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Mbgata Sammy Nforkemba: Self Motivated Sparkling Mayor Elect of Misaje

Mbgata Sammy: Mayor of Misaje Council
 By Fai Cassian Ndi
The question critics would ask is surely when was it ever the case that any electoral system provided the kind of resolution the worries of the masses especially when majority of those running for public offices are being dictated by their parties?
In a quirk of fate, Mbgata Sammy Nforkemba in the afternoon hours of September 16 demystified the political myth surrounding the former mayor of Misaje, Nkenda Simon, his closest rival for mayorship. Mbgata Sammy had shown proofs of demystifying the power of incumbency  at the polls if he was to be challenged, but fate reserved it the other way that he won unchallenged. Some mayors are imposed by party; others are elected democratically while others fight their way to the mayoral throne through hard work and dedication. But Sammy Mbgata was born with the gigs of it. He is a charismatic and pragmatic leader. During the last municipal elections, Sammy was the head of the CPDM council list and since in local elections, people vote persons and not political parties, he was massively voted.
The truth is that Sammy mustered enough votes from Bebekette to consolidate his ambitions for mayorship. Sammy’s overwhelming victory was made possible as a result of his actions as Section President and his lobbying skills in fostering development efforts. Early this year, he lobbied and obtained EU funding for the construction of the bridge linking Sabongida to Dumbu. This former municipal treasurer of the Nkambe council has proven his worth when he took over the Bebekette Cultural and Development Association and revamped it to meet present day challenges. More so, Mbgata Sammy is a gifted mobiliser and he clutches with the God given charm that every time he takes a direction, his true followers are many.   
The Man
Mbgata Sammy is pleasantrily an attractive man, down to earth and soft-spoken too.  He is also a good public speaker yet very strict and firm in his decisions. This former municipal treasurer of Belo council and Nkambe council is a bulk of talent when it comes to management of resources.
As great men will always have great ideas, he rallied the elite(s) of Bebekette to revamp the ailing development association. He also donated computers to GSS Dumbu and for more than three years now has been at the forefront as a catalyst of development. No one would deny the fact that Sammy Mbgatta is greatly loved by his people. Some years back, Sammy Mbgata embraced politics wholeheartedly when he gave his rival a bashing defeat to take over the position of CPDM section President of Misaje. But before that at a very tender age, he was elected deputy mayor of Misaje council, a position he later dumped when he passed the entrance into CEFAM . At CEFAM he graduated in flying colours as a council technician. He is also a traditionalist given that he was given a red feather for his contribution to village development. Besides, Sammy is very perfect in organizational proficiency, he has shown is worth as a politician by humble working for the interest of the party reasons why he enjoys alot of support from Minister Fuh Calistus and other local party colleagues.
Some mayors when elected transform themselves into demi-gods and instead of serving the population, it is the reverse. But on the contrary, Mbgatta is full of character, wisdom and conscience. People who frequent him are shock to see the good manners he exhibits when he communes with others. What makes Sammy Mbgatta a great politician and a mayor with a difference is his versatile nature. He can put on many caps without mistaking any. This is to say that he can perform all his functions without allowing one to influence another. After being elected as mayor of Misaje, he accepted the confidence bestowed in him by the councilors and convincingly said he will make sure that all the contours development are respected and applied to the latter so that it becomes sustainable.  
Political scientists say a career politician begins his rise to power as a self-motivated, captivating, insightful and a visionary leader yet ends up to astound the world with the cleverness of his solutions to peoples’ problems. In many cases, such a politician always appears to be the savior of the masses. This is out of the ordinary because electoral politics is nearly always about voting for someone with whom one disagrees on some issues. It hardly takes a new configuration of political belief for people to vote for someone with whom they disagree on some policies but agree on others. Indeed, holding such different views is in no way a form of fetishistic denial but an acknowledgment and an acceptance of the fact that in the system we have we will have to hold views that are different to make good choices.

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