Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fru Ndi Supports Biya's Gangsterism

 By Teche Nyamusa
(In line with my support base’s aspirations not to go for mini-teaspoon measures in addressing governance in our dear fatherland, Cameroon, I, Felix Teche Nyamusa, did not submit my application for the 8 July 2013 parliamentary primaries – our heartfelt apologies to sympathizers getting this decision for the very first time .I however remain a hopeful advocate for good governance hence the continuous use of the tag “Parliamentary hopeful”. We have no problem with SDF 2013 endorsed parliament and council candidates. The amendable hurdle is with some members of the hierarchy not the SDF grassroots!).
          President Paul Biya and his party, CPDM illegally control the public treasury tendering no explanation to Cameroonians or genuine adversary political parties of the nation. Executive President, Biya appoints members of the legislature and heads the country’s judiciary. Here he promotes, transfers and sanctions amongst other judicial chores magistrates and judges against time honoured global democracy practice of separation of powers. Electoral disputes and other litigations involving the CPDM are judged seeking first Biya’s consent. The elections body, now ELECAM, has its personnel appointed by the presidency which personnel are of course predominantly CPDM militants. They rig elections persistently in favour of CPDM. Fru Ndi – leader of number one opposition continuing to collaborate with the regime and going for elections under these circumstances is supporting Biya’s gangsterism.
          A handful of hard-earned seats of the 180-man parliament won by the opposition cannot pass good bills affecting the well-being of Cameroonians into law in the presence of the ill-gotten CPDM crushing majority in parliament. A few permitted opposition councils, again regrettably controlled by regime appointees - D.O s, Government Delegates, Regional Governors et al, cannot deliver our people from poverty and want. Collaborating and going for such elections endlessly despite our years of learning is deceiving Cameroonians particularly the downtrodden. It is no secret that many a Cameroonian’s desire, today, is to immigrate, at times under life-threatening situations, into other countries for paying job opportunities. It is worth knowing that these countries of our desire in Africa, Europe, America et al, fought hard in achieving their today’s treasures -  so too can Cameroon. It makes no sense going into elections continuously where Biya/CPDM will rig and at the end of the day children including adults begin searching for means to emigrate into the Diaspora.  After more than 23 years of perseverance to see whether the regime can get to fair play to no avail, we should exploit other methods. Countries in Africa and elsewhere get significantly improved - Cameroon should not be an exception. Sustained boycott of polls and effective campaigns to the power base that is, majority Cameroonians to vote good laws is a major component of the solution. Excuses of CPDM and allies grabbing all elective positions when we abstain from elections are inconsequential because even in the one party CPDM years, Cameroon was not prosperous. The regime in place is spendthrift. In those Biya’s single party years, the country was instead indebted, impoverished, and heavily corrupt. Genuine opposition seeking for change should be able to stand the test of time campaigning until genuine transformation comes – this “One-leg-in the other out” would not help Cameroon.
          The last pioneer senatorial witnessed how CPDM, despite the electioneering modifications and trumpeted plans for emergence from lack (vision 2035), used the public purse to the embarrassment of the opposition in buying voters consciences and rigged the elections in her favour . Nothing stops the regime from continuously repeating this unconstitutionality – thus when shall the opposition take over and lead based on her manifesto?

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Jose Deschanel said...

I share these views. Fru Ndi is no longer of any use to Cameroonians and now the ill-fated regime is using him as a smooth path to stay on while citizens suffer.