Friday, May 25, 2012

At May 20, Celebration in Donga Mantung, CPDM in Flying Colours

SDO Nzeki flanked by collaborators
law enforcement officials
Cross-section of the Fons of Nkambe central
Celebrations marking National day started in Nkambe on May 19 2012 with the return of Campfire. News reaching our desk also indicates that both elite from far and near traveled to Donga Mantung Division to be part of the celebration. Those who took the pains to travel to either Nwa, Nkambe, Ako, Misaje or Ndu to be part of the celebration went back more delighted than when they were going. Though the yearly activity has been decentralized from the Divisional Headquarters to the Subdivisions Nkambe Town still maintains the steam. The youth erected the traditional camp fire in front of the CamCCUL branch office in Nkambe and it arouse the excitement that cuts across the age difference in the community.
 Nkambe central was privilege with the Senior Divisional Officer Mr. Nzeki Theophile presiding while Ndu, Ako, Misaje, Nwa were presided over by the Divisional Officers. In Nkambe, the SDO was flanked by big elite and elected officials and Traditional Rulers. The Cameroon People’s democratic Movement (CPDM) with the new impetus put in place took centre stage in heavily mobilizing her militants and sympathizers. With no regrets what so ever that the main opposition party SDF was  visibly absent following their call for militants to boycott the march past, the CPDM party came out in flying colours given that a new breed of leadership under Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry and Shey Jones Yembe steams a lot of confidence especially in the youth.
The uncommon call by late Hon.SN Tamfu CPDM political Baobab in the Division saying militants should always exercise courage and confidence in their party activities is practically yielding fruits. The Old but wise man did embark on a political rearmament in Donga Mantung since early 90s when multiparty politics was reintroduced in Cameroon. Yet, Donga Mantung steams with a lot of hopes with leading young politicians with character and conscience. Shey Jones Yembe and Dr. Fuh Calsitus Gentry have started showing poof of their ability to lead Donga Mantung people with a lot of diligence.  Many more young and aspiring politicians are beginning to join the likes of Gerard Ngala and Alhadji Bornu Kanfon to enjoy the comfort of militating actively in the CPDM than any other party. Today the story has dramatically changed for many people in Donga Mantung do distinguish individual characteristics from the CPDM party. The coming in to play on the CPDM political scene by actors like Shey Jones, Fuh Calistus Gentry, Gerard Ngala and Alhadji Bornu Kanfon and host of others has greatly rekindled and restored the long lost confidence in the CPDM party in Donga Mantung. This was demonstrated in the last Presidential election where Donga Mantung voted massively for President Paul Biya. Talking to this reporter after the celebration, Donga Mantung SDO, Nzeki Theophile said he was happy that the celebrations took place with any hitches in the division. It should be noted that at the Nkambe Grandstand, over 25 persons were decorated. The most innovative was the Honorary Award which was handed to Comfort Musa in recognition for her international awards. SDO Nzeki Theophile said Comfort Musa is a role model and she should be encouraged. To Gerard Ngala, the absence of the SDF at march past was a non-event.

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