Monday, June 10, 2013

Iya Mohammed Arrested

The General Manager of SODECOTTON cum FECAFOOT President has been spotted at  SED in Yaounde. Classified sources confirmed that Iya Mohammed was picked up by gendarmes today  morning and taken to SED for interrogation. It is not yet clear whether his arrest is linked to the mismanagement scandal at SODECOTTON per the report of the Supreme State Control. Yet speculations are rife at that the Supreme State Control is likely at the centre of the arrest. More so, with the stalemate at FECAFOOT, another school of thought holds that Iya Mohammed mafia network was bent on frustrating the sports federation. However, public opinion also holds that his arrest may have been precipitated by the poor performance of the lions against Togo. 
Cameroon Indomitable Lions lost to Togo 2 goals to zero and it is alleged that supporters threatened to burn down the head office of FECAFOOT in Yaounde. Security forces are reported to have guarded FECAFOOT office all night long as vandals continue to threaten. Some of the vandals are quoted to have been chanting "Iya doit partie" (Iya Must Go", etc... Considering the tension, another source hinted that Iya Mohammed may have been taken for questioning only. Notwithstanding, "internet pirates" however see this as the beginning of the end of Iya's dynasty at FECAFOOT and the end of the football mafia. (To be Continued)
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