Monday, March 10, 2014

Women in Action: Meet Colonel Nga Rose Angeline; First Female Military Colonel

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Colonel Nga Rose Angeline
Colonel Nga Rose Angeline is the deputy Director at the military in Younde and the first woman in the military to attain the rank of Colonel in the Cameroon army. It was in January 2001 that Nga Rose Angeline entered the book of honours as a military officer thanks to her hard work and strength of mind. Though trained as a medical Doctor at CUSS, Nga Rose Angeline against all the odd, decided to jump above the masculine artificial barriers to make a jumpstart career in the military. She was one of the two first female candidates who in 1985 passed the entrance into the Military Academy-EMIA. Apparently, she entered EMIA with the mission to make the difference and to stand out when even most people (women) seem to blend in. While at EMIA, she proved to be an all weather woman given that upon graduation she was among the first three. From all indications, Colonel Nga Rose Angeline is the rare breed that if you teach her how to fly a plane today and the next day she will make a round trip around the world. Obviously, it is her multi-talented of always making the difference that makes her a role model in the military.

As pediatric in the military, Colonel Nga Rose Angeline has proven beyond reasonable doubts that her success story, hard work, and attachment to do just what is right is linked to her humble up bringing and her unshakable belief in the Words of God. From Garoua to Yaounde where she served in various capacities, she had always tell her patients, friends and colleagues that come for the treatment of their kids that, man, no matter how rich or poor, big or small is the same in the eyes of God. Based on this physically powerful and entrenched belief of hers, she has been nick named “Iron Lady”. Yet, coming closer to Colonel Nga Rose is to make a new discovery of an army officer who is humble, down to earth and accommodative. In the opinion of a wider public, she is level-headed and a soft spoken God fearing woman. What has made her to emerge from the madding crowd is her ability to resist to enticement and her humanitarian but austere application of chain of command. Conversely, Colonel Nga Rose is the major source of hope to hundreds irrespective of tribe and region of origin. In the Northern Region where she was covering three regions, she left an indelible mark of greatness. It makes sense to indicate that beside offering unmatched selfless service to her dear fatherland, Colonel Nga Rose may not know the high esteem in which the underprivileged and the younger generation hold her. Young girls continue to look at her with a lot of admiration and many have often expressed the desire to be like her in the future.  

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