Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dr. Nfor Susungi Nwayuke Extols Hon. Awudu’s Submission For Parliament

By FC Ndi
Dr. Nfor Susungi Nwayuke
Dr. Nfor Susungi Nwayuke, the celebrated economists and the 2011 Presidential Hopeful has endorsed Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian’s bid for reelection into Parliament.
Dr. Susungi was speaking to pressmen in Nkambe by phone from Cotonou, Republic of Benin on Thursday, February14, 2013. In his words, the Presidential hopeful extolled Hon. Awudu trappings and corroborated that Hon. Awudu Mbaya’s track records in Mbum people are very evident. His foresightedness in fostering development efforts and uniting the Mbum people he said have proven beyond reasonable doubts that he is a formidable man of all men in action.
Talking about Hon. Awudu’s parliamentary candidature in Nkambe central, Dr. Susungi was firm that the man has done what he expects of an MP in the present dispensation. He wondered what Hon. Awudu has suddenly done wrong to the point that some people say he must be replaced at all cost. He however advised the Mbum people of Nkambe Central to continue to give the MP their support so that he could continue with his numerous projects aimed at fostering development in Mbumland.  
He warned against rumours on some obnoxious political practices which may divide the Mbum people or create unnecessary tendencies in families like what transpired in Tabenken where it is alleged the corps of a former MP where he is family head was exhumed.  The erstwhile political analyst and economic expert was quick to remark that he is neither a militant of SDF nor CPDM, given that he is a “ressembleur” (gatherer). In the last presidential elections of 2011, Dr. Susungi wrote to some top notches of CPDM and SDF proposing a consensus Presidential candidate for the sake of the unity and development of Cameroon. Since this was ignored, he, Susungi has since been watching. But, Susungi concluded, he cannot be indifferent to the cacophony approaching through this young man who wants Hon. Awudu out of the way at all cost.
It should be recalled the he (Dr. Susungi) recently called on youths of Mbuland who want to enter politics to first plant a tree, water it and observe it grow. This experience he said will permit young to have enough experience to do politics. He also told the story of a pear tree he planted some years ago that has given him enough experience in politics.
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