Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Over 500 Nigerians Celebrates National Day in Ako

Administrative Bench in Ako
Primary school pupils marching
CPDM militants in support of the Biya Regime
Nobo David, DO for Ako
Ako Sub Division during the 20th May celebration witness an influx Nigerians for the celebration according to the security forces in Ako, Nigerians started floating the Sub Division from the 17 May. According to the records, a hand full of Nigerians have always joined their Cameroonian brothers in Ako for the celebration of the National day, but said the number this year was quite high. After the arrival of the Divisional Officer of Ako Sub Division Mr. Nobo David, activities at the grand stand commenced with the lone decoration of the Mayor for Ako council with the Cameroon National Order of Merit. The BIR lead the match past. Pupils, students of Primary Schools, and Secondary Schools both private and public matched in beautiful colours chanting patriotic songs of unity, peace, togetherness among them, ANDP, CPDM UDP Political parties also match. Equally youth groups’, associations took part in the match past like the Achaba union Ako the CPDM match past was massive. This was qualified by the Ako/Misaje MP, Hon Ntoi who later joined from Misaje. Hon Ntoi Section President said the massive participation of his party the CPDM was as a result of serious mobilization and militancy in all the villages of the Section. He however thanked all the militants who brave the bad roads to take Part in the celebration. Talking to The Eye after receiving his medal, Mayor Emimi Emmanuel thanked the Head of states for recognizing his service to the Nation. Mayor Emimi called on other Cameroonians to selflessly serve the country with all love. On his part, the Divisional Officer Mr. Nobo David of Ako clearly that massive participation of Nigerians shows how peaceful the both border country leave. He continued that the 18 villages Ako and 15 villages in Nigeria at the border speak the same language almost the same culture. He expressed satisfaction all a sundry that turn during the celebration. At the cocktail party at his residence the DO express gratitude to who work hard toward the success of the day. He reminded all in Ako Sub Division to continue to leave in peace.

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