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Tribute to Statesman Dr. Solomon Nfor Gwei: One of the Architects of Reunification

Dr. Solomon Nfor Gwei
The old Nkambe Division played a very vital role during the 1961 Plebiscite that led to reunification. One of the key actors that worked very hard in the North West Region was no other person than Dr. Solomon Nfor Gwei. He was a frontliner that saw no reason why the then Southern Cameroons should gain its independence by joining the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Born on August 22 1935 in Ntumbaw, Nkambe, North West Province, Dr Nfor Gwei received education from Cameroon Protestant College from where he graduated in 1956 with a secondary school leaving certificate. He then moved on to the Baptist Theological Seminary in Louiseville (USA), where he studied from 1958 to 1961. He also studied Theology in Ogbomosho, Nigeria where he obtained a Bachelors degree in the discipline. 
Dr. for Gwei returned home and worked in the pastoral ministry before taking off once more for further studies in 1964 in Switzerland where he enrolled in the International Baptist Theological Seminary, Reshlikon in Zurich. His 2-years study programme in Switzerland earned him a Bachelor of Art degree in history. 
He later decided to study for a Master of Theology degree in Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey, and USA. His quest for knowledge also led him the University of Michigan where he obtained a Master of Art in education in 1968 and a P.hD in education in 1969.
Dr. Nfor Gwei has served Cameroon in various capacities. He taught in the University of Yaounde and the Advanced School of Education in Bambili. In 1979 he was appointed Vice Minister of Agriculture. He also served as Secretary of State for Agriculture following the 24 August 1985 cabinet appointments. Prior to his death, Dr. Solomon Nfor Gwei was among those who was fighting for the reunification of Cameroon. He also occupied the post of Chairman of the Cameroon Human Rights and Freedoms Commission and that of the Secretary General of the Cameroon Chamber of Agriculture.

He was among those who worked hard for reunification to take place. He was the first President of the National Human Rights Commission. Born in the family of Gwei Muyoh and Gwei Libuh, Dr. Nfor Gwei rose from a pastor to a university don and later a statesman. This great son of Donga Mantung Division has remained in the minds of his people as the greatest philanthropists and a politician who had conscience and character. He died on June 30, 2002.

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Reunification Fall-outs: South West Chiefs Conference Splits over Presidential Largess

An atmosphere of uncertainty now looms in the South West Region after the departure of President Biya and wife, Chantal Biya. Information filtering into our indicates that Fako Chiefs have stormed out of the South West Chief Conference-SWCC headed by Fon Senator Fontem. According to the hint, Fako chiefs are angry over the fact that they were sidelined in the distribution of money President Biya gave them. It is also alleged that the Fako chiefs had demanded that the South West Chiefs Conference should tell Biya to release Inoni but the motion was rejected. Coupled with the fact that Fako chiefs were poorly treated by their peers during the sharing of the booties President Biya gave to them, they have decided to quit SWCC for good. It is aired that a sum of 100.000.000 FCFA was handed to SWCC after the audience with President Biya and that chiefs from other areas sidelined them in the sharing. More so, Fako chiefs are also angry that they were not also selected in the delegation that met President Biya.   
An insider hinted The Eye that the chiefs are threatening to all register and become SCNC members if Chief Inoni is not freed. A school of thought holds that the sharing of money only came to add more flames to the long accumulated grievances and the marginalization of the Fako fons. The fon of Fontem who is the President of the South West Chiefs Conference is actually on a hot seat given that he is been tele-guided by some CPDM gurus. 
However, critical minds are of the opinion that it is wrong for the chiefs of Fako to withdraw from the South West Chiefs Conference given that Fako chief did not register as a group. Besides, the treasurer of the South West Conference is from Fako. Dark clouds loom as to whether it was the treasurer that shared the money that has torn SWCC apart. However, when contacted Fon Fontem debunked allegations that Fako chiefs have decided to quit SWCC. He said he has not yet been notified officially and that to him, the SWCC is united and indivisible. He also revealed that chiefs were selected from all the division when they were going to meet President Biya. "I am not the one who selected those who were received by the head of state, it was the job of the executive", he continued. On the 100 million FCFA scandal, Fon Fontem said he doesn't have any idea that there was money to be shared and others were treated unfairly. To him, the South West Chiefs Conference is the most organized and should serve as a model to others nationwide.

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Donga Mantung in Tears as Lone Pilot Pa Shei Sammy Njamnshi is Laid to Rest

By Tamngwa Marcel Kwalar
Late Pa Shei Sammy Njamnshi
Grief there was and disapproval too as hundreds stormed Mbiyeh-Ntalah village to pay homage to the departed Wimbum hero. In fact, the untimely departure of Pa Shei Sammy Njamnshi took the entire Donga Mantung Division like a bombshell. The crying was much that it could only be compared to the monasticism theory: that tears are both a gift from God and a tribute to him. What transpired during the burial of Pa Shei Sammy Njamnshi could only be contextualized through St. Anthony, the father of monasticism who in a letter to his disciples wrote that they should weep in the sight of God. Not only were tears one means of prayer, according to Benedict, they were the only pure form: "We must know that God regards our purity of heart and tears of compunction, not our many words." This apocryphal story shows the extent to which tears were shed over the departure of the lone pilot from Donga Mantung Division and the entire Wimbum land.
It was last Saturday February 22, 2014 that the first ever pilot of Mbum origin Pa Shei Sammy Njamnshi alias Pa Pilot was laid to rest in his Mbiyeh home town Ndu Sub Division, Donga Mantung Division. The highly profiled Pa Shei Sammy Njamnshi a former Amexian and alumnus of Hellenic Air Force Academy, Athens Greece where he trained as an Aeronautical Engineer returned home and served as a staff sergeant with the Cameroon Air Force before resigning from this position.
In 1980 after emerging first in a concour launched by the Cameroon government to recruit flight engineers, he under went training in the USA (San Francisco, aviation school). He returned to Cameroon in 1953 and served with the Cameroon Air Lines (Camair) where he played a dual role that is flight engineer and pilot. However he soon ran into conflicts and misunderstandings with his superiors at camair. A thing that caused his departure from the arena in the 90s. He was later called back to Camair but in a lower position and he turned it down and remained unemployed till the day he breathe his last. 
The late Pa Shei Sammy Njamshi was a devoted Christian as well as development luminary who was always at the beg and call of the Tallah Abi, wimbum cultural and development association and his Mambanda neighborhood in Douala. He became bed ridden since the 8th of March 2009 until last February 1st 2014 at 2:00p.m when he passed into glory. He leaves behind a wife, 5 sons, family members and friends who in various occasions during his funeral family and friends took turns to describe him as a strong, principled and man who was a perfect example of a family head. 
A perfect example indeed but what is happening to the old guards of Mbum extraction: is the worry of this reporter. Adieu Pa Shei Sammy Njamnshi, Adieu Pa Pilot.

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24000 Prisoners Benefit from Presidential Clemency, Titus Edzoa, Thierry Atangana Freed

Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary has declared that over 24.000 prisoners will benefit from the Presidential clemency by President Paul Biya. In a briefing with the Press, communication Minister confirmed that former SG at the Presidency of the Republic Titus Edzoa has been set free alongside French citizen Thierry Atangana.  According to classified sources Thierry Atangana was spotted at the French Embassy while Titus Edzoa returned his residence in Yaounde. It should be recalled that the two individuals were accused of siphoning a billion FCFA which was deposited in an account which they were co-signatories.   
A school of thought holds that Cameroon government had succumbed to pressure from France and the UN to release Thierry Atangana and Titus Edzoa. Yet President Biya while inaugurating the Reunification monument in Buea declared that the clemency was part of government efforts to give a multi-dimension feast to the celebrations marking the 50th Anniversary of reunification. Questions have been raised about the plight of other state officials who were arrested and detained within the framework of operation sparrow hawk. The lawyers of Gerard Odong Ndong, Zachs Forjindam, Munchipou, Chief Inoni and other high profile personalities napped for embezzlement are reportedly analyzing the text to see how and where their clients would benefit as well. It should be noted that the anti-corruption drive in Cameroon has been criticized as a state machinery aimed at pinning down those who nursed political ambitions against the Biya regime. Others say it is more to settle scores and not pick white-collar gangsters.  

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National Award of Excellence: Who Emerges Watchdog Tribune Man of the Year

Press Release

Here Are Our Categories Of Awards And Nominees For 2013
Watchdog Tribune 2013 National Press Award For Excellence To Meritorious Cameroonians/Establishments Who/Which Have Distinguished Themselves In Their Contributions To Nation Building

The Re-Unification Awards For Nation Builders, Promoters of Peace/Unity!
1)    Who Emerges 2013 Watchdog Tribune Man Of Year?
-          Bishop Joseph Afeba: For His widely acclaimed Efforts To Cleanse The Journalism Profession In Cameroon?
-          Dr Fonkam Samuel AZU’U: For Making Elections In Cameroon Increasingly More Credible Not Only In Cameroon, But In Africa?
-          H.E Peter Mafany Musonge: For His Sleepless Nights and Relentless Efforts For A Hitch-Free Re-Unification Celebration In Buea, South West Region?
-          HRM Fon TECHE NJEI, President General of NOWEFU *(New Entry according to increase public opinion) for taking NOWEFU to higher heights for the common good of the Region during the celebration of Cameroon’s Re-Unification in Buea, other moves…
2) Minister of the year:
-          - H.E. Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o
-          - H.E. Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi 
-          - H.E. Youssouf née Adjidja Alim 
3) Cameroon Best Airline Company of the year:
-          - CAMAIR CO
-          - VIRGIN NIGERIA
4) Politician of the Year:
-          -Hon. Awudu Mbaya
-          -Mbela Moki Charles
-          -Mformi Ngala Gerard
5) Cameroon Peace Award Winner:
-          -Ntumfor Nico Halle
-          -HRM Fon of Nsongwa
-          -Governor Okalai Bilai
6) Philanthropist Of The year:
-          -Ndang Denis
-          -Rose Ngassa
-          -Mme Ndumu Vincent
-          -Dr Fru Richard

7) Most Successful People Oriented, Poverty Alleviation Community Development Programme of the year:
-Rumpi Project

8) Best Mobile Telephone Network Company of the year:
-MTN Cameroon
-Orange Cameroon
9) Best NGO of the year:
10) Pride and Pillar of the Cameroon BAR:
-Barrister Sama Francis
-Barrister Ntumfor Nico Halle
-Barrister Innocent Bornu

11) North West Best Regional Delegate of the year:
-Regional Delegate of MINEPAT
-Regional Delegate of Public Contracts
-Regional Delegate of Mines, Industries & Tech. Development

12) South West Best Regional Delegate of the year:
-Regional Delegate of Basic Education
-Regional Delegate of Urban Development and Housing
-Regional Delegate of Public Contracts

13) North West Most Popular Traditional Ruler of the year:
-HRH Fon Sehm Mbinglo of Nso
-HRH Fon Chafah of Bangolan
-HRH Fon Yuuh Vincent of Kom

14) Cameroon Best Insurance Company of the year 2013:
- ZENNITHE Insurance;
- ACTIVA Insurance;
- SAMARITAN Insurance

15) Best Micro Finance Establishment of the year:
- Rural Investment Credit (RIC)
- Bamenda Police Cooperative Credit Union;
- La Regionale

16) Cameroon’s Best Regional Chief of School Health Services 2013:
-          NW Regional Chief of School Health
-          SW Regional Chief of School Health
-          West Regional Chief of School Health
17) North West Best Mayor of the year:
-          Mayor of Bamenda II Council
-          Mayor of Mbiame Council
-          Mayor of Belo Council


Voting is by email and sms or call: Contact: 77985602/95020469 email:
 Ezikiel Dotta
BP 321 Bamenda-Cameroon

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Open Letter to Statesman Emeritus Njoh Litumbe

Dear Sir,
I am writing to express my profound gratitude and salutations from the grass field to you, I listened keenly to that Morning Safari Programme on Tuesday 18th of February 2014, which was akin to the Cameroon Calling Programme of May 1990 which precipitated the birth of multi-party politics in Cameroon. Your articulation and acute presentation of the historical facts about independence and reunification of Cameroon, rekindled a lot of hope in many Anglophones. You’re a non-nonsense political activist as opposed to your adversary on the same programme, Honourable Enow Tanjong whose views about reunification was either hypocritical or an attempt to plague some one in high office. Judging from your presentation, you faulted the British, UN, for arbitrary forcing Southern Cameroons with a two option of gaining independence in 1961 by joining the Eastern Region of Nigeria or La Republique de Cameroun. Your satirical tone did not spare late Ahmadou Ahidjo who outsmarted John Ngu Foncha at the Foumban constitutional talks.
Dear Mola and great one, your sharp reflections about events as they took place from the defeat of the Germans in 1916, to the League of Nations in 1930 and the termination of the mandatory powers of the colonial masters that gave birth to La Republique on 1st January 1960 and the Plebiscite of 11 February 1961, the day of re-unification of Southern Cameroon put you on high pedestal. Hon. Enow Tanjong should better understand that history is like a mirror, you either look into the mirror and adjust yourself or you break the mirror and face the consequences of breaking it. Life does not begin and end with us. William Shakespeare describes the world as a stage where actors come and go and the world remains. Many Anglophones have complained bitterly that the union with La Republique du Cameroun from the Plebiscite of 11 February 1961, to October 1, 1961 was a union between master and slave. Their arguments have gained practical evidence on grounds that no Anglophone has ever headed the following ministries; Finance, Territorial Administration, Defense, right up to the Secretary General at the Presidency. In the diplomatic cycle no Anglophone has ever been appointed as Ambassador either in America or Great Britain, all English speaking countries.
To crown it all, dear Mola be steadfast and keep the Anglo-Saxon culture of truth, honesty, accountability and transparency in tact. You are one out of many like Cardinal Christian Wighan Tumi, Barrister Ntumfor Nico Halle who still incarnates some of our lost glories like virtue and truth.
Bravo Mola, accept greetings from the North West Region

Mduh Walters
Human Rights Activist

Botfon Human Rights Watch

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Confirmed!! FCFA 54.6 Billion for the Construction of Kumba-Mamfe Road

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Sources in the Ministry of Public Works in Yaounde have confirmed that the construction of the Kumba-Mamfe road has been awarded to two Chinese companies, namely China Communications Construction Company LTD-CCCC, and the Jiangsu Provincial Transportation Engineering Group. 
It has been confirmed that the Minister of Public Works, Patrice Amba Salla signed a deal with the above companies. According to the deal, CCCC will receive FCFA 32.6 billion for the first phase of the project will Jiangsu Provincial Transportation Engineering Group gets FCFA 22 billion   for the second phase  which covers 46.8 km. The contract is expected to last for a period of 36 months. It is alleged that 27 companies competed for the two lots and the two Chinese companies were selected and awarded the contract. 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

At Last Kumba-Mamfe Road Gets Government Attention

By Marcbright Nfor
The Kumba-Mamfe road which is the popular cry of the Manyu people has caught the attention of government and sources say the contract for the construction of the Kumba-Mamfe road has been awarded. The Kumba-Mamfe road like the Loum-Kumba road and the Kumba-Mudemba road have been a nightmare to the people of the South West Region. For 53 years, the political elite(s) of the South West Region who are appointed from Yaounde have always told President Biya the wrong side of the story. Although lots of political promises have been made on the tarring of the Kumba-Mamfe road, nothing has so far been done. However, it has finally been confirmed that the contract for the tarring of the Kumba-Mamfe road has been awarded to two Chinese Companies as hinted above and not that the contract was signed in Nfor Tabetando’s palace as rumoured. This piece of information was confirmed over the state TV newscast at 8:30 pm today February 24, 2014. The report further states that construction work on the Kumba-Mamfe road will begin by May 2014. Notwithstanding, we are still to lay hands on the contract awarded and the total cost of the contract. 
A school of thought holds that this was the opportunity Ekema Patrick, the mayor of Buea missed. The scale of the problem Ekema faces after delivering that low graded speech has sparked controversy among Southwesterners and has attracted a lot of media critics. Yet President Biya has finally rescued the Buea mayor by hastening work on the Kumba-Mamfe road. However, skeptics say anything can happen given that when President Biya announced that he was going to supervise the tarring of the Ring Road, it took fifteen years for him to come to Bamenda to meet his un-kept promises. 
On February 20, it was expected that an elected mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge should present the litany of problems not only facing Buea council area but the entire South West Region with the Kumba-Mamfe road highlighted. Many thought Ekema had the golden opportunity that while appreciating Paul Biya for what he has done for Buea, would equally tell him how nowadays to travel from Manyu to Buea, one has to pass through Bamenda and Bafoussam.  It is a fact that the Kumba-Mamfe road is impassable.

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How Fon Teche Created The Unexpected on Behalf of NW Region in Buea

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Fon Teche in Handshake with President Biya
The President of the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU, Senator Fon Teche Njei has again taken the North West Region to higher height. This is the second time that NOWEFU President has had the opportunity to offer a symbolic gift to President Paul Biya on behalf of the North West Fons and the population of the Northwest.  When President Biya was in Bamenda for the 50th Anniversary of the Cameroon Armed Forces, Senator Fon Teche led the delegation of North West fons to hand a public gift to the head of state. Last week on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of reunification, NOWEFU stole the show as Fon Teche Njei of Ngyemuwa handed another gift to the head of state. He led a delegation of more than 10 fons to present the gift to President Biya. The fact that NOWEFU delegation was the first to hand the gift to the head of state was indicative of its leadership headed by Fon Teche. NOWEFU presented a gift to the head of state which was a replica of the man, Paul Biya. After handshakes with the head of state, Fon Teche Njei handed a sealed envelop to the head of state. The Eye gathered from classified sources that this gift is considered as a mayor accomplishment given that several delegations had booked to hand gifts to the head of state but the civil cabinet rejected the offer.
Hear him presents the gift and members of his delegation to President Biya:
“The President of the Republic, Fon of Fons; Your Excellency, the First Lady, Ma-Mafor of the Republic of Cameroon; Fons of the North West;
On behalf of all the population of the North West Region, NOWEFU decided to present this gift to the fon of fons, for all the marvellous jobs he has been doing to this nation. First as the Number One manager of this country; secondly, as the
Guarantor of peace. The peace we are enjoying in this country can never be paid for.
Your Excellency the Fon of Fons, this gift is made out of precious stones, from all the shrines palaces of the North West region. Your Excellency, we wish you many more years at the helm of the state of Cameroon.
This gift is hand to you by a selected delegation of fons:
We have:
Fon Angwafor of Mankon, Fon Sehm Mbinglo of Nso, Fon Yuh of Kom, Fon Njoya Sama of Bamuka, Fon Dr. Akam of Kai, Fon Ibrahim Nfor of Nkambe, Fon Abuhbi of Bafut, my humble self Fon Teche Njei.
At the end of the event, The Eye’s Fai Cassian met the President of NOWEFU and we started by asking him the following questions.

Now, your highness, could you briefly present the gift to the people of the North West Region, what was it all about?
Fon Teche leading NOWEFU delegation with gift 
The gift is made up of a wooden material plus precious stones from some of the traditional shrines of the North West region. Thus, the gift of this kind greatly represents the entire North West region.  But if there is a traditional ruler who wants to single out himself or disassociate himself from that gift, he is free to do so; after all, we are in a democratic society.

Your gift went along with a special message for the Head of State. May we know the content in the sealed envelop?
The message that accompanied the gift is that the Fons of the North West will continue to support the unity that exists, the indivisible Cameroon. Consequently, if there is anybody with the tendency of creating any form of division in this country from the North West region, we the traditional rulers of this region are saying no! We are for one and indivisible Cameroon.

Your Majesty could you give us an appraisal of the 50th anniversary of re-unification in Buea as an eye-witness?
You saw it for yourself Mr. journalist. The occasion brought together Cameroonians of all walks of life to celebrate 50 years of re-unification. They came in their numbers to say yes Mr. President we have come to appreciate all what you have been doing for the unity and peace reigning in our country.
Again, his speech was wonderful. His high level of bilingualism was demonstrated and every Anglophone was indeed moved by the speech. President Paul Biya remains the one who masters situations and knows where he belongs. This is a man that so many people were criticizing but today if you look round, everybody is running behind President Paul Biya. This is a man who has done a great deal for this nation and Cameroonians are very conscious of this and are wishing many more years as you could hear from the songs the women, men and youths were signing as they march past the grandstand.

May we know what you discussed with the Head of State during your long handshake with him shortly after the gift?
Laughs! These are private matters. The president of the republic is our fon of fons and what fons do discuss in the palaces remain a secret. This belongs to the secret society and no one should dare try to find out what the exchanges were all about between the president of the republic and my humble self as the president general of NOWEFU.

A word to your colleague fons who were sidelined in the selection of those to present the gift in Buea?

Well, thank God I am not the one who did the selection. The Governor’s office assisted us a great deal to come out with a carefully selected list of eight fons to present the gift in Buea so as to avoid fons complaining of being sidelined. Even myself, I was only informed of the list as the President General of NOWEFU. So I want to tell the other Fons of the Region that they were not sidelined by anyone as the State Protocol needed us to submit a list of only eight Fons to present the gift. I think they should rather show appreciation for the intervention of the administration to do the selection than stay off only to send blames to the wrong direction. To me I think we are together for the common good of the North West Region. 

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Charles Ateba Eyene: The Man Who Lived to the Dictates of His Conscience

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Charles Ateba Eyene
After having spent several weeks at the Yaounde University Hospital fighting against death, the brave and fearless Charles Ateba Eyene finally kicked the bucket on Friday, February 21, 2014. As to what or whose hand is behind the killing of this famous writer and politician only God alone can tell.  Speculations are rife that Charles ateba Eyene suffered from heart problems, others have aired that he died of kidney failure. Yet his close friends say he was suffering from malaria. Notwithstanding the public is anxiously waiting for hospital officials to tell the world what exactly killed Charles Ateba Eyene.
Widowed since 2009, Charles Ateba Eyene died leaving behind many kids and friends to mount him. It should be recalled that Charles Ateba Eyene was one of the most prominent political figures in Cameroon. Originally from the South region, he was a CPDM militant who would never pretend to say “yes” when it is supposed to be ‘no”... More than just a militant, he was part of the inner circles of Central Committee of the CPDM. But his many courageous ways of addressing issues and against the system and governments made ​​him a militant "uncontrolled" of the CPDM.
Even though controversial he was revered emblematic figure in the media and the popular strata in public sphere. Outspoken as he was, Charles Ateba Eyene was a staunch supporter of President Paul Biya and ideal of National President of the CPDM, a rather atypical militant who sometimes do not hesitate to open fire against his own camp. This type of militantism made him the chouchou of Cameroonians. Those who hanged on the CPDM to do wrong knew they had someone ready to denounce their acts given that Charles was always readily reminding them that they should not fool President Biya. He was also one of the few CPDM militants to consider that the changeover at the head of the state and the age of Paul Biya are not taboo.
When René Sadi, then general secretary of the Central Committee of the CPDM proposed Charles Ateba Eyene as a member alternate member of the Central Committee, Paul Biya did it.

At 42, Charles Ateba Eyene alias “Tara” who claimed he had spent “24 years of active militancy" in the CPDM died frustrated. Not frustrated that he was poor but as a young leader who waited for the tomorrow that never came for him to assume a real public office. Cameroon is handicapped by his departure. Courageous he was and had never played the Pons Pilate. With over 20 books in his credit, he was a gigantic expressionist that helped in the advancement of democracy in Cameroon. The founding father of “club ethic” lived to the dictates of his conscience and he lived for something.

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Cry from the Wilderness for the Kumba-Mamfe Road

By Writam-pen
The money party lackeys (asshole-lickers) of the Biya regime as well as the (s) elected officials like to talk about how things will keep getting better. But when things happen contrary to what they said, they pull out the "S" word - sacrifice. Yet none of them is ready to sacrifice any of their privileges, positions, and power for others. When the Manyu delegation to the 50th Anniversary celebration of reunification was spotted passing through Bamenda, I recalled what Rick Gaber said about these people of the lie. He said that the politician is a type of creature known for its propensity to lie, exaggerate, embellish, and use all kinds of hysterical or bombastic attention-getting. There would be no exaggeration if the statement is contextualized to fit the plight of the beloved Manyu people and the floating banner in Buea welcoming President Biya.
I have often heard people say that it is outlawed to make significant opinion psychoanalysis on the neglect of the Kumba-Mamfe Road by the Biya regime and that making such a critical judgment is like writing satanic verses that lead to divine sentence. But let the word go forth from this time and medium to friends and enemies of progress alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation that will talk than die in silence. The cry from the wilderness is indicative that it is there that humanity lives.
During a standing discussion at Bongo Square, a young man said that the people of Manyu Division have been tempered with carelessness by the Biya regime. I understood he was aghast with the fact that for 53 years now, the people of the Old Mamfe Division now Manyu have reluctantly accepted the slow shame of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed and to which the nature of this country and the powers that be have imposed on them shamelessly. In fact if a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it can never save the few who are rich, says the impressionist.
When government institutions were the pillars of moral value, any public pronouncement of the Head of State was considered by all and sundry as part of the Presidential largess that the President dishes out every time he visits any locality. Such a pronouncement was considered as a symbol of decorum because such promises were immediately followed up and realized within the shortest time possible. It happened with the creation of the Bamenda University, the construction of the Bamenda Ring Road and the studies on the Menchum Fall. The Kumba-Mamfe raod is not just a nightmare but demands a week of serious fasting and prayer because you never know when you will get to your destination. I do not know whether it is the influence of the Western culture that has transformed government institutions into negating its people or influence of politics that has made Head of States to forget that where the road passes, development follows. However, anyone who would maladroitly sit on the fence to declare that the Kumba-Mamfe Road is not a necessity or a priority should be considered as being in a state of sin. Being a respecter of the institution that President Biya incarnates and the powers that he wields, I do not understand whether it is not another form of subjugation of the Anglophones.
Even though there is a statement in the Bible which states that people should pass round for judges on others, I believe it is often quoted out of context because the Bible still tells us that people should be judged if their acts are injurious. I am aware that this critical judgment analysis is badly needed. It is imperative because the Manyu people are weeping silently and the bells of anguish are being heard signaling that Manyu Division may cease to exist in the map of this country. I am also aware that this bit will offset many people, I mean the Manyu Vuvuzelas of the regime but it is a fact. Even so, who is even going to twist my arm for speaking the truth? Is it not a right for the people of Manyu to have a good access road and even enjoy more as a border Division?  Besides, should they not be compensated for voting the CPDM as it is claimed by the vuvuzelas. Or it is true that the rigging was massive as decried and indicated in security reports.
 Notwithstanding, if anyone takes this opinion for a misdemeanor, believe me it is a positive insult. And if today some of our leaders no more command the powers they use to exercise, it is because of the copious counterfeited promises they make. I recall how during the above mentioned standing discussion, a young girl of about 30 years, said the contract for the construction of the Kumba-Mamfe road was signed in Chief Nfor Tabetando’s palace. On the spot another young man contradicted her by saying that the contract will be awarded this year. I could not know where to put my head. It pains and kills my imagination as well as the picture post-card I got from my father that they decided to unite with La Republique because of what was happening up the roads. 53 years after reunification the situation of these roads are more pathetic than before. When I look across the river and see the road network, I cry for my Fatherland. When I see politicians taking false oaths because they have their interest to protect, I pity myself why I was born a Cameroonian. In fact I disagree with people who would say that it is the notion of personal aggrandizement that has pushed those who are closer to the regime to loose sight of reality. And to me, it is some sort of a mental torture that is being exercised on the ethnic person of the Anglophone.
The Manyu Division has had the privilege that produce Ministers and Directors in this country. Hoping to see any of them to create the unexpected like late Pefok who rejected a speech from the Yaounde cronies and doled out one from his pocket to tell President Biya what the Bamenda man thinks is like waiting for exhale. Anyone who has been on this road any of these days will agree that no pregnant woman can dare. The story of the Kumba-Mamfe road is not only that of pools of water; it is also dust. It may look pathetic but the truth is that traveling from Manyu to Kumba demands two sets of dresses, one for the mud or dust and another to wear at the destination. The state of nature of this road has made it in such a way that it is the nature of the weather that determines the transport fare.
Every similar proposal here has bogged down until it was too late to save any lives. Anything newspapermen can write about this in their own papers will help. It will help to save lives, the lives of people like ourselves. I wish I were eloquent, I wish I could put down on paper the picture that comes to me from the restrained of anger. I need not dwell upon the authenticated horrors of the Nazi internment camps and death chambers for Jews. That is not tragic but a kind of insane horror. It is our part in this which is tragic. The essence of tragedy is not the doing of evil by evil men but the doing of evil by good men, out of weakness, indecision, sloth, inability to act in accordance with what they know to be right.
The Kumba-Mamfe road, until it execution, actually presents the classic existential argument about the existence of God or a higher power: if he did and does exist, then the only natural choice is to become a disciple; but if he did not, and there is no afterlife, then life is meaningless outside the present moment. Hence, there is nothing to be done except to live every moment without a thought to the next. The state of nature of the Kumba-Mamfe Road has made Manyu Division an Island on land which makes them to feel and to be powerless to influence the life of society by which their own life is governed. Change can occur only by a great increase of participation and responsibility on the part of those who now are well fed and amused but are excluded from effective participation in political decisions or in the policies of the institutions and enterprises they work in.

Today, thinking and feeling are more and more separated from each other, and this separation leads either to an almost schizophrenic intellectualism or to a neurotic, irrational emotionalism. Only if emotions and reason are brought together can man function in a way which makes life interesting and hence creates the possibility of a productive life. To put it briefly, what Manyu people need is not speeches, if need be (s)elected officials with character and conscience not those who see nothing good in anything except in the form of bread.

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What if Fru Ndi Leads Southern Cameroons Struggle as 2nd Conclave with Biya Flops

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Jonathan Swift in his book Guliver's Travels invents creatures that he calls “flappers.” Their purpose is to insure that new ideas do not creep into the mind of the powerful. Swift was describing circular communication, which is essential to maintaining the bubble and or keep others away the truth. Speaking of life inside the bubble, if the SDF chieftain had any take home message from the Buea reunification celebrations it would certainly be how Biya cronies and the regime played the bubble. Expectations were high at that President Biya was to have the second tete-a-tete with Ni John Fru Ndi, SDF chieftain in Buea during reunification celebrations. Bookmakers had speculated that the second conclave would give room for the ruling CPDM to dialogue with the leading opposition. But commentators however hold that the anxiety which saluted their first encounter in December 2010 would not have been the same. Yet it came to past that the speculations came to null. This is so because Ni John Fru and his delegation left Buea unceremoniously. Perhaps very disappointed at what transpired. Before leaving Buea for Bamenda, SDF national chairman lambasted Biya and the CPDM for hijacking the reunification celebrations. SDF chairman told journalists that he was disappointed that heroes of Independence and Reunification were not recognized. Fru Ndi lavished sharp criticisms on the fact that no effigies, songs and slogans were produced to pay homage to the heroes of reunification. He said he was embarrassed that even in his speech President Biya could not even mention the names like President Ahmadou Ahidjo, Endeley, JN Foncha, ST Muna, Mbile etc

When the SDF delegation stormed out of Buea; they did not even partake in item 11. This was a sign of disappointment. One thing is clear that if there is any Anglophone politician who is conscious of the Anglophone marginalization, it is Fru Ndi. This is so because he has been a victim severally. When Fru Ndi won the Presidential election with 39% above Biya with 36%, he was refused the privy of becoming head of state. As compensation, he was placed under house arrest and a state of emergency was slammed on the Bamenda population. A certain minister whose name I have just forgotten described Anglophones as “enemies in the house”, and the SDO for Mfoundi ordered that Kah Walah, Fru Ndi and others should to go back to their own areas because Yaounde was not in the Southern Cameroons territory. In fact, pundits have said it and continue to say that there are some positions in this country that an Anglophone would never. Yet the SDF has all these years not learnt any lesson. The question as to whether Fru Ndi cannot lead the Southern Cameroon struggle for independence has surfaced again with the Buea incident. When Biya himself confirmed that Southern Cameroons gained its independence in 1961, it became clear why dictatorial regimes always obscure history. This is so because they would never want citizens to know the basic facts about their country. For example if the people know that they had a glorious past as compared to the deplorable situation, they will question why things are the way they are. The story goes that Louis who took power in France fell because his trappings were below those of Napoleon. In Cameroon, the Biya regime is reticent in allowing the people of Southern Cameroons know the truth about their past. In fact, pundits say it is only Fru Ndi who can restore a federal system in Cameroon or lead Southern Cameroons into self-rule. Will Fru Ndi listen to the desperate voices of Southern Cameroonians or play the game of the mastiff with Biya’s cronies. 

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last Minute Gossips from Buea: A Must Read

Country people, I hope you have heard the latest. Popol and Chantou left the former capital of the Southern Cameroon for Ngola after five nights. You know Popol said that Buea has always been close to his heart and not in his heart. Before leaving for Ngola, Popol received almost everybody. The MPs of the South West led by the Vice President of the National Assembly Hon. Lifaka, traditional rulers of the South West headed by Senator Fon Fontem, the shaking-spear mayor of Buea council, the SDOs of South West headed by Governor Okala and a delegation of the CPDM militants as usual. I saw some of them arguing over ngombo. Popol said nay to the North West boot-lickers who were still in Buea. Don’t ask me why the second tete-a-tete between Popol-John Ntarinkon could not take place as announced by your Writam-pen. John Ntarinkon was annoyed by the fact that Popol transformed the reunification celebration into a CPMD rally. So he decided to abandon his former friend reasons why he left immediately after the march-past. I hear the man and his delegation refused take part in item 11.John Ntarinkon was very bitter that instead of portraying the effigies of reunification heroes, all the songs, slogans and effigies were those of Popol. He even whispered to your Writam-pen that it is a pity that Popol could even promise the people of the Southwest a culvert. Don’t be surprise to hear that John Ntarinkon will over SCNC. If it happens then Popol will only have himself to blame because John Ntarinkon has been very patient all this while. I saw sadness on the foreheads of almost all Southwesterners. One traditional ruler just hinted me that Popol’s coming has instead spit South West. According to the hint people are now divided into four factions, the pro-Inoni, SCNC and pro-Popol. This is really a serious issue. I know you should be asking question about the much talked about PHD Popol was to grab from UB. The man sensed danger and turned down the offer. He wanted the issue to remain a secret. The VC is on a hot seat. And that she has just announced the UB graduation ceremony for March 22. I hope Popol will not knock his head before that day. As for Paddy, I hear he plunged into boosing as soon as Popol left.
His new name now is Mr. Everybody. You remember how he dashed the entire region into the gutter. Can you imagine that Paddy had the lone opportunity to present to Popol the sufferings of the entire South West and he dashed everything? Instead of talking about the Kumba-Mamfe road, the Limbe Deep Seaport and others, Paddy spent his time shaking over a piece of paper like Shakespeare and ended up asking Popol only to upgrade Buea council into a city council. The Ngola cronies of Popol dealt with him. In fact, I am sure that this guy was handpicked. Remember late Jumua Pefok, the Government Delegate to the defunct Bamenda Urban Council had that same opportunity and he used it wisely. He accepted a speech from Popol’s cronies when Popol was coming to Abakwa but when the moment came for him to present his speech; he removed one from his pocket and told Popol the truth about the Bamenda man. What happened next was that he was sacked from office but he lived and died as a true patriotic man. The Bamenda man will never forget late Pefok. I am sure if you ask Paddy’s name to many Southwesterners they would prefer not to call it. I saw what power can do in Buea. Kai walai!! Do you know that some people made billions of FCFA in Buea? I got a hint how at the Parliamentary Flat and Mountain hotel appointments were being sold like pieces of bread. Scammers scammed them well. Anyway it is stolen money.
I hear that some SCNC activists will send a motion of congratulation to Popol for rehabilitating their Presidency. Your Writam-pen also gathered that in the few days, except others SCNC will make public its government and that all ministers including the President must be residence in Southern Cameroons territory. 

RIP Charles Ateba Eyene. Where are all the young men going to? The other day it was Pappy Ndoumbe and now it is Charles Ateba Eyene. I am certain that someone is responsible-oooh. As I was putting this piece on paper while in the car, a friend of mine tweetted me the last tweet by Charles Ateba Eyene. If you have not read it, better read it. That one is more than the Marafaleaks. Oh what is this world so cruel na? I hope you know the White man Mayor. The former mayor of Ako Council Emimi Emmanuel Ekwe another personal friend is no more. He kicked the bucket yesterday. He worked in the Nigerian Army, then latter Cameroon Army, upon retirement; he worked with the United Nations and had a second retirement before he was voted mayor of Ako. He served the Ako council for two consecutive mandates from 2004-2013. 

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