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Meet Keyi Dickson Nyazi: The Young Rising Politician

 Keyi Dickson Nyai CPDM is the councilor for Abafum in Ako Municipality, Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region. Keyi Dickson like many other supporters of the CPDM in Ako Sub Division is a young politician who believes that Abafum village as well as the entire Ako council area can only be disnclaved through President Biya.  

While a majority of CPDM militants only paying lip service to the ruling party and its national chairman, Keyi Dickson Nyazi translates his words into actions in preaching the political ideologies of the CPDM. Born and breed in a border village, Abafum, whose economy for the past years has been in the hands of Nigerians, Keyi Dickson is being tagged as the Biblical Moses whose mission is to the Israelites. In his capacity as the Councilor of Abafum village, Keyi Dickson since 2007 has been burning the midnight candle to change foster development efforts in his community. The best way to prove that he loves the CPDM is not only to work towards victory for the ruling party and chairman, but also to do good things so as to convince more militants to join him in the winning side reasons why he has worked hard to improve on the image of the CPDM in Abafum. Many are of the taste that in the upcoming elections, a Vote for the CPDM is a vote for Fuh Calistus, Abe Michael and Keyi Dickson given their commitments in the CPDM and the legacies they have for the party.
What is interesting about Ako sub Division is the fact that there are many people with different political views, but yet, Keyi Dickson has stood the taste of time as the most convincing young politician in Ako Sub Division. Ever since he entered into active politics as a councilor, he had never told a lie. As the September 30, 2013 municipal elections approaches, his output in the Ako Council is being appreciated by the population and many still look up to him as the lone person who can eradicate the present stalemate in the Ako Council.  The God-fearing young Keyi Dickson is widely acclaimed as rare specie of politician. Just because all this while he has made the people to identify one goal in politics which is development. Politics is power they say and yet Keyi’s political maturity is so much that he is even appreciated by his adversaries. He says that even though some people may sympathize with the opposition in his village but they know the opposition has nothing to offer given that his desire is to link Abafum to Ako by road as well as give the Ako Council the impetus its deserve. He explained that the future lies in the CPDM and Paul Biya. Far from insulting the opposition, Keyi Dickson uses a very polite language and down to earth illustrations to convince people to understand the meaning of politics. From Buku to Mbade down to Abueshie, up to Akwaja right up to Jevy, Keyi Dickson is being admired by everyone, the young and the old for his knack to lead. He as leadership qualities that could only be compared those of Farfre in the Mayor of Casterbridge. If you have never met a convincing young politician, met him in the field and you will agree with me that he has that God given charm that attracts people.  Keyi’s political maturity is second to known especially when it comes to brilliant ideas that could foster development efforts. His conviction about the CPDM remains unshakable as he has always stood by the tenets of his party. 
Who is Councilor Keyi Dickson Nyazi?
Keyi Dickson hails from Abafum, one of the border villages in Ako Sub Division. He started his primary education at GS Abafum where he obtained the First School leaving Certificate in 1986. After primary education, the quest for more knowledge took him to Government High School Nkambe where in 1993; he obtained the GCE (Ordinary Level Certificate) in flying colours. He enrolled at the General Mutala Mohammed College, Yola where he obtained the West African Examination Council Certificate in 1994. Upon graduation, he got admission into the Adamawa State Polytechnic but due to ill-health he was obliged to return back home. While in Abafum he was recruited to serve as the standby pharmacy attendant for the health center where he served for four months. In the year 2000, he got admission into the Bamenda based Nursing School and in 2002, he graduated with a Diploma in Community Health Nursing. He later worked at the Abu Health Center in Fundong for six months but was later moved to the Foumban District Hospital where he also served for 8 months. From Foumban, he moved to the Ako District Hospital where he worked for one year and decided to go back to Abafum to serve as a community health volunteer when there was not even a health post for his community. He delivered more than 160 women, circumcised about 70 boys and treated about 2000 patients with some not even paying a dime. When in 2007, he decided to enter into active politics, the people of Abafum voted him overwhelmingly to represent them. While as councilor, he has been result-oriented.
The Pragmatic Councilor
The style he has adopted in politics has attracted young dynamic men and women to come closer to him. This is because he has made the CPDM a religion in Lower Mbembe. This is so because as a man, Keyi Dickson is soft spoken, respectful, honest and friendly. It is easy to think that Keyi Dickson is fanatical or wants to seek personal aggrandizements. No! Far from it, as an individual he has economically fulfilled. But unfortunately, his people still need good roads, health centers, good infrastructures, schools etc etc. Keyi believes firmly like Nkwame Nkruma that we should first seek the political kingdom and everything else would come. The things that he wants to see coming are for his people and the political kingdom is the constituency that benefits. When President Paul Biya offered the free acquisition of identity cards, Councilor Keyi Dickson was able to sponsor the acquisition of over 700 nationalities for the population of Abafum to enable everyone obtained the national identity card. He offered scholarships to pupils and students to encourage excellence in schools. He also lobbied and two primary schools were created at Ekepin and Npentaba, all in Abafum village. He donated gifts to the youth day center at Buku in Lower Mbembe. Keyi also lobbied to obtain funding for the rehabilitation of classrooms at GS Abafum where he is PTA chairman. Besides, he also donated planks for benches at GS Npentaba. He lobbied for scholarship for students of GHS Ako in his capacity as the Secretary of the Education Committee of the Council. Given his trustworthiness, Keyi also served as project overseer for the construction and equipping of Buku Health Center project sponsored by GP DERUDEP. He lobbied and obtained the construction of two classrooms, VIP toilet, and benches including potable water at GS Abatu. He fought for the creation of GNS Abafum and as a great philanthropist, he assisted four applicants into GTTC Nkambe from Abafum, Buku, Ndaka and Ako and one lone candidate into the school of forestry in Mbalmayo. He is constantly sponsoring six orphans in primary and secondary school in his community. His leadership qualities caught the admiration of councilors and he was voted as Committee chairperson for Health in the Ako Council. Besides, he is quoted to have assisted some councilors financially to compile their documents for the upcoming municipal elections. What is so interesting about Keyi is that he served as a CBC teacher in his community, held the position of financial secretary in CBC Abafum, Men’s leader and Project chairman where he left a mark of greatness.

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Youths should copy such examples and get involved in politics because they are the future of tomorrow. He is a model and I think a bright future awaits him.