Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hon. Awudu Accuses Dr. Calistus, ELECAM Misaje of Electoral Maneuvers

Hadiz Ibrahim 
The SDF Member of Parliament for Nkambe Central, Hon. Awudu Mbaya has decried that the CDPM in Misaje is registering youths under the ages of twenty. In a Press briefing with journalists in Nkambe on December 27, 2012, Hon Awudu Mbaya disclosed that “reports from Misaje state that students below voting age who possessed the national Identity Cards for the purpose of examinations, are being registered in the voters’ list. We are as well reliably informed that in some areas, names are being deliberately displaced. We are thus calling on ELECAM officials and the Commission members to be more vigilant than ever before”. He warned that “we are aware of the diabolic schemes by some CPDM elite. They are targeting some voters and taking the numbers on their receipts for some ulterior motives. There are plans to delete some names at the central unit at Yaoundé. We will be following up and ensuring that no one toys with the people’s future”.
However, it should be recalled that a week ago, the Nchany Cultural and Development Association held it national gathering in Misaje, The Eye is aware that it is during this come-together  that Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry and Co introduced the scheme. More so, allegations are rife at that Dr. Calistus has always been boosting how he has pocketed ELECAM officials in Misaje. Besides that it is also aired that he parades self as the person who even proposed for all the staff to be recruited and could fire anyone at anytime. Furthermore, he uses his personal relationship with Fonkam Azu’u to intimidate and even summon ELECAM officials for questioning.
Notwithstanding, The Eye is aware of the rigging machinery that the CPDM in Misaje is always put in place to rig election and with biometric, multiple registration difficult reasons why more rigging strategies are being maneuvered.

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Shey Lyzor said...

Dr. Carlistus is a catalogue of paradox. He recently declared in the press that SDF top officials of Donga mantung are panicking because he is mobilizing CPDM militants to register. In his Chunghe village where he forged over 500 voters in the last presidentials, he is struggling to register 100 to no avail. The biometrics is exposing the thieves. So, who is panicking?