Thursday, June 20, 2013

E don Bad for FECAFOOT

 By FC Junior

FECAFOOT Head Office besieged
Don't they say "little things matter?" and that little drops of water make up an ocean too? True to the adage the Cameroon Football Federation is seemingly a state within a state. In fact those who have been following the crisis at FECAFOOT would certainly agree that the last episode is yet to be staged to the public. It is very amazing the way things are unfolding at FECAFOOT. In fact, our context is just ours. However, what I know is that Popaul is a man of action when it comes to someone trying to fight the state. That is when he shows his true colours. When Iya was arrested Cameroonians all had in mind that they were three contenders for the job. But one of the major contenders to Marlène Emvoutou was arrested on Wednesday morning, the day of the elections. Two contenders were left in the race even though delegates were blocked from entering into the hall. The major contender for the job was now JB Ndeh. As tempers flared, Prime Minister Philemon Yang stepped in to propose a consensus list. But from what we gathered it was rejected. But since Paul Biya (Popaul) hates commenting on commentaries, he will just give a Presidential knock and many heads will roll at FECAFOOT. Popoul is unpredictable. Marafa thought he was untouchable. So is Iya too who haven been arrested is still able to manipulate his supporters from prison. Power is like sea that while it is flooding other shores, it is leaving behind plains of sand. This is the hell that pro-Iya have put him into. To be candid, how can someone who is held in detention be elected to hold a post of responsibility? Sources say Iya Mohammed was reelected as President of FECAFOOT from his prison cell in Kondengui. From the cacophony it is apparently clear that "this country really get fever". If Iya from prison could win an election and not just winning but got 97 votes out of 98, then there is something wrong somewhere. Did someone also said this country is managed from the Kondengui Prison?
It is strange that someone that has been detained for fraud and mismanagement gets elected into public office the night of the day he is being transferred to Kondengui. It doesn’t make sense but like I said “I don Bad”.  This is purely a Cameroonian context. Even CRTV was mute over the issue today morning. It very certain that the mafia that is managing the affairs of football in Cameroon is so powerful that even instructions from the Prime Minister means nothing to them. Then I may agree with critical minds who say that position of President of Fecafoot is too lucrative to be occupied by a “second class” citizen “Anglophone”? When there are more exceptions than the rule, surviving the rat race becomes tricky.
In accordance with article 39/2 of the laws governing FECAFOOT, JB Ndeh would have stepped into Iya’s shoes as 1st Vice President. But yet since the mafia in football is even so strong that it is challenging the state, the unexpected had to happen. The Emergency Committee had on Wednesday proposed that  JB Ndeh should take over as Interim President.

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