Sunday, December 22, 2013

BICUDA Sets Standards, Lay Foundation Stone of Multi-million Hall at Binju

By Haruna Mohammadou
 There was excitement at Binju on December 21, 2013 as sons and daughters of the area grouped under the umbrella of the Binju Cultural and Development Association-BICUDA showcased a 3 in 1 annual convention to close the year’s activities. This year’s national convention was with a difference given that was coupled with the fundraising and the laying of the foundation stone. The convention which took place under the chairmanship of BICUDA national President Shey Richard Nfor alias Tang-mbu was grease with the presence of the Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung Centre, Hon. Awudu Mbaya. As Shey Richard Nfor rightly puts it in his opening speech “BICUDA is not a one-man show, it is an endeavour of collective efforts and an instrument for development”. It was also a moment of communion for the over 100 delegates who came from far off areas like Yaounde, Douala, Kumba, Limbe, Bafoussam and Bamenda to make a significant contribution to the development of Binju. The turn out was the mark of determination given that all those who matter including youths as well as all the sub chiefs of Binju were present at the convention.  
The BICUDA Multi-purpose hall which upon completion is estimated in hundreds of million of FCFA is one of the most fascinating construction project that has been initiated by a development association in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region. Even though there is a myriad of development association in the Division, BICUDA has been outstanding given that the youths both at home and in the Diasporas have shown a lot of concern by actively participating in all its activities confirmed Shey Richard Nfor aka Tang-mbu. Without mixing words, the leadership qualities of the entire executive led by Shey Richard has been worthy and focus in tackling development issues, many have opined.
Speaking at the convention, the national President of BICUDA expressed satisfaction to all the kiths and kinds of Binju for being result oriented. He used the occasion to give a vivid balance sheet of the financial contributions by all the branches as well as activities carried out during the year. Harping on the importance of the multi-purpose hall, “Tang-mbu” said that it will not only serve as an avenue for eventual meetings of BICUDA but it will also generate income to sustain their activities. He also emphasized that the sustainability of the project is multi-dimensional and will go a long way to set the pace for other development projects. On the contribution from other branches, the national President was categorical that “no franc will be misused” and that BICUDA has a brighter future given that it will serve as a model for others to copy. To the brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, he expressed gratitude to them for always extending a hand of fellowship to the needy back home and that with their timely support will continue to maintain them on the leading position.
Time for politics is over, this is the time for us to join hands together in order to set standards” he appealed. The laying of the foundation stone of the BICUDA Multi-purpose hall, Shey Richard added is the beginning of a new way, and a new page in the life of the hardworking and dynamic youths of Binju, and its elite both at home and the Diasporas. The associative life of its members he concluded goes beyond the political divide reasons why they are bound to set the pace for others to see.
It was the Rev. Pastor of the CBC Church of Binju who kick-started the 3 in 1 ceremony with prayers. The Man of God called on the Almighty to bless the occasion, chase out any evil spirit that may hereto hinder the evolution of the project. “A lifetime project that is worth emulating by all the communities in Donga Mantung Division”, he remarked. On his part, the Rev. Father of the Catholic Church before proceeding with blessings asked the leeway from the traditional rulers saying that before the Church, there was tradition.  On their parts, the sub chiefs of Binju also performed some rituals which according to what we gathered is to warn witches and wizards that anyone who dares will find his/her doom. They also warned that no daughter or son of Binju should have fever after the convention and that anyone who attempts is doing so at his or her own risk.
Hon. Awudu Mbaya on his part affirmed that BICUDA had made the right diagnosis by initiating the project. Before donating his significant support, Hon. Awudu Mbaya thanked the executive of BICUDA for being result-oriented. In an elating tone, he said (he) Hon. Awudu Mbaya is also a branch of BICUDA and that the giant multi-purpose hall will not only serve the Binju people but the entire Division. Before leaving Binju, he said he was touched by the turnout and that it portrays that the development association is a force to reckon with. He said he was delighted that BICUDA invited him to take part in this giant project and promised that no stone will be left unturned for it to succeed.
Talking to this reporter after the fund raising BICUDA Vice President Mbeh Kwefi Dominic reechoed that call for all to unite under the umbrella of the association. BICUDA is emphasized is apolitical and goes beyond political tendencies. Mbeh Kwefi Dominic said that this year’s convention which was a three in one event has proven that Binju boys and girls, men and women are not to be pigeon-hole with. He congratulated those in the Diasporas galvanizing the efforts to promote and support the activities of the association.
By the time we were leaving Binju, the committee charge with the fundraising was still at work reason why we cannot venture into mentioning figure. However, this will be communicated subsequently.  

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