Saturday, December 21, 2013

Former Mayor of Ndu, Councilor DK Nfor Laid to Rest

By Tamngwa Marcel Kwalar
The former mayor of Ndu council the venerated Nfor David Karngong who passed away last December 1, 2013 was laid to rest at his Ntumbaw Residence on December 21, 2013. The mortal remains of the highly profiled former mayor of Ndu council that have spent close to three weeks at the Banso Baptist Hospital Mortuary were removed and converged to the Ndu council premises where the public was given the last opportunity to pay their last respect to the man who has spent 8 years at the helm of the council. It was there after that Late DK Nfor was escorted to Ntumbaw village for the funeral rite and burial.
Speaking at the funeral of the late mayor, the present mayor of Ndu council and successor of the deceased described DK Nfor as “simple and straightforward man who was always bent to see things done properly”. According to Bunyui Emmanuel, the former mayor “managed the Ndu council prudently and achieved much though not all can be objective enough to see”. Bunyui Emmanuel also remarked that the former mayor died at a striking moment-December a month that also saw the dead of the world hero Nelson Mandela. This to Bunyui Emmanuel is proof of how Great DK Nfor was. Bunyui Emmanuel ended up by calling on those on the both sides of the political divide to close ranks behind the current Ndu council executive so as to enable them continue from where the Late DK Nfor ended.
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On the other hand, the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui Division, “Ta Nformi” Nzeki Theophile who travelled all the way from Kumbo to Ndu to pay his last respect to the fallen hero, described DK Nfor as a man of difference, a man of determination, courage and patience, and a man who has spent his entire life serving the people. He illustrated DK Nfor as a great lost not just to the Ndu municipality but to the entire Donga Mantung Division. He called on mourners to emulate the virtues of determination, courage and patience as evident in the life of DK Nfor.
In his religious message, Rev. Gideon Jumbam stressed on the fact that DK Nfor finished God’s work before he died, he did not die before he finished.
It should be noted that Councilor DK Nfor died just barely few months after he was brillianly reelected councilor of Ntumbaw into the Ndu council. He had served as first and second deputy mayor under late Bunyui Jonathan and succeeded him when the later passed away. He was later voted mayor of Ndu council on July 31, 2007. Due to health problems, even though elected councilor, he could not contest for the mayoral position. His mark of greatness at the helm of Ndu council for the past 8 years has earned him considerable recognitions. He was voted as the Best Mayor of Donga Mantung by readers of The Eye newspaper in 2011, in 2012, DK Nfor was again voted on the national category as Best Innovative Mayor(The Eye newspaper), Best Mayor of The Year (Life Time Newspaper), Best North West Mayor by Watchdog Tribune Newspaper, Best for NW by FEICOM and more than 9 other awards from different instittutions and media outlets.  He is in my opinion the lone mayor of the region who has received an award from FEICOM right now.  

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Praise Nformi said...

I am his granddaughter in the US . This really touched my heart and reminded me of what a great man he was. Thank so Much.