Monday, December 23, 2013

Press Release-2018 Presidential Hopeful Meets SCNC Faction Leader

  Press Release
A major part of my 2018 Presidential election manifesto is to at least reconcile the legal integral components of Cameroon for effective sustainable progress – Hence today, 14 December 2013, I, Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 presidential hopeful (pending primaries) paid a visit to the Chairman of one of the major factions of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), Mr. Thomas Nwanchan in his Bamenda office.  SCNC, it is worth mentioning, is a group of Cameroonians said to be representing the people of former British Southern Cameroons. Her leadership is often at loggerheads with the governing CPDM regime leaders - they sued the Biya CPDM government in an International Court (Africa Rights Court at Banjul) and a ruling was passed.
I initiated discussion with chairman Nwanchan on the way forward of united Cameroon. The discussions are continuing. SCNC and sister organisations are today gunning for total independence of her people because of unending insincerity and bad governance of the CPDM regime.
          As a pan Cameroon, pan Africa advocate and in line with policies of my party, SDF, my manifesto for the presidency is pitched on good governance and due process of law. Basic literature of our Fatherland points out clearly that this nation is made up of two former United Nations trust territories (former East Cameroons and former British Southern Cameroons). Another dissenting group, fellow Cameroonians, is one called the UNO state of Cameroon whose members Cameroon state securities have of recent intermittently detained and released, has emerged. Besides these, minorities like the Borrorros and Pygmies have complaints that have to be addressed adequately – these people with their respective worries, I pledge to interact with in order to sort out unanimous solutions before the 2018 elections year. For a successful developing and emerging-from-poverty country, the various components of the country must be properly handled.
          Nyamusa, your presidential servant for 2018 will move to the leaders of former La Republique du Cameroun and those of former British Cameroons so to together weave an accepted workable contemporary Cameroon project. It is my belief that even the worst mistakes or wrongs committed can be corrected where there is a political will!
          A few years back, the CPDM leadership of this country was reportedly instructed by the African Rights Court to dialogue with SCNC and sister body – SCAPO. Till date nothing meaningful has been done, we are told. Authorities of this nation likewise the complaining components keep on spending huge sums of money on litigations, arrests in attempt to contain each other yet the country remains poor and backward with respect to even ABC like roads, electric power and clean drinking water.
          We scheduled a leadership and good governance talk in Bamenda December 13, 2013 but surprisingly the regime panicked for inexplicable reasons – the D.O Bamenda II, Peter Itoe Mbongo, who was to approve the application insisted, after about one week delay on us getting acceptance note from the owner of the hosting venue P.C Musang whose Sunday School hall her Pastor had earlier given tacit approval and we indicated on the D.O’s application letter. Due either to state intimidation or otherwise, the clergy failed to furnish us with the DO’s request – this, coupled with the sluggish procedure of getting even minor things like meeting approval from Cameroon authorities, forced the organising committee to carry forward the meeting to a later date which will be adequately publicised. This will be done after having the venue owner authorisation signature as demanded by the D.O and proper reconvening of lecture resource persons. This said, the talk organising committee expresses in-depth apologies to public curiosity for the delayed summit.
          Permit me, folks, to conclude by wishing the SDF leadership, SDF militants, sympathisers and lovers of democracy and all Cameroonians in general a happy end of year 2013 and a prosperous 2014. Meanwhile, with utmost solemnity, I formally crave our fallen hero, the father of modern Africa, Nelson Mandela a deserved rest in the Lord and for the rest of Africa and the world to maintain his towering legacy of “Truth and reconciliation”.
God guide Cameroon
Felix Teche Nyamusa, 2018 Cameroon Presidential hopeful.

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