appeared in The Man Who Wouldn't Die, Spice World and Boat Trip, and was also known for his humanitarian work with UNICEF.

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Nigerian Authorities Demolish Radio Station Office-CPJ

Uyo, Nigeria, May 23, 2017--Nigerian authorities' demolition of the office of radio Breeze 99.9 FM is a shocking affront to press freedom, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. State authorities in Nassarawa, roughly 200 kilometers (124 miles) east of the capital Abuja, on May 20 demolished the radio station's office and transmitter while police shot in the air to disperse a crowd that had gathered to try to save the station, according to media reports.
Adamu Sule, managing director of the Nassarawa State Urban Development Board, said Breeze FM was demolished for not having approval to operate in a residential area, and that the station was notified prior to the demolition, according to media reports. Correspondence between the station and the board reviewed by CPJ shows that days before the demolition, the board had told the station to apply for a permit to continue operating. Breeze FM's management told CPJ that they believe the state demolished their office in retaliation for the station's broadcasts.
"Demolishing a radio station's office and equipment in retaliation for its coverage would be censorship in its bluntest and most violent form," said CPJ West Africa Representative Peter Nkanga. "We call on authorities in Nigeria's Nassarawa state to take all possible measures to return Breeze FM to the air."
In a May 17 letter to Breeze FM, Sunday A. Abason, the board's assistant general manager, wrote, "You are hereby directed to submit forthwith an application for Planning Permit from the Board, if you wish to continue using the property for whatever purpose."
Breeze FM Director Nawani Aboki told CPJ he received the board's letter on May 18, and that he went to the board's office the following day to submit the application and building plans for approval. Officials at the board refused to receive the application on the grounds that board employees were on strike. "Yet the board's officials, who are striking, went and marked the station for demolition that same May 19, and carried out the demolition on May 20 by 8 a.m.," Aboki said.
Aboki told CPJ that Breeze FM began broadcasting only in February 2017, and that he believed the demolition was politically motivated because he does not belong to the ruling All Progressives Congress party and because the station aired a live discussion to mark the May 1 Nigerian national holiday of Workers' Day, in which invited guests and callers criticized the government for not paying state workers' salaries, according to media reports. The board first ordered Breeze FM to stop ongoing construction work at the station in a letter dated May 12. A board official who spoke to CPJ on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press privately agreed the demolition was wrongfully carried out, but directed all inquiries to Adamu Sule, the board's managing director.
Sule did not respond to text messages CPJ sent to his mobile phone number.
The Nassarawa state branch of the Nigeria Union of Journalists condemned the demolition as "an assault on the media and threat to freedom of the press in the state," news reports said.

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Messi Wins Golden Boot with Barca

Sensational Argentine forward, Lionel Messi has earned himself a personal award despite the abysmal season at his Spanish club side, Barca.

Lionel Messi
The  Spanish La Liga season ended in disappointment for Barcelona but there was still some individual recognition for Lionel Messi.
 Real Madrid saw off Malaga 2-0 on the final day to end Barca’s hopes of a final day miracle.
 Luis Enrique’s men appeared to be set for a shock defeat against Eibar too, but fought back to win 4-2. Messi scored twice late on, making it 37 La Liga goals for the season to take the Pichichi Trophy.
 He finishes eight ahead of teammate Luis Suarez and 12 clear of Cristiano Ronaldo. It is the first time Messi has won the Spanish golden boot in four seasons.
 His tally will also be enough to claim the European Golden Shoe ahead of Bas Dost and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, who both finished the season with 31 in the Bundesliga.
 Tottenham’s Harry Kane took the Premier League prize with 29 after a stunning final week of the campaign. Messi could have had four on the final day but missed a penalty and a gilt-edged chance at the Nou Camp after Eibar went 2-0 up.
 He finally found the net from the spot to complete the turnaround before wrapping it up in added time. The Argentine now has a staggering 53 goals in 51 games this term and will hope to add to his tally in the Copa del Rey final against Alaves.

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Yahya Jammeh Lands in Trouble

Mr. Yahya Jammeh, former President of Gambia has landed in trouble following the new decision made by the Government of his country.

Former President of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh
The exiled former President of the Gambia, Mr. Yahya Jammeh, is in trouble following the seizure of his assets.
 The personal assets of Jammeh been frozen included bank accounts and local companies in his name.
 Justice Minister Abubakar Tambedou said in Banjul on Monday at a press conference.
 Tambedou said the assets frozen were without exception; all his known properties including his lands, companies and livestock.
 He said the current government had secured a court order freezing properties inside The Gambia. including those directly or indirectly linked to the former leader who was being investigated for economic crimes against the state.
 According to Tambedou, the order allows the state to impound 131 of Jammeh’s landed properties, 88 local bank accounts in his name and those of his associates, 14 firms and a cattle ranch located in his home village of Kanilai.
 52-year-old Jammeh fled into exile in Equatorial Guinea in January after losing last December’s presidential election to current President Adama Barrow.
 Since he left the current government had promised to investigate Mr Jammeh’s extensive business network both in and out of The Gambia.

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Donald Trump Becomes the First Sitting US President to Visit Jerusalem's Fiercely-Contested Western Wall

Highly controversial American president, Donald Trump, has become the frst ever sitting US president to visit Jerusalem's Western Wall.

Donald Trump at Jerusalem's Western Wall
US President, Donald Trump has today made history as the first sitting US President to visit Jerusalem’s Western Wall – a fiercely-contested piece of religious land.
 According to The Sun UK, Trump was photographed placing his hand on the wall, which is considered one of the most sacred sites in Judaism.
Trump made history with the visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall
The Western Wall is the holiest site where Jews can pray.
Trump, wearing a black skullcap, paused in front of it, then placed what appeared to be a written prayer or note between its stones, as is custom. He was not accompanied by any Israeli leaders.
The Western Wall visit drew controversy before Trump even left Washington, when US officials declined to say whether it belonged to Israel.
 “Jerusalem was and will always be the capital of Israel,” Netanyahu said late Sunday, adding that the Western Wall “will always remain under Israeli sovereignty”.
Melania wore a respectful white outfit during her visit to the sacred site
The status of Jerusalem is ultra-sensitive and has been among the most difficult issues in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
 Israel occupied east Jerusalem and the West Bank in 1967 in moves never recognised by the international community.
Ivanka closed her eyes as she touched the famous wall
It later annexed east Jerusalem and claims the entire city as its capital.
 The Palestinians see east Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Donald Trump's Evidence of Secret Contact with Russia Exposed

It has been revealed that Donald Trump's campaign were in contact with Russian officials and others with Kremlin ties in at least 18 calls and emails.

US President Donald Trump
Michael Flynn and other advisers to Donald Trump’s campaign were in contact with Russian officials and others with Kremlin ties in at least 18 calls and emails, current and former U.S. officials familiar with the exchanges told Reuters.
 The sources said the 18 calls and emails, took place in the last seven months of the 2016 presidential race.
 The previously undisclosed interactions form part of the record now being reviewed by FBI and congressional investigators probing Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election and contacts between Trump’s campaign and Russia.
 The sources said six of the previously undisclosed contacts described to Reuters were phone calls between Kislyak and Trump advisers, including Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, three current and former.
Conversations between Flynn and Kislyak accelerated after the Nov. 8 vote.
 The two discussed establishing a back channel for communication between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that could bypass the U.S. national security bureaucracy, which both sides considered hostile to improved relations, four current U.S. officials said.
 In January, the Trump White House initially denied any contacts with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign. The White House and advisers to the campaign have since confirmed four meetings between Kislyak and Trump advisers during that time.
 The people who described the contacts to Reuters said they had seen no evidence of wrongdoing or collusion between the campaign and Russia in the communications reviewed so far.
 The disclosure could increase the pressure on Trump and his aides to provide the FBI and Congress with a full account of interactions with Russian officials and others with links to the Kremlin during and immediately after the 2016 election.
 The White House did not respond to requests for comment.
 Flynn’s lawyer declined to comment.
 In Moscow, a Russian foreign ministry official declined to comment on the contacts and referred Reuters to the Trump administration.
 Separately, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Washington said: “We do not comment on our daily contacts with the local interlocutors.”
 Sources said the 18 calls and electronic messages took place between April and November 2016 as hackers engaged in what U.S. intelligence concluded in January was part of a Kremlin campaign to discredit the vote and influence the outcome of the election in favour of Trump over his Democratic challenger, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.
 Those discussions focused on mending U.S.-Russian economic relations strained by sanctions imposed on Moscow, cooperating in fighting Islamic State in Syria and containing a more assertive China, the sources said.
 Sources said members of the Senate and House intelligence committees have gone to the CIA and the National Security Agency to review transcripts and other documents related to contacts between Trump campaign advisers, associates, Russian officials and others with links to Putin.
 The U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday it had appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential campaign and possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.
 Mueller will now take charge of the FBI investigation that began last July.
 Trump and his aides have repeatedly denied any collusion with Russia.
 In addition to the six phone calls involving Kislyak, the communications described to Reuters involved another 12 calls, emails or text messages between Russian officials or people considered to be close to Putin and Trump campaign advisers.
 According to one person with detailed knowledge of the exchange and two others familiar with the issue, one of those contacts was by Viktor Medvedchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch and politician.
 Sources said it was not clear with whom Medvedchuk was in contact within the Trump campaign but the themes included U.S.-Russia cooperation.
 Putin is godfather to Medvedchuk’s daughter.
 Medvedchuk denied having any contact with anyone in the Trump campaign.
“I am not acquainted with any of Donald Trump’s close associates, therefore no such conversation could have taken place,” he said in an email to Reuters.
 The sources said in the conversations during the campaign, Russian officials emphasised a pragmatic, business-style approach and stressed to Trump associates that they could make deals by focusing on common economic and other interests and leaving contentious issues aside.
 Beyond Medvedchuk and Kislyak, the identities of the other Putin-linked participants in the contacts remain classified and the names of Trump advisers other than Flynn have been “masked” in intelligence reports on the contacts because of legal protections on their privacy as American citizens.
 However, officials can request that they be revealed for intelligence purposes.
 U.S. and allied intelligence and law enforcement agencies routinely monitor communications and movements of Russian officials.
 After Vice President Mike Pence and others had denied in January that Trump campaign representatives had any contact with Russian officials, the White House later confirmed that Kislyak had met twice with then-Senator Jeff Sessions.
 Sessions later became attorney-general.
Courtesy -Reuters/NAN

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Nollywood's Pretty Actress, Moji Olaiya is No More

Nollywood industry is in a state of mourning as one of its pretty star actress, Moji Olaiya passes away.

Nollywood star actress, Moji Olaiya, who was also known for her roles in films such as "Sade Blade ", "Nkan adun" and "Omo iya meta leyi ", has been reported dead. She was 42-years-old.
Multiple online sources said she died of a heart attack in Canada where she gave birth to a baby girl in March. The baby was her second child. Her first daughter is 18-years-old. The beautiful actress, who had featured in many Yoruba and English movies, married her second husband last year after the first one crashed in 2008.
The details of her death is still sketchy as at the time of filing this report.She was the daughter of highlife music legend, Victor Olaiya. She was born in February 1975.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stinking Bees Storm GCE Centre in Buea, Create Commotion

An atmosphere of stale familiarity now reigns at Government Bilingual High School Bonakdikombo-Buea in the South West Region where stinking bees stormed the GCE Centre causing commotion. Reports say the presence of these unwanted guests caused panic and commotion as students and teachers took to their heels. It is alleged that about 8-10 students were admitted in hospital after the hullabaloo. However, the situation we gathered is under control though there is apprehension among students.  
Details soon  

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Special Competitive Exams into NSAM (ENAM) Launched (Candidates of English Express Only)

Government has announced a special competitive Exams for Cameroonians of English-speaking expression into the National Advanced School of Magistracy-NSAM. According to the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform Michel Ange Angouing, who issued a press release,  the two special competitive examinations targets the recruitment of 50 pupil magistrates  and 30 student registrars  of English expression for the 2017-2018 academic year . It specifies that potential candidates must be at least 17 years of age and not more than 32 years old on 1 January 2018. 
 Here below is the press release :

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ENEO Set to Curb Rampant Power Cuts, Improve Quality Supply in Bda II

For some months now, Bamenda II municipality has recorded recurrent power cuts. This is so due to the ageing installations and electrical network supplies. To remedy the situation, the electricity supply company, ENEO KICK starts a rehabilitation plan in the Bamenda II Municipality aimed at replacing wooden poles with metal poles as well as the replacement of low quality transformers and their accessories.  Within the framework of the implementation of this programme, Eneo Cameroon in the Press Release issued by the Regional Delegate for North West informs its customers in Bamenda II that it would begin intensive works on Tuesday.
The Press Release further states that:” a powerful team of Eneo engineers and technicians as well as 8 of its partner companies have been mobilized to execute these works.
The works consists of:
-         planting 50 metal and wood poles
-         replacing 447 insulators
-         replacing 12 protection devices 
-         Installing 20 new distribution transformers thereby replacing the former ones
-         Installing 35 crossarms
These works are going to improve on the service quality in the neighborhoods concerned notably by reducing the risks of drop in voltage in the localities concerned. Works will be executed in 3 phases. During the first phase from 16 to 18 May 2017 the neighborhoods and localities concerned are as follows: Ntaturu; Bali Parck; Azam; Nitop 2; Old Cenajes; CDE Mbatu; Travellers; Azeri New Church; Buea/Bamenda Street; Atuakum; Abango; New Bell; Metta Quartes; Atuazeri; Azeri Old Church; and Mbengwi Road.”
For safety purposes, the Regional Delegate for ENEO in the North West Region, Michel Mbopda further informs the population of these localities that they shall be deprived of electricity from 6am -7 pm. during operations, these localities will be deprived of electricity. This work, he emphasized in the statement “is part and parcel of Eneo Cameroon’s five-year investment plan that will be speed up in the North-West Region in view of the urgency of the situation, subject to the availability of funds. It should be recalled that a similar exercise took place in Nkambe where some wooden poles were replaced and the  old transformers changed. The rehabilitation helped in curbing electricity cuts and regularized voltage in the town.
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