Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Horoscope: See What Your Stars Have for You in 2013

By Barrie Dolnick
Feeling starry-eyed about love? Find your astrological sign in our list below to get your romantic forecast for 2013 — including a one-word description of your dating personality over the next 12 months:

Aries: Winning
You’re a flirty socializer on a mission during the first half of 2013. Uranus may toss you a few sudden, impractical relationships here and there, but you’re more likely to settle into your sofa with a romantic companion after Jupiter plops itself into Cancer in July. Contrary to your natural impulses, Saturn will make you very well-behaved — yes, you’re going to be nice this year!

Taurus: Charismatic
Absorbed as you are by money, work and living the good life, matters of partnership insist on grabbing your attention this year. You can’t buy your way out of trouble, either — and your old, reliable methods of distraction simply won’t work. Step up and embrace your feelings by trading stubborn habits for romantic impulses. With Jupiter’s move into Cancer during the second half of the year, your light touch will melt just about any heart you encounter.

Gemini: Captivating
A sluggish January will give way to a race toward glory — if you’re prepared to claim your prizes, that is. The final lap of expansion ends in July as Jupiter jumps from Gemini into Cancer, which is when your attention-deficit dating pattern transforms into a series of cozy, tactile flirtations fraught with meaning. Saturn in your house of discipline and routine will keep you in line, so remember: The word is honor, and the prize is love!

Cancer: Thrilling
Since you’re always one to bide your time, 2013 begins with premonitions of fulfillment and ends with a very real possibility of finding The One. Jupiter glides from your house of intuition into your house of new realities right around your birthday this year. The best presents to come include opening yourself up to new love and light. Saturn’s seat in Scorpio gives you the steady, capable energy needed to manifest a dream come true. Give up your mothering/smothering ways and take up romance instead — after all, it’s way more fun for everyone.

Leo: Profound
The deeper side of life beckons in 2013. Early in the year you toy with your love interests, basking in their attention and semi-earnest bids for your heart. As the year progresses, however, Saturn will move more insistently into Scorpio and Jupiter will get cozied up in Cancer, making your appetite for variety fade. The desire to find The One will be a new sensation for you — and you’ll find it to be a journey that you really enjoy, you lucky Leo! There’s a real possibility for big love to come into your life this year — the only question is: Are you ready?

Virgo: Intriguing
With an answer for every problem, you’re usually very busy sorting out everyone else’s life. But being preoccupied like this is no excuse for lacking a love life of your own, and this is the main lesson you need to learn in 2013. While work demands far too much of your brain power, Jupiter’s move into Cancer this summer places the needs of the heart above your intellectual demands. Date for pleasure in the first half of the year (let’s face it, you need it!), and then consider serious romantic options as they crop up closer to your birthday. With Jupiter in your house of hopes and wishes this year, you’ll have no choice but to explore love and joy. Yes, that means you!

Libra: Magnetic
If you could be paid to develop love interests, you’d be very rich indeed. But Saturn in Scorpio is stomping around money matters this year, and that means work, responsibility, and sharp-shooting problems will take priority. Jupiter in Gemini provides ample opportunity for adventure during the first six months of the year, so you won’t be without admirers. Jupiter’s shift into Cancer this summer makes you a very high-profile person of interest. This all means that you don’t have to actually work at finding love in 2013 — rather, it’ll come to you. Do your best, be kind, and enjoy life’s surprises as they appear one by one.

Scorpio: Undeniable
Feeling intense, passionate — and maybe a little bit worried? The universe is working on an upgrade for your life, and it isn’t possible for you to opt out this time. Saturn’s in your sign this year, urging you to be productive in all aspects of your life. For love, it’s doing the right thing: No shortcuts, no fibs, and no sneaking around (if you’ve been guilty of doing so in the past) — it’s serious stuff. Luckily, Jupiter in Gemini gives you lots of opportunities to flirt and experiment with what works best for you, and it will be clear when things don’t work. New adventures beckon in the second half of the year, so date with an open mind and love with an open heart.

Sagittarius: Nimble
Saturn in your house of whispers might make you a bit paranoid — possibly due to the untamed energy of your ruler, Jupiter, in your house of partnership, which encourages many romantic prospects to pursue you at once. Feeling guilty about juggling dates or not following through on your affections? That short attention span of yours should settle down this summer when Jupiter moves into Cancer. By then, you’ll be craving someone to explore the world with and more serious love interests will come into focus. Until then, be good — that way, you won’t be guilty.

Capricorn: Motivated
Getting what you want is normal for you, and working hard, taking on more responsibilities, and getting things done have usually paid off. Love, though, hasn’t always been so easy for you. You’ve been driven to work even harder as Jupiter has rested in Gemini, but when it arrives in Cancer mid-summer, your partnership prospects and romantic escapades will be rejuvenated. Saturn in your house of wish fulfilment takes itself very seriously, so stop working 24/7. It’s time for you to play, flirt, date and interview your potential mates — that’s what 2013 is all about.

Aquarius: Energetic
Career issues are vying for your attention, but Cupid’s sending haphazard, unpredictable arrows that are impossible for you to dodge. Give in to Jupiter’s lucky sprint through your house of romance during the first half of the year. You’re likely to discover significant love interests just as the planets shift back into a more serious work focus for your life overall. The challenge is finding the right work-love balance — it’s a fun game for you to play, as long as love comes first on your list.

Pisces: Dynamic
As the most romantic sign of all, you’re prone to having extreme expectations when it comes to love. The first half of this year is about you getting serious — what do you really want for yourself? Date as much as you can to find out, because this summer will bring on a one-year wave of ardent love interests. Be prepared to consider some serious relationship prospects — but your rose-colored glasses must stay in your pocket, not on your nose, if you want to be successful. For you, clarity is key in 2013.

* Executive Mystic Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and abundance by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Simple Spells for Success and The Executive Mystic: Psychic Power Tools for Success. Find out more at barriedolnick.com.
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