Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Korean Gifts to B’da III Council Creates Panic and Sensation

There was a free-for-all fight at the Nkwen Palace premise where the maor of Bamenda III Council was distributing some gifts from Suwon City in Korean. In fact those who took the pains to witness the distribution exercise went home more confused than when they were going. However, a school of thought holds that Bamenda III Council area has been transformed into a dumping pit by the Koreans while another school holds that the mayor of Bamenda III Council Fonguh Clestus is actually putting into the mouth of the population the flavour of Korean made article for an imminent invasion of Korean traders in the area.
The most pathetic thing is that news had circulated in njangi groups that the council was going to distribute some items yet, the item remained undisclosed until when they arrived the avenue to uncover that they were dresses, slippers, sport wears, women dresses etc… Some groups stormed out of the ceremonial ground in anger while those who stayed behind suddenly engaged themselves in a fight over the distribution of the items. Fonguh Cletus himself, was almost bundled by some okada riders who could not withstand to see the end without having one item. The invasion was so tense that even the lone police officer spotted at the Nkwen Palace as well as the Gendarme officer were helpless. Beside, these officers had received their gift and abandoned the mayor to the mercy of the crowd. Public opinion is questioning whether the Suwon City is not practicing dumping giving that it is more sustainable to teach someone to catch a fish rather than giving that person fish to eat whenever he/she is hungry. Mayor Fonguh’s detractors snobed the distribution exercise and tag it as a campaign strategy. Others even questioned whether the Korean government is aware that Suwon City is already sponsoring candidates in Cameroon for the upcoming elections.  

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