Saturday, December 21, 2013

Emmanuel Etoundi, GM of Douala Port Authority Slammed 3 Years by Mfoundi High Court

The verdict against Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono fell Tuesday at 22:30 at Mfoundi High Court in Yaounde. When Gilbert Schlick, the presiding judge announced that Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for five years from holding any public office, some family members expressed a little relief in the courtroom where they were present from 13h to follow the verdict. "God could not accept that our brother go to jail because of the battles of some personalities in this country who want him," says a young lady in the room. Convicted of complicity in forgery from 2009 to 2010, Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono, former CEO of Maetur who now heads of the Douala Port Authority was also fined FCFA 2 million and 400,000 F.Cfa court charges. The accused also benefited extenuating circumstances as a first offender.
Prosecution had started in July 2013. The prosecution said that the man who was a witness against the Harrys Mintya Nko'o Mvondo and journalists in the same case, was the instigator of the false document involving Laurent Esso, the former Secretary General of the Presidency the Republic (Sg / pr), current Minister of State for Justice. It is alleged that it is that same document that was caused the arrest of late journalist Bibi Ngota, who died in April 2010 at the Kondengui prison. The printed document allegedly evoked sharing kickbacks to certain persons in connection with the purchase of a boat hotel (Rio del Rey) by the National Hydrocarbons Corporation (SNH) where Laurent Esso, as Sg / pr, officiated as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Etoundi Oyono who spoke a few minutes before his conviction, said: "I expect that before the bar shows me how I gave a false document to a journalist for publication. But this is the court that made me know that Nko'o Mvondo came back to me with the document. Mr. President, I have done no harm to anyone, I know that I am dying because of the Port of Douala Authority, I leave my fate in your hands of those who are my critics and know that I am a child of God ".
This statement was accompanied by a burst of applause in the courtroom. However, this did not prevent the court from slamming him the heavy sentence. However, Emmanuel Etoundi’s lawyers say they will file an appeal to the Supreme Court. Yet pundits are skeptical given that when Zachs Forjimdam, former General of the Cameroon Ship Yard filed in an appeal, his 25 years jail term was raised to life imprisonment. This has been the bitter pile that many who have been caught in matters with the state have found themselves being messed up.

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