Sunday, January 15, 2023

Youths in Ndu Exchange New Year Wishes with Mayor, Section President

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There was estacy and euphoria at the Ndu Council hall on Saturday, January 14, where youth leaders exchanged new year wishes with Ndu Council executive and CPDM local party officials. The delegation of youth leaders who were led by YCPDM President for Donga Mantung II, Ndu, Kubi Theodore Njobi expressed gratitude to Abdou Borno Kanfon for his generosity and contribution towards their welfare. Before handing over the gifts to the Mayor cum CPDM Section President, the youth leaders thanked local party officials for their stuteness and expressed their desire to contribute in building peace in the municipality. "Before I end my short message, allow me to thank youths of this section and all those working tirelessly for Peace and sustainable development. Thank you all for giving your time for the well-being of the poor. In fact, we need jobs and we are looking up to the council to continue to support and empower youths", Kubi Theodore Njobi, concluded. 
Reacting to the desire expressed by the youths, Abdou Borno Kanfon applauded the initiative to commune together. He said youths are the leaders of the future. He prescribed the notion of peacebuilding and added that Ndu Council is always ready to work with the youths for the betterment of it's population. Abdou Borno used the opportunity to share some of the major strives of Ndu Council and how the council in few years has implemented numerous life changing projects in the municipality, from tarring of streets to opening of rural roads to construction of health centers, solar lighting of streets etc. 
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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

New Year Message from Mayor of Ndu Council

*New Year Message From the Lord Mayor For Ndu Council* 
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My dear people of Ndu Municipality; the year 2022 that just faded away was another year full of blessings to our municipality.

All projects earmarked for the year  were executed in record time. Classrooms, health centers, bridges, road networks, development and extension of portable water and rural electrification projects, to name but these were constructed, and put to use. 

The vibrancy of the Ndu Council through the numerous projects executed so far is breathing life into the economy. The local economy is gradually regaining steam at an encouraging pace. Most businesses that closed down due to insecurity are reopening their doors to customers all over the municipality.

 A good number of displaced people are returning home with brighter ideas on how to shape their destinies and that of the community. Many of them are doing extremely well, I must assure you.

 We encourage other displaced people who are finding it difficult to make ends meet elsewhere to return home and work hard to benefit from the economic opportunities to be created by the numerous Council projects pending execution against the 2023 financial year and the enabling environment. The construction of Ndu/Nkambe stretch of the Ring Road, yet to begin,and The rehabilitation of the Ntaba hill shall open other doors of opportunities and equally impact our economy positively. 

 The skyrocketing prices of farm inputs especially fertilizer affected the farming season resulting to poor yields. Consequently, households must manage foodstuff with utmost precaution and avoid wastage to downplay the possibility of food shortage this year. 

We have to continue to work together to cultivate the culture of peace which has a direct incidence on the cost as well as the standard of living of the population. 

Without peace very little or nothing can be achieved. 

Many more children went back to school this academic year. It gladdens our hearts to see more and more children regaining this fundamental right, the right to education. The Council has been and will continue to accompany the children in this noble venture with didactic materials. 

This New Year 2023 has much more projects for the community than ever before. The package at hand, upon completion, shall give the Ndu Municipality a new facelift. More road networks, bridges ,pipe borne water, classrooms, rural electrification are underway. The existing health facilities constructed the previous years shall receive substantial amount of medical equipments.

 Sports and leisure shall receive more attention this financial year. The importance of sports as concern the health of the population cannot be overemphasized. The Council shall organise sporting competitions in football, handball, horse race, and so on this 2023. 

The Ndu Council shall continue with the follow up of assistance of different sorts to orphans within the Municipality, assistance of such magnitude that can enable them brave the odds life has thrown at them.

The doors of Ndu Council remain wide open and the Council is ready to collaborate and partner with individuals and organizations to develop the Municipality on a win win platform. We remain grateful to organisations and NGOs currently executing projects in our municipality.

May I use this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy and prosperous new year 2023 full of successes and good health.

Long live Ndu municipality,

Long live the Republic of Cameroon.

God bless you all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

CAMTEL Launches National Roaming Services

*Yaounde, December 14,2022
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The General Manager  of Cameroon Telecommunications,  CAMTEL has officially launched its roaming services nationwide. The roaming services was launched thanks to her collaboration with MTN Cameroon. Speaking at the official launching ceremony CAMTEL GM, Mafor Judith Yah Epse Achidi said  the national roaming service, will.enable Camtel subscribers to get access to.*Blue* services all over the national territory. The ceremony which took place at Nkoteng in the Upper Sanaga division was chaired by Centre régional Governor Nasseri Paul Béa in the presence of many dignataries. Wednesday's ceremony coincided with Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi's fourth anniversary as the corporation's boss. Among other things, She is being celebrated for raising the company's turn-over ranking first among state corporations in 2021. Through roaming services, CAMTEL subscribers will have network "everywhere they go" and there's MTN network. 

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Monday, December 12, 2022

Parliament Condemns Seizure of Danpullo's Properties in South Africa

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Cameroon National Assembly has vehemently condemns Xenophobic attacks on Baba Danpullo's properties in South Africa. National Assembly Speaker Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril decried the poor treatment on one of Cameroon's most industrious businessman, Alhadji Baba as unjust. House Speaker used the ocassion to call on South Africa government to treat the case with much clarity and fairness. Rt. Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril made the clarion call during the official closing ceremony of the November session. It should be recalled that early this month Cameroon senate frowned at the xenophobic attacks on Cameroonians living in South Africa and especially the way South Africa government was handling the matter concerning Alhadji Baba Danpullo's properties in that country. Popular opinion aghast and disgruntled with South Africa government for not taking concrete actions and another school of thought holds that justice delayed is justice denied. 
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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Here is the New King of Binka

Published from Blogger Prime Android AppBinka village in Nkambe Central sub Division has a new ruler. He was was enthroned (found) last night as the Wimbum people were preparing to join the people of Binka today December 10, for the official bfu bfu of the missing king. 
His Royal Highness Fon Samuel Nfor is the new King of Binka village, one of the largest fondoms in Donga Mantung Division of the North West region of Cameroon.
Long live the King

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

GPS Kumsa Wins Capt. Chuyeh Mbunkur School Mobilization Football Tournament

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There was fanfare and euphoria at Presbyterian High School Nkambe field today December 7, 2022 where the football final of Captain Chuyeh Mbunkur School Mobilization Football Tournament took place. At about 1pm, the sounds of drumbeats accompanied by euphoric songs echoed into hills of Kungi, the forests of Binju and down to the valleys of Njiptu. From Binshua to Njema, Moh and Kumsa, everyone was seen rushing to the PHS field inorder not to miss any of the mind blowing events. Also present to grease the event where fan clubs from 25 schools. It was a whole cultural jamboree that painted the beautiful colours of the cultural diversity of Donga Mantung before the football kickoff. 
When the central referee have a blast of the whistle for the two teams ( Government Practicing School Kumsa and Government Practicing School Nkambe, Group II, there were thunderous applause and shouting from the fan clubs. This was just a signal that the head chief executive officer of Donga Mantung Division, Dr. Nkwenti Simon will give the official kickoff of the match. The SDO  Dr. Nkwenti Simon Ndoh was flanked the Divisional Officer for Nkambe Central sub Division, Hon. Councilor Nfor Marcel representative of the donor and Ndi Richard Tamnjong, chairman of the organizing. 
At 1:48, the two finalists launched hostilities with kickoff by GPS Nkambe Group II. At the end of the first half, none of the team was able to score. After a pause, the two coaches refined their tactics. Barely 20 minutes into the second half, Ngebi Paul of GPS Kumsa sent a cutback that landed on the goalpost and Muhamadou Yaya finished the ball into the goal. GPS Kumsa was one goal up. At the 52 minute, GPS Nkambe group II, Deyan hammered a kick but Mbuli Gislain, the goalkeeper for GPS Kumsa made a Nkono dive to save his team from considering an equalizer. At the 85th minute, Ngebi Paul again sent a missile kick from the left wing found Sixtus, who transmitted the second goal for GPS Kumsa. At the final blast of the whistle, GPS Kumsa defeated GPS Nkambe Group II, 2 goals to zero. Apart from the fact that Capt. Chuye Mbunkur, provided complete set of jerseys (including boots, sucks and balls) to all the 26 schools, all participating school fan clubs received the sum of 50.000 frs each while the winner got 300.000 frs and runners up 200.000 frs. This is however the first of it's kind . Those who took time to attend the final, went back more convinced that Capt. Chuyeh Mbunkur dirs great things in a very simplified manner. 
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Young talents
During the tournament several young talents exhibited their skills. The following players were rewarded:
-Best player of the final: Ngebi Paul of GPS Kumsa
-Highest goal scorer of the tournament: Mohamadou Yaya of GPS Kumsa
-Best goalkeeper of the tournament: Mbuli Gislain
-Best player of the tournament: Deyan of GPS Group II Nkambe

Donga Mantung SDO Applauds Captain Chuyeh Mbunkur

Before handing over the trophy to the champions, Dr. Nkwenti Simon, the SDO for Donga Mantung Division described Capt. Chuyeh Mbunkur as an exemplary personality. According to the SDO what Capt. Chuyeh Mbunkur has done shows that he has the entire population of Donga Mantung in his heart. The SDO on behalf of the people of Donga Mantung congratulated the donor for the laudable initiative. 
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Capt. Chuye Mbunkur reacts on Tournament Platform

He writes: Thank you very much Mr/Mrs Head Teacher, and thank you all who participated in one way or the other to make this "project" the success that it registered. I am most grateful to the administration, the entire population and other behind the scenes actors who have made it possible for us all this while to enjoy the conducive atmosphere that enables our children to go to school conveniently. Like I said before, the education of our children is non negotiable. That's the most cherished treasure we must afford to give/leave to them. Once more thank you all especially the Organising Committee. There would've been some lapses, but I believe the next edition will be far better. This schools mobilisation Tournament has come to stay and by God's grace will be extended to other areas of our community where our children are studying in peace. I hope you enjoyed every bit of the "project" especially our children who are the target. God bless us all.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

After Seizure of Baba Danpullo's Properties, Cameroonian Businessman Murdered in South Africa

A 55 year old Cameroonian entrepreneur Kiyang George Ndoh has been assassinated in his office, reports say. 
  In what many have described as another Xenophobic attack on Cameroonians, Kiyang George Ndoh, a native of Pinyin village in Santa subdivision, Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon was victim of assassination on the 24 th November 2022. 
    Family sources say, the assassins stormed the office of Kiyang George Ndoh in the late hours of November 24, in Johannesburg South Africa and shot him at close range at the chest and he died on the spot, while two other staff members received gun shots on their legs. Sources also revealed that accusing fingers are pointing to his business rivals and competitors. 
  Born on the 11th November 1967 in Bamenda, Kiyang George Ndoh, ( aka Pa Nji) was CEO of his business enterprise Called Express Marketing Group EMG in Johannesburg. A company which has empowered a lot of Young uneducated South Africans to become marketing professionals.
   The assassination of the father of four and breadwinner of his family by yet to be identified killers has once again raised the phenomenon of Xenophobia in South Africa where foreign nationals have become victims of regular attacks. 
  Recently, Cameroon business tycoon Alhadji Baba Danpullo saw his hard earned investments in South Africa seized by South Africans. 
  Shock and consternation have gripped the father Kiyang Victor Cho, Mother Kiyang Catherine Mezoh all in Bamenda, the entire family and friends.
 Arrangements are under way to convey the corpse to Cameroon for burial.

*Ninpa Francis Editor-in-Chief Radio Hot Cocoa Bamenda* courtesy Family Source

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Senate Frowns at Xenophobic Attacks on Danpullo's Investments in South Africa

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H.E. Le Jeune Mbella Mbella, Minister of External Relations has told Members of Cameroon Senate that the government of Cameroon has been working very closed with the government of South Africa to ensure that the assets of Baba Ahmadou Danpullo is not tempered with under unclear circumstances. Minister Le Jeune Mbella Mbella made the statement in responds to Senator Fon Chafah Isaac reaction to the report of the Foreign Affairs Committee. His Royal Highness Senator Fon Chafah XI of Bangolan in his quest for justice had asked the minister of external relations the diplomatic channels that government of Cameroon is using to cause the South African government to come to reason over the unjust decision against the richest man in Francophone Africa (according to FORBES Magazine), El Hadj Ahmadou Baba Danpullo.In his responds, Minister Le Jeune Mbela assured the senate that the Head of State, H. E. Paul Biya when briefed on the issue wrote to the South African President, though he did not give details about the content of the letter. Meanwhile, Senator Fon Chaffah XI addressing members of government on the seizure of Danpullo’s assets in South Africa said Baba Danpullo has been denied justice in South Africa with an investment worth about 500 billion FCFA. He said previous presidents sustained a good relationship with him. He said his deal with First National Bank is not unusual with any businessman dealing with a bank. “The way he has been treated because of the repayment of this loan he took leaves us with a lot of doubts and I begin to ask questions, if Baba Ahmadou Danpullo was a South African, the justice department of South Africa would have handled his case the way they han - dled it.” Said Fon Chaffah to Senate Members and to the Minister of External Relations. He went further that it is not jus- tice to owe 21 billion FCFA and the bank went on a rampage to seize all his belongs in SouthAfrica, which is no longer justice to seize property worth about 500 billion FCFA. “The principle of international relations is base on reciprocity… if the government of Cameroon has been very nice to South Africans in Cameroon… we have been very hospitable and welcoming, we expect similar treatment to our citizens in South Africa”.
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 Senator Fon Chafah said. “What has happened is broad day armed robbery which cannot be accepted in the world of today”, he concluded by requesting to get further assurances that government will do more not only to protect Danpullo but to assure other Cameroonian investors in South Africa that their investments are protected. Popular opinion in Cameroon have been very disappointed with the xenophobic attack of on Baba Danpullo’s investments in South Africa. 

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Sunday, November 20, 2022

South Africa: Baba Danpullo Under Severe Xenophobic Attacks

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Continentally acclaimed and respected Cameroonian-born businessman, El Hadj Baba Ahmadou Danpullo, is under severe xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Mr Danpullo has been in South Africa for over 35 years, creating employment from many of his investments. 
At the core of these incessant and irresponsible attacks is the First National Bank (FNB). The FNB greedily and violently decided in early 2020 to seize and liquidate all of Baba Danpullos properties in South Africa, valued at approximately R5 billion ($277 million). The properties are managed by Bestinver Company South Africa Ltd, Joburg Skyscraper Pty Ltd, and Bestinver Prop 01 Proprietary Ltd, which are all subsidiaries of Bestinver, the group he founded. Combined, the loans that the FNB bank has granted to these various companies amounted to, in October 2017, R615m.
Repayment, at around R10m per month, was to be spread over ten years.
According to Baba Danpullo and his lawyers, the FNB demanded the signing of additional guarantee documents and the immediate early repayment of the remainder, with seven years of repayments remaining and R550m due in April 2020.
According to the latter, this demand is a violent, anti-professional, racist, xenophobic, and inhumane crusade aimed at evicting the Cameroonian from his properties. In addition, the bank has greedily collected up to R540 million in the form of rentals since the violent seizure of these properties. The move is racist and xenophobic and borders on exclusionism aimed at retarding African progress by targeting black African businesspeople.
The jealousy to its highest level was the occasion for them to sack all his investments.
Over the years, Baba Danpullo has built up a vast property portfolio in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth).
These properties generate approximately R20m a month, creating employment across the real estate sector and supporting jobs along the value chain. Mr Danpullo, the wealthiest man in Francophone Africa, is under scathing attacks following his success in the countrys markets.
The renowned business mogul, who has been investing in South Africa for the past 35 years and making significant investments, has never had any problems with his business. It is shocking that Baba Danpullos unarguable successes now attract banana peelings off his investment paths in South Africa. These coordinated attacks emanate from his excellent economic performance in the market that led him to acquire the Standard Bank commercial building with the help of the National First Bank at the cost of 21 billion FCFA francs.
Despite the challenging business environment due to global economic shocks caused by the health pandemic, Baba Danpullo, has always honoured his commitments to the said bank. The Guardian Post learnt that the loan was meant to be repayable over ten years. Baba Danpullo is uninterruptedly repaying without any problem despite the COVID-19 constraints. According to The Guardian Post, no alarm was perceptible in their relationship, and the bank officials demanded the immediate and full repayment of the debt, which was to be repaid after ten years.
FNB officials have seized the opportunity to confiscate all of Baba Danpullos assets. We learnt that even assets not involved in the credit transaction, including buildings, considerable sums in his bank accounts and all his rents, were seized. These acts of plunder against the properties of Baba Danpullo are acts of pure open xenophobia on a well-respected business magnet, raising many questions. For example, observers are now asking if Baba Danpullo, from the height of his fame in Africa and the world, can be treated with such a xenophobic attitude.
What about the common Cameroonians and other Africans living in South Africa? Xenophobic acts in South Africa are already gaining momentum with the attack on the businesses of Nigerians and other Africans investing and working in South Africa. 
In what has been interpreted as a targeted and well-calculated move to cripple the businesses of Baba Danpullo in South Africa, the bank reportedly refused to allow him to raise funds in Cameroon to meet their sudden loan reimbursement demands. The banks attitude is unusual. 
The most curious thing the The Observer gathered from The Guardian Post is that the sale of only one of the buildings put into liquidation would have allowed the totality of the debt to be settled.
However, the South African authorities launched a sell-off operation whose final and unconfessed aim is to ensure all Baba Danpullos assets in South Africa disappear.
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This xenophobic move by South Africans against a fellow black African demonstrates that the county is not ready for investment from its own black fellow Africans.
The move suggests that black Africans wanting to invest in South Africa should reconsider. It is unfortunate, given that South Africa has been trying to attract investment against a weakening rand.
In this article, we argue that behind this unprofessional move by the FNB bank, white monopoly capital controls the South African economy several years after the end of apartheid. This white monopoly capital owns R15 trillion of the Johannesburg Stock exchange, with only 3% owned by black people. We argue that, even though apartheid ended on paper, a lot still has to be done to disentangle South Africa from the yokes and chains of apartheid.
As a result of this decision by the FNB, millions of Rands are at stake against a struggling economy. The South African economy is mainly oligopolistic, with a super-wealthy white elite controlling large sectors of the economy through colluding monopolies.
The recent actions against Baba Danpullo are reminiscent of white oligopolistic tendencies that seek to establish a state of limited competition in which a small white-owned firm controls the market.
The case of Baba Danpullo is not an isolated example. It is just one of the many concrete examples illustrating the continued existence of white dominance and economic imperialism in post-apartheid South Africa. Monopoly capital is at the end of the capitalism continuum. These are the people that control the oligopolies of the industry. At the centre of this control are whites who are determined to see black African businesses fail. According to Times Live, banks cellphone firms, the construction cartel, auditing firms the wood and paper industry, and metalwork and fuel companies meet this definition of monopoly capital.
As the South African economy keels in recession, worsening an official unemployment rate reaching nearly 28 per cent, deep-seated disparities in wealth are visible across the board.
Less than half of the working-age population is officially employed. This monopoly capital does not care about black South Africans. Moreover, millions of black South Africans are chronically short of the capital needed to start businesses.
To make matters worse, the failure of the government to embark on land redistribution to empower blacks has made it worse. For example, in the aftermath of apartheid, the government left land and other assets mainly in the hands of a predominantly white elite. The governments resistance to large-scale land transfers reflected its reluctance to rattle international investors.
As argued by Ayabonga Cawe, a former economist for Oxfam, the international anti-poverty organisation, and now the host of a radio show that explores national affairs, We never dismantled apartheidthe patterns of enrichment and impoverishment are still the same. Because of this white monopoly capital, most black Africans remain marginalised from the mainstream economy 22 years after apartheid.
This seizure of Baba Danpullos assets undergirds the old argument that white monopoly capital is not new, but increasingly its used to deflect attention away from the real issues facing the countrys economy. Urgent issues that the government must address include inefficiencies, incompetence, corruption, poor infrastructure, lack of skills and destructive policies.
The governing party, the African National Congress, built empires of new housing for black South Africans but concentrated it in the townships, reinforcing the geographic super-structures of apartheid. Large swaths of the black population remain hunkered down in squalor on land they do not legally own. Those with jobs often endure hours of commuting to and from work with private minibuses that extract vast slices of their paychecks.
For Ian Goldin, former senior economic adviser to Nelson Mandela during his time as president of South Africa and now a professor of globalisation at the University of Oxford in Britain, Its a profound structural problem,. Thus, there is an urgent need to overcome a legacy of colonial exploitation, racial oppression and global isolation  the results of decades of international sanctions

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Nkambe Health District Launches 5th Covid Vaccination Campaign

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The Nkambe Health District which covers Nkambe sub Division, Misaje sub Division and Bum sub Division has launched its 5th vaccination campaign. The official launching and community engagement strategies were unvield today November 17, under the chairmanship of the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung, Dr. Nkwenti Simon Doh. Speaking to stakeholders, the SDO for Donga Mantung called on the population to massively show up during the 10 days exercise that begins tomorrow, in the entire health district. He used the opportunity to urge the population to understand that nothing is more important being in good health. To Dr. Nkwenti Simon, the vaccines have come to boost Donga Mantung development efforts in the Division and that Donga Mantung should take the lead in the vaccination exercise. 
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On his part, the District medical officer, Dr. Yem Engelbert Nkeh disclosed that today's launching was to inform the population. The Nkambe health district he added serves as  the Administrative Unit for all the hospitals and  coordinates vaccinations etc. According to Dr. Yem, the campaign is geared towards mproving on the health of the citizens. Harping on the impact of covid since it's outbreak in Cameroon in March 2020, he said about130.000 cases were admited in hospital nation wide. And out of this number, 1956 deads were recorded giving a percentage of 1.5% . He revealed that the North West region is amongst the five regions with high effection rates. And that the higest number of deads were recorded in the north West region. "Apart of mezam, Nkambe has the highest number of deads from covid" he continued. He went further to reveal that Nkambe health District is in its 5th weave and that last week one case was reported at the Nkambe Divisional hospital.
On the other hand, the district communication officer, Amidu Sajo said the campaign is timely this time due to the numerous movement of persons in and out of the division during this festive period. He recalled that last year, "we did reduced the risk of contaminationLast year the risk of infection in Nkambe was less than 1% due to the number of vaccination campaign around the palace" out. On his part, the  Mayor of Nkambe, Musa Shey Nfor was categorical that the engagement meeting of today is a reminder, that in Nkambe everything done with seriousness. The mayor used the opportunity to congratulate Nkambe health hospital for winning an award as cleanest hospital and the health district for winning the Performance based award. "Why do we doubt vaccines when the persons who produced the vaccines are the same persons who produce the drugs we take in hospital", he question. He called on the population to continue to observe all government barrier measures. At the end of the engagement meeting, some very important personalities  and traditional rulers were adminsitered their vaccines.

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