Saturday, May 26, 2012

At 22nd Anniversary, More CPDM Militants Decamp to SDF

Hon Esther Ngala & District Chairman for Ndu leading peaceful march

DK Nfor presenting The Eye Achievement Award to SDF militants in Ndu
Decamped CPDM militanst poised with local SDF officials

Celebrations marking the 22nd anniversary of the Social Democratic Front-SDF took place nationwide today but in Ndu Sub Division of Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region of Cameroon, May 26th was incomparable with over CPDM militants crossing the carpet. While decorating the new recruits, Hon. Esther Ngala said she was happy that finally these new militants have made the right choice. Hon. Esther Ngala used the opportunity to send a warning signal to her opponents that the SDF has moved from strength to strength and is still conquering new grounds in Ndu to consolidate its achievements. “We are sure to win elections at any given moment”. More so, she told SDF militants and sympathizers that it is unwarranted that the CPDM regime wants to kill in cold blood democracy in Cameroon with poor electoral code. “You all saw how we walked out of Parliament in protest and I am happy that you all boycotted the 20th May celebrations”. On the operation sparrow hawk, Hon Esther Ngala described the CPDM as a corrupt government and added that in Cameroon today, there are two governments; one which is in prison and another one that is being stage managed by President Biya. She however added that the Kondengui government lacks only President Biya for the cabinet to be complete. “Go and tell your families that the CPDM is a very bad party and that only the SDF can effect change in Cameroon because we have good policies”.  According to Hon. Esther Ngala, the SDF is the guarantor of the peace that Cameroonians enjoy today.
On his part, former SDF Provincial Chairman Fon Martin Yembe called on Cameroonians to watch carefully the tussle between President Biya and his former ministers now arrested and detained for embezzlement. He said even though the Biya regime is claiming that they have launched a war against corruption and embezzlement, the greatest embezzlers are still roaming around the unity palace. He said if President Biya could make a u-turn to arrest someone like Marafa Hamidou Yaya who had worked for him for 19 years then there is something wrong. He said when Marafa was working for President Biya, he was able to produce election results before votes were casted and today the very Marafa now a prison has started seeing what others have gone through. He lamented that it is pathetic that Chief Inoni, former Prime Minister could be ridiculed that way. “Where are all the friends that Inoni had?”, he questioned. He said the SDF is ready to rescue CPDM militants in Ndu from being treated like Inoni, Abah Abah, Marafa etc etc…
Enter DK Nfor
According to the Mayor of Ndu, 26th May is a memorable day to be remembered because before that day, there was only one party in Cameroon. He expressed gratitude to Ni John Fru and other founding fathers of the SDF who saw the need and created the SDF. He said the party was created out of the conviction to promote socialism and welfare among citizens, a notion which was lacking before it formation in 1990. He added that even though the SDF has been advocating for a free, fair and transparent elections, the CPDM regime has continuously violated democratic principles due to the fact that during elections, some CPDM militants register and vote in more than one polling station while names of dead people still feature in the electoral registers. He also lamented that in some areas, foreigners who are not Cameroonians were allowed to register and vote. He also sounded worried when he disclosed that even some militants of the SDF has castigated the Ndu Council that they have achieved nothing during his tenure of office as the Mayor. “ I think that these sorts of comments come from hidden vicious  motives intended to tarnish my reputation. Some say that the Ndu Council Complex in which we are presently operating does not befit the status of the Ndu Council, yet it is an achievement, and nothing can prevent us from putting a storey building we prefer in the future”. DK Nfor used the opportunity to highlight his major achievements at the helm of the council. To the greatest surprise of many, he received the highest applauds for achieving much in a very short time at the helm of the council. He revealed that when North West Councils were graded, the Ndu Council came third out of the six classifications and again he received a Certificate of Excellence as the Most Improved Mayor of Donga Mantung Division from a jury of journalists through The Eye Newspaper and lastly he also received another certificate of Participation in the National Best Initiative competition. 

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