Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ndu Council ECCUFORUM/ TRADE FAIR 2015( Not-to-Miss Event of the Year)

 Information and Interim Program

The Administration of Donga Mantung;
The Economic Operators in and outside Donga Mantung
Traditional Rulers in and around Donga Mantung
Traders, Farmers, Livestock breeders
Citizens of Ndu and its environs
The General Public

The Ndu Council hereby announces that there will effectively be an Economic and Cultural Forum (ECCUFORUM) 2015 that shall run from Friday December 11, 2015 to Saturday December 19, 2015.
The Ndu Council will take a giant step with the organization of a Trade Fair during this period involving economic operators, the formal and informal sectors of the area and beyond. Expected to animate and promote their goods and services will be those from various sectors like Telecommunications; Construction; textile; Food processing firms; gastronomical institutions; tradi-practitioners; Educational Institutions both at the Secondary and Higher Education levels; Brewery companies as well as whisky companies ( with products from ADIC Company etc)
There will be games of chance; raffle draws and lots and lots of entertainment from artists and musicians from Ndu, Donga Mantung, Bui and other areas of Cameroon. There will be musical concerts and film shows on giant screens.
The Ndu Council is thus inviting business operators to come and register at the Council office in Ndu or go to the Vanguard Documentation office, City Chemist round about, Bamenda  and register there. Thereafter, they will identify the appropriate site at the Old market to erect their stand for their exhibitions, sales or displays.
It should be noted that the commercial activities at the Old Market adjacent the Council Hall will be very hot, and thick and traders will be busy throughout the week, selling and buying.
In order not to regret that others have come from elsewhere to occupy the best stands, those in Ndu and its environs are advised to rush to the office and register before the 7th of December 2015.
Here is the detailed program of the ECCUFORUM/ Trade fair Ndu Council 2015 Dec. 11-19
Friday Mruh Dec. 11, 2015
General juju Displays
Socio-cultural Committee
Ndu and other palaces
12 noon -6p.m
Saturday Ndvung Dec. 12, 2015
Agro-Pastoral Show
New market
8 a.m.- 12 noon
Saturday, Ndvung Dec. 12, 2015
Official Launch of Renaissance Community Radio Programs
SDO D/M; Div. Dele. MINCOM D/M; Ndu Council
Renaissance Radio Premises
1p.m- 3p.m.
Sunday, Ngang Dec. 13, 2015
Prayers in Churches for the Municipality
Rev. Fathers; Pastors; Citizens
Various Churches in the Municipality
7a.m-11 a.m.
Sunday Ngang Dec. 13, 2015
Assembly of citizens and dignitaries
Population; Ndu Council; Invitees; Groups; Traditional rulers
Ndu Municipal Grand stand;
11 a.m- 6p.m.
Sunday Ngang Dec. 13, 2015
Display of services, goods and arts products
Traders, artists, economic operators etc/
Various stands at Old market Square
8 a.m- 6 p.m.
Sunday Ngang, Dec. 13, 2015
Speeches; Manifestations, Exhibitions/ Reading Competitions
Ndu Council; Socio-Cultural Committee; Groups; Leaders/ Knowledge for Children
Municipal Grand stand/ Ndu Council Hall
12 noon – 5 p.m.
Monday Ntala Dec. 14, 2015
Trade fair cont./
Musical and artistic displays
Ndu Council; Economic Operators etc/ Artists
Old market Square/
Municipal Grand stand
7 a.m- 11 p.m. ( night)
Tuesday Seng Dec. 15, 2015
Trade fair cont./ Usual Trading
Economic Operators
New market and Old market
6 a.m.-7 p.m.
Dec. 16-18, 2015
Trade fair cont./
Economic Operators
Old market
6 a.m.-7 p.m.
Dec. Mru’ Sat. 19, 2015
End of Trade fair
Forum Discussions
Ndu Council/
Ndu Council Hall
10 a.m- 3p.m.
N/B. This program is subject to modifications and alterations.

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