Friday, May 25, 2012

Gerard Ngala Steals Show at Fon’s Celebration

Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala  in action "faroutage"
There was elation and seventh heavens at the Nkambe Palace Pelencia where hundreds gathered on May 19, 2012 to join HRH Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor to celebrate his lifetime achievements. The celebration which was greased by cultural displays and merrymaking also added more colours and impetus to the celebration of the National day event in Nkambe. It was an exceptional occasion for the Mbum people of Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region in Cameroon to propagate their culture and tradition. HRH Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor’s success story paints a vivid picturesque of an astute auxiliary of the administration who for 51 years has served as the auxiliary of the administration and the ruler of the Nkambe village (present Divisional Headquarters of Donga Mantung Division) yet HRH Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor has been able to keep the cultural heritage of his people intact. As an auxiliary of the administration for 51 years, the government of Cameroon all along also recognized his efforts by decorating him with five medals, a mark of recognition that calls for celebration and jubilation. Besides, HRH Fon Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor’s efforts also caught the admiration of The Eye Newspaper which earned him the prestigious award as “Citadel of Culture” in Donga Mantung Division. It was in relation to the above mentioned that hundreds gathered at the Nkambe Palace Palencia to commemorate his achievements as a ruler and an astute auxiliary of the administration.
The Nkambe Palace Palencia was on that day an arena of merrymaking giving that elite from far and near were all present. The ceremony also registered the presence of high profile personalities. Taking place under the patronage of the SDO for Donga Mantung Division (represented by 1st Assistant) the administrative showed their support for traditional rulers who have been doing marvelously well in helping government in ruling the masses. On the VIP bench was Hon. Awudu Mbaya (Member of Parliament for Nkamabe), Mangoh Jones Tanko (Mayor of Nkambe), Gerard Ngala (Business Magnet based in Douala & CPDM Parliamentary Aspirant), Barrister Yembe, Captain Chuye(NKACUDA President) and many others who were buried in the crowd.  
Elation and fanfare
Ngala Gerard is a household name in the Donga Mantung Division. The young business magnet from Tabenken who is aspiring to be Member of Parliament on the ruling CPDM party was one of those elite who stole the show at the fon’s event.
In his usual philanthropic and unique style, ‘Ta-Nformi’ Ngala Gerard ‘spoiled’ traditional dances and musicians with money as they danced at the event. As Ngala Gerard stood up for the first time to encourage Queen I, young female artist based in Yaounde. Every time he moved down greet the dance groups, the population shouted glorious chorus to the young politician who has changed the idea that politics is a game of hatred to make people understand politics is a game for development.
As if that was not enough, Ngala Gerard who was flanked by Barrister Yembe continued his gesture to every dance group that danced at the event giving each not less than FCFA 20.000. When he moved himself to join the Mfuh dance group “Ta-Nformi” Ngala Gerard danced to the rhythm. His move caught the admiration of Hon Awudu Mbaya that also moved forward to doll out cash at Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala.  Gerard Ngala also spread out cash to members of the traditional dance that is reserved for men.
Ngala Gerard’s philanthropic gestures are known by all those have heard about him, he is the lone politician in Donga Mantung who a school block has been named after him.
When GSS Binka was affected by wind, the school administration wrote several letters of appeal to elite of the division and only Ngala Gerard came to their aid with corrugated iron sheets that were used to repair to roof of some two classrooms and letter named “the Ngala Gerard Block”. Ngala Gerard after visiting his native Nkambe Central sub division realized that his people are suffering from severe water problems and solely started a bole hold project that is aimed at supplying portable water to his people. The several millions worth project which is already ongoing has been highly appreciated by his people.
Ngala Gerard is the lone politician in Nkambe Central that has visited all the primary schools of the sub division to evaluate the teaching and learning conditions of the pupils while encouraging both teachers and pupils with didactic material and cash.

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