Sunday, July 7, 2013

SDF Primaries: Hon. Awudu Wins by Acclamation

 By Fai Cassian Ndi

The over 1000 SDF delegates who attended the election were unanimous in their choice. The most interesting thing is that when Hon. Awudu was called up to campaign, the entire hall gave a standing ovation as voices were heard chanting the famous “We are one, oh oh we are together, we are one!!”. It was a moment of total commitment as the over 1000 delegates catapulted Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian in songs.
It took almost the organizing committee 45 minutes to put some order in order to give room for the Education Secretary of the Nkambe Electoral District, Madame Mary Awudu to give lectures on election modalities. After the explanations the question as to whether they were other aspirants. Madame  Njobe Florence and Shey Emmanuel moved up to declare their candidatures but the organizing committee said they had not received any application from the two candidates as per the party rules and regulations governing primaries. To many, this was just a joke to by the two candidates to add more fanfare to Hon. Awudu’s 100% victory.
When Hon. Awudu Mbaya was called up to the rostrum to present his campaign message, he gave a vivid picturesque of his achievements and the reasons why he wants to go back to Parliament.  Presenting his balance sheet as MP for Nkambe Central, Hon. Awudu Mbaya said in his capacity as Representative of the people he has extended a hand of fellowship to all the villages. He said with micro project grant, he has constructed bridges, electrified villages, built community halls, donated benches to schools, supported palaces, sub palaces, churches, donated planting materials/inputs to farmers. “I have done all what is humanly possible” given that no village or quarter in Nkambe has been neglected. He told the delegates that if they endorse his candidature, they should stand by him. Accordingly, he told the delegates that the work of the MP is a collective one which implies that all of them are his advisers. More so “ we should always go to God” he emphasized. He said he is not going to make any fanatic promises and that he would remain the humble servant. He then submitted himself to the delegates to take their decision. Before he could get back to the sit, a voice enchanted that “Hon. Awudu Mbaya ton mandate n’est pas finir a Yaounde” meaning that “Hon. Awudu, your mandate is not finished in Yaounde”. It ignited that thunderous applause and the delegates unanimously endorsed his candidature. The delegates rejected casting their votes arguing that Hon. Awudu is lone candidate in whom they trust.
Talking to this reporter, Hon. Awudu Mbaya sounded optimistic ahead of the September 30, Legislative Elections. He used the opportunity to call on his supporters to make sure that they all collect their voters’ cards in order to prepare for the elections. He said the confidence bestowed on him by SDF delegates was a mark of trust and confidence and with God being by them, everything will be possible. “All this people you see here came on their own, nobody paid for their transportation, the young, the old, in fact it gives me courage that my people still want me to serve them and I will do it with God being my helper”.

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