Thursday, February 28, 2013

Massive Decamp from CPDM into SDF as Hon. Awudu Evaluates Voters Registration

Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian

By FC Junior
The zonal conferences aimed at evaluating the level of voters’ registration in Nkambe Central kick-started last week with the SDF registering the influx of new militants. The evaluation process which started in Chup village took a u-turn when 168 CPDM militants of Ngaah-Bongom decamped to join the Social Democratic Front-SDF. In Binju-Nkambe, two frontline militants of the CPDM decided to dump the CPDM for the SDF. At Kup, there was seventh heaven and elation when 17 militants of the CPDM changed their minds and moved to the opposition. At Bih, Saah, Nwangri and Bi-Njeng, series of resignations were also registered. Musa Ibrahim, formerly CPDM militants told the crowd at Saah that he took the decision because “it is better to play in a team that you are sure to win” reasons why he made up his mind and decided to take along with him five of his friends to join the SDF. On his part Nformi Godwill of Ngaah who was among the 168 CPDM militants made a pathetic testimony when he moved to the rostrum and told that crowd that when he lost one of his eyes, nobody visited him in hospital bed. “I have been militating in the CPDM for the past 27 years and I have decided to quit because for 27 years what I have received is nothing but promises that have never materialized”. He said “I and my people have decided to go to where politics is practiced with a human face” Godwill Nformi concluded.
Jubilation there was in Binju-Nkambe when Ndi Tantoh formerly a diehard militant of the CPDM moved to the rostrum to announce that he has decided to plunge with his entire body into the SDF. He said he was sleeping with a snake on the bed without knowing and now that he is aware, he had no other option than to quit. “I am now a full militant of the SDF with all my body” he commented.  
It should be noted that the evaluation of voters’ registration using the biometric system seemingly is igniting sympathizers of the SDF to make choices.
Addressing militants and sympathizers Hon. Awudu Mbaya said campaigns have not yet started and that when the time shall come, it shall be the moment of truth. Harping on the importance of registering, Hon. Awudu said by so doing each and everyone will be assuming his/her responsibility. Everywhere he went, Hon. Awudu Mbaya made it clear that he has not come to assess the level of registration of militants of the SDF, so that he could assist everyone to register.
However, he always starts by passing warm greeting from SDF National Chairman and greeting from the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie to the population.  In every village, he was able to show to the population what he (Hon. Awudu) has been able to contribute. Hon. Awudu Mbaya also frowned at the act of intimidation by some traditional rulers and administrators. He said the SDF will not allow any administrator to interfere in political issues. As Madame Mary Awudu, SDF education secretary puts it: “even climate change cannot change the SDF in Nkambe”. Quoting from Jeremiah 17, Hon. Awudu Mbaya added that money cannot buy people.  Mangoh Jones Tanko, the Mayor of Nkambe was categorical in speeches that Hon. Awudu Mbaya holds the record as the most practical politician in Mbum land. “No politician has ever done what Hon. Awudu has done” he emphasized urging the population to understand that Hon. Awudu has just started and they should register massively in order to give him another mandate to Parliament.
Before proceeding to the evaluation of registered voters, Hon. Awudu Mbaya cautioned and warned that anyone who registers and give out his receipt to someone else is doing so at his or her own risk given that it is illegal for people to collect voters’ receipts to keep. The evaluation process which is done by showing of hand has been described by pundits as the most practical and efficient manner. In spite of the fact that identity cards were being issued for free, the evaluation process still demonstrated that they were people without identity cards as well as people have not registered in the voters register. Yet, he provided an on the spot solution everywhere he went without trying to know whether the people were of the SDF or CPDM. He also lamented the fact that the issuance of free identity cards is a snail-like slow and is always characterized by the shortage of films or carton papers in Nkambe.
But as a practical politician, he would always remind the population of the June 6, 1990 incident that took place in Ndu during which women were brutalized, forced to move naked in front of men. Hon. Awudu lamented that for 23 years now, the CPDM government has not been able to apologize for killing innocent people and for destroying the lives of many women. To Hon. Awudu Mbaya until the Biya regime apologizes to the population of Donga Mantung Division then shall anyone believe in whatever thing they have to say. He also questioned what people who have served in government like Shey Jones Yembe (11 years) and Ngafeeson Emmanuel (10 years) have done for Mbum people in term of development.
To Mary Awudu, the SDF doesn’t worship money and quoting James 10:10 she cautioned that when a devil gives you a golden crown, you should be sure to loose your head.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

At Last President Biya Announces Senatorial Elections in April, Ignores Fru Ndi

President Biya has issued a Presidential Decree announcing the first Senatorial elections in Cameroon for April 14, 2013, contrary to the call from the main opposition that Senatorial elections should be postpone. The Presidential Decree of February 27, 2013 took political pundits aback giving that the mandates of present municipal councilors had long expired. Yet, they make up the Electoral College.  However it is alleged Ni John Fru Ndi declared his candidature.  Besides, Ni John Fru Ndi is quoted to have said that “if Biya wants to destroy the country” he (Biya) should announce Senatorial Elections. Yet, as usual President Biya ignored Fru Ndi’s call to announce senatorial elections. Each candidate according to what we gathered is expected to pay a deposit of one million FCFA into the state treasury. Members of the Electoral College who will participate will also receive an allowance of 50.000 FCFA.
Ni John Fru Ndi it should be recalled during his tour of Donga Mantung Division stormed Tabenken, Nkambe, Lus and Ndu where hundreds turned out to listen to SDF National chairman. 
While in Tabenken village in Nkambe Central, one of the speakers who attracted  alot of admiration was Chris Mbunwe. Chris Mbunwe, in his capacity as SDF Regional Communication Secretary thrilled the people of Tabenken on the various  political malpractices orchestrated by the CPDM to rig elections. The rigging machinery, Chris said is actually in difficulties with biometric registration. Thus, Chris Mbunwe urged his people of Tabenken to register massively in order to vote because "no single vote will be stolen". He also used the occasion to bief the population on the 14 points the SDF submitted to the Biya government. He said the SDF pressed for transparent ballot boxes, biometric registration and that the SDF is still on fighting for single ballot papers.
Stakes and Challenges
Popular opinion holds that Nfi John Fru should be appointed as President of the Senate giving his contribution to the political process in Cameroon. Base on the fact that the Constitution gives the head of state the right to appoint 30 of the 100 to make up the senate, many see no reason why Ni John Fru Ndi should not be appointed as well. Even though Ni John Fru Ndi is of the opposition, he  represents the aspiration of majority of Cameroonians. As a matter of fact, a senate without Ni John Fru Ndi will automatically means the collapse of democracy in Cameroon. However, it is not yet clear whether SDF chieftain will accept if appointed as senator. Notwithstanding,  the cordial relationship that Fru Ndi has been enjoying with his friend Paul Biya could be consolidated with his appointment into the senate. Yet the secrecy of the meeting held between Paul Biya and Fru Ndi before the head of state could leave Cameroon for Paris has been interpreted in different ways by bookmakers. Pundits are of the opinion that Fru Ndi's declaration to become senator is a no nonsense one. Yet it is difficult for him to become senator with the present councilors in place reasons why Fru Ndi himself told militants in Ndu where he made that declaration that he can only contest provide the feild is level. If senate elections hold before municipal and legislative elections, then Fru Ndi will not make it. This because SDF won 14 councils while the CPDM won 18. The number of councilors of the CPDM will be more than those of the SDF. Since the head of state will appoint 30, Fru Ndi can be one of the lucky ones to be appointed.

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Video of Seven French Nationals Abducted in Cameroon Appears on Youtube

A VIDEO has appeared on YouTube of seven kidnapped members of a French family with their abductors, who claim to be from Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and have demanded the release of prisoners.
The video that France's foreign minister called "terribly shocking" represented the first images of the family to emerge since their abduction in Cameroon on February 19.
The kidnappers, claiming to be from the Nigerian group, Boko Haram, say they carried out the abduction in part due to France's "war against Islam", apparently a reference to French military action in Mali.
The more than three-minute video shows the family, including four children, held in an undisclosed location, surrounded by at least three of the abductors whose faces are hidden. It was not clear when the video was made.
"If you want us to release these French citizens, quickly release all our women you are detaining," one of the abductors says in Arabic, addressing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.
He calls on Cameroon to release "our brothers".
At the start of the video, the father of the family reads a statement from a piece of paper, his four children in front of him, his wife and brother beside him.
Two of the abductors hold weapons and ammunition, while a banner with two rifles hangs behind them.
The family, with children aged five to 12, was kidnapped in the Northern Region of Cameroon along the border with Nigeria while visiting a national park.
Cameroon authorities said the family was taken over the border into Nigeria's restive northeast.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Marafa Writes Biya Again!!

Mr. President.

Mr. President remembers that every one that you have relived from their positions and send to jail will be looking to repay if not you then your children. I hope that you are seeing what is happening around the world to leaders that have suppressed their people for so long. Mr. President please in God and Allah name go in peace for the love our beloved country so that we as Cameroonian can continue to live in peace. To all our arm forces men and women please let the people have their say no force should be use against any Cameroonian because we are all going to be seeking for a better Cameroon.

I have being silence for some time now because of health issues but l want to assured the Cameroon people that l am very good health. Our time is just around the corner in the coming days, a very big news is coming out which will change the cause of Cameroon for years to come. I want to assure our brothers and sisters in north and south who are suffering because of lack of water and electricity that all their problems will be solve. We cannot suffer when we have abundant natural resources.

Long Live Cameroon in peace.

Marafa. H. Yaya
Monsieur le Président.

Monsieur le Président, se souvient que tous ceux qui vous avez revécu à partir de leurs positions et envoyez en prison cherchera à rembourser si pas vous, vos enfants. J'espère que vous voyez ce qui se passe dans le monde entier aux dirigeants qui ont supprimé leurs gens pour si longtemps. Monsieur le Président s'il vous plaît, au nom de Dieu et Allah aller en paix, pour l'amour notre pays bien-aimé afin que tant que camerounais, nous puissions continuer à vivre en paix. À tous nos bras forces hommes et femmes s'il vous plaît laissent les gens ne s'exprimer aucune force devrait être utilisé contre tout camerounais parce que nous allons tous à la recherche pour un meilleur Cameroun.

J'ai en silence pendant un certain temps maintenant, à cause de problèmes de santé mais vous voulez l assuré le peuple camerounais que l suis très bonne santé. Notre temps est juste autour du coin dans les prochains jours, une très grande nouvelle va sortir qui va changer la cause du Cameroun pour les années à venir. Je tiens à assurer à nos frères et sœurs dans le Nord et le sud qui souffrent à cause du manque d'eau et d'électricité que tous leurs problèmes seront régler. Nous ne pouvons souffrir quand nous avons des ressources naturelles abondantes.

Cameroun vivent en paix.
Marafa. H. Yaya

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Confusion, Rumours at Peak on Freedom of Kidnapped French Nationals in Cameroon

French medias reported today morning that the seven French nationals taken hostages by suspected members of Boko Haram on Tuesday in the extreme north of Cameroon were released in Nigeria. According to the report  the tourists were found in Nigeria along the border with Niger.
This family held against her will, was found by the Nigerian authorities in the town of Dikwa in the north. The hostages are unharmed and are in the hands of the Nigerian authorities sources say and were found abandoned in a house in the town of Dikwa, a senior officer of the Cameroonian army is quoted to have said. There are three adults and four children from the same family. Since the French intervention in northern Mali, the kidnapping of European citizens have become common in the continent. 
Yet Cameroon's Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma has debunked information that the hostages have been released. Talking to French journalists today in Yaounde, Communication minister said the intensive search is going on and that security has been stepped up to ensure the safety of tourists visiting the Northern Regions of Cameroon.

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SCNC Activits Arrested in Bamenda

The Vice Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council-SCNC Nfor Nfor has expressed fears that SCNC activists are targets for imminent arrests by forces of La Republique. Nfor Nfor made the statement after the arrest of Shey Alfred Sembe last Saturday, February 14, 2013. Shey Alfred Sembe was arrested along the Commercial Avenue in Bamenda after a successful rally of SCNC and SCAPO that was attended by some key personalities of Bamenda town in the North West Region. Sources say that after a successful rally at the Kumbo Squares a week ago, the SCNC scheduled the Bamenda rally which was to be followed by a Grand rally in Buea, the supposed Capital of the Southern Cameroons formerly the . It is reported that after the rally, Shey Alfred Sembe was making an announcement on a megaphone when some elements of the rapid intervention police, ESIR, swept on him, molested a journalist and whisked off Mr. Shey Alfred Sembe to the police station. Alfred Sembe was taken to the Legal Department to face charges this Tuesday, February 19, 2013. His lawyer, Barrister Fuh Fuh is following up the issue and we will be updating all on developments. However classified sources hinted that more SCNC activists are under surveillance which confirms fears that more could be arrested in the days ahead.
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