Sunday, February 17, 2013

Donga Mantung SDO is Campaign Manager for CPDM SDF Officials Say

By Fai Cassian
Meeting at the Nkambe Community Hall today February 17, 2013, to evaluate the level of registration of potential voters ahead of the 2013 Municipal and Legislative elections, SDF officials have lamented that the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division has been campaigning for the CPDM party. SDF Member of Parliament Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian said his party has observed that during his meet the people’s tour, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard who is supposed to be an administrator transformed self into a politician and was campaigning for the CPDM. Accordingly Hon. Awudu Mbaya told SDF local party officials that one time Tanyi Tarikia Martin and Oben Achu tried and it did not work. He however lamented that it is unfortunate that the Senior Divisional Officer has launched campaigns ahead of the official date in defiance of the law. He (Hon. Awudu Mbaya) cited an incident in Tabenken where the SDO praised Gerard Ngala for opening the road and when he (Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard) got to Wat and the population expressed joy that Hon. Awudu gave them electricity, he said it was given by the state. “Power” Hon Awudu noted is to rule the people and added that “if the SDO does his job in neutrality, he will be our friend but if he takes stand as CPDM campaign manager we will hate him”. According to Hon. Awudu Mbaya, there is no one who can kill the spirit of the SDF in Nkambe Central. “Let nobody be deceived that he can kill the spirit of the SDF party”. Hon. Awudu Mbaya reminded SDF local party officials of the incident that took place some years ago at Ndu where soldiers infiltrated broken bottles into women private parts and said time is coming when women (girls) will boycott all administrators in Donga Mantung Division. Hon. Awudu Mbaya recalled how he lost his sister during that incident. “If President Biya doesn’t come here to apologize and pay damages to all the women of Donga Mantung Division, no (woman/girl) will never ever give room to any administrator”.  However all attempts to get to Ngone Ndodemesape to react to the allegations were not fruitful.
 Speaking to this reporter after the meeting, the mayor of Nkambe, Mangoh Jones Tanko said that the issue of the Senior Divisional Officer playing the role of CPDM campaign manager came up during the evaluation and added “if that is how he (Ngone Ndodemesape) is going to work, he will have a lot of difficulties”. He said that the intimidation and the money that has been given to the administration will not change anything in Nkambe Central. Furthermore Hon. Awudu also castigated the fact that there is intoxication in Nkambe that the jangali tax paid by grazers is imposed on the population by the mayor, yet he said it is a lie. He also revealed that the CPDM is planning to impose 30 councilors who are not home based and that only 11 councilors will be selected locally. This Hon. Awudu said is a sign of greediness. He said no councilor has resigned from the SDF contrary to the intoxication that 9 councilors have resigned from the SDF to join the CPDM.
SDF militants frowned at the way the administration is encroaching into politics and vowed that come sun and, or rain, nobody will succeed to off root them.  It is alleged that while at Bih village and Binka, the SDO told the population to always clinch to government so that they could have more development projects yet the SDF sees this as violation of law. Mangoh said anyone who talks CPDM in Donga Mantung Division whereas for more than 60 years there is no road linking the divisional headquarters to the regional headquarters should considered himself as being in a state of sin. “ We must give the CPDM zero vote to express our anger”.
On her part the education secretary Madame Mary Awudu said that the CPDM is a sham because most of the top ranking ministers are in prison for cheating people of their resources. “They are cheats, liars and experts of intoxication” she added. She recounted how some CPDM party officials visited some homes telling old mothers and fathers that the elderly persons will not vote this year. She called on all the local party officials to keep the faith because only a fruitful tree will receive stones from wanton boys. “We are out to protect our victory and we are ready for the game”. She said CPDM militants of Donga Mantung are like the Pharisees. Accordingly, Mary Awudu said love is not money and drawing inspiration from Jeremiah 17, which states that “money dishonestly gotten turns you to a fool” she said when she looks at all those people from Yaounde she wonders whether they are from Mbumland.
At the end of the meeting, SDF local party officials announced that zonal conventions will kick-start this week. 
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