Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Back2School: The Watchdog Tribune Group CEO Donates to Pupils, Students

The Chief Executive Officer of The Watchdog Tribune Group, Akamancho Dota Ezikiel has donated didactic materials to needy pupils and students of Dumbu in Misaje sub division.  The handing over ceremony took place a forthnight ago under the distinguished patronage of the Divisional Officer for Misaje and the watchful eyes of the Fon of Dumbu village, HRM Fon Jebo Jang Augustine.  Over 100 underprivileged youths benefited from the largess of The Watchdog Tribune Group. 
The items distributed to the children ranged from school uniforms to bathing buckets, exercise books, math sets, ledgers, pens, pencils, colour pencils, rulers. Worthy to note that uniforms for all the primary schools in Dumbu were handed to beneficiaries. Besides, boxes of chalk and writing slates for nursery school children. The CEO of Watchdog Tribune Group before handing over the donation to beneficiaries said he was delighted to give back to his community. Parents and teachers expressed gratitude to Akamancho Dota Ezikiel for the timely gesture which will go a long way to spur a hitch free back to school. 

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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Back2School in Donga Mantung. DOMASF Dolls out FCFA15 Million to Encourage Meritocracy, Support Orphans and Young Innovators

 The Donga Mantung Scholarship Fund-DOMASF has once more come to the assistance of some 368 students and pupils who were drawn from the five Sub Divisions that make up Donga Mantung. The groundbreaking ceremony which took place under the distinguished patronage of the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung, Dr. Simon Nkwenti Doh witnessed amongst other innovative actives, the distribution school materials to an additional 250 needy students and pupils, the award of excellence to meritorious students, the support to orphans victims of the crisis and the allocation of seed fund to young entrepreneurs. 
The 2nd edition of DOMASF which was part a activities marking 2021/2022 Back to School was aimed at raising the human resource base of Donga Mantung division, a laudable initiative of Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry and sponsor. In programming the scholarship to fall on the eve of the 2021.2021 back to school, DOMASF’s intention was to be a booster to President Biya’s educational policy which aims at making sure all Cameroonian children have access to quality education.
This year’s scholarship event of September 4, 2021 involved schools in all of Donga Mantung aimed at rewarding meritocracy among students, ranging from Primary School to High school levels. In each of the categories, three best pupils or students were rewarded for each sub Division. The best pupils in the First School Leaving Certificate Exams for each sub Division received cash prizes of 50.000 Frs each for the first, 40.000 frs for the second position and 30.000 for the 3rd position. In the GCE Ordinary Level and the GCE Intermediate categories, the best students three students received 100.000 frs for the first position, 70.000 frs for the 2nd position and 50.000 frs for the third positions respectively. In the Advanced Levels General and Advanced level Intermediate, the best three students in each sub division in the two categories backed home the sum of 150.000 for the first, 100.000 frs for the second and 50.000 frs each per student. On the other hand, 31 orphans victims of the crisis received 50.000 frs each. Besides that, over 250 needy students and pupils were given backs and didactic materials for a hitch free back to school. 

The greatest innovation at this year’s award ceremony was the support to young entrepreneurs. Two best ideas were selected per sub division from a total number of 300 ideas and each of the selected ideas was awarded the sum of 500.000 frs to kickstart their businesses. 
 This amounted to over 15 million francs minus organizational charges and transportation. In offering the scholarship Dr. Fuh Calistus was actually giving back to society and encouraging performance and excellence. 
Speaking at the 2nd edition of DOMASF, SDO for Donga Mantung, Dr. Simon Nkwenti Doh lauded Dr. Fuh Calistus’s efforts and said it was a pride for is administration in Donga Mantung to have such a philanthropist. He said the more you educate people, the less crime there would be in society. By supporting the education of children, the SDO said Dr. Calistus was helping in curbing the crime wave. Before handing over the cash prizes and the school needs to the beneficiaries, the SDO urged beneficiaries to study hard so as to encourage the donor to continue to give. He applauded Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry for his continued efforts since 14 years. He said the impact of the scholarship is unquantifiable given that Dr. Fuh Calistus realized long before that it was better to use the scholarship to disengage the young men and women from carrying guns into the bush so he rather used the scholarship and the startup to pull them out of the bushes in order to employ them gainfully. To the SDO for Donga Mantung it is a laudable initiative for other elites to emulate given that this is one of the areas which clearly demonstrates that the programmes of knowledge is gainful more than carrying guns into the bushes, he concluded. 

It should be recalled that the idea of Donga Mantung Scholarship Fund started some years ago when GSS Misaje was created and the donor realized that the principal was always having problems with students and parents in Misaje due to their difficulties in paying school fees. Given that an average household in Misaje live on less than 500 FCFA a day and education was always likely to be sacrificed at the altar of choices. To preempt such a situation, Dr. Fuh Calistus decided to bankroll school fees in that school. Proof positive that the scholarship scheme worked is that fact that enrolment moved from 30 students in GSS Misaje to over 1500 today. From the start, the scholarship fund was limited to Ako/Misaje constituency but Dr. Fuh Calistus judged it necessary to extend it to all the sub divisions that make up Donga Mantung. No one, could have narrated this story more than Tarlishi Oliver Yinyu, the Coordinator of DOMASF who doubles as Divisional Delegate of Secondary Education for Donga Mantung. In his speech Tarlishi Oliver noted with satisfaction that DOMASF has impacted lives and has given the hopeless hopes. He said in 2021, the story of DOMASF has evolved with the provision of startups to young entrepreneurs by sponsoring  their projects ranging from irish potatoes cultivate to rearing of broilers, rabbits, food transformation, establishment of modern restaurants etc.

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

2021 GCE Results

Here is the link to the GCE Board results 
Click on the link below to download full results

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Friday, August 20, 2021

Fake GCE 2021 Results on Social Media

Students who sat for the General Certificate of Education have been on the internet searching for this year's results. This is so following fake statistics that circulated on the net. Yet the Cameroon GCE Board is still to make an official proclamation of the results. 
It is worth mentioning that some years back, fake GCE results also circulated on the net causing pannick. A source at the GCE Board has hinted that the results will be released this month but didn't say when exactly. As of now, all eyes are towards Buea, where the headquarters of the board is located. 

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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Ntumfor Barr. Nico Halle Harps on Hate Speech, Outlines Ramifications

By Barrister Nico Halle

Hate Speech. What causes it and what are it's ramifications? 

This little and simple article is definitely a continuation of my almost twenty-eight years quest for Justice and Peace for our beloved country where there is everything but Love, Justice and Peace. Too bad indeed. 

The article is also triggered by the exponential upsurge in hate speech in Cameroon and beyond. As a Justice and Peace crusader, and as one who has no kind words for embezzlers and predators it is incumbent upon my humble self to situate the current situation within its proper context even if I may only be repeating myself over and over again. 

Yet, what is hate speech? Hate speech though loosely used by so many is described by others as threatening and wanton words, articles that attack particular groups especially on the basis of minority, race, sexual orientation, religion, colour, belief, ethnicity, nationality and education. Hate Speech is also any kind of communication in writing, speech, behavior, action, character that hurts or attacks, uses pejorative or selective language that makes reference to a group of people who are deprived or marginalized. The definition might be varied and various, but it stems from one thing- absence of love, Justice, equity leading to ANGER/FRUSTRATION resulting in- VIOLENCE, CHAOS AND ANARCHY. 

Truth be told, when God created Cameroon like many other Nations, He provided for His people sufficient resources for their welfare. It is true that Adam and Eve played into the hands of the devil who tricked them into violating God's strict instructions. (Spare me details). Both of them fell and sin found itself in the world. 

Despite God's anger, He, in His infinite love for His people still sent Prophets to turn things around without success. He later on sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to transform His people. These same people rebelled against Him and crucified him even though He committed no crime.

Today we are engulfed in Hate, greed, fear, graft, embezzlement, bribery and corruption, discrimination, tribalism, favoritism, xenophobia, regionalism, hypocrisy, falsehood, marginalization, lies, human rights and liberties abuse, election rigging etcetc etc. Are these not the platform on which Hate speech thrives abundantly? The answer is a big YES. Can we who are promoters of the above fight Hate speech? The answer is a big NO. I challenge some of us; all over our country who are condemning hate speech whether we have the moral authority to fight Hate Speech! How can we condemn what we promote? This is certainly very hypocritical and impossible. If we MUST fight Hate speech, we MUST start from what causes Hate speech otherwise it would be an effort in futility. 

How can we fight Hate speech when we cannot respect the Rule of law of our land? Are we truly patriotic? 

How can we fight Hate speech when discrimination is promoted at all the echelons of our society? Where there is discrimination there is hate speech.

How can we fight Hate speech when the core moral values of love, Justice, equity, transparency, accountability, integrity, truth, patriotism, respect of human rights and liberties, credibility etc that should be espoused to constitute the platform of our daily activities are treated with levity? 

How can we fight Hate speech when meritocracy has given way to mediocrity? 

How can we fight Hate speech when some of those who receive awards, distinctions and medals are of questionable character?

Some time ago I met with someone I know at an event who boasted that he has occupied high positions within our society and even trumpeted that he is one of the most bilingual and educated Cameroonians. I chatted with him for about twenty minutes and told him straight that I do not value his learned stature as most Cameroonians know him as corrupt and election rigger and that he had nothing to offer as he was morally bankrupt. I reminded him of his quest for power and money by corrupt means that people know. He was ashamed when I disclosed to him in the presence of another friend what he had done when he worked at one of our institutions. Can such a person fight Hate speech? Absolutely no,  because he is partly responsible for those in abject poverty idling around.

How can we fight Hate speech when poverty and unemployment are our mainstay? A hungry and an unemployed person is a fertile ground for Hate Speech.

How can we fight Hate speech when elections are rigged at almost all levels of our society? About 85% of uprising in the world emanate from rigged elections. See what happens at Cultural Associations, in our Communities, our global Churches, within Political parties, within the civil society, even in the Bar Association where the Rule of law ought to be the watch word. 

How can we fight Hate speech when Religious structures that ought to be a moral force to reckon with have degenerated into despicable moral decadence? 

How can we fight Hate speech when parents do no longer bring up their children in the way of the Lord? Proverbs 22:6 
The fear of the Lord which should be the beginning of wisdom has now been transformed into the fear of money, power, position etc is the beginning of wisdom. 

How can we fight Hate speech when religious knowledge and moral education do not feature in the curriculum of our children's studies? Five "O" level papers without Religious Knowledge; or Two "A" level papers without Religious Knowledge. Are we not saying that five or two papers without God?  So how does this situation bring up the child in the way of the Lord? Answer blowing in the wind.

How can one who promotes corruption, bribery, graft, discrimination, tribalism, division, divide and rule, hypocrisy, falsehood, xenophobia, violence, bitterness, frustration, sycophancy, surrogacy, bootlicking, praise singing, idol worshiping etc etc etc fight Hate speech? All of these vices virtually promote hate speech.

Even if we are not scrupulously respecting the Rule of law of our Country let us at least ask for direction from our awesome God. This is the person whose boots we should lick daily by going on our knees and asking for forgiveness after repenting from our sins. 

Why is it that even some of the books that could even lead us into being patriotic are systematically spurned?
I have had occasion of reading and re-reading many great books on Goodness, Audacity of Hope, and Lamentation for a beloved Country, Nation Building, the Politics of Jesus, Rigour and Moralization, The Seven Habits of highly effective people. These books have inspired and molded me a lot. 

These books were good yesterday and are today still relevant for a society that wants to live in peace and harmony. If these books had been imbibed at all echelons of our body polity, we would have long emerged as Cameroon is blessed with huge natural and human resources. We would have also avoided the socio-political crisis rocking the NW/SW Regions of our country. Most Cameroonians I know are very intelligent in almost all areas of life. Unfortunately, academia that is devoid of core moral values represents almost nothing. Such academia cannot build a great Nation.

Yet, why have these books been spurned? This is because by implementing their contents embezzlers and grafters would no longer have their way. They have over the years looted and plundered the resources thereby creating poverty and unemployment. Despicable. 

These books imply that the Rule of law would be respected by all and sundry thereby curbing inequalities that are fertile grounds for frustration and of course Hate Speech. Intrigues, greed, vaulting and inordinate ambitions, unbridled quest for power, recognition and position, manipulations, lies, cover ups, and FEAR are largely responsible for most of frustrations leading to Hate Speech. 

The socio-political crisis in the NW/SW Regions are still very pre-occupying owing to a couple of reasons. Some of the key players, call them stake holders have NEVER told the truth because of FEAR. They fear to lose friendship, they fear to lose benefits, favours, advantages, promotions, appointments or reappointments, grandeur, titles, awards, glamour, splendour and what have you! 

People have forgotten that all the above attributes no matter how we acquired them will slip off our fingers when God wills it. I have always reminded myself that there is no position or anything I possess anywhere that I cannot let go when it comes to standing for the truth and defending general interest. We have also forgotten that our live here on earth is ephemeral and that we have a responsibility to leave the world better than we met it. We have also forgotten that amassing wealth to the detriment of our brothers and sisters is a heinous crime against humanity and that we shall all be held accountable to our creator for all our deeds. We even forget that we came empty and will leave the world empty.

Some people are insensitive to the many civilians, and army that are perishing in the senseless war in the NW/SW Regions. Some of us are more interested in how much money we make on the blood of our brothers and sisters dying in their great numbers. Those countries manufacturing arms are making brisk business. Terrible. Others are making political capital of the crisis. A big SHAME to us all. There is always time for reckoning when all will be said and done. 

Finally, when the Pope's representative visited Cameroon recently he re-echoed what I have been recommending since about four years now on how we can honestly solve the socio-political crisis in the NW/SW regions: namely the creation of a Justice, Peace and Reconciliation platform. This will constitute the platform for honest, objective, inclusive dialogue to hold.  For this to happen smoothly, some preliminary measures should be taken to create an enabling environment. I still stand by this crusade and pray that God should show the people of this beloved country the right way to come out of the crisis. 

While this is the way, Spiritual and Moral Rearmament should be highlighted at all the facets of the country. Hate Speech must be tackled holistically especially at the grassroots where we find about 90% of frustration owing to the fact the people are living in abject squalor. 

Like JF Kennedy, I will always ask myself what I can do for my country and not what my country can do for me. This I shall continue to do till my Creator calls me home whenever He wishes. It is not about perfection as nobody is perfect. It is about being useful to humanity our frailties apart.

I pray and pray and pray for God’s people.

Barrister Nico Halle
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Monday, August 16, 2021

African Journalists Trained as Agents of Change to Accelerate Land Restoration

Climate Messenger

The two days capacity building workshop of August 12-13, 2021 was facilitated by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, the African Union and the Pan African Agency for the Great Green Wall. The Online training took place with the theme: Media as Agents of Change to Accelerate Land Restoration in the Sahel. 
During the two days, journalists listened to presentations from experts from the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), the African Union, the Pan African Agency for African Great Green Wall, Land Degradation Neutrality as well as experiences from various countries as well. After listening to expert presentations, the general interest was then centered around Africa Great Green Wall (AGGW).

What is AGGW

The aim of the GGW was originally to create a long vegetation barrier between the 100 and 400 mm isohyets, including ramps, and over a length of at least 7000 km along the Sahel, being roughly 15 km wide. In recent years this vision has evolved into an integrated ecosystem management approach, striving for a mosaic of different land use and production systems, including sustainable dryland management and restoration, the regeneration of natural vegetation as well as water retention and conservation measures. Elvis Paul Tangem of the African Union contextual, AGGW efforts by adding that a one dollar investment in restoration yeilds 7 dollars in a very short time. "Globally, every $1 invested in restoring them can bring $7-30 in economic benefits" Elvis emphasized.
Investment in restoration would transfer into a major development opportunity for emerging economies. To him, ecosystems worldwide are worth an estimated $ 125 trillion annually and support infustries like fishing, farming and tourism that employ about 1.2 billion people. He cited the case of Ethopia where sustainable and forest restoration provide an estimated $2 billion worth of jobs. 
On his part James Bigila of UNCCD who moderated the training workshop reminded journalists of their role to inform communities and investors on the opportunities of investing in green jobs.   
Harping on the solutions earmarked by AGGW, Camilla Nordheim-Larsen highlighted the creation of incentive mechanisms such as incubators, subsidies, taxation, technical assistance and regulation for green investments as well as facilitating blended finances through private-public partnership.  
Mr. Soukolo on the other hand disclosed that on 17 June 2010 the 11 Sahel states south of the Sahara created the Pan-African Agency of the GGW to coordinate its implementation and support resources mobilisation. 

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Thursday, August 5, 2021

H.E. Shey Jones Yembe Donates 2 Million FCFA to Support Football for Peace

H.E. Shey Jones Yembe, has again created another record by donating FCFA 2 million to support the peace and unity football tournament in Ako sub Division. He personally handed to support to the Mayor of Ako Council a forth night ago in Yaounde. Reports say there is euphoria and trumpet blast in the low lands of Mbembe from Kuta to Jevi, Akwaja to Buku, Mbande to Abafum etc as the news of the huge financial backing keep spreading as wildfire. 
The entire Donga Mantung has applauded the gesture which will go a long way to promote peace, solidarity and living together. To expressionists, H.E Shey Jones is a great man and has always done great things. Football it should be noted is one of the unifying factors and this laudable initiative as earlier mentioned will instill animation in communities and even serve as springboard for young talents. 
This is not the first time that H.E Shey Jones is support  football tournament for peace. Last year he sponsored a football for peace tournament in Yaounde for boys and girls from the Wimbum extraction, in Donga Mantung division, in the North West region, to promote peace, living together and national unity. The yearly tournament which is an initiative of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association, WICUDA is one of the highest crowd pulling event in the history of the Mbum people. However, this year's tournament was exceptional due to the fact that it was aimed at promoting peace, national unity and social integration. The organisers say it also seeks to promote local football talents and keep idle youths busy. This year’s edition, dubbed: “Unity and Fair Play” , was: “A Special Dedication To His Excellency Shey Jones Yembe, the unsung Hero of Mbumland.

Enter Shey Jones Yembe: Greatest Promoter of Peace
More than 30 football teams are expected to participate at this Maiden Edition of Ako Council Peace Tournament. The truth is that the FCFA 2 million donated by H.E Shey Jones Yembe will have positive impact on the population of Ako sub Division. The Mayor of Ako Council Nkanya Godlove said he was touched when he received that huge support of FCFA 2 million. To him and many other Donga Mantung elites, H.E Shey Jones Yembe is the greatest man of all men in action and number one peace Promoter in Donga Mantung Division.
 This tournament is be successful thanks to the huge financial backing of Shey Jones Yembe. This reporter was reliably told that last year the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of the  renowned and Cameroon’s best road construction company, Societe Mag Sarl, made available to the Yaounde tournament’s Organising Committee, several millions to ensure a hitch-free sporting jamboree. 

 Force tranquille' of Donga Mantung 

The CPDM permanent delegation leader for Donga Mantung, Shey Jones Yembe, may not belong to the category of politicians who mount rooftops to blow their trumpet, each time they undertake any political activity, but he remains one of the key persons behind why Donga Mantung is today a completely CPDM fief. The strength of the former minister, who doubles as the Board Chairman of the Ports Authority of Douala, PAD, lies in the fact that he believes in action than making noise.
The likes of Hon Ngala Gerard, Hon Mbongyor Naomi Nfor and Mayor Kanfon Borno Abdou of the Ndu CPDM-run council, who have emerged as the new breed of Donga Mantung CPDM bigwigs, have only Shey Jones Yembe to thank for bringing them this far.
It is an undeniable fact that Hon. Ngala Gerard and Hon. Mbongyor Naomi Nfor, especially were little known beyond their villages of origin, prior to the 2013 parlia- mentary election. It was thus Shey Jones Yembe who not only 'dragged' them into the CPDM but empowered both financially, materially and morally. Details are still sketchy but reports have it that at the 2013 legislative election, where Hon Ngala Gerard and Hon Mbongyor Naomi Nfor ran and lost, Shey Jones Yembe alone did not spend less than 100 million FCFA on their campaigns, says The Guardian Post. It was also thanks to Shey Jones Yembe alone, that the CPDM, in 2013, won the Nkambe council, which it retained on February 9, 2020. Sources within the CPDM in Donga Mantung have told this reporter that it is Shey Jones Yembe, more than twenty years after leaving government, who has almost single handedly been bankrolling the ruling party activities in Ndu and Nkambe subdivisions. Analysts are unanimous that Shey Jones Yembe, is the real hidden drummer behind the peace that has been reigning especially in Nkambe subdivision, since the Anglophone crisis erupted in 2016. It should be recalled that Nkambe is the only divisional headquarter in the entire North West and South West regions, that has never witnessed a single day of ghost town since the crisis started. Schools and business activities have since been going on unperturbed while all national days are celebrated there even more than in some Francophone towns. "The fact that Shey Jones Yembe, noted for his being publicity-shy and political maturity, he does not mount rooftops to sing his praises, does not mean that the powers that be is not aware that it is thanks to him that Nkambe subdivision has remained peaceful, schools and business activities going on unperturbed, since the eruption of the Anglophone crisis in 2016. It pains me when, out of sheer excitement, political amateurism and inordinate ambition, someone always rushes either to the traditional media or the social media to masquerade as the reason behind why the people of Donga Mantung have turned their backs against those preaching secession, ” a prominent Beti CPDM elite is quoted to have told The Guardian Post newspaper reporter. Accordingly, the lone English language daily in it's Monday 28th December edition revealed that unlike some power-drunk Donga Mantung CPDM elite who must take along television cameras and mount the soapbox to blow their trumpet each time they visit the division to offer assistance to the needy population, Shey Jones Yembe has been quietly supporting and encouraging parents throughout Donga Mantung division to send their children back to school.
He is also credited for playing an unpublicised role in getting hundreds of youths in Ndu and Nwa subdivisions who had joined the Amba fighters to drop arms and engage in gainful activities which he is sponsoring.

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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Meet Frankline Ndzi Nformi: The Change Maker Food Systems Hero

Climate Change Messenger visits Franklin Ndzi Nformi aka Ta Shey Frank

UN Food Systems Summit will be convened this September to help drive progress toward reaching the global Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Transforming food systems that contribute in mitigating the ongoing health, climate and biodiversity crises is what is mostly needed to restore the Earth. 
Talk about sustainable Inland fish farming and landscape restoration, the first name that comes to mind is Franklin Ndzi Nformi. Ta Shey Frank as he is fondly called is the President of Nkambe Central Fish Farmers Simplified Cooperative. His being elected President of Fish Farmers was not by error. Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit him in his fish farms surely goes back home more impressed than when he was coming. 
Although his activities as a fish farmers are legendary, few people have a full understanding of just how perfect a farmer he actually is. It’s not about how much money you put in, but how much of yourself you put in. Franklin Ndzi Nformi is a man with a huge, huge gifted art of restoring nature. 
I remember when he told me he was putting in place a standard fish pond and frankly speaking I took it for a joke. Today, Ta Shey Frank is a formidable farmer. He has transformed the area into a veritable greenery with the regeneration of native trees, fruit trees, banana/plantain trees etc.  
Within half an hour at his farms, I was marveled and taken away by what I saw. Six fishponds with the biggest having over 5000 fingerlings of 4 months. 

“I want to make it possible for ordinary people to go to eat fish and at affordable price, just like it’s now possible for me to train more youths to be like me,” he explained in his quiet voice. " I think LIFIDEP has done much to the benefit of fish farmers in Nkambe Central and our dream is to produce fingerlings". 
I was totally speechless and just pumped him with question after question. I am very enthusiastic when it comes to young men engaging in exemplary farming and restoration. He told me that he started as a passion and now fish farming has become veritable source of income. " In our cooperative, we are 50 active members and we have members that only depend on the fish ponds to earn a living including women. Inland fish farming pays" he added. 
From all indications, Shey Frank has followed the trials and triumphs of his remarkable venture to develop a fish venture. From his integrated agroforestry maize farm, he provides green jobs to some youths. Ecotourism could be the next giant leap for Franklin's fish ventures. The two giant bokarous built from natural china bamboo and grass speak by itself .In fact an eldorado in the making 

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Mayor of Ndu Abdou Borno Awarded Best Mayor

If we look at the achievements of mayors these days, the clear frontrunner has to be Ndu's Mayor, Abdou Borno Kamfon. For being recognized and honoured as the most pragmatic Grassroots Developer is an added boost to his savvy sassy no-nonsense attitude in terms of governance, results-orientation and sustainable actions. " The People's mayor" as he is fondly called  was last week honoured by The Watchdog Tribune for being the most pragmatic mayor of all mayors in action. This is how it should be, after all. “Action More Than Words,” as we say is the same school from which Mayor of Ndu functions. And I must admit that I was blown away with a report that Mayor Abdou Borno donated tons of maize seeds to farmers. Just when the farmers were jubilating, he came with tons of fertilizer. He has understood that if he boosts the local agricultural economy, farmers will sell more, and the council too will generate more revenue. A win-win approach which is changing lives.  The Ndu council is one of the few (maybe lone council) where councilors still enjoy mircogrants known as "Small Money, Big Change". When he announced the tarring of streets which has finally come to reality, some "Ndu York" inhabitants wrote on social media that "make this happen and you will surely have our votes".
 When Abdou Borno was elected mayor, the core agenda was eradicating poverty. The award he received in Bafoussam was a well.deserved distinction for the work he is doing. From improving access to water, health facilities, opening of farms to market roads and tarring of the streets, and you name the rest, majority in Ndu say they like his initiative for going around addressing concerns and issues.  Reviewing the comments given by the inhabitants of his council area—Mayor Abdou's innovations in reaching and addressing constituents' concerns during pandemic, social and welfare services is easing growth. 

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Sunday, July 4, 2021

LIFIDEP Creates the Unexpected, Donates 940 Sheep/ Goats to Breeders in Donga Mantung

Donga Mantung: 491 Breeders Benefit from LIFIDEP  Sheep/Goats Programme
The Livestock and Fisheries Development Programme-LIFIDEP has officially handed over 940 sheep and goats to farmers in Donga Mantung Division. There was euphoria at Sabongari, Ndu, Nkambe, Misaje and Ako where small sheep/ goat breeders received hundred of goats as part of the Pass On the Gift Programme to instill growth. Five cooperatives with membership of 491 members received 940 sheep/goats ranging 4 animals to 7 animals per member. 
The cooperatives that benefitted from the Pass On the Gift are MEFIH Borders Cooperative of Sabongari for Nwa Sub Division, Ndu Small Ruminants Simplified Cooperative for Ndu Sub Division, Misaje Small Ruminants Simplified Cooperative for Misaje Sub Division, Ako Small Ruminants Simplified Cooperative for Ako Sub Division, Salama Women and Nkambe Active Youths Small Ruminants Simplified Cooperative for Nkambe Central. 

Speaking to farmers at the various points of distributions, the representative of the Director General of North West Development Authority-MIDENO, Roland Azinwi Ngufor, expressed joy and gratitude to farmers for the massive turnout. Addressing farmers in Ako, Sabongari, Ndu, Nkambe and Misaje, Roland Azinwi advised farmers that they should use the gift to improve on their standard of living. Harping on the activities of MIDENO as general overseer of development efforts in the North West Region, Roland enumerated all the actions of MIDENO in fostering development. He equally told farmers that there is a mirco credit scheme at the level of United Savings and Credits-USA Credit where animal breeders to obtain soft loans to beef up production. Emphazing on improving of the small ruminants sector, Roland Azinwi Ngufor added that apart from the support in animals given to farmers, LIFIDEP will also provide veterinary drugs to each beneficiary cooperative which will serve as a revolving fund to sustain their activities. 
On his part Dr. Teboh Andrew who represented the Coordinator of LIFIDEP and is incharge of the distribution exercise gave out on the spot practical lessons to breeders. He called on farmers to put to use of the various capacity building they recieved in animal management. Dr. Teboh Andrew used the occasion to enumurate the number of projects that LIFIDEP has executed in Donga Mantung Division. He projects include amongst others  the construction of classrooms, community halls, roads, health centers, water schemes, artificial insemination/ vaccination crushes, cattle deeps and the putting in place of pasture demonstration centers. Besides that he continued that LIFIDEP has equally constructed  zootechnical centers, Divisional veterinary clinics, and has provided alot of capacity building for farmers. Furthermore, Dr. Teboh Andrew said LIFIDEP has put at the disposal of farmers and he reiterated the fact that Donga Mantung has all the potentials for small ruminants to flourish. Before leaving Nkambe, the team expressed satisfaction over what they saw and the enthusiasm that characterized the handing over ceremony. 
Doing some certifications ahead of the handing over of the support to breeders in Nkambe, Damasus Niba Ngwa, Divisional Focal point of LIFIDEP for Donga Mantung prescribed astudness to breeders, adding that LIFIDEP has instituted Pass On the Gift programme to improve on breeders income and production. According to Damasus Niba Ngwa, the contribution of goats/sheep is highly valued and has an important role in feeding the populations, reasons why LIFIDEP has instituted Pass on the Gift Programme to encourage sustainable food chain. In fact, goats are extremely intelligent animals, very agile, and independent, with a high level of resistance to diseases, much better than other ruminant species, he concluded. A week before the handing over ceremony, it is worth mentioning that the animals were dewormed and tagged. 

What They Said: 

The President of Nkambe Active Youths Small Ruminants Simplified Cooperative, Bawe Vincent Ngala expressed gratitude to MIDENO and LIFIDEP for the timely support which he said will go a long way to improve on the welfare of members, provide quality meat to the public and instill modern techniques of breeding. He told the Bamenda delegation that their cooperative seeks to valorize the goat/sheep value chain from production to marketing and processing. "We have received 15 new applications from people who want to join our cooperative", he emphasized hoping the LIFIDEP will provide a second support while waiting for those who have just been handed animals to multiple before passing on to others. 

The President of Misaje Small Ruminants Simplified Cooperative, Ali Tukur said that the support will go a long way to change lives in communities. While acknowledging the efforts by MIDENO to alleviate poverty in the North West Region, he used the opportunity to channel greetings to the management of LIFIDEP for the support in animals and infrastructure. "We are so glad and I can't express my joy in words", he concluded. 

Habu Ashiatu, President of Salama Women in Nkambe, said that Pass On the Gift programme is the first of it's kind that women have been given sheep/goats. She promised that they will use the support for the purpose intended. "We will make sure that when next you visit us, the number of animals will tripple", she added. Mami Ashiatou also used the opportunity to pour praises on the Divisional Focal Point for always giving them advise and training them on sheep/goat management.

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