Thursday, June 27, 2013

Biya Extends Mandate of Municipal Councilors

 President Paul Biya has extended the mandate of Municipal Councilors by three months. Paul Biya signed the decree yesterday Wednesday June 26. Municipal councilors have benefited 12 months mandate. This is so because the electoral laws give the Head of state the powers to extend mandate of municipal councilors by 18 months. Voted into office since July 12, 2007, municipal councilors have been enjoying bonus time thanks to President Biya's largess.
The most pathetic thing is that Cameroon doesn't have an electoral. As such it is only President Biya who knows when Municipal and Legislative election would take place in Cameroon. With the extension of the mandate of municipal councilors, politicians are aghast that they would prefer to go into elections rather than enjoying bonus times. Some mayors also voiced out their disapproval on the extension of the mandate. 

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Poukam said...

The mandates of the municipal councilors are extended in full respect of the electoral code. I think serious parties do not need an electoral calendar, they should be ready at any moment to go for battles.