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Hon. Awudu Mbaya Spits Fire As Political Campaigns Go Deadly in Nkambe

 By Cassimania in Nkambe
Hon. Awudu Spitting Fire
SDF Candidate for the upcoming September 30, 2013 Parliamentary Elections and head of the SDF campaign team for Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region of Cameroon has frowned at the precarious political atmosphere in Nkambe as politics go deadly. In a Press released issued on September 22, Hon. Awudu Mbaya decried that CPDM gurus have refused to caution their militants against taking the laws into their hands. He cited the case whereby the SDF Campaign team was attacked at Binju by CPDM tugs and it generated into a confrontation which resulted to bloodshed. Hon. Awudu Mbaya in his release also revealed that last September 21, 2013, CPDM tugs again attacked the SDF campaign rally with stones and later ambushed the SDF Campaign team along the Tabenken road and destroyed one of their cars. With all these happening, Hon. Awudu Mbaya wonders whether politics is war or a game of ideologies.

Here below is the Press Release.
Press Release
The entire public, all clergy, all churches, all Christians and Muslim faithful are hereby informed that seven days after official launching of campaigns in Nkambe Central Sub Division, the irregularities have been registered;
1.      You are living witnesses that the SDF party is dominating in the campaign as usual and at 85 percent-opinion poll.
2.      The CPDM party led by Ndombang Ngala Gerard, parliamentary candidate, Mr. Paul Ngabir, Section President and with the leadership of Shey Jones Yembe, Shey Nfor Musa, Adamu Musa, Ali Adamu etc have been mute over the precarious tens political atmosphere even after our meeting at ELECAM where we all agreed to caution our militants. Implicitly, they have condole and given a tacit approval to the on-going violence. It is pathetic that politics has now turned deadly in Nkambe. Despite the intervention by the administration the afore mentioned personalities are not giving  a helping hand to calm down the violence. It is worth noting that these personalities boycotted a meeting called by the administration last Friday the 20th of September 2013 aimed at reducing tension thereby taking the laws into their hands. This has never happened in the past.
3.      They have vowed to used money, military boys and other means humanly possible not only to attack my team, disrupt and cause violence at polling stations but also make sure they seize our victory at all cost. Our campaign team was attacked at Binju and it resulted to bloodshed. Yesterday, the 21st September 2013, another group of CPDM tugs attacked our campaign rally and finally ambushed our campaign team along the Tabenken road and destroyed one of our cars. Is this real politics or war?
4.      Almost all the above mentioned personalities are Christians or Muslim faithful, yet they do not respect democratic norms and the political principle of ONE MAN ONE VOTE.
5.      You ate living witnesses that the CPDM party has been using money to buy consciences and hijacking the civil right of Cameroonians before and during this campaign period.
6.      Recall that Madam Awudu was beaten at Wat by one Ngenge David Chifu, a CPDM candidate and the market master, Ngwayi Ivo was brutally beaten by two CPDM militants. In the same vain Ndi Eric of Kungi was stab with a knife for haven resigned from the CPDM. We never reacted to show our political maturity.
7.      Recall also that our posters have been torn all over the town and the life of Hon. Questor Awudu threatened as evidenced by a witch-doctor who was recently caught at Kungi by our vigilant group.
8.      The CPDM party has vowed to use money, ELECAM, Administration to buy all polling chairpersons in order to grasp the victory. This is clear that all our representatives at the polling stations are in danger.
Upon the above threat, we are therefore calling on all the clergy, churches, Christians, Muslim faithful, human rights, political activists and the international community to be aware of this malicious attitude and well oiled rigging machinery and to necessarily intervene to maintain peace, social and democratic justice.
I therefore call on all SDF militants, sympathizers and the peace loving people of Nkambe Central and Donga Mantung in general to continue to exercise political tolerance and maturity and avoid yielding to the on-going provocation.
However we remain in the Book of Jeremiah chapter 1:11-9

Done today Sunday, the 22nd September 2013 at Nkambe
Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian

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