Sunday, March 30, 2014

MIRUDEP Wahala: Menchum Elite(s) Report JB Ndeh to CONAC, Supreme State, MINADER Boss

By Nickson Brueegh in Yde
The untimely demised of the Wum Area Development Authority-WADA remains a nightmare to the people of Menchum especially as the structure was closed when heavy duty equipment meant for the development of the Division were still at the Douala Seaport. Nothing stirs the Santa mafia for being the root cause. This is so because the creation of a moribund structure; Menchum Integrated Rural Development Project- MIRUDEP which would have taken over the management of these assets has been pocketed by the General Manager of MIDENO, John Begheni Ndeh. Even though destined for Menchum, none of the heavy duty equipment has never-ever worked in Menchum except hired to a road construction company. MIRUDEP which many elite(s) of Menchum thought was going to takeover the activities of WADA suddenly became the seed producing unit for MIDENO. Tempers flared in Wum when the people discovered that all what WADA left had disappeared. The most heartbreaking incident is that recently, Menchum elite(s) wrote to CONAC, Supreme State Audit and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development decrying that funds disbursed by government for the rehabilitation of MIRUDEP were siphoned. The elite(s) point accusing fingers at JB Ndeh the General Manager of MIDENO. The latest of such a memo was addressed to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development last February 14, 2014 in which Menchum elite(s) and politicians have called on Agriculture minister to investigate into the mismanagement of funds allocated for the rehabilitation of MIRUDEP. To them, MIRUDEP under the coordination of MIDENO has been transformed into an extraordinary affair. In their memo, Menchum elite(s) also urged Agriculture minister to revamp WADA given that it was not liquidated. According to them, WADA was closed down without any explanations in 1989 at point in time that Cameroon was undergoing an economic trauma. They argued that MIRUDEP was a sub project under WADA which was sponsored by the Islamic Bank, and are aghast that the equipment that were for the structure have been moved to Santa under the guise of what could be described as a slab on the face of the people of Menchum. The Menchum Integrated Rural Development Project “was handed to MIDENO for coordination. Now after all these years, MIDENO has proven that it cannot manage the project”. The Eye is aware that tons of petition from Mechum have been shipped to CONAC and the Supreme State Audit. According to what we gathered, the elite are bent on seeing CONAC and Supreme State Audit carryout a thorough audit of the structure. They say the problem is not the man managing on the spot but at the level of MIDENO management headed by the self-proclaimed coordinator of the CPDM in the North West Region, John Begheni Ndeh. 

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Marafa Opens Can of Worms on Assassination of His Secretary in 8th Letter

Mr. President,
Madame Christiane Soppo who has been my private secretary for over 20 years was assassinated in her house on January 26, 2014 bearing horrific marks of torture on her body. I have never wanted to comment immediately; to avoid increasing the emotions and to let investigators do their job. But two months after, I am obliged to conclude that the state has maintained a stony silence. I am not writing to you to tell you the pain and the anger that I have and which many other Cameroonians too share, including you I suppose. My thoughts for Madame Soppo and her family will remain private.
On the other hand, what I publicly owe Madame Soppo is to put the state before its responsibility to elucidate this political assassination and to retaliate by all means. I insist that it was a political assassination because Madame Soppo was particularly targeted for the simple reason that she remained faithful to me even after my imprisonment. Even those who s a respected interlocutor to, also share these views. A good number of them your ministers, members of your cabinet and your security, parliamentarians, senators, political party officials as well as foreign diplomats and members of giant industrial companies. All those who saw her carry out her services to the nation by me with perfect integrity know that her only fault can only be her proximity to me and the visits she continuously paid me in prison.
It is because she had a quiet conscience that she decided to ignore the threats that were made to her weeks; threats which proves of the premeditated and well planned act. I repeat, political assassination because no one should be deceived about it. After the manipulation of the court to render condemnation without evidence, Madame Soppo is just a complementary step, the emergence of parallel and extra-judicial justice in the hands of a group of individuals who function with respect to their interests and who at the same time pronounce secret death sentences which are executed by men of sack and rope.
Our compatriots are asking whether the only way to benefit from state protection against imprisonment and arbitrary executions is to have a foreign passport. I repeat, political assassination because the death of this simple Cameroonians who did not only have nothing to be approached of but who incarnates the best qualities of our people’ efforts in studies and work, attachment to the children’s education, presents one further step towards the savagery of our society Achile Mbembe has been talking about.
Under-liners and mercenaries are plunging our country in future distrust and fear as well as pushing the state to stay silent on these deaths and to stir from fighting the system that brought about it.
Mr. President of the republic, its our obligation; it is the obligation of the state to immediately take the following measures. To put all useful resources in place to search and punish the authors of this barbaric act, the sponsors as well as the underlings and to expose their motives, ensure the protection of my closed ones and particularly my lawyers and take all the necessary steps so that the judicial procedure; all of an injustice against me should continue to be executed on a platform of law and regular justice.

Innocent ones should not fall on the edge of the sword. These gestures are strong signals not only owed to the remembrance of an exemplary and typical Cameroonian, they are indispensable to preventing the nation from being plunged into a general fear of everyone against everyone and above all, against a state that is more and more taken hostage by private interest peddlers and destroyers 
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Donga Mantung CATTU Vows to Breakgrounds in Teachers’ Strike.

Wamey Pancrasius Nyonufon: CATTU Divisional SG
The Donga-Mantung branch of the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU, has vowed to break new grounds in the 2nd phase of the Cameroon teachers’ nationwide strike scheduled for April 28 to May 2, 2014. This was recently during a strategy-planning enlarged Executive Committee meeting held recently in Nkambe, presided by the Division’s Secretary, Wamey Pancrasius Nyonufon.
            In evaluating the first lap of the strike that ran from17th to 22nd of February, 2014, they said it scored a lower percentage of 60 because of poor sensitization and the fact that most teachers did not know the real reasons behind the strike. Members present then upheld the CATTU conference that took place on the 14th of March, 2014. They said the conference was quite informative and educative; and teachers who attended went home rich. And that from that conference, many teachers are anxiously waiting for the forthcoming strike.
            In a bit to fortify the union and sensitize colleagues the more especially on the next strike action, members agreed to hold a Divisional General Assembly on Saturday 26th of April, 2014 in the Nkambe Community hall. Members of EXCO were assigned to move to the various Sub-Divisions to ensure a wider attendance. They said, during the general Assembly meeting, Sub-Divisional bureau would be formed. It was also agreed that CATTU’s T-shirts, badges and membership cards would be shared to members at the meeting.
            The Divisional Secretary, Wamey Pancrasius stressed that CATTU had long gone beyond strikes, reason; the general assembly meeting of 26th April will focus on examinations revision strategies and skills of passing examinations by old-experience examiners and pedagogues. He also exposed that there shall be a paper on the legal, social and academic implications of Examination fraud by a big Legal mind around. All of this target on the grounds that they are getting towards national examination period. An EXCO meeting to better prepare for the meeting comes up on Saturday, 12th April,2014

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By Wamey Panky.
            Barons of the Bui V Section of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) party, Noni, in the North West Region have like lizards praised themselves for lobbying and grabbing more than half a billion for 2014 Public Investment Budget (PIB) in Noni. This was during the 29th anniversary of the CPDM party celebrated at the Nkor Community Hall in the watchful eyes of the Divisional Officer for Noni, Divine Ngome Nkwele.
            In his speech, the Section President Nform Alfred Nforgwei Mbeng said, in the history of Noni Sub-Division, they had never had such a weightier size of the national cake. He continued that those were some of the fruits of CPDM’s five years at the helm of the Council. He exposed that the envelop from PIB shall sponsor projects ranging from furnishing classrooms to electrification of the Sub-Division. It was cited that the electrification which had been welcome with a lot of excitement and fanfare by the people, carries FCFA 90million spread over a period of three years; meanwhile FCFA 25million would be coughed out for the first phase to start this year. The villages to be electrified are: Din, Nkor, Lassin and Mbinon. He disclosed that the electrification of Djottin which is to begin soon would be funded by the PNDP programme. The Section President named their several achievements and others yet to accomplish such as the irrigation project at Mii and the Nkor town green.
            Nevertheless, Alfred Nforgwei greatly regretted that despite their efforts to develop the area severally, they preferred the Social Democratic Front, S.D.F, party at the September 2013 Municipal poll thus causing them to lose the council they only controlled for one term. He blamed their victory on “cheating in some quarters” and on their own militants who mortgaged their votes to the opposition. He said that was politically sacrilegious. This not withstanding, he said they were not to vindicate such militants but to call on them to remorsefully retrieve those votes and make-up by canvassing for more. He consoled militants that five years were not too long and so they should get to the field.
            Corroborating his President, the Section President of the YCPDM, Nilian Kibuh blamed militants for lack of love and truthfulness. He frowned at those militants of the CPDM party who surrendered their votes to the opposition SDF party to force the CPDM shamefully hand-over the Council to them. Mr. Nilian Kibuh also faulted the defeat on the in-house fighting within the party, and prayed on party hierarchy in the Bui V Section to always consider other villages and the roles play by other personalities within the party. He still assured the Noni youths that their future lie in the hands of the CPDM ruling party.
            On her part, the Principal of GHS Nkor, Marceline Mbinglo, herself the Secretary in-charge of  Lower Organs in the Bui I Section, Kumbo told militants all was not yet lost. He advised them to revise their political strategies. She said they should remain friendly especially to those they consider militants of the opposition. Zooming at the failure registered during the municipal election, she blamed it on poor choices of candidates that rather infuriated their own militants who then preferred dashing their votes but to the opposition. Mrs. Mbinglo advised that it was time they combed the area for more militants.
            The Divisional Officer for Noni, Divine Ngome Nkwele lambasted the Noni CPDM bigwigs for egoism and unnecessary in-house fighting that marred their victory at the last elections. He observed that some of their militants were angry with uncompromising choices of candidates and decided to sanction the party with their votes. He then prayed them not to seek for punishment on such militants but should endeavour solemn reconciliation. “A house divided against itself cannever stand.” The D.O concluded.
            Earlier on, on behalf of the Fons of Nkor, HRH the Fon of Mben Palace emphasized that politics was development. He pleaded mutual coexistence among the parties in Noni. He begged that they should build a common platform of collaboration with the SDF party that holds the Council for the sake of development.

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Pastor Trapped in Homo-sexual Spree with Student.

            A Reverend Pastor serving with the Cameroon Baptist Church, CBC, in the Ako Field whose name was only gotten as Thomas was recently caught in a web of homo-sexual spree with a student in the Minister’s Street in Nkambe, Nkambe Central Sub-Division of the North West Region.
            According to neighbours, the Pastor, commonly known as Dady Tom, had been visiting some two boys, students of Government Bilingual High School, GBHS, Nkambe very regular and most often spent nights with them but little did they suspect such constant visits. It is also hinted that the two students had always introduced Dady Tom as their lover to their mates but they would hardly understand.
            It was only until this fateful day. The story is told that the Pastor had come visiting as usual, when one of the younger boys had gone for week end. So he had to spent the night with one of them who had the obligation to bear the weight two of them had often bore. Their prolong night sexual spree left the student in a trance. The Pastor did all he could do to get the boy to life but in vain. He was caught with serious freight and was bemused as light was over-powering darkness.
            He finally pleaded with some neighbours who helped him conveyed the unconscious boy to the Nkambe District Hospital without revealing to them the cause. Few minutes from the hospital, the Doctor helped him regain himself. At this juncture, the boy complained of an excruciating stomach ache. He later on whispered to the Doctor that he had a confession to make but needed the presence of a man of God.
            A certain Pastor Kent of the Apostolic Church Nkambe is said to have been quickly summoned. It was here the boy confessed that he and his brother had been living a homosexual life with Dady Thomas (Tom) the lover-boy who often comes from their village. He said, he initiated them into it and they had been enjoying sex with him. Asked whether they too as students had initiated some students into the deal? He said they were in the process though it was difficult getting someone into it. Most people were tantalized and flabbergasted at the revelations.
            The Forces of Law and Order were immediately hinted. The Pastor, Dady Tom was then arraigned and taken to the Nkambe Public Security Cell for more investigations. It is told that the boy’s mother ( Dady Tom’s mother-in-law) on hearing, rushed to the police and negotiated the Pastor’s release on bail, and advised him to disappear to the village in order to kill the rumour that had spread like whirl fire in the town and beyond. And also to safe the family from shame. Most inhabitants had received the news with a lot of consternation.
            The said Pastor Thomas hails from Mboi in Berabe, Ako Sub-Division. It is hinted that some time ago, he was arrested and detained in Ako for the same homosexual activities. It is also confided that he keeps two other boys in the village for his lovers. He is also a rising famous music star in the area.
            Most inhabitants in Nkambe town are yet to believe that homosexuality is a reality in the area because the tradition of the area does not condone it. It should be remembered that the vigilance of the school authorities of Saint John Bosco Catholic College Ngarum in Ndu Sub-Division of Donga-Mantung Division trapped a homosexual student in the dormitory, and instantaneously weeded him out.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Donga Mantung IV Section-Misaje Issues Motion of Support and Encouragement to President Paul Biya

A Motion of Support and Encouragement Addressed to H.E Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon on the Occasion of the 29th Anniversary of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement-CPDM

Misaje March 24, 2014

We the militants and sympathizers of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement(CPDM) for Donga Mantung IV Section-Misaje, celebrating the 29th anniversary of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement-CDPM;
·         Considering the institution of multi-partism in Cameroon by His Excellency President Paul Biya which has paved way for most Cameroonians to express their political ideologies for the collective development of this nation;
·         Considering the major reforms in the domains of education, health, roads infrastructure and agriculture initiated by the New Deal Government under the able leader of H.E Paul;
·         Considering the continues fight by H.E Paul Biya to make Cameroon a very democratic country which is a prerequisite for good governance and eventual emergence as of his 2035 vision,
·         Considering the fight against bribery, corruption and embezzlement of public funds,
·         Considering the creation of the University of Bamenda which will go a long way to ease the training of our sons and daughters
·         Considering the ongoing construction of the Ring Road, with Misaje as major beneficiary
·         Considering the numerous development projects realized in the Donga Mantung IV Section-Misaje
·         Considering the appointment and reappointment of our illustrious son Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry as Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development and
·         Considering the peace and stability that reigns in this country
We the militants and sympathizers of the CPDM in this Section pledge;
Ø  Our total and unconditional  support to the New Deal Government under the able leadership of H.E Paul Biya,
Ø  Wish our Party chairman , H.E Paul Biya, a happy CPDM anniversary,
Ø  Pray for God to give him long life and prosperity.
Done in Misaje this 24th day of March 2014

Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Mgbata Sammy Nformkemba, Bolame Brigit Cheka, Ngariwa Lawrence Nji, Jenebayo Moses Njuwa, Nkenda Simon Sunde, Lon Ernest Nginyo, Achu Kingsley, Ngande Elias, Tamo Joseph, Kiseng Joseph, Ngecha Joseph

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CPDM 29th Anniversary: 2 In 1 Celebration in Misaje

By Fai Cassian Ndi

VIPs seated

Hon. Abe talking to the Press

Minister Fuh Calistus presenting Hon. Abe to the population

Hon. Abe making a speech

Minister Fuh Calistus talking to the Press

Madame Sally Gentry encouraging youth talent

Hon. Abe receiving gift from Ako elite(s) based in Misaje

Hon. Abe with Nkenda Simon former mayor of Misaje

The twin celebration of March 24, 2014 took place under the patronage of the Head of the delegation from the Central Committee of the CDPM, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development. Beside celebrating the 29 years of continued existence of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, Hon. Abe Michael Ndra, the Member of Parliament for Ako/Misaje was also staging a historic homecoming five months after he was elected. Trumpet blast and singing of the chorus “We are one, oh oh, we are together, we are one” took to the centre stage of the twin event when Dr. Fuh Calistus who was flanked by wife, Sally Gentry and the MP for Ako/Misaje Hon. Abe Michael arrived the ceremonial ground. Addressing CPDM militants and sympathizers at the 2 in 1 event Minister Fuh Calistus described the 29 years marriage between the people of Ako/ Misaje with the CPDM party as a success story. He said Ako/Misaje has distinguished self as bastion of the CPDM in the North West Region. He used to the results of the last September 30 Municipal and Legislative elections in which Misaje gave the CPDM a crushing win of over 63% as a clear indicator of the unflinching commitment the have in Paul Biya. “A rational cohesion and the right path” to development he says. He said that after 29 years, the CPDM has impacted the lives of the Misaje people. According to Dr. Fuh Calistus, every village in the municipality will soon be linked by a motorable road. He also disclosed that when MINEPAT requested for an emergence project for the municipality, electricity was chosen as the main priority project and that in the years to come, Misaje town shall see the light of the day. He also talked of the tarring of the Bamenda ring road which will soon get to Misaje and that the Kimbi Game Reserve shall be transformed into a national park that will extend to Misaje, Dumbu, Nyos and Lake Oku. On education, he said Ako/Misaje has the highest number of secondary schools and benefited from a lot of development projects due to their loyalty in the CPDM and that those who will follow them will reap the fruits. On the scholarship Fund he personally promotes, he disclosed that this year, the programme shall focus its resources in supporting those who want to write competitive examinations into professional schools. Dr. Fuh Calistus while presenting the new MP for Ako/Misaje described Hon Abe Michael as a dynamic young man who talks with action. He said marriage Ako/Misaje that of truth, trust and honesty and Hon. Abe Michael is of that school of thought.
Enter Hon. Abe Michael Ndra
Hon. Abe Michael used the occasion to congratulate the people of Misaje for the trust bestowed on him during the last September 30, 2013 polls that took him to Parliament. “I thank for the trust you have the CPDM, and in President Paul Biya”, he continued. He called on the population and other stakeholders in the development process of the municipality to join the bandwagon to talk development. “I have been in Parliament for barely five months and I am conscious of our political promises. I have visited seven different ministries to submit our problems and I am certain that the fruits thereof are certainly coming soon”. He said he is laying foundation on which a more prosperous Ako/Misaje will be constructed which will portray their legacies after five years elapse. He talked of his priority projects which include the development of farms to market roads, education, access to health facilities and water amongst others.
On his part the Section President, Sammy Mbgata who doubles as the mayor of Misaje gave a vivid account of his first 100 days as mayor. He said hopes abound high as he will be travelling to Italy to visit some council and later to China for the purpose. The tarring of the streets in the municipality, construction of classrooms etc are on his agenda.
At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Fuh Calistus dished out prizes to some villages for producing the best results during the last elections. Chunghe village got the first prize for the best results which were two bundles of zinc, Nkanchi village also had two bundles of zinc for producing the highest number of voters while Bebekette got a bundle of Zinc for producing the best polling station with best overall results.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Costumer Sues Prostitute for Sex Deficit, Demands $70.000 Compensation

A New Zealand man who felt that a sex worker violated the country’s Consumer Guarantees Act by not completing a sex spray with him has had his ensuing law suit thrown out of court for insufficient evidence.
The customer and the prostitute who were identified as Mr N and Ms N in court documents had been involved in a two-month sexual arrangement when their last encounter ended in a quarrel at a brothel in February 2012. Ms N said she had attempted to return Mr N’s money and a mobile phone he had given her to set up their weekly meetings, but he refused.
Mr N then sued for $70,000 in compensation and damages, claiming that Ms N had “gained unjust enrichment” and violated consumer laws. An infuriated Justice Peter Woodhouse dismissed Mr N’s claim, calling it a “sinister use of the court’s processes”.

“Not only am I satisfied the proceedings are frivolous but I also believe they are vexatious,” the judge said. A doubly unhappy ending for Mr N in this case, it seems.

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RIP Emimi Nnekwe Emmanuel: White Man Mayor of Ako Council (Burial in Pics)

The burial of Cameroon's most love public figure Emimi Nnekwe Emmanuel in Pics

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Time is the Suspect: Latest Gossips from Cameroon (Writam-pen Breaks Silence)

Country people, I am sure you must have been asking whether your Writam-pen also kicked the bucket like Ndinga Man, Charlo Ateba, Cathy Abene and others whose time the Almighty decided was the best on earth and they had to quit the scene for good. To be candid, your Writam-pen was really annoyed to the point that he decided to observe a month of silence. You know people are fun of observing minutes of silence but as for me, since I always like to make the difference, I went in for month of silence for the departed ones.
Do you know that rumours killed Garga Haman? Poor Garga! You know sometimes ago when the same rumours killed Popoul, he told Cameroonians that those who want to chop corn and drink mimbo at his cry-die will wait for 20 years to see it happen. Since Garga has been mute over the issue, let me tell Garga’s detractors that those who want him dead will have to wait for 50 years to see it happen.  It seems death has found Cameroon very fertile and doesn’t want to go anyway. “I beg die, leave Cameroon, w don over suffer for this two months”. Can you imagine that in two months Cameroon has lost over 13 great people? But what is happening? Can someone help? Just look at this lists: LAPIRO DE MBANGA, Pius OTTOU, Marie Thérèse ASSIGA AHANDA, Clément OBOUH MFEGUE, Robert MBELLA MBAPPE, Roger TCHOUNGUI, Adolphe PAPY NDOUMBE, ABANDA KPAMA, Jean Claude MPACKO, Charles ATEBA EYENE, Abel EYINGA, Catherine ABEN, Emimi Nnekwe Emmanuel, DK Nfor, Bobe Yong, others. Is this country suffering from malice? John Ntarinkon was right that TB Joshua really needs to pray for this country. Cameroon needs cleansing. I mean thorough cleansing. Ndingaman became so annoyed with this country to the point that he willed that he should be buried in Uncle Sam’s land. Can we say that the deaths are angry with Cameroon? You remember that Charlo Atebe Eyene distorted this regime even when he was dead. You know he also distanced some people from attending his burial. Wow, Lapi this wey na traditional ruler for Mbanga. This country don catch fever true, true.
Have you ever witness a scene whether the hunter is being hunted. Oh poor Antoine Bikoro Alo’o. This man who masterminded the sacking and arrest of Zacheuss Forjindam has been dismissed from Chantier Naval. I was hinted that the doors of Kondengui and New Bell prisons are waiting for his footsteps. The talkative Atanga has been in the news. I hear Popoul is very disappointed with him. Newspaper reports indicated that his files on the CAMPOST scandal have been transmitted to the Criminal Court. Poor Atanga who said he was the hunter of John Ntarinkon has become the hunted like Antione Bikoro. Na same fate!!
These Chop People Dem Money Members of Parliament are really shits. I have always said that no one joins this chop people dem money party out of conviction. They do it out of two things: either they are after something or something is after them. You know thieves at times are even scared of their shadows. That is how these CPDM MPs behave. When parliament opened, Popoul got wink of the looming strike and trust Popoul when it comes to threats. He just called them at the congress hall and told them what they hate to hear. Kondengui, hup-hup the strike on the non payment of salaries to senators and MPs died naturally.  
Can you imagine that Cavaye was again elected as house-speaker of the lower house while Niat was also maintained at the upper house? This country is ruled by old people with poor reflection. Oh God help Cameroon, inspire TB Joshua, I got someone cried at the upper house.
Chop People Dem Money alias CPDM clocked 29 years yesterday, March 24, 2014. I saw the same crocks and white-collar thieves signing motions of corruption to President whereas they have abused this country. I mean these great liars who yesterday told another liar behind Popoul. A gang of abusers who all the time have been trying to stop me from speaking the truth. Let me now warn that I know no culture of silence.
Whenever I think of the type of people that surround President Biya and who have ruined this country with lies, it cripples me with shame and low self esteem which is deeply painful. I see now that people who abuse those who are telling the truth are just moral cowards and being cowards, fear is what guides their behavior. I see they’re not exactly happy living in that state, nor comfortable, but to feel sorry for them would be like going into a monster’s cave, seeing this slimey blob of a greedy little beast, a corrupt, evil, self serving, full of lies, without conscience beast.... and seeing that the monster is creating a living hell on earth for itself through its own greed and evil, but is just too ignorant to see that. So I see now that they are the ones to because time is the suspect and not me who is at fault, its those who lie and support evil and cruelty in the name of ‘‘Chop People Dem Money’’ who should be ashamed of themselves. Do you remember what March 24th means to the CPDM barons? I mean those who tell lies to the head of state every year through motions of lies. The birth of the CPDM they say. I mean Chop People Dem Money Pary-CPDM. All these guys are crocks and hypocrites. They always pretend to be together whereas they not. As they sit on the same table everyone is suspicious of everyone around. Yet they will always rise to sing " Are we together? We are one...oh..oh..we are together, we are one". There is nothing like oneness in their minds these dirty thieves. I am sure Popoul will spill the beans again this week. The unexpected will send some of them off the line again i hear. 
I also see very clearly that what they’ve been giving out is about to ricochet back onto them.  Ooh...are they enslaving your consciousness, filling your lives with lies and untruthful promises? They are not creating super soldiers who can torture and kill you without a second thought. I see the look on so many of their faces when I mention the devastating impact and the collapse of a close fascist regime who own the state trasury, who grow more and more powerful. I watched some of them on TV and saw that they are so evil the look on their face. All they care about is their own greed, comfort and conveniences. They look so damned smug as they think to themselves how little they care about Cameroonians or what sort of country they’ll be creating with their selfishness because they’ll be long gone when 2035 comes. What? They’re too blind and stupid to see is there is no death; it will be them who come back to life in another human to experience Vision 2035 they have created for themselves.  If they never learn, if they continue down the path of evil and self serving, every single lifetime they live is going to get more and more difficult and agonizing for them. Not because some God decided they wanted to punish them. It’s just the world they have created…the one that they deserve.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thousands Pay Homage to Retired UN Worker, Mayor, Soldier (Emimi Nnekwe Emmanuel)

By Fai Cassian Ndi
The Presbyterian Church Ako was jammed to full capacity by mourners, friends, colleagues and admirers of late Emimi Nnekwe Emmanuel, a retired soldier (who served Nigerian and Cameroon Army, the United Nations Commission for Refugees, and the Ako Council as mayor.
Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development in his eulogy described late Emimi Emmanuel as a statesman, administrator and refined politician. He said the former mayor was a good example of a patriotic Cameroonian who had served the country and the international community in various capacities. To Dr. Fuh Calistus, the passing away of Emimi Nnekwe Emmanuel was a great lost to the CPDM party, the Mbembe people and the entire Ako/Misaje Special Constituency as a whole.
Hon. Ntoi J.E.Kay testified to mourners that late Emimi Nnekwe Emmanuel principally was his father, mentor, close friend and a reliable political collaborator. To Hon. Ntoi, the departed hero was a common denominator and a unifying factor that earned him numerous titles like “ICON, WHITEMAN MAYOR and UN” in Mbembe land, Cameroon and across the borders. He
added that the late mayor of Ako died as a devoted Christian, “infact a man whose generosity was vertical and horizontal with no bias to age, gender, tribe, political party, religion, poor and needy, colour etc. A political figure, who had a reserved affection for the CPDM party he supported”. Hon. Noti J E Kay in his concluding testimony emphasized that by human evaluation, late Emimi was an upright man and the rest and more important is left to the Creator, the Almighty God. “His death does not contradict God’s appointed time as the greater teacher Ecclesiastes reminds us in his 3rd Chapter-verse 2:- “There is time to be born and time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot”.
On his part, Hon. Abe Micheal Ndra summed the life of the great man in three words: he was credible, transparent and trustworthy man. “He has left a vacuum that it will take the people of Mbembe time to fill. We will always feel his absence in the life of this municipality”.
In the more than 10.000 people who attended the funeral mass at the Presbyterian Church Ako, everyone had a story to tell about the retire UN worker. Those who knew him when he was mayor of Ako for close to 12 years 8 months had their own story while those who knew him when he was in the Nigerian Police, Army and the Cameroon Army also had a story to tell
about the soldier he was. His party colleagues also had their own story while the kids who always turn around him in his small store in his residence had their own story. Even this reporter who braved the road from Bamenda to Ako to pay his last respected to the Whiteman mayor as he was fondly called has his own story. In fact as Ntoi Victor puts it, Emimi was a man of few words but he was a man of action. He was a philanthropist of great magnitude who did not like to see anyone suffering when he could help.
Nveya Ernest, YCPDM Section President for Ako described late Emimi as a political giant. “When Pa Emimi was ill, you saw what happened, the CPDM lost elections in Ako. It was not because he did not deliver the goods but because he was the political strategist that was able to read and understand politics. Ako will live to remember him through his innovative ideas. He constructed the Ako Border market that is second only to that of Kioy-si and above all, he is on record to have constructed the first storey building in Ako town (our council chambers)”.
Njoh Jonathan, former Secretary General of the Ako who worked with the late mayor for over 10 years described late Emimi as an exemplary politician and municipal administrator. “He was very strict but compensated hard work, transparency and truthfulness. I learned a lot from him. He was a man of exceptional charm that pulled people because of his way of living, kind and full of humility. Since I started working with him, I never saw him in any staff’s office and above all a man of the people, father who would always give advice to the youth”.

Everyone that knew him was in Ako today March 23, 2014 to pay him the last respect. VIPs present during the ceremony included amongst others, Dr. Fuh Calistus, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard, SDO for Donga Mantung Division, Hon. Abe Michael, MP for Ako/Misaje Special Constituency, Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David, mayor of Nwa, Bunyui Jonathan, Mayor of Ndu, Martin Fon Yembe, 1st Deputy Mayor for Ndu Council, Ngabir Paul Bantar, Mayor of Nkambe Council, Sammy Mbgata, mayor of Misaje Council, Akio Augustine, Mayor of Ako and his deputies, Ngi Christopher Alternate Senator for Donga Mantung Division, the Sub Divisional Officer Ako, former Mayor of Zhoa council, Dr. Tamo-CPDM resource person for Misaje, Divisional and sub divisional delegates, service heads, buyam-sellams, achaba riders and thousand others who were buried in the crowd.

Emimi Nnekwe Emmanuel Whom I knew
Every time I think of the “Whiteman Mayor” of Ako alias UN, I always take my memory back to the day of his installation when he was elected as mayor for the first mandate. Former SDO for Donga Mantung Division Mboki Godlive Ntua who performed the installation rite said he was flattered by Emimi taste for beauty. Unlike others who would go extra miles using obnoxious practices, late Emimi Emmanuel was a popular choice of the people. As Nveya Ernest confirmed it, late Emimi was a choice of the people of Mbembe both at home and outside given that he was a special friend to everyone, civil servants, administrators, fons and even children.
Born on June 15, 1935 in Ako of father Nnekwe Turura and Gimbiya Yarafa, young Emimi attended primary school at Abong Nigerian border village and Takum still in Nigeria where he obtained his Standard Sixth Passed Certificate. In 1951, he enrolled at the Government Secondary School Katsina-Ala (Nigeria) and due to his job ambitiousness; he obtained brilliantly the entrance into the Nigerian Police. While in the police corps, he obtained entrance into Ikeja School of Post and Telecommunication where he graduated with an International Senior Certificate as a wireless operator. In 1956, he requested that he should be transferred to the Nigerian Army and it was accepted. In 1960, served with the United Nations Peace Keeping Force in the then Congo Leopole Ville, Kingshasa during late Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba and TSOMBE Crisis. He was one of those who campaign for reunification. When it finally happened, Emmi Nnekwe was transferred in 1961 to the Cameroon Army. From 1966-1980, he served as Chief of Transmission Center in the following military sectors, Bafoussam, Douala, Ebolowa, Bertoua and Buea where he retired on December 31, 1980.
In 1981, obtained another lucrative job with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees,
Cameroon Branch office where he served as Chief of Service for Telecommunication for Central Africa. In 1992, he requested for anticipated retirement with the UN and was granted pension with the UN diplomatic status.
Back in Ako, he was the first CPDM sub Section for the entire Ako Sub Division from 1993-1996 and from 1996 up to March 21, 2013 when he died; Emimi was the Vice CPDM Section President. In 2002 the won the Ako Council and he was elected mayor. In 2007, he was again reelected for a second mandate which he served up to 2013 when he fell sick.

Pa Emimi aka Whiteman mayor has received many distinctions and decorations. He was decorated with the Public Force Medal and the Cameroon Order of Merit. He was happily married and had 9 children and 12 grand children. He was perfectly bilingual. 

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ako: At CPDM MP’s Homecoming, SDF Mayor Creates the Unpredicted

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Hon. Abe Michael Ndra
When CPDM Senator for Bui Division Eno Ema Lafon staged her homecoming in Kumbo last year, she was received by the mayor of Jakiri, Shang Lawrence. The reason was that the Mayor of Kumbo Council, Njong Donatus was of the opposition Social Democratic Front-SDF. Shang Lawrence then CPDM Mayor for Jakiri was preferred to deliver the welcome speech. In Nkambe Central, when the population organized a civic reception for Hon. Awudu Mbaya, SDF Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung Centre Constituency and Questor at the National Assembly, the Mayor of Nkambe Council boycotted the event. The raison d'être of the boycott was vivid given that the Mayor of Nkambe is of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement-CPDM while the MP is of the opposition SDF. The above two cases are just a few in hundreds of cases that demonstrate how much the political divide has chopped into the minds of politicians especially in the North West Region.
However, the SDF Mayor of Ako Council in Donga Mantung Division, created the unexpected today March 22, 2014 when he and his deputies stormed the Ako Grandstand to receive Hon. Abe Michael Ndra, CPDM MP for Ako/Misaje Special Constituency. When Akio Augustine and his deputies stormed the ceremonial ground dressed in official sashes, promoters of political hatred went short of breath. Some of sank onto their chairs as if the world has suddenly come to an end. The euphoria that saluted his entry into the ceremonial ground was indicative that the population was disgust with divisive politics. Hon. Abe Michael Ndra and Akio Augustine though from different political parties have demonstrated that politics is aimed at fostering development and not to divide people, says CPDM militant whose name I got as Jacob. In his welcome speech, Akio Augustine told the population that he is not the mayor of the SDF party but mayor of Ako Council. He also reminded the population that Hon. Abe Michael Ndra is MP for Ako/Misaje and not for the CPDM. “Eventhough we are from different political parties, as elected officials we are bound by our positions to work together for the interest of the population”, he continued. “I had tried getting to the MP but certainly blocked by those who think we are enemies whereas our objectives are the same. And if I shy away, how then can we develop this municipality. The MP is for the Nation and I am on the spot, so we have to work as a team to succeed”. The traces of sadness and despair that was visible on the faces of political monsters disappeared suddenly as the mayor argued that time for campaigns are over and it is now time for them to work for the betterment of all.
MP and Mayor burying political hatred they almost inherited
On his part, the Member of Parliament for the Ako/Misaje Special Constituency accepted the hand of fellowship extended by the opposition mayor. In his speech, Hon. Abe Michael Ndra said it is high time to set aside political leniency and work for the common good of everyone. “Politics is to bring development and not for self-aggrandizement”, he echoed. Hon. Abe Michael also called on the population to support him and the SDF Mayor so that they can succeed in their objectives which is to foster development. “If I am not in talking terms with my brother the mayor, how do you expect us to bring development? You need to support us and encourage us because if tomorrow we fail in our duties, the blame will go to all of you and if we work in disperse ranks, development will suffer”. He also promised that with the collaboration of the mayor, they will set up a community library which will serve the entire municipality. Hon. Abe also told the population that during his first 100 days in Parliament, he was making a micro-project. “I have already started giving out support to nursery and primary schools and I know that no sector will be left” he emphasized. As a reminded, he said that the job of the MP is to vote better laws. “I am expecting to get contributions from you people so that I can better present a picture of our needs to government, know where to lobby for what and when?”
Hon. Abe Michael and Mayor Akio Augustine
CPDM Sector President Hon. JK Ntoi on his part thanked the living forces of Ako/Misaje who voted Hon. Abe Michael to go to Parliament. He called for all political parties in Ako, CPDM, SDF,NUDP and ANDP to be totally united in the purpose of development. Hon. JK Ntoi also used the opportunity to thank President Paul Biya for the lift he has given to Ako Sub Division in terms of development. He called on Hon. Abe Michael to transform the various sectors of the sub division so much so that he can check poverty, hunger, illiteracy and diseases. He reminded the MP that he is married to two wives, Ako and Misaje and that he should keep the two jealously to avoid any problem. As a link to government, the CPDM section President called on the man who just entered his shoes to seek solution to the following perennial problems:
Farms to Market Roads: The sub division should be totally disenclaved considering the risk as a border location.
Education: Existing Basic and secondary schools be adequately staffed and necessary infrastructure provided by government, science equipment be provided at GHS Ako and also raise it to a Bilingual high school.
Administration: With its vastness, Ako sub division be raised to a full fledge Division with accompanying sub divisions in Kuta, Lower Mbembe, Upper Mbembe and Pooh Akooh.
Land disputes: Our municipality has protracted unrsolved land cases with Misaje sub Division at Tumbo in Akwenko and Nkamb Central Sub Division at Tungande and Tumbo in Akwaja.
Agriculture: Considering that the population of Ako is mostly farmers, more staff be posted to the various agric posts.
Health: The District hospital Ako and existing health units of Kuta, Jevi, Berabe, Akwaja, Buku and Abuenshie be properly staffed and equipped. Government should build a health unit at Assa village and environs.
Housing: Governmeent should build befitting structures for the veterinary centre Ako and Costumes Abuenshie.
Service Vehicles: These should be provided for the district hospital Ako, Frontier police Ako AND Inspectorate of Basic Education, GHS Ako and GTHS Ako.
Unprotected Timber Exploitation: Timber in the forest of our border villages with Nigeria is being illegally exploited and taken to Nigeria unchecked.
Farmer/Grazier Problems: Farmers every year are victims of destruction to their farms caused by cattle rearers on transhumance. This has persistently remained unchecked.
Security: Because of the porous nature of our borders with Nigeria, more elements be posted to the police, Gendarmerie and BIR.

Fanfare at Hon. Abe's homecoming
Identification Post: These should be creatd in Ako town, Upper Mbembe and enclaved Kuta. Lack of this results to low voters registration. 
Political commentators are of the opinion that the unexpected created by the mayor of Ako and the MP for the Ako/Misaje Special Constituency is a lesson to many a politician in the North West Region. A school of thought holds that a new breed of politician with character and conscience has seen the day in Ako and the yesteryear's political divide has been buried for good. 

Coming up: Pictures of the Homecoming and the symbolic decoration of Hon. Abe Michael

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Celebrating World Water Day with Drops of Water

By Fai Cassian Ndi
The 2014 Water Day is being celebrated in many part of Cameroon amidst water scarcity. The situations in major cities like Yaounde, the capital, Douala, the economic capital and Garoua
When Water becomes a scarce commodity
are very pathetic given the growing population. However, in the rural areas, access to potable water has reached crisis level. In some localities, the population goes for weeks and even months without potable water. Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region has been hit by water scarcity.
If water as they say is life, then Nkambe and Ndu towns in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region of Cameroon may perhaps eventually be lifeless. This is so due to the scarcity of water. Since November 2013 up to date, Nkambe, Ndu and Ako towns with the fast growing population have been in water crisis. This wobbly situation is having diversified interpretations. Environmentalists are of the opinion that the scarcity of water has been orchestrated by the changing climate while some development experts on the other hand say it is due to the abusive cultivation of eucalyptus trees in and around water catchments. Yet traditionalists on their part are convinced that the gods are angry. It is common to see a traditional ruler pouring libation at a stream calling on the gods to bring back water. The situation is such that taps regularly run dry; some small springs have dried off while others have lost their sizes. Water has been tagged as a rare commodity given that to get water especially at this period of the year is as complicated as a journey to Mars. Access to water is a major predicament and gradually it has reached a crisis level.
In Ndu town, the council has adopted rationing strategies with the Ndu Water Authority to meet up with the pressing water problems. Talking to this reporter, the Mayor of Ndu Council Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugap says apart from the fact that water is now rationed in Ndu town, the council has also embarked on mitigating the crisis to avoid any out break of water borne diseases. The population he said is being sensitized and it is an ongoing process. He also mentioned that the council has also embarked on the eradication of eucalyptus trees in and around water catchments and in the months ahead Ndu council intends to construct an additional water pumping station as an immediate package aimed at providing a temporary solution to the crisis. He also observed that there is an urgent need to empower the rural communities on the sustainable natural resource management.
In Nkambe, the situation is becoming very precarious. Former mayor of Nkambe, Mangoh Jones says from 2010 to 2013, the council eradicated over 20.000 eucalyptus trees in and around and has planted over 32.000 environmental friendly trees at the main water catchmentwith support from the Ministry of Forestry and Faiuna, Mangoh Jones. Nkambe town has three watersheds, but they have been invaded by eucalyptus trees. Mangoh Jones Tanko said that the first water crisis emerged in 1999, when the population of Nkambe town went for almost two months without potable water. “Last year, the council supported the communities of Binju, Ngwanyuh and Mansoh to construct some springs that could serve these quarters during the months of January, February and March but it is pathetic that the springs usually run dry due to severe harshness of the dry season”.   
He observed that the situation is very critical as families move over 10-20 km everyday to get water. He blamed the population for setting watersheds on fire as well as the abusive planting of eucalyptus trees in and around water catchments. It should be noted that more than 85% of all the water catchments in Donga Mantung and Bui are invaded by eucalyptus trees. Experts say a mature eucalyptus tree consumes a minimum of 400 liters of water per day. Besides, if there are still little drops of water in Nkambe town, it is thanks to Mangoh Jones Tanko the former mayor of Nkambe who took the challenge to launch a fierce less war by replacing eucalyptus in water catchments. Yet, approximately half of the trees planted were all consumed by bushfire this year. To cut the story short, indicators are rife that more than 92% of the watersheds usually get dry during dry season. Some of the streams even dry off completely. It is common to see children digging at the watersheds to find water.  Uncertainty looms large as it is feared that this could lead to an outbreak of cholera or increasing water borne diseases. Of late, it has been observed that the number of typhoid cases in Ndu and Nkambe have increased geometrically. Farmers on the other hand have been complaining that weather patterns have changed and it is resulting to poor crop yields. Yet the same farmers hardly keep to the instructions of avoiding “slatch and burnt” commonly known as “ankara” in their farms. Cattle grazers on the other hand for wanting fresh grass for their cattle have gone on a periodic folly of setting the bushes on fire. 
In Ako, Hon. Abe Michael is of the opinion that it is the deforestation of the Mbembe forest that is producing the negative effects. And that the water scheme in the town needs to be reconstructed.
Hon. Awudu Mbaya Gives Hope

Hon. Awudu Mbaya, Questor at the National Assembly and Executive President of Pan African Parliamentarians Network on Climate Change says there are prospects that by next year the situation will be better. According to Hon. Awudu Mbaya, he has lobbied and obtained some funding to improve on access to potable water in the three municipalities. He revealed that 120 boreholes (stand-taps) will be provided for the three council areas by the end of 2014. The borehole (stand-taps) will reach the needy villages as well. “Technicians are just back from the field where they conducted surveys in all the selected villages and spots in the various towns. Each municipality, he added will benefit from 40 boreholes. This according to Hon. Awudu is part of his strategy to improve access to water in the Division. 

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