Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mayor Elect of Ndu Installed Amidst Sparkling Controversial Audit

SDO Ngone Ndodemesape flanked by Bunyui Emmanuel
By Fai Cassian Ndi
It is widely acknowledged that politics makes strange postmasters. This statement has not only been confirmed in Ndu Council but above all, it has been contextualized with the installation of Bunyui Emmanuel Yugap as the mayor of Ndu council. Bunyui Emmanuel Yugap, an educationist was on November 29, 2013 commissioned into office as the mayor of Ndu Council at a point in time that water is as scarce as dog tears in the municipality. In fact if water as they say is life, then Ndu town is actually lifeless. The expectation observed from the faces of thousands that poured at the Ndu grandstand to witness the installation rite were very high yet dark clouds hover as to whether Bunyui Emmanuel Yugap would fit into the shoes of his late father ( late Bunyui Jonathan, the workaholic mayor of Ndu) who left an indelible mark of greatness during his tenure of office. This is so because Bunyui Emmanuel upon taking over office is concentrating his energy and time waiting for a cooked-up controversial audit which pinpoints that in as much as the audit is not done, much will not be expected of him. The sparkling controversial audit The Eye is aware defeats council systems whereby periodic controls are planned and done in conformity with the regulations in force. Audits are not new in councils yet the much talk about audit of the Ndu council speaks volume at its primary intention. Councils are public institutions and the reason for an immediate audit in the Ndu council has had diversified interpretations. To some people, it is being cooked up to settle scores and on the other side a school of thought holds that this would be used as a truncate to flimsy excuses that the council is indebted to justify no work done in the future. However, The Eye is aware that teachers are smart people and obviously noted to be like the Japanese hand-breaks and full of the notion of one for all. That is why those who understand the rule of life teaches us that any momentary triumph gained through argument is a pyrrhic victory especially when it is much more powerful to get others to agree through actions without saying a word.  This is so because the mayor has been spotted severally in the office at late hours fidgeting over documents. This has recently become the talk of the town as he has also transformed himself into a driver. According to what we gathered, many who do not know him had quite often mistaken the mayor to be the driver given that he drives himself around and even out of town. Notwithstanding, allegedly Bunyui Emmanuel who was handpicked from the eight others who applied for the position of mayor for Ndu has joined the ranks of those who have been criticzing the outgone council executive and since a builder can only be judged on his manners and technics in putting up a wall, the song of desperado sounds large ahead the starter who from all indications is more concern in serving those who appointed him than those he is called up to serve-a suivre.
As the SDO for Donga Mantung Division rightly puts it “being installed as mayor is not a blank check” given that the time of reckoning will come and the supervisory authority will not accommodate any errors. To Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard, the installation rite is in pursuance of the last September 30, Municipal/Legislative elections. He congratulated the people of Ndu for their political maturity especially for the peace that reigned before, during and after elections.

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