Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Petit-Pays, X-Maleya, Yemi, Jovi, others Set for Bamenda Music and Arts Festival

Petit-Pays et les Sans Visas, X-Maleya,Yemi Alade, Jovi, Richard King and a score of budding musicians and traditional dance groups will perform at the first edition of the Bamenda Music and Arts Festival. Talking to journalists today September 30, 2014 at the Conference Hall of the Ayaba Hotel, the organizers confirmed that all contracts have been signed with the artists. The CEO of Project New Bamenda, Walters Tumngia said that the music and arts festival is organized by IN THE MOOV, a product of the Project New Bamenda. He added that Project New Bamenda is a label that carries a vision and reflects the dream of the city of Bamenda adequately exploiting its rich human capital, cultural and agricultural potentials. Walters announced that all is set for October 9 up to October 12, 2014 event. The avenue he added is the Bamenda Congress Hall. “The feedback is good”. To him, the dream is coming true at last and that the project started just as an idea. “We want Bamenda to have a new done in entertainment”.
The General Manager of Ntabeng Cooperative Credit Union one of the veritable of Project New Bamenda said the partnership is to develop new ideas and young people with ideas. It is worth mentioning that the Ntabeng Cooperative Credit Union is working with Project New Bamenda on 10 Successes. 10 Successes is a forum for business and business incentives which connects stakeholders in different sectors of the economy. The project he said is offering 100 loans to 100 participants as well as empowers beneficiaries in management skills. “We have the ideas but the fear not to succeed hinders us”. This project has been on air for long but many young people have not registered. Registration he noted is at about 40% only. The Ntambeng Credit Union he emphasized is the vision for youths.
On his part, Mustapha said that an estimated FCFA 13.8 has been disbursed for artists. He confirmed that all the artists listed would be present at the Bamenda Congress Hall. When quizzed on whether the big names could not be a scam, he said “we have paid all the artists and contracts have been signed”. The Divisional Officer for Bamenda II, the SDO for Mezam he said has Okayed the event.


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Friday, September 26, 2014

Ahead of October 1, Controversy Rocks SCNC Again

Thomas N Nwancham, leader of one of the factions of the Southern Cameroons National Council-SCNC (current National chairman of the Wing)  has issued a Press Release announcing that activities to mark the 54th anniversary celebration of the Independence of the Southern Cameroons initially planned to run from October 1, 2014 to October 1, 2015 have been postponed. According to the communiqué signed on September 21, 2014, Thomas Nwancham states that “ this decision was taken in aftermath of the death of Chief Ayamba. And it is necessary to permit SCNC carryout an internal-reorganization, which should consolidate and strengthen the mother movement, by reducing its existing number of Wings”.
Nfor Ngala Nfor: Acting chairman
The release further outlines that “ may our emphasis on the only one date of 1st October be understood to reaffirm this date and one other, as the indelible mark of Southern Cameroons 1961 Independence. To this effect, we appreciate its recent recognition by Government of the Republic of Cameroon, in terms of President Biya having courageously transferred his purported Reunification Jubilee to February 20, 2014. The surprising change of date, from four previous threats in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, to celebrate the Reunification on a 1st October, is a deserved compensation for the SCNC peaceful disposition, even to the extent of allowing a false Jubilee commemoration in our historic capital of Buea”.
To Thomas N Nwancham, “truly, patience is a portent weapon, so we should never depart from our tested Motto of the “Force of Argument, and not the Argument of Force”. In the Release, the current National Chairman of the Wing (as he calls himself) congratulates the International Community “whose input, by stressing the truth of our 1st October separate Independence, contributed enormously to condescend and restrain the excesses of the Cameroon President”. The release further urges the International Community to enable the Yaounde Authorities to exhibit even greater understanding towards 1st October 2015, so that “we would celebrate the event without the habitual disruptions, arrests, detentions, and torture”.
When contacted Nfor Nfor, National Chairman laughed and questioned whether it is reasonable to postpone a national day celebration? “Was he first of all working with Chief Ayamba”, he questioned. Nfor Nfor went further to stress that when people have nothing doing they always look for issues to hang on. “It doesn't surprise me. When we were arrested and detained in 2010 and 2012 in Buea where was he (Nwanchan)”?

SCNC Activist Mbelle Christopher, others  Wanted 
Yet as the countdown to October 1, 2014 approaches, security forces are seen patrolling the Anglophone regions of Cameroon to hinder any action by SCNC activists. The SCNC considers this date as Independence Day and as in the previous years, they have always marched, hoisted the flag, organized conferences and many other activities. During this period of the year, SCNC activists who have been blacklisted are always targeted by security officials.
Mbelle Christopher: SCNC activist Hunted
The disappearance of an SCNC activist between Buea and Yaounde on February 26, 2014 is still making headlines news among activists.  SCNC activist Mbelle Christopher Ekole is one of the activists in the hunt list of security officials. Allegations are rife at that Mbelle Christopher was killed but another school of thought holds that Mbelle must have gone into hiding as is the case with many SCNC activists that have been blacklisted. Mbelle Christopher Ekole, it should be recalled was formerly the Vice Principal of "College Bilingue Excellence Tercio" in Douala disappeared mysteriously since February 26, 2014 after security officials stormed the school thrice looking for him for promoting SCNC ideologies. It is said that the first time security officers visited the school the establishment during their second visit, the Principal was interrogated for hours. "This school has been visited thrice by police men; in their first visit the whole school was in chaos and in their second and third visit, these men were dressed as civilians intimidated me to tell them the whereabout of my colleague", the Principal said. A close family source hinted that Mbelle's family has not been having it easy with security agents. According to the family source Mbelle's name and photo has been placed at the entrances of police posts. As such, he would be napped in case he wants to abscond out of the country.  
They fear that their son might have been eliminated given that they too do not know his whereabout. What is surprising in all is how SCNC activists are treated. They are treated as secessionists and promoters of disunity. Eventhough SCNC is advocating for the reinstatement of the sovereignty and statehood of Southern Cameroons, it members are persistently being intimidated, harassed, brutalized, arrested, tortured and tormented ruthlessly, imprisoned, kidnapped and or murdered in cold blood. 
It should be noted that prior to the 50th Anniversary of Reunification celebration of Cameroon that took place in Buea ob February 20, 2014, Mbelle Christopher was arrested in Muyuka while he was on his way to Mile 14 with his 7 years old son. The question as to whether the innocent young man was also arrested along with the father abound high. Nfor Nfor is quoted to have lamented the way the citizens of Southern Cameroons are ill treated by elements of La Republique. 

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HRH Fon Kum Gilbert Condemns Prostitution of Titles, Sales of Land

By Fai Cassian Ndi

HRH Fon Kum Gilbert of Kung

HRH Fon Kum Gilbert of Kung village in Fungom Sub Division of Menchum Division in the North West Region of Cameroon has decried the manner at which some traditional rulers have been reduced to nothing by CPDM bigwigs and government. Fon Kum Gilbert who has been very bitter over the non-functioning of GTC Kung which was created since 2011 condemned the way some politicians and administrators have transformed traditional rulers to toys given that his community has been deprived from education which is a Human Rights. He also frowned at the prostitution of titles to underserved persons and the way some of his peers have engaged in the illicit sales of land to the detriment of their subjects’.
When we asked the Fon what he thinks as with regards to the way traditional rulers in Cameroon are being used like common boys by incompetent and lazy CPDM politicians in the North West and South West Regions, he vehemently called on Northwest and Southwest Traditional rulers to shun away from being forerunners for and behind corrupt and doubtful politicians and administrative authorities. “We ought to serve the political, traditional and cultural roles in constructing a democratic and developed Cameroon”. According to HRH Fon Gilbert Kum, “Fons need to serve as custodians of their various traditions and cultures other than what is qualified as “Auxiliaries” to the administration, as coined in the 1977 Presidential Decree”. “The term auxiliary” he added is a term he qualifies to be “politically and administratively overloaded, which implies that traditional rulers are forceful collaborators to the administrative authorities and the CPDM regime as a whole political entity. Implicitly, “they must forcefully cooperate with the administrative authorities and the regime in place even on maladministration and malgovernance projects and or activities. Traditional rulers, he emphasized, need to serve as a democratic, political and societal “institutional recall” mechanisms that aim at redressing societal and malgovernance behaviors that are orchestrated by the corrupt and incompetent lazy politicians. He lamented that on the contrary traditional rulers nowadays have turned to play obnoxious roles which he qualifies as a “traditional power burden” towards their subjects and the society. Harping on this traditional power burden, Fon Kum Gilbert cited pathetic cases whereby some of his peers have engaged in prostituting traditional titles (for money to illegal persons) and have sold almost all the land to the detriment of their subjects.
Fons and Chiefs he noted “should be natural aristocrats who respect the principles of “noblesse oblige” other than a self aggrandizement objective in the destruction of their communities and their subjects’ interests. To him, traditional rulers need to accommodate the most of the ingredients and political attributes that are found in a royal personality even if they are not affluent financially. He urged fons and chiefs to think traditionally, culturally, politically and democratically why is it that CPDM ministers who have been in government business for more than thirty years are still interested in anchoring a royal stool and most of the times justifiably and illegitimately.
On the controversy surrounding the non functioning of Government Technical School Kung, created since 2011, Fon Kum Gilbert and the ensemble of his subjects strongly opine that some personalities are behind the unpatriotic and malgovernance behaviours preventing it from going effective.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

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Wonders: South African Pastor Gives Petrol CongregationTo Drink, After Grass

 Those who sampled the flammable beverage passed around by the preacher ranged in reaction. Some asked for more, saying the drink was as tasty as iron brew or pineapple juice, and some said it tasted like blood. Others collapsed. 
Lesego Daniel, the controversial South African pastor who first made major news when video appeared of him asking members of his congregation to eat grass, has made news yet again as video has surfaced of him telling his members to drink unleaded fuel, which he claimed to have converted to juice.
 Equating himself to biblical figures like Moses and Jesus, the pastor claimed during an August service that the converted petrol can "miraculosly" cure infertility and other afflictions. "This is prophetic," he said.
"When I command you to come you will come whether you like it or not, and you'll do as the Word says." the pastor furthered.
Those who sampled the flammable beverage passed around by the preacher ranged in reaction. Some asked for more, saying the drink was as tasty as iron brew or pineapple juice, and some said it tasted like blood. Others collapsed.
In January 2014, when Daniel asked parishioners to eat grass, many fell ill as a result.

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South Africans To Sue T.B. Joshua Following SCOAN Collapse In Lagos

 Courtesy Sahara Reporter
 Thanduxolo Doro and Mpho Molebatsi, who lost sisters in the tragedy, told the BBC that the shady and secretive actions of the church following the incident prompted the decision to move forward with legal
action. “We didn’t get any news from the church,” Doro, who lost his sister Vathiswa Madikiza, said. "It is not that the building collapsed, rather what was done after the collapse," he furthered. "The actions of the church after the incident are very telling."
 Two South African men who lost family members in the collpase of the T.B. Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations in South Africa have indicated that they intend to sue Joshua, and will enlist the help of other affected families in assembling their case.
Thanduxolo Doro and Mpho Molebatsi, who lost sisters in the tragedy, told the BBC that the shady and secretive actions of the church following the incident prompted the decision to move forward with legal action. “We didn’t get any news from the church,” Doro, who lost his sister Vathiswa Madikiza, said. "It is not that the building collapsed, rather what was done after the collapse," he furthered. "The actions of the church after the incident are very telling."
 Officials say the structure, a building that was initially designed to hold two floors, was recently converted into an illegal five story building. 
Estimates suggest 115 people, 84 of them South Africans, were killed when the building collapsed in early September.
“When I contacted [the church] they wouldn’t tell me anything. We saw reports that emergency workers were denied access initially, access that could have saved lives," Doro said.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fanfare at Hon. Awudu Mbaya Unity Cup Finals( Pics)

SDO for Donga Mantung, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard handing the trophy to the winner of the male team (Veteran of Ndu)

DO for Nkambe, Abba Abdouraman makes spectacular kickoff

Alternate MP handing the female trophy to capt. of Nassara FC

The fons pf Njap, Kungi and Mbot
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fon Azefor of Nkwen Declares CPDM, Martin Ngante Tipped Ahead Reorganization

HRH Fon Azefor III dressed in CPDM
There was commotion and seventh heaven at the Nkwen palace esplanade on September 19, 2014 when HRH Fon Azefor III reaffirmed his commitment as a militant of the CPDM. The ceremony which from the onset was a mere courtesy visit to the palace suddenly transformed into a political rally when Martin Ngante Ngoh took to the rostrum to lead a CPDM delegation to hand gifts to the Fon. Not only was Senator Fon Teche zeroed into the scene, the gift themselves were symbiotic of the unexpected.
In a flamboyant manner, Martin Ngante said that the day marked the turning of a new page for the people of Nkwen who have spotted the dot of light. He said that the CPDM in Nkwen has moved geometrically from the 1000 votes to 5000 votes during the last elections. Described by impressionists as the foreman of the CPDM in Nkwen, Martin Ngante also used the opportunity to usher Nkwen population into a new horizon with hopes. “We did not win the election but we are working hard” Ngante tol journalists. Harping on the future of the CPDM in Mezam said that Nkwen is happy to have a fon that knows that the CPDM is the light and the truth. “I think challenges, the fon has many subjects, it is Nkwen that is standing strong behind the Head of State”. He said he felt fulfilled when he was called up for others to line behind him.
Before dressing Fon Azefor, Senator Fon Teche called on the people of Nkwen to support their rulers so much so that he could foster development process. He said that by choosing the CPDM, Fon Azefor made the right choice.

Nkwen Wants First Class, Position of Government Delegate Too
Martin Ngante: Will he revamp the CPDM?
Speaker after speaker sounded optimistic but casted doubts whether late John Ngu Foncha died with the future. In fact, the keynote message was that this is time for Nkwen to produce a government delegate and or government minister and why not Foncha’s successor. It should be recalled that before his enthronement, Fon Azefor III was formerly a militant of the CPDM IN Douala.The most interesting is that the Fon of Nkwen made it clear that the people of Nkwen will have to choice where to meditate meaning that he will not impose on them. More importantly, he is relying on the strength and mobilization spirit of people like Martin Ngante Ngoh to semornize the population to understand the importance of supporting the ruling party.

Hon. Awudu Mbaya Unity Cup Finals Pull Thousands

There was euphoria and trumpets blast at the Nkambe Municipal Sports Complex as thousands of soccer fans gathered to witness the 2nd Edition of Hon. Awudu Mbaya Unity Cup that seeks to promote unity in Mbumland. Vuvuzelas trumpeted into the eucalyptus forest of Nkambe highlands echoing down into the low lands of Njap, Tabenken and up to the hills of Chup and Bishua. Fanfare there was. At about 1pm, the entire Donga Mantung Centre Constituency emptied self. No one would have loved to miss the occassion just to be told. The female final between Nassara FC and Cosmos FC ended in a tie. When the two female teams moved into the most decisive part which was penalty kicks, the euphoria was at it peak. It was a matter of luck for the winner. However, as God would make it, Nasara FC scored three of the five penalty kicks to win the female trophy with a cash prize of FCFA150.000. Arrival of the Divisional Officers for Ndu and Nkambe at about 3:16pm was indicative that something serious was about to take place. From the four corners of the field and into the eucalyptus forest, drums and other musical instruments as well as supporters of the two giants of the day could be seen rushing not to miss a glimpse of any action. 

Veteran FC Beats Formation Sango
It was the Divisional Officer for Nkambe Central Abba Abdouraman(personal representative of the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division) who performed the spectacular kick-off. There was commotion as the central referee Alain Asongwe alias Alain Bosic sound the blast of the whistle. The two teams tussled for 80 minutes without a cutting razer. Barely 5 minutes to the end of the match, Veteran FC of Ndu benefitted a corner kick on the left flank of the field and it was spontaneously connected into the net. Supporters of Veteran FC went wild in celebration. However, the players of Formation Sango struggled to reduce the goal tallies but were caught by time. At the end of the 90 minutes, Veteran FC f Ndu went home with the 8 kilograms (symbiotic World Cup Trophy) this time with the inscription Hon. Awudu Mbaya Unity Cup and with an additional sum of FCFA 250.000, while the runners up Formation Sango went home with a cash prize of FCFA 150.000. The most interesting thing is that all the teams that participated also had encouraging prizes ranging from FCFA 20.000 to 50.000 depending on the knockout. 

Donga Mantung SDO Applauds Donor
Before handing the trophy to the distinct finalists, the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard who rushed back where he was just to be part of the new way congratulated Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian (MP for Donga Mantung Centre Constituency) for his initiative to promote mutual coexistence through football. To the SDO even the teams that lost n the field have won something and that even the spectators have won something given that “we were treated to good football”. He said Donga Mantung is the king of the Mountain and with all these prospects there are hopes that Donga Mantung may also produce the King of Football. He urged the population to copy the fairplay demonstrated by the players in the field so that the Division shall continue to live in peace. He said the tournament gave room for the population to see how much talent is available in the Division. “At the end of this you would have made new friends and that is how peace, harmony and concord is built”. According to the SDO Donga Mantung ha had it fare share of disorder and this is time for everyone to live like a family.
Mangoh Jones Tanko, Former Mayor of Nkambe Council congratulated Hon. Awudu Mbaya for encouraging young talents. He said that the MP of Parliament has demonstrated that he is a promoter of youth activities. “I hope this tournament will be able to produce a player of the caliber of Eto’o Fils”. On his part, Samba Kingsley the coordinator of the tournament said he is delighted that the tournament went on very smoothly without hitches. On his part the Divisional President of FECAFOOT, Loya applauded Hon. Awudu Mbaya as well as his collaborator for their organizational skills.   

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Mafor Achidi Achu Judith Gets Top Job at CAMTEL

Mafor Achidi Achu Judith: Commercial Director
Mafor Achidi Achu Yaah Judith Sunde, formerly Director of Urban Development at CAMTEL has been installed as Commercial Director. Before commissioning Mafor Achidi Achu Judith into her new function as Commercial Director, David NKOTO EMANE described her as an astute telecommunication top cadre.
It should be noted that Achidi Achu Judith is the first Anglophone to occupy that top job and the first female as well. The heavily attended installation ceremony that took place in Yaounde was attended by her former collaborators from Camtel Yaounde, Douala, Bamenda and Buea. Described by many as “Madame Transparency” for her out-rightness in handling issues, Mafor Achidi Achu is expected to sell the image of Camtel at this point in time that new mobile communication like NEXTTEL (3G) is making its debut.  

Who Is Mafor Achidi Achu Judith
Mafor Yaah Achidi Achu Judith Yaah Sunde it is worth mentioning is a woman of extra qualities. This is a woman who unlike others is busy round the clock. As a seasoned administrator and telecommunication expert, she believes like Immanuel Kant that “the more we are busy, the more we feel we are alive and contributing for the welfare of others”. Her educational background coupled with her devotion to be perfect has made her to transform the principle of education for work into the principle of education through work. Reasons why she puts youths ahead in all her actions and also believes that by empowering the rural women and youths she would be an avenue par excellence to change lives through work. As a Christian, she believes like Martin Luther King that “working is praying”. One prelate once said that every human natured person is made up of the human and the divine and that when the divine overrides, the human one becomes closer to God. Yet, Mafor Achidi Achu Judith goes beyond that by making work the divine with the human as a pairs.
Two year ago she brought smiles on the faces of youths by donating an annual football trophy worth a million FCFA for youths in Donga Mantung Division. During the official launching over 20.000 attended the finals.
She is also a promoter of rural women and had done much for the welfare of rural women of Donga Mantung.
She is also a holder of many traditional titles. Mafor of the Northwest and was also honoured and coroneted as the Senior Ma-Yaah of Donga Mantung division.
The second edition of the tournament took place at Ndu last year with over 24 football teams taking part. In a bit to promote the football nursery of Donga Mantung Division, Mafor Yaah Achidi Achu has proven that what a man can do, a woman can do it better. Her largesse to rural women of Nkambe Central has been out numbered ranging from farm inputs to maize seeds and others.
Her devotion for work and down to earth nature ignited fons of the North West who coroneted her with the title of “Mafor”
Accompanying rural women through support has been her line of action in fostering women empowerment. What makes her dissimilar from others is that she does uncommon things in a very common manner. 
In the Littoral and South West regions where she served as Regional Director of CAMTEL, she left an indelible mark of greatness that speaks positively and confirms the aptitude of women in leadership positions. In the Southwest Region she succeeded in putting in place the optic fiber. In the North West, she is also noted to have transformed the entire service into a bee hive of activities. Putting CAMTEL to the forefront by putting in place new installations at Jakiri, Wum, Nkambe and Oku as well as the terminal optical fibre at the University of Bamenda before her workaholic nature moved her to the head office in Yaounde where she is Director of Urban Development at CAMTEL. Notwithstanding, Mafor Achidi Achu Judith Yaah Sunde is also a great supporter of the CPDM. In the political arena her presence in Donga Mantung Division is often described as a booster to youths and the woman folk. If you have never met a cheese full of prominence, get closer to Senior Ma Yaah Mafor Achidi Achu Judith to rediscover her role as a woman emancipator.

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