Thursday, January 13, 2022

Solemnity marks Public Presentation of HRH FON DIVINE NFORMI NFOR

The solemnity that marked the procession and public presentation of the newly enthroned fon of Saah was magnificent. The palace esplanade was jammed to capacity when the "nwarong" announced its appearance. Not even the sound of the bird could be heard, as a lineup of Sheys and Tantohs emerged from the inner palace. Only the gong and members of the nwarong secret society could speak. Third on the line was the Yee-nwarong, and after the Yee-nwarong was the newly enthroned fon. The second on the line raised his voice and said " here is your fon, your ruler". He asked in a high tone " is he your ruler?" And told the people of Saah to response, adding that the nwarong has given them the authorization to response. He asked again. "The man you are seeing here, is he your from"? And the population responded, yes! He continued that the nwarong has said that when there is vacancy in the palace, it is the right of the royal family to aspire, but once one is enthroned, everyone should back paddle. And that the nwarong has said that anyone that dares to look under throne will heat a stone. The nwarong also announced that everyone who has not been able to have a child, will leave the palace blessed with twins. And the nwarong also warned the youth to shy away from thievery and other societal ills.
It took close to 3hours from the Yee-nwarong to move round the palace esplanade. The messages were numerous and before slaughtering the goat at the entrance of the palace, the nwarong warned that it the sacrifice was an oath between the people and them anyone who dares will have his/her self to blame.
Addressing the population few minutes after the solemn outing, HRH Fon Divine Nformi Nfor asked his people to come closer to him. He said if he wronged anyone, he should be forgive and that he has equally forgiven anyone who wronged him knowingly or unknowingly. He extended a hand to the youths of Saah, asking them to join him so that they can develop their village. 

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Ndu: Over 500 Switch to Blue Camtel in One Week

Reports from Ndu town say more than 500 have switched to Camtel 3G/4G technology. The mad rush for Blue Camtel mobile network following the official launching of Blue Camtel in that municipality last December 30, 2021. 
According to reports gathered from reliable sources there is much enthusiasm by the population who say Blue Camtel connection is best as compared to others. Nfor Genesis, one of the new subscribers said when he got the sim card, he immediately started enjoying what he was missing. " I have internet connection right in my room whereas it wasn't the case with other networks, he added. "I have recommended Blue Camtel to my elder brother who is in Douala so that we can communicate frequently" he concluded. To Ishmael, Blue Camtel has come to rescue them from rampant problems. It is worth mentioning that during the official launching of Blue Camtel in Ndu, about 200 new subscribers were registered and in a week the number is closer to a thousand new subscribers. Prospects are high at that in one month more than 2000 new subscribers could be registered. This is so thanks to the efforts deployed by the Ndu Council another in development. 

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Donga Mantung Going Blue with Camtel

Ndu town has already gone Blue with Camtel network and the population is enjoying the latest digital 3G/ 4G mobile technology. Some new subscribers say Blue Camtel offers the affordable facilities such as cheap calls, cheap internet bundles and sms. Shifu Arnoldo confirms that since last December 30, that he bought the Camtel sim, he has been calling to other networks at very cheap rates. To him, Blue Camtel is the best option.."I call my family and friends everyday" he concluded. 
Nkambe, Misaje and Nwa to join the band wagon soon as work is going in Nkambe and feasibility studies have been completed in Misaje and Nwa. If you are in any of these localities, start preparing to switch to Blue Camtel to enjoy latest digital innovations. Blue is the best of the best. 

For your information, Blue is the brand name of CAMTEL’s mobile network and its SIM cards are meant exclusively for mobiles phones that are compatible with 3G/4G technology.
Oya, be the first to enjoy Blue Camtel in Donga Mantung

Un point c’est blue…

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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Ndu Council Fetes with Population on New Year

There was fanfare and feasting at Ndu Council on January 1, 2022 as thousands gathered to celebrate New Year. 
Speaking during the occasion, the Lord Mayor for Ndu Council Alhadji Abdou Borno Kanfon expressed gratitude to the population for the massive turnout and also thanked God for the relative peace enjoyed so far in Ndu. 

The Lord Mayor equally thank the Dividional Officer and his entourage as well as the population of Ndu for quality collaboration they've given him over these past two years. He added that such collaboration has contributed enormously towards the return to normalcy in Ndu.
The mayor dull his hat to clergies,  traditional rulers, Imams, religious groups and even the dance groups for the enormous support. What could be said in speeches were said in songs. 
Alhadj Abdou Borno equally enjoined everyone present to continue to be an ambassador of peace in 2022.
He used the opportunity to thank Mafor Yaa Sunday epse Achidi, the General Manager of CAMTEL for her constant support especially the just ended Football and Culture For Peace Program. He affirmed that her has contributed significantly in building peace in Ndu.
The Mayor encouraged anyone who's child is still in the bush to take advantage of the Head of State olive branch and settle for peace.
He advised everyone present to buy and use the Camtel sim card. He took upon himself to be the number one promoter of Camtel in Ndu, a statement that was received with thunderous applause from the population.

On his part, the Divisional Officer for Ndu Subdivision thanked the Mayor and his Deputies for their efforts to instill peace. He added that politics without development is useless. The population of Ndu did the right thing by putting this present team in place, the Divisional Officer said.
He advised those in the bush to quit those bushes and continued that he doesn't need permission to do his job. He frowned at those trying to stifle efforts directed towards the return to normalcy.
The day ended with lots of eating, drinking and dancing. The Lord Mayor and his Deputies danced in unison with the population and this was accompanied by financial motivations. Also present to grace the feasting was the young talented musician Kubison who used the occasion to launch his latest album Cameroon.

New Year 2022 was 'come and see, go and tell' at the Ndu Council.

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Friday, December 31, 2021

Euphoria at CAMTEL Sponsored Sports, Culture For Peace in Ndu

The Ndu Municipality has been vibrating to the rhythm of sports and cultural manifestations since Wednesday 29th December 2021. An initiative of Mayor Abdou Kanfon Borno cosponsored by the Ndu Council and CAMTEL. The primary objective of this tournament is to ease tension within the Ndu Municipality and hasten the return to normalcy. 

Eight football teams and nine cultural dance groups are participating in the tournament. The football teams included the following;

-Value the Gospel FC of Sop
- Pick Up Lions of Kakar
- Ntumbaw Mountain Bullet
- One Spirit of Ntisaw
- FC Milan of Ndu
- Veterans FC of Mbarse
- Maiscam FC of Ndu and
- Mbiyeh FC

Nine cultural dance groups answered present as of Thursday 30th December 2021;
- Njang of the Princesses of Palace Site
- Mindu of Mbuntaseng
- Njuh of Sabongari 
- Njuh of Ndu Fon's Palace
- Ngoumba of Mbarse
- Ngoumba of Ntumbaw
- Mdong of Boyar
- Bollah Fuh dance group and
- Little Kids of Njipluh
And musical presentation by Kubison .

The grand finals is scheduled for Friday 31st December 2021 at 3p.m at the Ndu Municipal Stadium. More cultural manifestations are envisaged to grace the occasion, finals of the Football and Culture For Peace Tournament.

It's important to note that this is not the first time Mme Yah Achidi Judith is stepping in to assist the population of Ndu. She offered substantial financial motivation to teachers of Basic Education in Ndu before the start of the 2020/2021 academic year. This gesture partly contributed to the encouraging number of children who returned to school this particular academic year (600 pupils wrote the FSLC exams in Ndu from almost zero the previous year) despite the hostile sociopolitical environment.

The Director General of Camtel also gave financial support to Ndu communities, working alongside the FLO to secure peace in NDU sub division. This very significant and consistent gestures have continued to boast the morale of those working very hard for peace in Ndu sub division. They've worked so hard in cultivating the culture of peace in Ndu sometimes at the peril of their own lives. The relative peace her support has helped us achieved so far has contributed in no small way in paving the way for the great strides Ndu Council has been able to register.

We look forward to the finals of Football and Culture For Peace Tournament tomorrow Friday 31st with lots of optimism. We remain very grateful to the Director General of Camtel, Mme Yah Achidi Judith for her exceptional generosity to our population and her passion for peace and development in our Municipality. 

Thank you immensely, daughter of the soil. Thanks to your relentless efforts, the ghost Ndu town we inherited in February 2020 is back to life (despite the pockets of resistance to peace). Ndu has stood up for peace, Ndu stands with BLUE.

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Football for Peace: CAMTEL Partners With Ndu Council

The enterprising  Mayor of Ndu Council, Abdou Borno Kanfon has officially launched an end of year football tournament, code named Football for Peace in Ndu town.
At the official kickoff on December 30, Abdou Borno applauded Cameroon Telecommunication General Manager, Mafor  Yah Judith Sunday epse Achidi for the sponsorship. 
Football being a unifying factor, prospects are high at that the spillover impact of the programme will be much more than tremendous in communities. What a better way to build peace, and what a wonderful idea of molding a generation void of violence.
Accordingly, Abdou Borno says football is a game that is played by everyone  regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. To him, the idea of  football for peace is enjoyed by all; because it's reach is unrivaled. More importantly, football promotes universal values that transcend language and culture. "We can use it as a tool to improve the welfare and its people. Through its values, we can teach teamwork, leadership, humility, tenacity, and determination". 
It is therefore very pragmatic for CAMTEL and the Ndu Council to use football to shine a light on social issues, harnessing its influence and reach to draw attention to matters that are impacting society, and building peace, one of the players told us.
However, football  also promotes  and serves as a platform to promote the value of diversity Sustainable development doesn't only needs political governance, it also needs to find spaces and platforms that bring people together under a common goal. The love people show for sporting activities make it a social phenomenon, where the context in which it’s developed determines the behaviours and actions of its followers, especially when it involves youth. Values such as fairness and respect can serve as determining factors to build a culture of peace. Many have understood the power of football in building social cohesion. 
Worthy to note that Ta Shey Frank for close to two years been sponsoring the football for peace tournament in Nkambe. The Camtel and Ndu Council Football for peace tournament is an added value to the importance of peace building initiatives which many have saluted. As Blue Camtel comes to Donga Mantung, expectations are high that it will bridge the digital gap and improve access to digital communication. 

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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Dr. Nick Ngwayam Sees Tomorrow on Christmas Day Predicts

Dr Nick Ngwayam: The man who saw tomorrow on Xmas Day

Nostradamus stood the taste of time as the man who saw tomorrow. After Nostradamus left his predictions to marvel the world, another category of modern soothsayers took the stage in church garments. They are the Prophets. They might have been caught by the anointing, which is superb. However, the only good thing about anointing is that it is a very contagious disease. And the most important thing is that tomorrow never ends. Dr. Nick Ngwayam whom I admire very much has made his own predictions. The difference between Dr. Nick Ngwayam and so many others who claim to see tomorrow is very clear. Dr. Nick has not moved to the alter, but made his predictions on Christmas Day yet he remains himself. Take it or leave it, a prediction is a prediction. 

Dr. Nick's predictions
⁩*2022 by Dr Nick Ngwanyam, St Louis*
25 12 21

This shall be a special year in the history of Cameroon. 

A lot shall change for the BETTER. 

*The WAR shall END*. 
West and East Cameroon shall be created.
Two capital cities shall see the light of day  coming with the earth like mushrooms. 
In West Cameroon between  BACHOU and Widikum.
In East Cameroon at Ebebda along the River Sanaga.
These areas shall be mapped out.
Pieces of land shall be given out for next to NOTHING for people who are ready to build immediately  following some master plans.

The Presidency shall rotate between Anglophones and Francophones every 10 years.

Governors and SDOs shall no longer be appointed but elected.

ENAM SHALL BE CLOSED because they have been the source of bad governance which added to the marginalization, have engeneered the war.

 The curriculum for training administrators is very limited in scope and not adapted for the modern Cameroon. 
*They lack skills in development, wealth creation and economic growth. They carry around a huge hammer and everything else in sight is a nail.*

 Corruption in Cameroon Can never be reduced if ENAM is not buried.

WE have to reduce government spending and the money 'rethrived  is directed to STEM EDUCATION, skills transfer, health and agriculture. 

THE CURRENT SCHOOL SYSTEMS in Anglophone and Francophone schools shall be buried in favour of a new school system copied from South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, Japan and Finland.

What we have now as education practiced for the last 60 years is called deceit. I mean a scam.
Grammar schools and technical colleges must fuse into comprehensive colleges. The universities must change to technology.

330 political parties shall crash as the CPDM moves from the extreme Right towards the Centre position forcing the SDF and MRC to adopt major changes as the wind shall be knocked off out of their sails.

Those of the beggarly presidential majority shall just die and disappear.
Only 5 parties shall be left standing.

Hate speech shall disappear when MERIT,excellence and problem solving capacities  become the basis for choosing directors.

If you have been depending on tribal connections and favoritism for bread then it is time to reskill.

Other areas from which money shall be recovered are senate, economic and social council, BILINGUALISM and Living together commission as well as some ministries and organisations that are duplicated with budgets and no results on the ground for years. State cars are a huge waste.

The wars we fight and kill ourselves in are uncalled for.
*I shall explain on TV how bad politics, bad ECONOMICS, bad development and a poor education start and maintain wars, violence and hate speech*. 

The WAR we shall jointly be fighting is to correct these elements so as to eventually get an economic and technology driven independence.  
*How do we solve youth problems?*
How do we put money into the pocket of youths? How do we make them productive and responsible?

The magic starts from January 2022 and Cameroon shall become the best country in Africa beating Rwanda, Ghana, Botswana and Tanzania because our vision shall change.


If you want to insult me, you are welcome. If you want to bless me, God shall be with you. đź’•
*Merry Christmas to you and your family.* *Happy New Year if new beginnings 2022* ✝

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Monday, December 20, 2021

Ta Nformi Nganji Joseph Nkfunkoh Goes Home Tomorrow

In Memory of Ta Nformi Nganji Joseph Nkfunkoh 
The Serving Leader, A Father and Hero

Ta Nformi Nganji Joseph Nkfunkoh was born on the 12-12-1950 in Bih-village (Donga Mantung Division) to Pa Nkfunkoh and Mami Rebecca Mbong (all of blessed memories). He was the second of four children. He proceeded to Kumba with his uncle late Pa Nko Patrick and began his Primary education where in 1968, he obtained the First School Leaving Certificate in flying colours. At his young age, he decided to return home in order to give back to his community and took up teaching at CBC school Bih as probationary teacher for two years (1968-1970).

In his quest to contribute to nation building, in 1972 he was recruited into the Cameroon Army. After his training, he was posted to Mbanga where he served for two years. In 1974 while still serving in the Cameroon Army, he wrote the recruitment examination into the police and the Gendarmerie. When the results were released, he succeeded in both examinations, but he chose to move into the Police Corps. After undergoing his police training in Mutengene, he graduated as one of the majors in his batch.  In 1975, he was posted to the YaoundĂ© Central Police Station where he served for about three years. From 1975-1981 he served in the Judicial Police station in Bafoussam, the Bamenda Judicial Police station, Nkambe Public Security and back to Bafoussam.

Having served as a police constable from 1974 to 1981, he was admitted into the Police High School in YaoundĂ© where he graduated with the rank of Police Inspector. Upon graduation from the Police High School, IP Nganji Joseph Nkfunkoh was posted to the Bamenda Judicial Police. He served in Bamenda until in 1987, when he was posted to the Benakuma-Essimbi Police post where he served for about 8 years before being transferred back to Bamenda. 

Being dexterous and super intelligent are the characteristics of IP Nganji during his youthful days. In 1999, he went back again to the Police High School where he graduated as Police Officer. Upon graduation from school as Police Officer, OP Njanji Joseph was transferred to Nwa Police Station in Donga Mantung where he served for two years. 

In 2002, he was appointed Commissioner at the Public Security Wum station, in the Menchum Division where he served till 2006 when he happily retired from the police corps, and he left the police as Commissioner Nganji Joseph Nkfunkoh.  

Back in his Bih village, he was one of the notables given that he is a title holder. Ta Nformi Nganji was an elite, farmer and grazer. He was a lovely father and family head. Throughout his life, from serving his community as a probationary teacher to the military and later the police, Ta Nformi Nganji shall be remembered for his contribution in community development and nation building. 
He was popularly described in Bamenda as " that Nkambe Paa with Country Cap". He leaves behind many children, many grandchildren, family and friends to morn him. Since our father passed away, so much has been expressed by the people of Donga Mantung Division and beyond about his dexterousness. Bih and Moh people are crying and morning their beloved son.  But as they say words and mourning can go only a little way to show the actual depth of the loss of such a Son/brother/cousin/father/Uncle and friends that cuts across social, cultural and religious fabric of our society. He was the epitome of sharing and caring values, Our Role Model. 

Ta Nformi Nganji will begin his journey of no return on December 21, 2021. Wake-keep without corpse at family compound directly opposite Hope Baptist Church, Ndamukong and removal from the Regional Hospital Mortuary at 10am on December 21, while burial will take place on the same day. Given his status as retired police commissioner, the police corps will equally give him honours before burial. 

Funeral Program
Tuesday 21st December 2021
3:00 Pm: Wake-keep without corpse @ the family Compound – Ndamukong (Entrance opposite Hope Baptist Church, Ndamukong)

Wednesday 22nd December 2021
10:00 Am: Removal of corpse from the Bamenda Regional Hospital Mortuary.

10:20 Am: Brief program at the job site. 

11:00 Am: Departure from job site to family Residence @ Ndamukong.

11:30 Am: Arrival of mortal remains at family Residence @ Ndamukong.

12:00 Noon:
Funeral service at Family Residence @ Ndamukong:
Assembly of family, church members and friends at the family residence in Ndamukong
A word of welcome from the family – Mr. Sunday Fredrik Nkfunkoh
Opening Prayers – Worship in Praise – Praise Team – Hope Baptist Church Ndamukong (Pastor Bonaventure)
Biography of the deceased by (Becky Mbong Nganji
Scripture Reading – Pastor Sam Takoh
Exhortation – Senior Pastor, Hope Baptist Church, Ndamukong 
Viewing of corpses
Lowering of Casket (mortal remains) into the grave & Committal 
Filling up the grave, Benediction and Refreshment 

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UBa Student Who Designed, Built Peanuts Coating Machine Graduates in Flying Colours

Kwe Juzzy Pappus, a student at the College of Technology(COLTECH) in the University of Bamenda has bagged a Bachelor's degree in flying colours. Kwe Juzzy who hails from Nkambe in Donga Mantung Division was one of the major attractions during this year's graduation ceremony given that she was awarded two distinct prizes for being innovative.  During the graduation ceremony, she emerged the overall Best Female student of her batch.  It is worth mentioning that she is one of the first female graduates in the department of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Bamenda to design and build the peanut coating machine which she named it "Juzzy Pappus". Prospects are high at that she could use her enginuity to invent other machines that could help to reduce food waste in order to boost the food chain. 

Innovation they say is mother of invention. Of the hundreds of students who graduated, each and everyone of them had a story. Stories which centered around the core of creativity, innovation, resilience, determination, hardwork and if the government can provide jobs/scholarships for graduates like Kwe Juzzy, that would be a very huge step because most of them have potentials to make significant contributions in agricultural development. Judging from the Peanuts Coating Machine she designed and built, there is no doubt that she has ideas that can help this country in ways we can’t even imagine. More so, the way technology is advancing Cameroon definitely needs to step up by supporting some of these geniuses. So, if the government can provide funding/ scholarships to the likes of Kwe Juzzy in line with the growth of technology, it would certainly be an added impetus for Cameroon to emerge by 2035. 

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Saturday, December 18, 2021

People of Ntumbaw Joint to Celebrate the Reign of HRH Fon Ibrahim Jabo Nfor

There was euphoria at the Nkambe Fon's palace as the population of Ntumbaw led by their Fon, HRH Nfor Muhammed, stormed the Nkambe. The descendants of Malinko and Bomnsa of the Wiwarr came in hundreds to celebrate the reign of their brother. Masquerades, dances and all the traditional facets came to Nkambe. It was a come and see, when the Fon and his people arrived the palace esplanade. The fanfare reached it peak when HRH Fon Nfor Muhammed made his entry into the palace, as they were received on arrival by the Nfuh of Nkambe and the masquerade (maboh). The sound of the drum, the singing and the sound of the gong echoed into the hills of Binju, and the farmlands of Njipntuh. At every entry road into the Nkambe palace people could be seen rushing in their numbers not to miss the glimpse of any little dancing steps. The dance group that accompanied the Fon were many, and I even lost count of the number of vehicles and bikes


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Friday, December 17, 2021

Congratulations Ndzi Vera: You Deserve it

Hard work and determination are the characteristics that define Ndzi Vera Mankuh.  Yet, even more so, she can now relish the shared feeling of pride in what she has accomplished and the abundant opportunities ahead.
I think that many of those who graduated from the University of Bamenda each has a story to tell, regardless of their chosen area of specialty or feild. Of the hundreds, I happen to know Ndzi Vera, who I believe had to work extremely hard with dogged determination. And I know as she has bagged bachelor degree in law, she has been given the opportunity to enrich the lives of those around her. 
However, if I have anything to tell her, it's just to remind her that as she embarks upon and progress through her career in law, I would urge her to always remember why she chose her respective field and the sacrifices that she endured in order to make it happen: to serve our communities and improve the quality of life. And that she should remain who she is. The young lady born to be duty conscious with compassion, honesty and integrity

Vera! Vera! I salute your exploits for nothing good comes easy. In fact there is every reason for God to bless you on this day, December 16, 2021. This is a one in a life occasion.  It was not easy, but you conquered the challenges and emerged from the madding crowd of students in your faculty. If that isn’t an act of hard work and determination, then my dictionary doesn’t have that word.
Your determination to make it has paid off big and you have crossed yet another mile. May all your dreams come to fruition. I am proud that you have made it this far. Looking forward to see you in black robes presiding or defending.  Once more Congratulations on your graduation.

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Ndu Council Holds Her Budgetary Session For 2022 Financial Year

The Ndu Council Hall was jammed to capacity last Saturday 11 December 2021. The arrival of the SDO for Donga Mantung, Dr Nkwenti Simon Doh and entourage at 12:19 marked the beginning of serious business. 

The Mayor for Ndu Council, the Gate Way Municipality, Alhadji Abdou Kanfon Borno took to the rostrum and heartily welcome everyone present. He said the draft budget witnessed almost a 25% drop from the previous year. He stressed the need for everyone to remain focused and made it clear that the drop was very intentional. His administration settled for a more realistic and qualitative, rather than quantitative budget. The Mayor described the budget as collective, introspective and focused; a budget balanced in revenue and expenditure. 

Councillor Tata Emmanuel Bantar, chairman of the Financed Committee delivered a forensic and captivating presentation of the draft budget which stood at 900+m, a drop of 300+m compared to the previous budget. Recurrent revenue stood at 500+m while investment revenue stood at 400+m revenue. This is how the 900+m budget was arrived at. He   said the draft budget was a projection of the three previous budgets of the Ndu Council excluding the 2021 budget which is still current and as such cannot be used as a reference.

The Finance Committee Chair reminded the 40 Councillors present that the draft budget shall be functioning within a transitional period; a new tax nomenclature and accounting system in perspective. There is therefore a possibility for the budget to be amended in the course of the year if such a need arise. 

He ended his presentation with three proposals from the Finance Committee to the Councillors;
- Council should offer training to staff of the treasury and finance department
- the Ndu Council should broaden her tax base in collaboration with the technical ministeries
- revision of the Council development plan

The Secretary General for Ndu Council Mr Tansah... indicated that the draft budget has made provision for a budget head for the Council to acquire plots for;
- a Council plantation 
- a Council cemetery
- green areas and gardens, to name but these

Other Chairpersons presented their Committee reports. This included Security, Education and Infrastructure and Transport committees. Proper diagnosis were made within their respective spheres and very sound recommendations forwarded to the Mayor and the administration.

The presentation of the Annual Investment Plan was a clear indication that Mayor Abdou Kanfon Borno and team has opted for a balanced development with significant projects earmarked all over the Municipality. The beautifully decorated Ndu Council Hall was as busy as a bee hive. The pertinence of human interest issues raised by Councillors and the penetrating responses from the Lord Mayor was an indication that the Ndu population are in safe hands. 

All the 36 Councillors physically present and the 04 who could only make it through proxy unanimously voted in favour of the 2022 budget after serious scrutiny. They equally voted to authorize the Mayor to supplement the purchase of a Council vehicle by FEICOM, integrate 4 Council workers as permanent staffs, authorise the Mayor to sign conventions with national and international partners (as allowed for by the regulations in force) in the domain of agriculture and renewable energy (ie solar energy and bio gaz) and the adoption of the Council Annual Investment Plan.
During his intervention, the SDO for Donga Mantung Dr Nkwenti Simon Doh lorded the Executive of the Ndu Municipality for their offensive, effective and efficient lobbying mechanism. He enjoined them to do more and continue to change the face of this *Gate Way Municipality.* The SDO told the population of Ndu to capitalize on what will skyrocket her development endeavours and give her the opportunity to live in peace. He frowned at those motorbike riders who've continued to serve as a link between the population and the enemies of peace. He called on the Council to step in and regulate the sector so that quacks could be singled out and cause to face the full force of the law. 

He cautioned teachers to stop playing the devil's advocate and work hard to reinstate education to its glorious days. He called on the Council to boast sports infrastructure in Ndu through The Ministry of Sports and Physical Education. Sports and culture, he said, can do a lot towards regaining normalcy and the Council and the traditional authorities are key actors. He hailed the Fon of Ntumbaw and his population for their bravery and patriotism demonstrated so far. He said the powers that be have taken note of such efforts. 

The SDO said it was agreed at a meeting in Nkambe that all Councillors of Donga Mantung shall set the pace in the payment of Land Tax before it trickles down to the communities. This would be deducted from their stipends at the source. He told everyone present to collaborate on security matters and thank all the Councillors for their quality participation. 

The Lord Mayor for Ndu Council saluted the SDO and his entourage for their participation touching recommendations. He thank the DO of Ndu, the Divisional Delegates present and their engineers for their constant support and collaboration. He thank the Manager of BAPCUL Credit Union, Ndu for his useful collaboration with the Council. He acknowledged the present of leaders of legalized political parties, notably the CPDM and the SDF and thank the Union leaders present. He called on everyone present to observe a minute of silence in Honour of the UNDP party representative in Ndu who passed away some few weeks ago.

The Mayor indicated that the markets are functioning far below capacity causing a drastic drop in revenue collection. He equally pointed out that CAC disburses very slowly causing a serious tow on the rate of execution of Council related works. He thank the Council staff for the wonderful collaboration despite the challenging circumstances under which they operate.

The budgetary session ended at 2:59 pm

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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Mafor Judith Yah Sunday else Achidi Elected President of the Association of Telecom Operators

The General Manager of Cameroon Telecommunications, Mafor Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi, General Manager of Cameroon TĂ©lĂ©communications, (CAMTEL) has been elected President of the Association of tĂ©lĂ©communication operators of the central sub region.  She now leads one of the largest associations in the sub saharan Africa. Members of the Association of Telecommunication comprises of Angola, Chad, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Burundi and the Central Republic. Sources say after her brilliant election, she is quoted to have promised that 
she will commit all her energy for the building of a better connected sub region. Public opinion holds that she will put her savvy sassy skills to improve the sector and foster development in the sub region 

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Voice at 5: Franklin Ndzi Nformi Honoured as Most Resilient Sports Peace Promoter

Franklin Ndzi Nformi aka Ta Shey Frank has won the prestigious peace award for promoting and advocating for Peace through football. He was voted by readers of The Voice newspaper, a bi-weekly English language newspaper and he personally received the distinction on December
11, 2021 in Yaounde. Ta Shey Frank received the award from the hands of CAMASEJ President Viban Jude during a fun-filled event that was described by expressionists as a milestone of the year. 
Worthy to note that Ta Shey Frank for close to two years has devoted his time in sponsoring the football for peace tournament in Nkambe. The football for peace programme recently expanded from being only played in Nkambe town to Konchep village. And the program which started with two categories has reached put to thousands of youth in four different categories ranging from U12, U17, U20 and the major category. 
The idea to instill the notion of peace which began with winning prizes of two packets of candies( sweets) during this summer holidays handed over four trophies and recorded about 40 participating teams. The spillover impact of the programme is much more than tremendous in communities. What a better way to build peace, and what a wonderful idea of molding a generation void of violence. 

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