Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Appointment of 30 Senators: Biya Compensates CPDM Old Guards

 Fai Cassian Ndi
As predicted by bookmakers, the head of state has compensated CPDM old guards in the appointment of the 30 senators so as to have a comfortable majority in the senate. The fact the Fru Ndi, SDF chieftain declined that he would not accept any appointment as been confirmed. In the North West Region, Paul Biya decreed Bochong Francis Nkwain, Fon Teche Njei and Fon Doh Gahyongha III as the three senators from the regions. Regina Mundi, Fon Chafah were also decreed as alternate senators.
 From the South West Region, President Biya also appointed former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musongue, Chief Mukete and another chief.
A smart rush over the names of the appointed some key CPDM bigwigs like Wilfred Etame Masoma, Njiat Njifenji Marcel, Dakole Daissala, Mbombo Njoya, Yaou Isatou, Matta Roland, Joseph Edo etc were also appointed.  Speculations as to whether Paul Biya would appoint key SDF militants as senators has come to null.Francis Nkwain is a member of the central committee, Fon Teche is also a member of the Central Committee as well as Fon Doh Gahyongha III of Bali. Implicitly, Paul Biya has given preference to CPDM militants to secure a crushing majority. 
It is alleged that Biya while in Bamenda promised that he would appoint a member of NOWEFU, and it has been confirmed with the appointment of Fon Teche (NOWEFU President). Besides, allegations are also rife at that in order to convince Bali councilors to vote CPDM list after their fon's candidature was rejected by the Central Committee, a deal was struck for the appointment of Fon Gahyongha III. More so, it is also aired that Francis Nkwain threatened to resigned as head of the central committee in the South West Region to return to Bamenda to submit his candidature, yet was promised an appointment into the senate. All the vibes have been confirmed today May 8, 2013 with their appointment. 
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Oscar Bouba said...

Even though some old guards of CPDM were appointed as senator, it is because they actually have the political experience needed to run the senate.