Monday, December 10, 2012

Public Opinion Barks at CONAC for Indicting Hon. PC Fonso

Member of Parliament for Mbengwi Central, cum Eldest Member of Parliament has become headline in the news of late after the publication of the 2012 report by the National Anti Corruption Commission-CONAC. CONAC report indicted Hon. PC Fonso for receiving an undue balance of 750.000 FCFA as a member of the inter-miniserial comission in the ministry of forestry. In fact, as Hon. Ayah Paul puts it: Hon. PC Fonso and Ngolle Ngolle" are victims of negative regional balance". However, a school of thought holds that PC Fonso is a victim of the Machiavellian scores settlings that have characterized the Biya regime. Public opinion holds that CONAC has been transformed into a perfect sinkhole for character assassination and a slaughter-house where all those who have proven to be tough with the regime are slaughtered. Accordingly, allegations are rife at that some CPDM bigwigs have infiltrated CONAC and are using it as a political tool to destroy their opponents, with Ngolle Ngolle Elvis and PC Fonso being the latest victims. In other words, Hon. PC Fonso, we are aware is paying the price of being too critical of the system. As a member of the Inter-ministerial Commission in the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, Hon. PC Fonso and one other Members of Parliament were representing the National Assembly in that Commission.
When contacted on phone to get his own side of the story, Hon. PC Fonso told this reporter that he was shocked and flabbergasted with CONAC report. Hear him: I was not the one controlling the budget of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, so i signed what was presented to me but today i am been told that the amount i sigbed for was much. I am disappointed with CONAC, I am really angry because my name is featuring in newspapers here and there that we signed undue allowances. Anyway, I should be grateful if CONAC could tell Cameroonians how much we are supposed to receive and they should blame the Ministry and not us.  PC Fonso does not control the budget. I am not guilty. I want CONAC to investigate well and by so doing the Prime Ministry should be part of the investigation. They should stop blaming PC Fonso. What are they talking about? I know elections are coming and they want to destroy me. I have even read newspaper articles talking about my immunity being off-lifted. Please the Press, do not destroy PC Fonso" he concluded.
Reacting to the report, Teche Nyamusa SDF Parliamentary Aspirant for Mbengwi Central said that CONAC is not serving the genuine interest of Cameroonians. According to Teche Nyamusa, any information from CONAC is subject to verification. He challenged CONAC to investigate into the 100 billion FCFA scandal involving Frank Biya and Pius Ndeh on his part said the CPDM just want to use CONAC to frustrate PC's candidature because he is the eldest member and the regime is not comfortable seeing him presiding as an opposition MP. "that is why they are after him".

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