Sunday, June 29, 2014

Abduction of Chibok School Girls: Men to March in Women's High Heel Shoes Against Boko Haram

Men/boys in women high heel shoes
In an attempt to bring to the forefront of public consciousness the plight of the 270 Nigerian Chibok Schoolgirls abducted by the extremist Boko Haram sect some two months ago, and as part of activities to mark this year’s Father’s Day in Cameroon, men from all tribes and backgrounds would converge on Bamenda city on Saturday July 5, 2014, to walk on women’s high heel shoes for a distance of 1.2km, an equivalent of a mile, in protest against the physical, psychological, and mental torture being meted on the captured female students, and an urgent call to action by the international community.
The ‘Men in Women’s High Heel Shoes’ protest march called for by A Common Future, a leading Bamenda-based organization working with men and boys to end violence against women, will act like a booster to the efforts already being undertaken on its side by the Cameroon government and elite forces to discourage the sect from using Cameroon soil as a hideout.
The peaceful and awareness-raising protest that starts from City Chemist Roundabout at 9 a.m to Bamenda’s Commercial Avenue Groundstand, shall see over 100 well-meaning men and boys throw their weight and compassion behind the affected families, especially parents of the kidnapped girls.
As fathers themselves, the men in women’s high heel shoes would be sending the message that child bearing is a challenging and delicate task and nobody should be allowed to use children as soft targets.
By marching in women’s high heel shoes, these men would be reminding the powers that be, especially member states of the United Nations that they make be taking all their time because the Chibok girls are not their direct off springs. If they were, they would have known how the shoe pinches. The pain that the men and boys wearing the shoes would go through as they protest, remind them and by extension the international community of the adage that ‘s/he who wears the shoes knows where they pinches’.
The men involved in the protest want to send a clear message that children bring fulfillment in fatherhood, reason why those who do not have them go the length and breathe of the world seeking them, even to spiritual churches. While in their homes, the Chibok girls looked up to their fathers to show them what men value in women and what it means to be a woman of dignity in future. Unfortunately with the Boko Haram abduction, the girls are today looking up for direction and survival from complete strangers.  
As part of this year’s Father’s Day activities, the protest march will reassure other girls in society that fathers are still their protectors and supporters. Children grow up with the understanding that no one is stronger, bigger, and capable to scare away monsters better than their daddy. To a child, the father is the intimate shield of evil, the guardian of safety, and keeper of comfort. The Chibok school girls held this to be true until the other men, unlike their biological fathers came calling.
This symbolic protest would be a venue par excellence where well-meaning father’s would be brought to show their dissatisfaction with the way society has disfavored girls in preference to boys to the extent that Boko Haram believes girls do not have a right to an education as they are property, good only for marriage.
Those taking part in the ‘Men in Women’s High Heel Shoes walkaton’ would be articulating issues of gender equality that ‘Men of quality do not fear equality’. They are proposing alternative models of masculinity that are not necessarily in opposition to models of femininity and that allow men and women to share sexual and reproductive health responsibilities, love, and above all, decision making as both men and women have a common future.

Your Support
If for any reason you cannot be part of this history making protest march that enhances the global ‘Bring Back our Children’ campaign, send us material and financial support to provide snacks and transport to the protesters who would be exhausted after the challenging experience.
The Men on Women’s High Heel Shoes Walkaton comes on the heels of the 4th edition of A Common Future Human Rights Film and Arts Festival that holds in the North West from July 15-22, 2014, in community halls and schools under the theme: ‘Enhancing the Dignity of Women, Girls and Children; Promoting Internet Access as a Human Right’. This international and highly mediatized event which shall be streamed live on the newly launched web TV, Dignity Television, shall showcase most sort after box office films and documentaries from across the globe and shall address issues like violence against women, rape, trafficking in person, widowhood rights, HIV/AIDS, as well as men taking affirmative action to end all forms of discrimination against women in society.

For more information on the walkaton and festival, contact us at or 237 94 94 28 78. Our other activities could be sourced at and

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Camer Gossip: Mighty Storm to Sweep Lions, "FECAFOOD", Ministry of Sports

Country people, when I said sometimes ago that Popol is a man who springs surprises, some people said it was an overstatement. Have you heard that latest? Popol has given his Prime Minister Yang de Philemon only one month to give him a detail report on who did what in Brazil.
  Boum! Boum! World Cup fiesta! Na waoooo. I knew that these guys were going to bring us more controversies.  Oh poor Mbia! Have you heard that Stephan Mbia narrowly escaped being lynched by irate hawkers at the Avenue Kennedy? It is thanks to the timely intervention of the police that Mbia vamoosed. Massa Jo has also promised to tell his portion of the truth in a Press Conference. These guys are taking Cameroonians for granted.  I hear Massa Jo told his boss Adoum Garoua Bolaya (Minister of Sports) that he Massa Jo was minister of Sports, Adoum was Divisional Delegate for Sports somewhere in one of the enclaved area. Yet he wants to dish him lessons on sports. Have you heard Ghana has dismissed that country’s Minister of Sports after the poor performance in Brazil.
I wish Popol could behave like Nkwame Nkruma of Ghana, Robert Gue of Cote D’Ivoire or Late Mbobutu Seseko of Zaire. The story goes that in 1972, the late Nkwame Nkruma had to dissolve the national team for poor performances. Remember that in 1994, Zaire qualified for the World Cup and they suffered a 9-0 defeat from Yugoslavia, 2-0 defeat from Scotland etc. when the players returned to Zaire after the humiliation, they were picked from the airport directly to the military barrack to be taught lessons on patriotism. Those who never returned to Zaire are still in exile today. Mbobuto did not only dissolve the team but he also changed the lions of Zaire to the leopards of Zaire.
In 1992, the Elephants of Cote D’Ivoire won the African Cup of Nation. As winners, they automatically qualified for the 1994 African Cup of Nation. But they were humiliated by the low rated Togo national side. The elephants did not moved to the second round. On returning home, General Robert Gue, by then Head of state ordered they should be taken directly to the military barracks on grounds that they needed protection because the fans were angry. But it was until they got to the military barrack that they understood the importance of patriotism.
I am just recovering from the shock of the humiliation of the lions. I hope it has not been the same with you. When I told you that Cameroon doesn’t have a national team and that these guys were just a selection, some people cursed me that I am a pessimist yet it came to past that your Writtam-pen saw tomorrow. I hear Popol has vowed that heads will roll. I hope you all saw what transpired between Moukandjo and Assou Ekotto. I have been hinted that the two players have been admitted to participate in the upcoming wrestling champion at WWE-RAW for the Money in the Bank champion alongside John Cena, Shawn Michael and the Big Show. Alex Song on the other hand has qualified for the world championship and his first match will be against Randy Otton.
Poor Cameroon!
 While the players were displaying their new discipline in front of cameras, I hear Massa Jo and Adoum Garoua Boulaye were scattering dishes in one hotel restaurant over gombo. Yang de Philemon has no other option than to propose that the team should be dissolved. And that all the 250 delegates who chopped government gombo should pay back everything into the treasury. 

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PAPNCC-PNDP Partnership Convention to Combat Climate Change in Pic IIs

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

PAPNCC-PNDP Partnership Convention to Combat Climate Change in Pics

Hon. Awudu Hands Convention to Vice President of National Assembly
PNDP Coordinator hands Convention to Vice President

Environment Ministr handing Convention to Vice Speaker

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Climate Change: Singing of PAPNCC-PNDP Partnership in Pics

Hon Awudu Mbaya-PAPNCC President

Madame Ngah, Coordinator PNDP

Extreme left: Hele Pierre, Minister of Environment

Vice President of the National Assembly receiving convention from the hands of Hon. Awudu

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Climate Change Mitigation: MPs, Mayors to Work with PNDP

The Pan African Parliamentarian Network on Climate Change has signed a partnership collaboration with PNDP to pass through council create awareness on the phenomenon of Climate Change. (ceremony in pics)

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Climate Change Mitigation: PAPNCC, PNDP Partnership Convention Ignites Hope

By Fai Cassian Ndi
The signing of the Partnership Convention took place at the National Assembly on June 24, 2014 in the presence of the 1st Vice President, Hon. Hilarion Etong. Harping on the necessity of the partnership, the 1st Vice President of the National Assembly, personal representative of Hon. Cavaye Yeguie, saluted the efforts deployed by the Pan African Parliamentarians Network on Climate-PAPNCC and the National Community Driven Development Programme to combat the phenomenon of Climate change. According to Hon. Hilarion Etong, the devastating effects of climate change can only be checked through collective efforts and endeavours. He saluted the efforts deployed by the National Assembly of Cameroon in combating for a sane environment. Hon. Hilarion also reminded MPS and other stakeholders that there are two networks at National Assembly that ensures sustainable management of natural resources, (REPAR which is concerned with the sustainable management of Central African Ecosystem Forest and PAPNCC which from 2012 carried out series of concrete field activities to mitigate; combat climate change. “We have to be keen observers and vigilant to notice for example the effects of desertification”. He also mentioned the change in rainy and dry seasons, “some weeks ago, early rains were observed in the Extreme North and Northern Regions of Cameroon”. According, the farming calendar was almost frustrated, the 1st Vice President emphasized. To Hon. Hilarion Etong, “there is the need for a strategic fight in order to succeed. In line with the fight, REPAR he added signed a convention with the Cameroon Traditional Rulers Forum; Ministry of Women Affair and the Family to combat the phenomenon. He lauded the partnership convention between PAPNCC and PNDP which is intended to work with councils, rural communities, NGOs and other stakeholders in the mitigation process.
Hon. Awudu Mbaya, PAPNCC Executive President in landmark speech said that climate change is real and to combat its devastating effects, it demands collective efforts. He said the Pan African Parliamentarians Network on Climate Change “is aimed at drawing the
attention of the population on the negative and devastating effects of Climate Change. It calls on people and even appeal to their consciences to avoid the activities that can step up the phenomenon and rather fight against it tooth and nail”. He revealed that for several years now, PAPNCC has organized several activities at the National Assembly and on the field; especially with the re-aforestation campaign which took MPs nationwide to plant trees. He emphasized that even though Parliamentarians are not experts in climate change, they have the duty to influence policy in this sense in order to improve the living conditions of the population for the sake of their welfare and development. “It is from this perspective that Parliamentarians from across African on their part stand by this call for the following reasons amongst others:
  • First, climate change is the biggest threat to the survival of humanity in the 21st century
  • The potential consequences of climate change can only be compare to those suffered during World Wars I & II
He corroborated that some few years ago in the Northern part of Cameroon, one needed to dig a well of about 4m to get water, but today, it is difficult to find water between 100m to 150m below. “You are living witnesses of the sudden disappearance of Lake Chad. Other lakes around us are in the same situation. Rivers around us are fast disappearing and we are witnessing changing patterns in the cycle of the rainy season even in the Southern parts of Cameroon”, he lamented. “These signals are an indication that as one African leader said Africa could in a few years be faced with severe water shortage that could lead to a Water War whereby water would be rationed and people would fight to have even just a little to drink. At that time the cost of importing water would be more than that of food supplied War victims today”, he continued. Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian reiterated that the time to act is now. “One dollar or euro spent today in climate change is worth a million tomorrow” and prevention he cautioned is better than cure. Hon. Awudu Mbaya described the partnership convention with PNDP as a milestone which he said would be very productive for the welfare of the population. He said in the partnership with mayors of councils, PNDP will increasingly be an important link in the chain for development, dell-being of the people through the specific, strong and common struggle against the phenomenon of climate change.
On her part the Coordinator of National Community Driven Development Programme-PNDP, Magdeline Ngah said that partnership convention with PAPNCC was a high point in the fight against climate change. She said for the past years, PNDP has been working with councils to get to the grass root. PNDP she said has worked relentlessly in providing communities with classrooms, youth empowerment centres, water schemes, integrated health cenres, construct markets et cetera.  
The Minister of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development on his part said that Convention was in line with Government actions. Minister Hele Pierre also pointed out that humanity is facing a serious challenge which is climate change. He climate change mitigation is part of government policy in ensuring the welfare of the population.
It should be noted that present at the ceremony were the Minister of Environment, Hele Pierre, Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family, Marie Therese Abena, Minister Delegate in Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Yaouba Abdoulaye and about 100 MPs witnessed the signing of the partnership convention between PAPNCC and PNDP. 

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Press  Release

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) has halted an ongoing mafia by a gang of two in the Ako Council bent on thwarting developmental endeavors by the SDF newly elected administration headed by Mayor Akio Augustine and his team..
A team of experts from the SDF set up by the National Chairman of the SDF comprising Mayor Mangoh Jones ( mayor for close to eighteen  years and leader of UCCC NW) , Mayor Martin Fon Yembe  ( President of Association of North West Councilors ANWEC,) and Amidou Sajoh ( District Secretary SDF Nkambe and Council Affairs expert,) stormed Ako on Saturday June 21, 2014 to put a stop to the ongoing sabotage.
According to the councilors, the duo, Stella Maih (the supposed Municipal Treasurer), and Mbengia Wilfred Ngum (the Secretary General imposing self as the boss of the council) have hijacked the Ako council. While the Municipal Treasurer Stella Maih spends the entire month at Weh or Bamenda and so stifling council work, the SG, Ngum Wilfred assumes the position of Mayor. The Municipal Treasurer reportedly decides what amount the council will have from the little that remains after she must have invested the rest in her private activities. If she feels fine and is even around Ako, she could dole out a tiny part of what she still has to the council for developmental activities. This, she does with impunity. She goes as far as withdrawing funds from council bank accounts without the slightest knowledge of the Mayor, coupled with the fact that the Mayor never sees any receipts or has knowledge of any cash flow!
On his part, the Secretary General, Ngum Wilfred calls the shots in Ako. Not only does he decide the agenda of the Ako Council, but he goes as far as executing orders signed by him, without the knowledge or consent of the Mayor. He has blocked the holding of Committee sessions, except the Finance Committee.( which met for obvious reasons)! He recently ordered the killing of stray animals and went ahead to shooting pigs and other stray animals in especially SDF strong holds as if to ignite the wrath of SDF militants against the SDF-run council. He holds close door meetings with his municipal Treasurer whenever she stops around at Ako on her way from Weh to Bamenda!
During the Training Workshop in Ako by the Fru Ndi ordered team, there was a lot of awareness created on issues of council management and activities. Many at the end confessed that they had been navigating in darkness without radar, and so with this training, the ignorance and disorder hitherto witnessed in Ako will be a thing of the past.
Among the several resolutions arrived at was the one stating categorically that he Councilors will NEVER tolerate any so-called 7-man Caretaker Committee by whoever to run the Ako Council if “ disorder persists in the area”. They emphatically stated that there is no fire in the house…that the imaginary fire is being inflamed by the enemies of the SDF and the People of Ako Municipality…and these enemies are well known to all!
Participants resolved to call the attention of MINAT-D to the atrocious activities of Mr, Ngum Wilfred, the SG and do same to MINFI on the absences and destructive activities of Madam Stella Maih, the supposed Municipal Treasurer. They as well extended special thanks to the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, Ni John Fru Ndi, for the timely decision to send the rescue team to Ako. Speaking for the Ako Council, Mr. Akio Augustine, the Lord Mayor vowed that these negative trends will never again be attributed to the Ako Council as he and his colleagues have been tutored on their rights, rules and duties in the council.



Mangoh Jones T.        Martin Fon Yembe         Sajoh Amidou

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

World Desertification Day: NW Stakeholders Discuss Challenges

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Tansi Laban Bambo
This year's world desertification day was celebrated in Bamenda midst numerous challenges and a clarion call  by the North West Regional Delegation of Environment, Protection of the Nature and Sustainable Development has highlighted the various challenges faced by the population. Speaking at the Round Table discussion, North West Regional Delegate Tansi Laban Bambo expressed worries that all the seven divisions are being affected by desertification. In his paper, the regional delegate also disclosed that this year’s theme: Ecosystem-based Adaptation highlights the benefits of mainstreaming sustainable land management policies and practices into everyone’s collective response to climate change. Harping on the negative of impact in the region, Mr. Laban revealed that close to 2 million people are being affected by the phenomenon of desertification. The effects he said ranges from water scarcity to poor crop yield. He also lamented that in areas such as Nkambe, Ndu and Kumbo, water is becoming a very scarce community. According to the delegate, the abusive cultivation of eucalyptus trees have contributed enormously to water problems in the region.
He called on the population to adapt and change their attitude towards land use and management of natural resources. According to the regional delegate, with the right interventions, “we can turn the vicious cycle of climate change and desertification into a virtuous cycle of productive land and reduction in greenhouse gas emission. He called on the population to protect wetlands and watersheds by planting water friendly trees, practice sustainable agricultural activities, stop acclamation of wetlands, avoid bushfire, Ankara burning, and stop the planting of eucalyptus trees in water catchments, maintain soil cover by planting cover crops, etc. To the regional delegate, land degradation is a serious threat to human existence. “Desertification and land degradation doesn’t have to threaten our future. Let us mitigate the effects of desertification and land degradation by saying a Big No to unsustainable practices that accelerate land degradation and causes drought.

It should be noted that the day was also commemorated with various stakeholders exhibiting their savoir-faire. The delegation also donated trees to some beneficiaries. To draw the cotton on this year’s world desertification day, over 2000 trees were planted at the Bamendakwe water catchment. The Bambui water authority also benefited from the tree planting exercise organized by the delegate of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development.  

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What if Fon of Nkambe is NOWEFU Next President?

By Fai Cassian 
Speculations as to who succeeds Fon Teche at the helm of NOWEFU have come to null. The Fon of Nkambe, HRH Ibrahim Japbu Nfor has declared that anyone attempt to manipulate that the Presidency of the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU doesn’t go to Donga Mantung Division, will meet very stiff resistance and may even led to Donga Mantung pulling out of the fons union. Fon Ibrahim Japbu Nfor told Chronicle newspaper in Bamenda a week ago that “this is my time, I am bound to take over”, he emphasized. This is so because all the other divisions of the North West have had their turns except Donga Mantung and Boyo. The Fon of Nkambe was very categorical that if there would be any attempt to manipulate or relegate his division from succeeding Fon Teche at the helm of the fons union, Donga Mantung Division would be forced to pull out. However, commentators hold that anyone who succeeds Fon Teche next year is likely to be appointed senator. Accordingly, by 2018 when the next elections would take place, it could be Fon Teche’s successor who could be appointed. The fon of Nkambe, it should be noted has been in the corridors of power since the insertion of NOWEFU. He served in various capacities such as treasurer and is currently the 3rd Vice President. It should as well be noted that the position of NOWEFU president rotates amongst the divisions. Others have already benefited. Mezam Division produced the first President in the name of Fon Abuhmbi II of Bafut, Bui, Sehm Mbinglo of Nso, Ngoketunjia, Fon Chafah of Bangolang, Menchum, Fon Anneng Francis of Bafmen and Momo, Fon Teche of Nggyen Muwa. The Eye is aware that some 11 fons recently set up a committee headed by the Fon of Bafut to revise the constitution of NOWEFU but it would be disastrous if it is intended to manipulate on the three years term and rotation of the presidency, popular opinion holds. Yet classified source say Donga Mantung may likely stage a drama similar to that of Menchum and Ngoketunjia. This is so because it is feared two other candidates are said to have declared their intention as well. (a suivre) 

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Boko Haram: NUDP National Youth President Calls for Vigilance

Ndansi Elvis Nukam, the national Youth President of the National Union for Democracy and Progress-NUDP has called on the population of Sabongida, in Misaje Sub Division to be more vigilant. NUDP National President who stormed Sabongida talked to “achaba riders”, and youth leaders as well as quarter heads called on the entire population of the border village to collaborate with the, administration, and forces of law and order to ensure that the Islamic Extremist group, Boko Haram doesn’t infiltrate into their community. Despite several worries expressed by the youths such as “what do they want? What have we done to them?” the meeting ended with everyone admitting that the village vigilantic group must be on the alert to avoid the unexpected. Before leaving Sabongida for Dumbu and Misaje where he held two separate meetings with drivers, achaba riders and some traditional rulers, Ndansi Elvis saluted the efforts so far deployed by the locals in alerting the population. He cautioned drivers and achaba riders in Misaje and Dumbu towns adding that dialogue should always be given priority. He warned against strike actions as a solution to problem given that before his arrival, achaba riders and drivers had gone on rampant over what they described as the incessant quest for money by the Brigade Commander.

To Ndansi Elvis,  ever since Boko Haram started being a security threat to boarder villages, much has been talk and done in the North but Sabongida village in Misaje Subdivision which shares a direct land boarder with Bisola in Taraba State of Nigeria has not been given much attention. He lamented that there is a very porous boarder with the custom office being closed. Talking to this reporter after the Sabongida trip whuch he did on an “achaba” Ndansi said “I went there for a sensitisation meeting with the villagers on Boko Haram and guide them on how to ensure community vigilance. This is part of my constituency and my little contribution to ensure that my people are safe”

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FCFA 371 Million Swindled at Bamenda City Council: MTs, Controllers Suspected

Vincent Ndumu Nji, the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council is currently tussling over paper work to uncover the sum of FCFA 317 million purportedly missing from the council coffers. Allegations are rife at that the colossal sum of FCFA 317 million disappeared during the tenure of three different municipal treasurers. Since nothing is as secret as the management of funds in councils, where the Municipal Treasurers always play the bosses, one of the treasurers is mentioned to have left a shortage of FCFA 221 million, while two other former treasurers also left a deficit of FCFA 98 million and FCFA 52 million respectively. Yet it was difficult to detect the deficit until when recently auditors from the Ministry of Finance stormed the council to uncover the financial mess.  Whether the money was trafficked by those in the line of control remains another puzzle. The First Assistant SDO for Mezam during the last administrative, management and store accountant accounts is quoted to have advised the Vincent Ndumu Nji should write to the Minister of Finance to look into the issue.

However, tongues are still waging in Bamenda over the financial mess at the Bamenda City Council. Yet public opinion in Bamenda holds that those in the line of control should be included on the list of suspects. Another school of thought holds that while the treasurers are being followed up, those in the line of control could be questioned and investigated for negligence of duty. 

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Friday, June 20, 2014

SCNC Issues Release as National Chairman Passes On


The SCNC deeply regrets to announce the sudden death of our former National Chairman, Chief AYAMBA, ETTE OTUN.
He passed away to eternity today afternoon in his home town Mamfe at the ripe age of 91years.As an activist, member of the National Executive and National  Chairman, he served the Council with dedication, devotion and commitment. He was a passionate believer and defender of the right to self-determination of the British Southern Cameroons people.
While final arrangements for burial are being awaited we call on all faithful members of the SCNC at home and abroad to remain committed to the ideals Chief Ayamba gave his time, energy and life, namely, the
restoration of our sovereign British Southern Cameroons statehood with bright and equal opportunities for all.
Our heart felt condolences to Mrs. Gladys Ayamba and the entire Ayamba family.

Done in Buea, this 18 Day of June 2014

CC: - All SCNC Chapters, Home and Diaspora
- The Press
- Archives

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

SCNC Chairman is no More!!!

The National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) Chief Ayamba Ette Otun had passed onto eternity in his native town of Mamfe, Manyu division, Cameroon. A granddaughter of Chief Ayamba is quoted to have said that the family is in deep shock and grief for a man who spend all his life for Anglophone struggle with no date set for his burial. Chief Ayamba died in a hospital in Mamfe after a brief illness. He is over the age of 86 and eats neither meat nor fish in his entire life time and adopted the motor of the “argument of force and not the force of argument’’ to drive home the none violent struggle for the independence of Anglophones Cameroons (Former British Southern Cameroon) in Cameroon. Chief Ayamba is an embodiment of the Anglophone struggle, inculcated in altruism and had spent his entire life span fighting for the liberation of Anglophones in Cameroon. SCNC leaders are reportedly meeting across Cameroon to consider the burial arrangement of the leader. On 30th December 1999 HRH Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, late S.N. Tita (may his soul rest in peace), Justice Alobwede Ebong and Mr. James Sabum (leaving out S.N.Tita who dropped out of the campaign for personal reasons) seized radio Buea and declared the independence of Southern Cameroons; they automatically became front liners in the bid for the self determination of the people of Southern Cameroons. This move was immediately followed by the closure of the border at the Mungo Bridge, under the watchful eyes of armed security forces from the Littoral on 3rd January 2000. Later on H.R.H Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, Emmanuel Doh Fongoh, Mba Chesami Stephen, Wilson Daiga Fokum, Chofor Fru John, Sabum James and Alobwede Frederick Ebong (now on self exile in U.S). who became front liners of SCNC organized a rally in the Victoria centenary stadium to explain what happened in Buea in the night of 30th December 1999 from where six (6) of them were arrested and whisked off to Yaounde and were incarcerated for 14 months in a sub human cell. Chief Ayamba had spend more than 520 days in detention in his struggle for Anglophone independence than any other Known activities and his deep sense of open mindedness and integrity had credited his leadership with Nfon Ngala Nfon vice chair of SCNC. Repression of the group increased significantly in 2001 when the organization was declared illegal by Biya’s government and clashes with police at a demonstration in Bamenda, Kumba, mamfe and Mutengene resulted in multiple deaths.[3] As a result, multiple international offices and branches of the SCNC have opened and engaged in political activities in the Diaspora with other sprinted groups like Ambazonia all fighting to end the marginalization of Anglophones Cameroon. In 2011 the BBC reported that more than 400 SCNC activist where arrested and detained in Buea, south west region of Cameroon in an anticipated event to mark 50 years of Southern Cameroon independence under the leadership of Mola Njoh Litumbe who was taken house arrest at 5 am another proponent of the Anglophone independent struggle. Following declarations he made on Equinox tv in a debate leading to the 2011 presidential elections where I was a guest with Mola on what the presidential Candidates will do to concretized the union between Anglophones and Francophones 50 years after the purported reunification. Pressure was mounted on La republic to acknowledged October 1st 1960 as the independence date of southern Cameroons, finally the Biya’s government did and issued a statement to that effect, unfortunately when Biya came to Buea in March 2014 in celebration of Anglophone independence , Anglophones in government frustrated the move and turn the celebration to a semi biya’s birthday instead of using the occasion to articulated the marginalization of Anglophones. The question now is, will the struggle die as its Leaders passes on, Certainly Not. Adieu Chief Ayamba , the struggle will live on!!! He who has done his best in his own time, has leave for all times. You are among the likes of Nelson Mandela, unfortunately your dream has not been achieved in your life time but it has built a foundation for the future of Anglophones struggle. Our deep condolence is with the family of Chief Ayamba. More info coming soon with contact and directives for those who wish to be part!!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Authorized Corruption on the Bamenda Ring road Crooks in Official Uniform and the Circuitous Toll Gate

( The Genuine Worries of Global Information Network, GLOBINET*)
mmorality, perversion and depravation are vices that any sane person or community will shun and stay away from, except the cousins of the evil one. These vices are all embodied in one word called corruption, a phenomenon that has long become the pseudonym of Cameroun. The long yearned-for ring road is so far at an advanced stage, covering the Baba 1, Babessi, Jakiri to River Bui (Kumbo) stretch. As if this silver linen in a thick cloud is irritating the authorities in hell, some nasty development has been noticed on the entire stretch from Bamenda to even Nkambe- poor old abandoned Nkambe. That development is called “Routiers” in the parlance understood in our Camerounaise context as Traffic Police!
The Ugly Picture:
Long before the ongoing work on the Bamenda Ring Road, passengers travelling on it paid for three things at a go: first, they paid for the bad state of the road, as the driver had to pay boys on the bad spots to push the cars; second was  paying to make up for what the driver will “bribe” the “Chefs Oficiers” on the way with; third, they paid for the normal travelling in the vehicle.
Let us take, for instance, a passenger travelling from Nkambe to Bamenda. The official rate we learn is cfa 3000, but what was being paid until recently was cfa 6000. Here is how the other cfa3000 is shared. From Nkambe to ndu, GLOBINET saw gendarme officers and police at two check points, then there is the so-called “Road Safety”. From ndu to jakiri, you have five check points, with two of those “Road Safety” guys. From Babessi to Bamenda, you have four control points and one “Road Safety” check point. In all, we have eleven (11) police/ gendarme checks, and four “Road Safety” points!
According to GLOBINET’s findings, at each check point, the driver doles out a thousand francs (cfa1000) to the police/gendarme controls (each force to take cfa500…while each of the “Road Safety” crooks get five hundred francs! This entails that the driver doles out eleven thousand francs to the supposed security guys in uniform, and two thousand francs to the “Road Safety” people. In which case, if a small five seater car loaded only at the regularized acceptable four passengers at cfa 3000, he will collect 12,000frs, fuel it and on return trip could end up with a balance of less than 7000frs…everything being equal.
So, what the driver resorts to is to double the load, double the fare, take seven passengers at 6000frs each, making 42,000frs. After giving out 13,000frs, to the highway authorized robbers in uniform, and fueling the car for say 17,000frs, he is left with 22,000frs from which the park boys squeeze out 7000frs as “camp”, with the Municipal council having less than 500frs. If he were to make an immediate return trip, he benefits as the “Control Security” will shut their eyes to him! In all these arrangements, the loser is the state and the travelers! Isn’t it?
Enter the ‘Notorious Routiers”
Just as travelers on the Ring Road were breathing an air of relief and raising their hands in thanksgiving to God when the fare dropped from 6000frs to 5000frs, Bamenda-Nkambe, the agents from hell have yet unleashed a bitter one once more-true to what Jesus Christ insinuates in John 10:10(a)- that the devil comes  to steal, kill and destroy. Otherwise, what accounts for the sudden introduction of these “luxurious” looking guys in smart neat uniforms called “Routiers” ( Traffic Police ). Hitherto, they had taken permanent abode at a dangerous spot on the rough climb from Bambili to Sabga…less than 500meters from another gang up at the Sabga Plateau. They come in as early as 5a.m. in two beautiful luxurious expensive cars and a huge state bike, sit in these cars smoking and sipping some expensive wine with a pencil a notebook and a whistle. The regular customers know the rules. Whether your car is in order or not, whether you are overloaded or not, you stop some ten meters away from them, step out of the car ( most times the driver tells the 7th passenger to put his left foot  on the brakes!!!) runs over to the ‘officer’s car, and simply drop your thousand francs. If you pretend to have forgotten, they blow their whistle and you stop, and if luck fails you, you pay 2000frs!
Passengers have been grumbling and wondering why a state of law like Cameroon will allow this open vice to ensue. Last February, a 4-seater car was overloaded to its brim, with 8 passengers, and it passed this point, performed the usual diabolic ritual as well as with the other gang up at Sabga, and three kms away, somersaulted  killing four of the passengers on the spot, the other five occupants later perished in hospital simply because the driver had lost control  due to overload. CRTV’s  Morning Safari had called for these officers who were on duty that morning to be charged to court for having “closed their eyes” when this car passed their check points! Up to this day, nothing has been done, because these officers are obeying instructions from above!
Paradoxically, instead of punishing them or removing them from the road, the authorities have multiplied these check points on the Ring Road for no other purpose than extorting more monies from drivers…and by extension from the poor passengers. ( The Matthew Effect “ to those who have, more will be added…” Now, we can spot them, with brand new sophisticated bikes and cars at Nkar, Kakar and Binshua doing the same disastrous work like those at Bambili. They are arrogant, fierce and lousy. They understand two languages… French and a thousand francs!
One would have taken them to be some new toll gates on the newly constructed road, yet what of those in Ndu and Nkambe with yet very poor roads. And to think that drivers have oncemore added 500frs to make up for what they have to give to these fellows! Since they came around, how many vehicles have they intercepted for violating the highway code or being out of order to merit additional points on the Bui and Donga Mantung stretch. GLOBINET’s findings indicate that less than two transport vehicles are charged to court each year for one or other illegal motives. So, the one conclusion is that the state of Cameroun is openly endorsing bribery and corruption, yet pretending to fight them.

Addressing the Syndrome:
In 1998, the Roman Catholic Bishops of Cameroon stated that corruption has attained a suicidal level in our country. It is accepted today as a normal way of life, so much so that those who practice it no longer feel the slightest guilt. There is this girl at GBHS Bamenda who keeps coming late to school on Wednesdays and Fridays. When the Master of Discipline sought to get the reason why, she revealed that her father goes to “work” on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When he returns at night, she is forced to do the ironing and straightening of all the monies he squeezes from the drivers on the highway. She just fell short of calling the father a highway robber! She even said she had queried her dad as to whether he gives receipts to all those who give him the cash, and he replied that it is a deal from the top in Yaoundé and that if he doesn’t “work hard” to bring at least cfa500,000frs a day, he will not be eligible to be in that sector which he “bought” with money! She said her dad keeps 10% of what he collects and hands the rest to his immediate next boss who keeps his share and sends the rest up, until the Big Man in Yaoundé gets his own national share!

From the above analysis, we agree with the Durban Commitment that “while corruption bears with special cruelty upon the world’s most poor, it also debases human rights and destroys confidence in democracy and the legitimacy of governments”. 99.9 % have no respect for these guys on the roads, and worse still, they loath them like hell. GLOBINET notes that the factors that facilitate the spread of these horrendous activities of extortion, or petty corruption is greed and poverty. When these are presented to Mr. Head of State, he brings in the concept of “onus of proof”.
Isn’t it time we put in place an Ombudsman’s office to hear citizen’s complaints headed by Civil society Organizations like GLOBINET? It is time we adopt a “Zero Tolerance policy where officials caught in fraudulent activities are instantly dismissed or imprisoned. We recall that Botswana was rated the least corrupt African country, yet it is not the richest country in Africa. It is the nation with the best governance policy. It has an arsenal of measures very rigorous anti-corruption approach with an autonomous Directorate on corruption and Economic crime. It is GLOBINET’s wish that collective interest should always supersede individual interest. What is going on is undermining the government in the eyes of the people. We can only conclude that lack of morals and ear of the deity has been sacrificed at the shrine of material gains.  Like OAS’s Secretary General, Garira Cesar, GLOBINET holds that fighting against corruption is a fight for social justice, because the poor are corruption’s biggest victims. It is time we stop this phenomenon the best way we can, and we have to start by doing away with these obnoxious  and offensive acts of our so-called security guys on our highways.
·         Global Information Network (GLOBINET) is a Human Rights Communication and Information Unit, affiliated to the African Commission on Human and peoples’ Rights, Banjul, The Gambia. Its Regional Coordinator for West Africa is Martin Fon Yembe, Publisher of The Frontier Telegraph, Vice President of CJA-Cameroon.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Breaking News: Key Boko Haram Arm Traficker Napped in Cameroon

 A key of  Boko Haram has been in the Northern Region of Cameroon around the Waza Park state media reports say. According to the reports, the Abdallah was apprehended when he was carrying with huge sums of money estimated at above FCFA 7 million. The young man who claims he is working with Alhadj Mustafa was picked on June 16 by the elements of the legion of gendarmerie of the far North Cameroon. He is said to be a member of the Boko Haram sect involved in arms trafficking in the Northern Region. Besides, the young man was picked in possession of a cellphone which was ring at every second and he also had with him foreign currency (11 euros of 500 notes). Abdallah who formerly was selling fairly used cars played a major role in the release of the Italian Priest and Canadian Nun, according to Koaci news report. It is even alleged that the young man contacted the Speaker of the National Assembly to negotiate for the release of abducted missionaries. Unconfirmed sources say Abdallah has released the name of his collaborators in the Biya regime. Two high profile ministers are being cited in the sharing of the gombo and a Member of Parliament.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)